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Parkinson's Disease, MS, COPD & Diabetes Can Be Cured, Using A New, Very Unique Approach.

In 2016, 13 Million More people were diagnosed with PD, MS, & Diabetes, than the population of AU, UK & USA combined, & there were 15 million COPD sufferers in the USA alone, while proven cures seen in my videos, are totally ignored, WHY? (And numbers have increase every year since.)

In my videos, see a debilitated medical surgeon Dr. Pineda, reach remission over Parkinson’s, in 4 days & then denounce medical teachings on PD. – See patients with MS, Sarcoid & a mystery disease doctors couldn’t name, that caused the same symptoms as PD & MS, regain their lives in 4 to 14 days, using this unique treatment. – See “before” and “after” videos that prove, there “IS” a cure for Parkinson’s disease, MS, Diabetes, & COPD, & IT IS FROM A BOOK BY DR. JAMES PARKINSON, BACKED UP BY MEDICAL JOURNALS, “& SCRIPTURE”, yet this is totally ignored. – I must ask: “is this book ignored because in it, Dr. Parkinson notes (pages 62 & 63): “internal medicines are scarcely warrantable as Parkinson symptoms depend on interruption to the nerves governing the affected parts” which explains why DBS surgery & pharmaceuticals for PD, MS & COPD, give no significant relief. – He notes (pages 32 & 33) “this nerve interruption begins with medulla swelling in the upper cervical vertebra”, which is why these patients all have neck pain. – I found this swelling is from a turned Atlas &-or Axis, “twisting” the brain stem, & the nerve interruption caused by such misalignments can only be rectified long-term, by a unique style of chiropractic, a specific nerve massage, & other new treatments. See proof, “ALSO BACKED UP BY MEDICAL JOURNALS” that document: death of dopamine cells & lack of dopamine does “NOT” cause Parkinson symptoms, In my videos: “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds” 1 to 5. – (Learn about the STRESS RESPONSE and consider a Skype session with me, or attend my UNIQUE ONLINE WORKSHOPS. Or, if a practitioner, sponsor a workshop to help your customers see the truth.)

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Parkinson's Disease Treatment

There are up to 30+ medically researched contributing causes for the development of symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Review the list to learn what to avoid.


Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Medical researchers in the 1900’s wondered, if symptoms of multiple sclerosis really were from myelin degeneration. (Why, after a good 15 minute nap, can symptoms often subside?)

Noels Treatment Program

Noel's 5 Day Treatment Program

Watch how Noel's 10-step program (based on 10 groups of scripture) often helps immobilised PD & MS patients out of wheelchairs in 4 to 14 days & respiratory patients, to breathe freely, in 3 days.

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Learn More About Noel's Story

From a sickly teenager to a nationally successful athlete In 8 years, and a Guinness World record holder for lung fitness in 18 years, after beating Bronchitis, Epilepsy & food Intollerences.

Invest In A Unique Health Retreat

A Headquarters For The B.A.10 Natural Lifestyle Course & Health Rejuvenation Clinics. (Health Is Better By Nature, NATURALLY!)

I seek investors (medical doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists), to help establish 4 TREATMENT & TRAINING RETREATS, one on Mount Mee in Brisbane, another in California, one in Middletown New York, and a fourth in Florida, where I wish to offer Natural Autoimmune Lifestyle Courses for prevention, Curative Treatment for patients, and specialised Training Courses to teach practitioners: Naturopathic Diagnosis, Gentle Correction Spinal Therapies & Mental Strengthening Techniques that encourage curative results for the 23 rigidity diseases listed in my video: “WATCH NOEL STOP TREMORS IN SECONDS” No 1. I also wish to promote: goal planning, family & relationship harmony workshops & seminars, and counselling sessions for improved family communication. Some of these will be delivered by psychologists, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, chiropractors & personal trainers, with seminars on fitness, nutrition, fasting, family planning, child psychology, and personal development. FAR TOO MANY MARRIAGES END UP IN DIVORCE, DUE TO LACK OF UNDERSTANDING. THE B.A.10 REVERSAL PROGRAM will be the foundation for these activities & the 10 steps of this program are based on Dr. James Parkinson’s autopsy findings on the cause of Parkinson’s disease, Herring’s Law Of Cure, & 10 groups of scripture from the KJ Bible.

A Super-strong Immune System Requires An Integrative Multi-directional Approach.

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Book a B.A.10 Assessment Workshop To Learn A New Approach To Healing, Or Add The B.A.10 Program To Your Existing Health Business.

Take your training to the next level, with an online “two-day autoimmune assessment workshop” (OR ADD THE FULL B.A.10 AUTOIMMUNE PROGRAM TO YOUR EXISTING NATURAL HEALTH BUSINESS). You will learn a new way to carry out an assessment for autoimmune health, to correct advanced spinal abnormalities, and to create muscular-nerve freedom, so as to improve efficiency of the nerve signals from the nerve combinations of the spine: – (1) Cervical plexus, (2) Brachial Plexus, (3) Lumbar plexus,  (4) Sacral plexus & (5) Coccygeal plexus, and, the Autonomic plexuses: – (6) Pharyngeal plexus of the Vagus nerves, &, (7) the Celiac plexus. To help Rigidity Autoimmune Patients (PD, MS, Diabetes, COPD, MND etc), gain controllable relief over pain and symptoms, or help them into remission, natural practitioners of the future “MUST” know how to test and treat these nerve groups. There is no other way to create Autoimmune Disease Cures effective enough to help patients get back into life, earning “A LIVING!”)

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The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

A quote by Thomas Edison born:1847, died:1931 from diabetes, simply because he was not aware of “ALL” the causal factors involved & how to correct them
by carrying out his part in the healing process. – True healing is a joint venture between the practitioner and the patient. It can happen no other way.

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