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Successful Treatment For
23 Autoimmune Disorders

Parkinson’s Disease, MS, MSA, Diabetes, IBS, COPD & More.

Noel Batten's natural health career began at age 17 when he beat bronchitis and epilepsy through blood flow exercises, lung exercises and physical, as well as mental relaxation, motivated by his mother who beat cervical cancer, under a medical doctor who knew the nervous system and used natural therapy ideals that mattered. (MD's in Noel's youth were taught natural ideals now often only used by natural therapists and chiropractors.) Now at 71, as a qualified natural therapist Noel has treated several MD's (view success clips in tremors link below), and he has overcome 23 Diseases like PD, MS, Diabetes, COPD and other rigidity disorders, by correcting all muscular-spinal abnormalities thus strengthening nerve signals to symptom-affected areas, a concept suggested by Dr. James Parkinson's for Parkinson's disease, that has long been overlooked.

Watch Noel use 5 "unique" tests to stop tremors "IN SECONDS", for "INDISPUTABLE PROOF" that what doctors learn, causes tremors, is from 1800's ideals used when medical leaders refused to enforce hand-washing before & after surgery, even "AFTER" it proved to save "MANY" lives...

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Parkinson's Disease Treatment

Some of the ideals Noel uses to overcome Parkinson’s Disease, MS, COPD and the other 20 diseases he focuses on, have been used from as far back as Hippocrates. Noel also teaches these ideals in his workshops on "prevention" of disease.


Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

All Multiple Sclerosis patients Noel treats usually feel considerable symptom reduction after just 3 days! Read more about how Noel can help you get your health, life and MS under control again.

Noels Treatment Program

Noel's 5 Day Treatment Program

Noel's unique assessment tests, & B.A.10 Treatment, can achieve success assumed unattainable. Watch how Noel's approach often helps immobilised PD & MS patients out of wheelchairs in 4 to 14 days & respiratory patients to breaths freely, in 3 days.

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Learn More About Noel's Story

From a sickly teenager To a nationally successful athlete In 8 years, and a Guinness World record holder for lung fitness in 18 years, after beating Bronchitis, mild MS and Epilepsy.

Noels Health Retreat

A Headquarters For The B.A.10 Natural Lifestyle Course & Health Rejuvenation Clinics.
(Health Is Better By Nature, NATURALLY!)

As a part of this retreat, I wish to run family & relationship harmony workshops, seminars and counselling sessions for improved family communication, mental awareness & goal planning. Some of these will be delivered by psychologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, natural therapists & personal trainers, with seminars on fitness, nutrition, fasting, family planning, child psychology, and relaxation. The B.A.10 Reversal Program is based on “Herring’s Law Of Cure”.

Health and Fitness Requires A Multi-directional Approach.

The foundation for Noel’s unique approach begins with knowing the weaknesses of each of the different “Body Types” (Ectomorph, Mesomorph & Endomorph), and knowing the best way to exercise, the best diet, and the best way to manage your stress so as to calm the mind before sleeping, 

Skype Sessions Now Available. Book Yours Today!

Book a B.A.10 Assessment Workshop To Learn A New Approach To Healing, Or Add The B.A.10 Program To Your Existing Health Business.

Take your training to the next level, with an online “two-day autoimmune assessment workshop” or add the B.A.10 Autoimmune Program to your existing natural health business. You will learn a new way to carry out an assessment on muscular health, and the efficiency of the nerve signals from the 5 plexuses of the spine: – (1) Cervical plexus, (2) Brachial Plexus, (3) Lumbar plexus,  (4) Sacral plexus & (5) Coccygeal plexus, and, the Autonomic plexuses: – (6) Pharyngeal plexus of the Vagus, & (7) the Celiac plexus. To help Rigidity Autoimmune Patients (PD, MS, Diabetes, COPD etc), gain controllable relief over pain and symptoms, or help them into remission, natural practitioners “MUST” know how to test and treat these nerve groups. There is no other way to create a cure!)

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The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

A quote by Thomas Edison born:1847, died:1931 from diabetes, simply because he was not aware of “ALL” the causal factors involved & how to correct them
by carrying out his part in the healing process. – True healing is a joint venture between the practitioner and the patient. It can happen no other way.

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