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After 50+ years of treating patients in 9 countries, for Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis & several other stiffness autoimmune diseases, Including Celiac Disease and Emphysema (COPD), I have developed a very effective treatment based on Dr. James Parkinson’s 1817 book, which is reclaiming lives for many patients who were suffering terribly. Don’t remain in pain, and don’t stay immobilised. Attend Noel’s “2-days-to-freedom” challenge, on Bribie Island. (Phone Brisbane NOW: 0413317789)

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame (spine), in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”.

Thomas Edison, 1903

Hi, I'm Noel Batten.

I found the cure for Parkinson's disease, in a 200-year-old book.

People know me as the “go-to therapist” for Parkinson’s, MS, COPD, & Tremors, & I have been called to 9 countries, to treat and teach medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and patients. 

In a book by Dr. James Parkinson (1817), he notes the following abnormalities, as causes of Parkinson and MS symptoms: – (1) spinal faults, (2) swelling of the medulla spinalis in the upper cervical spine (the neck), triggering (3), swelling of muscles on one side of the spine, (4) suppressed nerves, and (5), hormonal imbalances that cause rigid muscles, fatigue, bladder incontinence and poor sleep. Through my research I have repeatedly proven that correcting these 5 problems can often put Parkinson patients, and patients of several other diseases similar, into remission in just 4 to 14 days. Patients must be willing to earn their success though, with personal effort.

Without patient input, practitioners cannot create a cure!

Patients must work with practitioners, in a partnership.

The 3 most common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, MS and COPD, are (1) neck stiffness with a reduced head-turn range of movement, (2) misalignment of the C1 vertebra (Atlas) and (3) excess tension in muscless of the torso, one hip, and the lower back… Patients must however, work in with practitioners to correct these, as well as any other causal abnormalities found… If you have a really bad posture, stiff muscles, bladder incontinence and sleep problems, or you can’t relax or can’t breathe freely, I can correct these causal problems & put you into remission, often within days, as long as patients work with me, to earn that success.

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Nerve massage technique, never used before!

I tell my clients – If you maintain a full-positive-focus & use my breakthrough nerve massage properly, you too can achieve long-term remission. The most powerful function we have at our disposal, is our immune system’s hormonal influence of innate self-healing, which can only benefit us when we help it to work to it’s best ability. (Join me on Bribie Island for group treatment, or one-on-one personal treatment, and begin enjoying life again, in just days.) Attend Noel’s “2-days-to-freedom” challenge on Bribie Island and regain your life.

All PD patients have a stiff neck, breathe shallow & have poor sleep. The answer to PD is found in why some patients feel symptoms fade after doing breathing exercises & having good sleep. My treatment for PD consists of …. Read more

MS Symptoms are believed to be from lesions eating spots in the myelin sheath, but why after a 15 minute nap do many patients feel symptoms subside? Do the myelin spots grow back during a nap? It’s absolute hogwash! Here’s the truth … Read more

The real cause of essential tremor is not an “incurable disease” as medical doctors are trained to tell patients, to, in my opinion, sell drugs, but instead tremors begin with abnormalities in the spine … Read more

There is a way to beat these diseases, but you can only do it by finding your unique combination of causes, while reviewing a check-list of, from 6, to 52 causal provications. Every patient has a slightly different recipe of causes, which is why, reaching long-term remission can be complicated.

Why work with me?

My nerve-freedom treatment is hands-on, with results you can see, in just 2 days!

Doctors and neurologists are still being taught, lack of the hormone “DOPAMINE” due to atrophy (death), of the dopamine-producing cells in the Substantia Nigra in the brain stem, is the cause of Parkinson symptoms (including tremors), which is what enables dopamine drugs to legally be prescribed, even though they don’t offer any significant help. – If you believe this Big-pharma drug sales ploy, you will never get better. It is even documented in several medical journals that placing the blame on lack of dopamine  is “incorrect” and, patients who follow this belief, extend their suffering instead of overcoming it, & miss out on success, as a result.

My B.A.10 treatment program WORKS and I have numerous  videos showing just how powerful and life-changing it has already been, for many of my clients. See below my most recent videos.

My research and treatment is so controversial, big pharma companies have targeted me as they are trying to keep patients on their drugs, to maximise profits!

Yes, you heard that right. I have been targeted many times by big pharma companies due to patients who go through my treatment, no longer buying drugs. My treatment is so powerful that most patients never need drugs or medication again.
Take me up on my “2-days-to-freedom” challenge on Bribie Island, and regain your life, IN JUST DAYS!

Proof of success

See real results with your own eyes!

These before and after success videos PROVE that the true causes of Parkinson’s Disease, MS & More, were already known in 1817, from James Parkinson’s book, & from medical journals that are being ignored, so big-pharma can maximise drug sales and revenue.

Medical Surgeon In Remission Over Parkinson's Disease In 5 Days
Noel Batten Puts Parkinson Patient Ross Into Remission In Only 4 Days
MS Patient Sherry Regains Walking Ability in 5 Days
Parkinson's Disease Overcome By Chiropractor Dr. Marcoux On Noel Batten's BA10 Program
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Demi Beats Spastic Foot On Noel Batten's BA10 Program
Parkinson's Patient Victor Regains His Life In 4 Days
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