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Overcome Autoimmune Disorders Like Parkinsons Disease.

Boost Your Immune Health By Getting Your Mind Right To Improve R.E.M. Sleep.

Noel has worked in the natural health industry since age 17. Now, at 71, he is a world authority on "natural" treatments for rigidity autoimmune diseases like PD, MS, IBS, MSA, COPD & Diabetes etc, & achieves success doctors & neurologists can't achieve due to poor medical training on this group of diseases. There "IS" a way, so don't give in to medical doom-and-gloom.

Watch Noel stopping tremors IN SECONDS, to prove medical teachings wrong!

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Parkinson's Disease Treatment

The ideals Noel uses to overcome Parkinson’s Disease come from a 200 year old book written by Dr. James Parkinson himself which medical leaders have ignored since 1817. These ideals will also "prevent" tremors & Parkinson's disease from developing.


Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

All Multiple Sclerosis patients Noel treats usually feel considerable symptom reduction after just 3 days! Read more about how Noel can help you get your health, life and MS under control again.

Noels Treatment Program

Noel's 5 Day Treatment Program

Noel's B.A.10 assessment finds causal problems that other practitioners cannot find, as he has discovered a completely new natural approach that will astound you, beyond belief. The tests he uses are very different, as the causes of Rigidity Disease symptoms are very different.

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Learn More About Noel's Story

From a sickly teenager To a nationally successful athlete In 8 years, and a Guinness World record holder for lung fitness in 18 years, after beating Bronchitis, mild MS and Epilepsy.

Noels Health Retreat

A Headquarters For The B.A.10 Natural Lifestyle Course.
(Health Is Better By Nature, NATURALLY!)

As a part of this retreat, I wish to establish a wedding reception and even a church to take bookings for weddings and also run family & relationship harmony workshops, seminars and counselling sessions for improved communication, mental awareness & goal planning. Some of these will be delivered by psychologists, physiotherapists, and natural therapists, with seminars to teach nutrition, fasting, blood flow exercising, family planning, child psychology, and, relaxation/meditation & visualisation, as well as teaching general home health and inviting couples and even managers and practitioners from all B.A.10 Clinics to attend.

  • Mental Awareness
  • Personal Development
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Learn to Communicate
  • Home Health
  • Goal Preparation & Planning
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Become a B.A.10 Autoimmune Assessment Specialist, Or Add The B.A.10 Program To Your Existing Health Business.

Take your training to the next level, with a two-day autoimmune assessment course, or you can add the B.A.10 Autoimmune Program to your existing health business. Not one health college in the world is yet teaching successful assessment or treatment ideals for overcoming rigidity autoimmune diseases like PD, MS, MSA, ALS, COPD, IBS, Diabetes and many more similar. This is because colleges are wrongly & sadly, teaching that these diseases are incurable, when this is completely not the case, and Noel’s success videos “PROVE” it.

This Two-day Autoimmune Assessment Course will open your mind to thinking in a very different way, allowing you to learn things about the mind and body which you have not even considered before. There is “FAR” more to healthcare than prescribing medicines, surgery and supplements, relaxing muscles with massage and valerian, and using chiropractic, Bowen or acupuncture to re-stimulate nerve activity. Often times it is necessary to help patients overcome grief, & there are also times when it is necessary to overcome a grudge-filled personality, so that a patient can enjoy a deep enough sleep for their mind and body to relax well enough to rejuvenate.

Many rigidity disorder patients develop that stiff robotic Parkinson’s walk, that rigid IBS-Celiac stomach, that constricted asthmatic, COPD type respiratory system, or stiffened hip joints or L4/L5 lower back paindue to having a stiff, unforgiving personality, which in turn, interferes with digestion “and absorption” of essential nutrients required for freedom of mind and movement. (A new era in healthcare is on the way, when practitioners are not just sales people, but are effectively trained to be aware of these “natural” innate healing concepts along with many more health abnormalities that provoke the onset of what is so wrongly considered  incurable, simply due to a lack of knowledge of the autoimmune system. (Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.)

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Thomas Edison born:1847, died:1931 from diabetes.

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