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Parkinson's Disease, MS, COPD, Tremors, Diabetes, Sarcoid, Can Be Cured, If Patients Are Willing To Work At It.

In 2016, 13 million more people were diagnosed with PD, MS, & Diabetes, than the population of AU, UK & USA combined, while proven cures from a 200 year-old book, are ignored by health officials. Is It because these cures will reduce drug sales?

See immobilised medical surgeon Dr. Pineda, gain remission over Parkinson’s disease “IN JUST 4 DAYS” & denounce medical teachings on PD. – See medical endocrinologist Dr. Bisilli regain balance & walking “IN JUST 4 DAYS” when medical treatment for her MS, failed miserably. – See patients with PD, MS, Sarcoid & a mystery disease doctors couldn’t name, causing the same symptoms as PD & MS, regain mobility “IN JUST DAYS”, using this 200 year-old book. (NOBODY CAN PROVE THESE DISEASES REAL, AS THERE IS NO TEST TO PROVE THEM REAL, BUT BIG-PHARMA DOESN’T WANT US LEARNING THIS TRUTH, SO PATIENTS STAY RELIANT 0N MEDICATIONS.  – As I fix the 3 primary causes Dr. James Parkinson noted in his 200 year-old book, as the cause of these symptoms, the symptoms often go away in days. – Dr. Parkinson knew, these symptoms, blamed on a mystery disease requiring drugs that don’t really help, are caused by muscular-spinal-hormonal faults, & the first of 10 step to a cure, is chiropractic. – I formed the opinion, Big-pharma places the blame on these mysterious diseases that researchers never find, so chiropractic isn’t realised as part of the cure. – These muscular-spinal faults are noted IN MEDICAL &  CHIROPRACTIC JOURNALS, “& IN SCRIPTURE”, AS PD SYMPTOM CAUSES & the symptoms can only be overcome by unique natural therapies that support chiropractic, which drug companies will do anything to suppress. – L/C my link below: – “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds” for “PROOF”, doctors are taught to believe, & to have their patients with symptoms of PD, MS, COPD, & Essential Tremors etc, believe, the diseases causing their symptoms are mysterious & incurable & hence, Big-pharma researchers are conveniently never able to find them. – This, I believe, is what triggered the: “Dr. Chester Wilk DC, verses AMA lawsuit” & why health officials jailed D. D. Palmer when he improved chiropractic & began overcoming PD-type symptoms in the late 1800’s. (These are my opinions from 22 years of research &,,, from helping PD, MS, Sarcoid & COPD patients into remission “OFTEN, IN ONLY 4 TO 14 DAYS”.) – Don’t take my word. – L/C the link below & choose from 50+ videos, to review the “ENORMOUS” amount of proof, including medical journals, also being ignored. (Proverbs 3:27) “Don’t hold good, from those in need”, (Matt 18:6) & (Eph 4:29). I CALL ON CHRISTIAN CHURCH LEADERS TO INVESTIGATE THIS INSULT TO HUMANITY.

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Parkinson's Disease Treatment

All PD patients have a sore neck due to a C1 subluxation swelling the brainstem - (If PD is incurable why do symptoms fade away from massage & chiropractic?) Watch my "STOPPING TREMORS IN SECONDS" video &, phone me to ask why doctors can't stop tremors like I do in this video: - Brisbane 0413317789.


Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Medical researchers wonder, if symptoms of MS really are from myelin degeneration, why, after a 15 minute nap, can symptoms often subside? - Does the myelin grow back, then die off again after the nap? PHONE ME "NOW" TO ASK WHY THIS HAPPENS: - Brisbane 0413317789.

Noels Treatment Program

Noel's 5 Day Treatment Program

Watch Noel help immobilised PD & MS patients out of wheelchairs in 4 to 14 days & respiratory patients breathe free, in 3 days. PHONE ME "NOW" TO ASK HOW I CAN HELP RESPIRATORY PATIENTS BREATHE FREELY, SO QUICKLY, YET DOCTORS CAN'T: - Brisbane 0413317789.

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Learn More About Noel's Story

From a sickly teenager to a successful athlete In 8 years & a Guinness Record Holder for lung fitness after beating Bronchitis & Epilepsy. The same approach will beat Coronavirus! PHONE ME "NOW" TO ASK HOW: - Brisbane 0413317789.

Unrealising MD's Are Trained By Big-pharma, To Tell Patients Of 23 Rigidity Diseases, That They Are Incurable, Yet Medical Journals Prove This Totally Wrong.

By studying medical journals on Parkinson’s disease & MS in several Brisbane medical libraries, inspecting hundreds of PD & MS spinal X-rays, doing Naturopathic Diagnosis tests on both sides of the body, on “HUNDREDS” of PD, MS & COPD patients since 1999, studying Dr. James Parkinson’s autopsy notes in his book “Essay On The Shaking Palsy” & putting “MANY” PD & MS patients into remission & getting “MANY” of them out of wheelchairs “IN ONLY 4 TO 14 DAYS”I discovered an horrific medical-pharmaceutical injustice that I feel, calls for a judicial inquiry. – It doesn’t take much to see the evidence of this horrific crime. – Just L/C this link: –  “WATCH NOEL STOP TREMORS IN SECONDS” & inspect some of the “Before” & “After” patient videos, & the spinal-muscle, & X-ray distortion videos, & YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTH THAT CAN SET PATIENTS FREE. (JOHN 8:32), Also, this doesn’t just apply to PD & MS. – I found 23 diseases, conjured up by Big-pharma, in my opinion, to acquire research funds from the public, under false pretences, “ONLY” to create new drugs that do nothing for patients, yet increase pharmaceutical profits dramatically. (Hosea 4:6) “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, due to it being suppressed”. – MEDICAL ADVICE ON PD & MS IS “EASILY” PROVEN WRONG THROUGH THEIR OWN RESEARCH, &, THIS ADVICE PREVENTS MILLIONS OF TRUSTING PATIENTS FROM KNOWING THE TRUTH, FROM DR. PARKINSON’S BOOK. – “I make this claim as an ex-patient whose life was nearly destroyed due to wrong medical advice”. (Jan 2018) (After meeting  with a Government Health official in 1999 to show my “BEFORE” & “AFTER” videos, of the success I achieve over tremors, PD & MS, based on DR. James Parkinson’s autopsy findings, & being told, QUOTE: – “I am sorry but the Government is not interested Mr. Batten”, I was shocked! – WHY AREN’T GOVERNMENT HEALTH OFFICIALS INTERESTED IN HELPING THESE PATIENTS? – (Proverbs 3:27) “When it is in your power to act, do not withhold good from those who  need it”. – (Matthew 18:6) – (Colossians 2:8) “Don’t be taken captive by hollow & deceptive philosophy taught to you for a higher profit agenda”. — Go to “SHOP” & purchase my e-Book “Parkinson’s Disease & MS Don’t Actually Exist” OR,,, PHONE OR EMAIL ME FOR A “FREE” COPY, TO REVIEW MEDICAL JOURNAL REFERENCES & MEDICAL BOOK QUOTES BY MEDICAL SPECIALISTS ON PD & MS, THAT REVEAL THIS FATAL INJUSTICE, WHICH HAS CONTINUED SINCE 1868: – Brisbane 0413317789. (As a member of the Christian church, with responsibilities, due to (Ezekiel 3:18-21) I am compelled to reveal this injustice that, in 1868, I believe was started to keep patients away from chiropractors & hold them in their suffering, so they continue taking drugs, or I become just as responsible as the perpetrator of this 1868 scam, for the suffering it continues to cause.) I BELIEVE THIS CALLS FOR A JUDICIAL INQUIRY. — L/C THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THE “ABUNDANT” EVIDENCE, FOR A JUDICIAL INQUIRY…

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Book a B.A.10 Assessment Workshop To Learn A New Approach To Healing, Or Add The B.A.10 Program To Your Existing Health Business.

Take your training to the next level, with an online “two-day autoimmune assessment workshop” (OR ADD THE FULL B.A.10 AUTOIMMUNE PROGRAM TO YOUR EXISTING NATURAL HEALTH BUSINESS). You will learn a new way to carry out an assessment for autoimmune health, to correct advanced spinal abnormalities, and to create muscular-nerve freedom, so as to improve efficiency of the nerve signals from the nerve combinations of the spine: – (1) Cervical plexus, (2) Brachial Plexus, (3) Lumbar plexus,  (4) Sacral plexus & (5) Coccygeal plexus, and, the Autonomic plexuses: – (6) Pharyngeal plexus of the Vagus nerves, &, (7) the Celiac plexus. To help Rigidity Autoimmune Patients (PD, MS, Diabetes, COPD, MND etc), gain controllable relief over pain and symptoms, or help them into remission, natural practitioners of the future “MUST” know how to test and treat these nerve groups. There is no other way to create Autoimmune Disease Cures effective enough to help patients get back into life, earning “A LIVING!”)

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The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

A quote by Thomas Edison born:1847, died:1931 from diabetes, simply because he was not aware of “ALL” the causal factors involved & how to correct them
by carrying out his part in the healing process. – True healing is a joint venture between the practitioner and the patient. It can happen no other way.

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