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6 Tests To Use, To
Learn How Your Body
Developed Autoimmune
Symptoms. (PD, MS, MSA,
ALS, Sarcoid, Emphysema,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
Celiac Disease, Transverse
Myelitis, Chung Strauss,
Diabetes etc

These 6 tests can be used by
everybody to “PREVENT”
rigidity autoimmune
symptoms and

The first thing to understand about symptoms of rigidity autoimmune disorders such as the disorders listed above, is that they are sometimes not caused by something going wrong in the muscle or organ where the symptoms are felt. — For example, if a muscle or organ is bruised from a fall, and you press on it or try to massage it, you will cause pain, and when you stop, the pain will stop. — If this pain provocation also applied to rigidity autoimmune symptoms, doing these things to the muscle or organ involved would also cause pain and make an obvious difference to the severity of each symptom. — This is not the case with many symptoms however, such as tremors, numbness, tingling, or drop foot etc, unless you press on an exact point relating to (1) muscle tensions, (2) blood vessels, (3) tendons (4) lymph or (5) nerves, which would all have something to do with the functioning of that symptom-affected muscle or organ.

If you watch the success video below, of my PD client “Dr. Antonio Pineda” you will see, when I pressed on a number of points in his back and hips, his arm tremors, which were nowhere near the points I was pressing, stopped within a matter of minutes. — This event is at the 10 minute mark in the video: –

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Symptoms Of PD and MS etc, Are Often Caused By Poor Blood Flow In Arteries, Or Suppressed Tendons & Nerves, Not With The Muscles Or Organs That Actually Experience The Symptoms.
The reason for the vast majority of causal problem being in another area of the body, is because these symptoms are most commonly caused by something going wrong with reduced blood flow through arteries (this is sometimes accompanied with swollen ankles), weak tendons or poor nerve strength in nerves coming from the central nervous system (the spinal column) which go to the other areas where the symptoms manifest. — Unless you understand physiology along with this multi-causal symptom process, you will be easily confused about the many corrective treatments needed, to get long term relief from your symptoms, which is why it would be a great benefit to have read my eBook before doing these 6 tests and then have it to refer to, while you perform the 6 tests.

I have created the tests on this page, to help you gain some sort of  understanding about this complicated process so you can realize why so many medical doctors and natural practitioners fail to overcome any of these Parkinson-MS-respiratory-IBS type symptoms with any significant success. — Please visit my Five-day Treatment Introduction page to understand more about how “The Causal Recipe” is slightly different from one patient to the next and this difference, adds to the confusion medical doctors and natural practitioners are faced with. — The “MANY” confusions involved with these autoimmune diseases, is why they have been considered “incurable” for so long.


Poor Blood Flow and Excess Muscle Tension Are Major Causes Of PD, MS, MSA, Emphysema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Many Other Autoimmune Symptoms and Diseases.
Just like “the mere thought” of embarrassment can send an excessive amount of blood, “only to the face”, in seconds, being subjected to ongoing career or relationship stress, or regular thoughts of grief, anger, frustration or depression can reduce the amount of prostaglandin and histamine sent to certain muscles and organs, which in turn, reduces blood flow, to cause any number of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, MSA, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis, or any number of similar diseases.

How many times have you sat on a seat that has the front edge too high, hence causing pressure on the back of the hamstring muscle, hence cutting off blood flow into the legs and as a result, numbness, tingling and even tremors can develops in the feet? — How many times have you heard how poor blood flow, or lack of nutrient in the blood due to missing several means, causes dizziness or even fainting? — These numbness and dizziness feelings are no different to body symptoms and momentary fatigue sessions experienced by rigidity autoimmune patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, emphysema and other such disorders. — Many medical journals make comment on these symptom provoked by poor blood flow.

If Symptom-severity Increases Or Decreases While Doing The First 3 Tests, It May Mean, Your Movement, Is Agitating Muscles, Tendons, Blood Vessels Or Nerves Causing Your Symptoms.
I have created the first 3 tests for you to use, to learn if the muscles, tendons, blood vessels or nerves in your neck have anything to do with the symptoms you are experiencing. — If your movement causes any changes in symptom-severity, it will mean that you need to try the neck treatments I offer in my eBook that will help you to improve muscle health, tendon release, improved blood flow and stronger nerves in the “ALL” the components controling your symptom-affected body parts. — Once you make these observations, you will also have a way of monitoring how much you improve while using my PD self-help products, my MS self-help products or while applying my lifestyle advice from my eBook “Miraculous Treatments, Testimonies and Cures” designed for “prevention” to help healthy people “avoid” developing rigidity autoimmune symptoms and disorders.

As you do these
tests to discover your
symptom causes, this
“Tension Test” will be
the most important!

TEST No 14 Stages Of Tension.

There are “4 main stages of symptom progression” for all rigidity autoimmune disorders, as listed at the top of this page. — If you are still in (1) the “easy-to-overcome” symptom development stage of progression, you will have a little too much tension in your neck and shoulder muscles, but it should not restrict your head turning ability too much at this stage. — If you have progressed a little past the “easy-to-overcome” stage, to stage (2) which is the “not-so-easy-to-overcome” stage, you will have obvious tension in your neck and shoulder muscles, as well as in your chest which will restrict your breathing a little when you are tired. This is when you need to consider attending my specialized personal treatment program. — If you have progressed to stage (3) the “becoming-difficult-to-overcome” stage of symptom progression, you will be starting to feel that tension “just a little” down in your lower back area and into one hip. — THIS IS WHEN YOU CANNOT HESITATE IN PUTTING EVERY EFFORT INTO REGAINING YOUR FLEXIBILITY AND YOUR HEALTH! — (4) The last stage of rigidity symptom progression is for this causal tension, as described in Dr. James Parkinson’s book, to spread into “both” hips and the stomach area which will hinder function of the small intestine, gall bladder, stomach and kidneys to hinder digestion and absorption, and cause immobility and the need for a walking aid.

For this test you need another person to stand in front of you to observe how far you can turn your head to the left, until you touch your chin on your left shoulder. (It is OK to bring your shoulder over to meet your chin.) — Then you need that person to watch as you do the same, to touch your chin on your right shoulder, for a comparison to see how far you can turn your head from one side to the other.

Balance Problems Can Be Caused By Stiff Neck Muscles, Low Oxygen In The Body, Suppressed Blood Flow In The Neck Are, Or, Any Number Of Problems In The Cervical Spine. 
As you do this neck turn test, left and right, remain with your head turned around to each side, for enough time to check your balance, by standing on one leg for 15 seconds. — Read test No 5 relating to balance before you go ahead with this test, so you know the safety precautions. — (If you have enough excess muscle tension anywhere from the base of your skull to the base of your neck, just that excess tension alone, can cause you balance problems.

If one turn is restricted, even just a little, it will mean that you have developed enough excess muscle tension in your neck and shoulder area, to cause cervical blood flow to be suppressed, to provoke any number of PD, MS, MSA, Emphysema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome type symptoms.

If this is the case, your first step is to follow “ALL” the self-help suggestions in my PD eBook Pack of 8 products taking particular attention to the relaxation audio files, while having your partner learn my massage technique explained in the massage video file to regularly massage your neck, shoulders and lower back. — You can also choose my MS eBook Pack of 8 products because the self-help treatment steps in all products, in both packs, are the same, and all these steps will help to overcome all symptoms of all disorders listed at the top of this page.

All rigidity patients
have some degree of
spinal curve causing
nerves exiting the
spine to become
slightly squashed
at the curve.

TEST No 2 — Even A Mild Curve Can Cause Excess Muscle Tension, Poor Blood Flow, Stiff Tendons and Weak Nerves To Cause Symptoms Below The Torso.

Never forget what Dr. Parkinson wrote about him finding that all Parkinson patients had a spinal curvature causing symptoms below the torso. — The way to figure out if you have a spinal curvature causing symptoms, is to look at yourself in a full-length mirror and see if you are leaning over to one side, even just the slightest as seen in the photos below, of the MS patient Tiffany, whose success video is available to watch on my MS web page (left photo, a very slight lean), and the PD patient Mary who I wrote about in my “Practitioner’s Training Manual” (right photo, severe lean).

Do Not Consider Having A Steel Rod Added To Your Spine, As There Are Other “NATURAL” Means To Correct Curvature.
This sideways lean in Parkinson’s and MS patients cannot be corrected by just standing up straight because there are many different causes for this spinal curve developing which is why you need a trained therapist to examine the muscles on each side of the spine to see if the spine is being pulled in different directions to create the curve. — This is only one cause but it is possible your curve is caused by this problem.
 — Another cause can be that your own unconscious mind can be releasing excessive stress hormones that are influencing your spine to become bent which is why I always use Iris Diagnosis to look for hormonal abnormalities in the patients I treat. — Unrealized by many practitioners, the iris of the eyes can reveal if a person is releasing excessive amounts of either of the stress hormones capable of causing spinal curvature and a natural practitioner needs to be able to identify the hormonal stress signs in the eyes to be able to find this important causal problem.

Spinal Curvature Is More Of A Symptom “Cause” In These 11 Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders Than You Think.
Stand in front of a long mirror with your feet about 3 inches apart and take a close look at whether you have a slight lean to the left or right. — Even if you have the slightest lean to one side, if it is enough for you to notice, you will definitely have a spinal curvature that will, in some way, be encouraging one or more of your symptoms, and this particular type of curvature cannot be corrected by just standing up straight.

THE TEST YOU NEED TO DO: – If you “do” notice a lean to one side, I want you to lean over in the opposite direction, away from the normal lean you discovered, and as you do, be aware if this opposite lean causes a change in any of your symptoms. — If it does, you will know that the curvature you have developed, is “ONE” of your symptom causes. (Most massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors and natural therapists believe that a spinal curvature is impossible to correct and natural therapy colleges teach students that a spinal curvature and scoliosis are impossible to rectify, however, I have discovered 5 different treatments that have enabled me to correct most spinal curves and scoliosis. — If leaning in the opposite direction to the lean you have developed, causes a change in any of your symptoms, make sure you make a note of exactly what you felt in the way of symptom change, so you can describe it to me if you have me treat you on my B.A.10 Treatment Program. — (You can come to me on Bribie Island near Brisbane to be treated, or you can have me fly to you to treat you in your home, along with other family members for no additional cost.)

This test is to check
if you have enough
excess “shoulder”
tension to be causing
any arm symptom.

TEST No 3 — Arm Restriction Due To Excess Muscle Tension Or Suppression Of Blood Flow, Tendon Movement Or Nerves.

Still Being In A “Safe Symptom Development” Stage, Means Any Excess Shoulder Tension You Have, Should Not Restrict Arm Flexibility
For this test all you need to do is to sit or stand straight with both arms down by your side, and be aware of any arm symptoms you have, then gradually lift your left arm up in the air and place the palm of your hand on the back of your head. — Once you get it there, slide your palm down your neck to see if you can touch the collar of your shirt.

While you hold your palm there for a while, be aware if this movement has caused any arm symptoms you have, to change in severity. — Once you finish, do the same with your right arm and be very sensitive about whether or not your arm movement and slide down the back of your neck, changes severity of any arm symptoms. — After you complete this test with each arm separately, then place both palms on the back of your head and slide both of them down to touch your collar and be sensitive if this causes any changes in symptom severity. — If you experience any significant reduction or increase in symptom severity by doing any version of this stretching exercise, it will be proof to you that moving your arms causes a change to your muscle tension, flow of blood, tendon activity or nerve strength. — This also means you should consider attending my treatment program on Bribie Island near Brisbane, or flying me to you, to treat you in your home and check your living environment to eliminate all dietary, work habits and lifestyle causal problems that perpetuate your symptoms.

This test will help
you check if you have
enough excess tension
in your lower back
muscles to cause
hip symptoms.

TEST No 4Hip Restriction By Excess Tension, Poor Blood Flow, Tight Tendons & Weak Nerves.

Many Parkinson and MS Patients I Treat Have So Much Excess Tension and Poor Blood Flow In The Hips and Lower Back, It Causes PD-MS Type Leg Symptoms.
Once again, for this test you will need another person to stand in front of you because you need that second person to watch how far you can turn around “at the waist” while sitting in a chair. — THE FEET TOGETHER AND FEET WIDE APART TEST: – Before you begin, be aware of any pains, numbness, tingling and stiffness you have in your torso and legs, then sit straight and put your feet close together,,, then, after becoming aware of your symptom severity as you sit there, after a while, lift one leg at a time and place your feet wide apart so each hip is turned out to the maximum, then be aware if this shifting out of both your hip joints made any difference to any of your symptoms. — Write down any differences you felt, so you can describe them to me if you decide to come to me on Bribie Island near Brisbane for treatment, or fly me to you to treat you in your home and check your environment and lifestyle habits to find and eliminate all contributing causal factors. —THE SECOND STAGE OF THIS TEST: – Now, with both feet well apart, turn your whole body and your head around as far as you can, to the left and see if you can look at a point on the wall behind you that is well past the area of the wall directly behind you. — As you remain in this fully-turned position for a while, be aware if any of your symptoms change in their severity, or if you feel anything different with your symptoms. — Now come back to your normal sitting position looking straight ahead and make yourself aware of your symptom severity in this neutral position, then turn your whole body and your head around as far as you can, to the right and again, see if you can look at a point on the wall behind you, that is well past the area of the wall directly behind. — As you remain in this fully-turned position for a while, be aware if any of your symptoms change in their degree of severity or if you felt anything different. — On each turn you should have your second observer compare the amount of each turn to see if you turned more to one side than the other. —Any changes you feel in symptom severity while doing these movements, will be proof to you that your movement was making changes to the Muscle Tensions, Blood flow, Tendon efficiency Or Nerve Strength.

This test will help
you check if you have
enough excess tension
in your lower back
muscles to cause
balance problems.

TEST No 5Excess Tension, Poor blood flow, & Stiff Tendons Causing Balance Problems.

Many Parkinson and MS Patients I Treat Have So Much Excess Tension In Their Hips and Legs, It Causes Balance Problems.
This test will show you how much, any excess muscle tension, poor blood flow, stiff tendons or weak nerves, in your thighs, hips and stomach are affecting your balance and if they are causing any symptoms in your lower back and legs. — First you need to stand between to solid obstacles that you can hold on to, in case you begin to fall during the test, particularly if you know you “are” having difficulty with balance. —Before you begin, be aware of any symptoms you have in your lower torso, hips, stomach and legs, including dizziness, poor balance, muscle stiffness, numbness, tingling and back or leg pain.

Once you are ready, lean over to the left and place all your body weight on your left leg and taking your time to do so, lift your right leg up and see if you can balance on your left leg for 15 seconds minimum, without you faltering and having to put your right leg back down on the floor. — As you do this for the 15 seconds, be aware if taking your body weight off your right leg changes the severity of any of your symptoms. — Now do the same with the other leg and after you finish, write down any differences you experience while doing this test with each leg. — If you think you do not have any balance problems but you cannot last the 15 seconds on each leg, then balance problems have already started to develop because it is relatively easy for an average person to pass this test using both legs.

Many of my clients have felt a symptom go away completely while standing for the 15 second, on one particular leg. — If “YOU” feel a change like this, please write it down in your “My Healing Diary” and let me know about it if you decide to come to me on Bribie Island near Brisbane for treatment, or you have me fly to you to treat you in your home and also check your environment, dietary and lifestyle habits to find and eliminate all contributing causal problems. WARNING! — DO NOT LISTEN to any medical doctor or neurologist who tells you to inject yourself in the sides of your thigh muscles (Vastus Lateralis) with Copaxone, Interferon or Avonex, as this can completely destroy your sideways balance capabilities. — THIS SHOULD BE SIMPLE COMMON SENSE TO ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY. — The Vastus Lateralis muscle interacts with the Abductor muscle on the outer edge of the foot, which both combine, to send nerve signals back to the Cerebellum, which is positioned in the brain directly behind the C1 and C2 vertebra, to control sideways balance. — Backwards and forwards balance are controlled by a similar interaction from the big toe, the heel, the stomach and the Gluteus Maximus muscles.Here is a photo of a Vastus Lateralis muscle damaged by repeated Copaxone injections, shown to me by my client Sherry Carson who is convinced, she lost her sideways balance due to injecting herself with Copaxone for 6 years, on the instructions of her neurologist AND THE COPAXONE DID NOTHING FOR HER BUT GIVE HER GRIEF: – 

Watch Sherry’s success video below: –

(19 minute)

We Are A Creation Of God Made In His Image (Genesis 1:26-27)
We are creations of God, made in His image and He made our system to responds to thought (positive and negative), hormones (positive and negative), emotions (positive and negative), and muscles that have positive or negative influences on our skeletal frame, our blood flow, our tendons and our nerves, to create our health and vitality end result.

If we do not live according to the ideals God set out for us in scripture, we can influence these anatomical and physiological interactions can lean towards the negative and make life very difficult for us.

Muscular rigidity
patients don’t breathe
as well during sleep as
they should, for good
immune strength and
relaxed muscles!

TEST No 6 — Poor Breathing Leads To Excess Muscle Tension and Poor Blood Flow.

If your lungs are not breathing efficiently, particularly while you sleep, due to an excess release of the muscle constriction stress hormone “noradrenaline”, it causes excess tension around the lungs and your whole muscular system will be oxygen starved and stiff.

The fitter our lungs are, and the deeper we breath during the day while we are awake, the more our lungs move in and out during sleep when they aren’t called on to work hard to keep up with our daily physical demands. — This means that the air we breathe in, during sleep, is available for our immune system to use for healing, muscle relaxation and energy. —–  THIS IS THE TEST: – Blow 5, deep-as-possible breaths into a party balloon to see how hard or how easy it is for you to get that balloon up as big as possible. — If you cannot blow one full breath into the balloon, I really do recommend that you at least read my eBook and follow my lung exercises, and if you cannot blow “5” breaths into that balloon after five days of doing my exercises, I highly recommend you consider coming to me for treatment on Bribie Island in Brisbane, or having me fly to you to treat you in your home while checking on your environment, dietary and your lifestyle circumstances. —Please do not take a poor result of this test lightly, as it really is a good indicator as to whether or not your immune system is capable of helping you get your health back again.



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