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Believe that you can fly high and you will. Believe you can achieve your dreams and you will. All you must do is believe in yourself first.
Scientist Wilhem Reich discovered, where the sun, the sea and the land meet, there is an energy that can revitalize our immune system and heal us of disease. When did you visit the beach last?
Life is beautiful, notice its beauty. People are lovely, notice their loveliness. For we will be, from what we will see.
Dr. McDolugall weighed terminally ill patients on a special bed in the intensive ward of his hospital. When they passed, he saw a weight loss of 21grams. Get to know your soul before it leaves you, by listening to your instinct. You will develop true inne
Walk in sunlight for a few minutes a day, whenever you can, and it will strengthen your immune system and quench any anxiety of sadness that may visit you in your day.
We are all aware when we reach our limit of tiredness, but we are not aware when our immune system is tired. Don't repeatedly push yourself to your limits. When the sun sets, this is the sign for your mind and body to stop, relax and enjoy.
Be very careful loving the superficial for this can ignore you to the underlying issues of life that can lead you into true love, contentment happiness and success.
When confused you may not see the forest for the trees but if you have a positive focus no matter what, you will see the beautiful sky, the flowers, the birds, the ducks on the pond, and more.
Our every thought and emotion is stored in our heart and this is so incredibly powerful, a transplanted heart gives the recipient thoughts and cravings of the donor, to influence state of life. Always keep your thoughts positive, loving and success based.
Ludwig Van Beethovan wrote his famous 9th symphony while deaf. Next time everyone tells you a task is impossible to do, as they did Beethoven, think of the 9th symphony, reject all self-doubt and just keep going.
In School, College and University we learn only to read and remember to get ahead in life, but the answers to life are often only found when we investigate and discover for this is how important breakthroughs come about and mysteries are solved. Never los
Be good in all manner of thought and conversation, for this forms your true colours to influence your choice in friends, your focus, your intent and even your health and well being.

Noel Batten offers natural health products and practitioner training based on new natural ideals proven to overcome Parkinson's disease, MS and other similar rigidity disorders.
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