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A Cure For Parkinson's Disease From James Parkinson's Book, Hering's Law, Blood Exercises, & KJ Health Scriptures.

After 50+ years of teaching patients & therapists, & treating patients of Parkinson’s, MS & other, what are termed “Rigidity” diseases: (MSA, Sarcoid, COPD etc,) in 9 countries, I proved: (1), Ideals from Hering’s Law, &: (2), Causes noted in Dr. Parkinson’s 1817 book that first helped me find the cure for PD & MS, combined with: (3), Blood Flow Flexibility Exercises, &: (4), therapeutic scriptures on sleep from the KJ Bible, create a treatment that often puts these patients in remission, in just days. Most healthcare professionals don’t even know these 4 subjects, let alone, how to use them to create a cure. Practitioners, medical & natural, are so focused on drug & supplement sales, & managing businesses, they don’t look close enough, & don’t know how to recognise the path to remission anyhow. PATIENTS, the video below, can help you reclaim life, even if symptoms are severe. Email me your list of symptoms & with these 4-steps, “I WILL HELP YOU”, where doctors admit, they cannot, all because med-school training focuses only on drugs & surgery. In fact, doctors are threatened to lose their license, if they deviate from drugs & surgery, which is why, the art of healing is being eroded by these Big-pharma stand-over tactics…  Phone Brisbane “NOW” on: 0413317789.

There “IS” a cure for PD & MS, in the video below.

Hi, I'm Noel Batten.

A cure for Parkinson's disease found in a 200-year-old book, but medical leaders ignore it, to promote gloom.

If you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s, MS, Emphysema, or Essential Tremor etc, through God’s guidance, I created a treatment that reduces pain & stiffness, improves flexibility, & stops balance problems, often, in just 3 to 4 days. — I have even been called to treat, doctors, chiropractors, & other healthcare professionals, & to explain the “real” causes. There “IS” a cure available, so do not listen to depressing Anti-Christian Big-pharma negativity & Doom-&-Gloom as these suffering patients desparately need positive help.

In My Opinion, Health Officials Know Parkinson’s Is A Fake Disease, Created To Mislead  Patients & Stop Them Getting Better, To Perpetuate Drug Sales.

In 1999 I showed Shadow Minister For Health in QLD, Fiona Simpson MP who presents as a Christian, 2 of my videos, (1) of immobilised PD patient of 30 years, “Barry Black”, reaching remission & jogging, & even walking backwards & sideways, in 5 days. (Watch Barry’s video via the “Treatments” link above, under “Parkinson’s Disease”), & (2) an MS patient reaching 80% remission in just 7 days, & Fiona Simpson’s response was, QUOTE: –  “I’m sorry Mr Batten but the Australian Government isn’t interested in your discovery.” – (Watch the video on the left, & see patients reach remission in just days.)

The 4 “True” causes of PD, MS, & COPD symptoms etc, are ignored, as they require “natural” treatments, not medical treatments, such as a very unique “gentle” form of chiropractic, a unique nerve massage, “Blood Flow Flexibility Exercising”, &, endocrine balancing, & as prescription drugs can’t correct these 4 causes, & medical leaders don’t want natural treatments accredited as “the cure”, they denounce natural therapies & declare these diseases “mysterious & incurable”. – CAUSE 1, OF THE 4 TRUE CAUSES: – (1) Stress-provoked excess release of “Noradrenaline” the muscle rigidity hormone, to musces on one side of the spine first. (2) This one-sided release, then causes a muscular imbalance & problems with balance. (3) This also pulls the spine off-center causing loss of lordosis, curvature & vertebral misalignment. (4) This then suppresses nerves to cause all PD/MS/COPD symptoms, including the PD/MS/ robotic walk, tremors, bladder incontinence, broken sleep & all symptoms of PD, MS & COPD.
Dr. Parkinson’s book says (Page 62), QUOTE: – “Until we are better informed, the employment of internal medicines is scarcely warrantable”.(Page 63), “If tonic medicines & highly nutritious diet be directed, no benefit is likely be obtained since the disease depends not on general weakness, but interuption to nerves influencing the affected parts.” (These notes refer to excess muscle rigidity by a noradrenaline hormonal imbalance, spinal curvature & repeatitive vertebral subluxation hypermobility squashing nerves to cause the symptoms, and it is impossible for drugs to rectify “any” of these primary causes, & medical leaders know this, yet still promote prescription drugs.)

Most of these facts I found in Dr. James Parkinson’s 1817 book, so medical leaders know  about this curative approach, but have ignored it, all these years BECAUSE, IN MY OPINION, THEY RECEIVE KICK-BACKS FROM BIG-PHARMA?

Without patient input, practitioners cannot create a cure!

Do you feel, (1): a slight inner quiver (a faint shaking), (2): a reduced neck turn to one side, & (3): a stiffness that slows you down, & causes bladder incontinence at night? Dr. Parkinson noted these, as the causes of PD & respiratory symptoms, in 1817, not lack of dopamine! - See proof, via the video link below, first on the left.

The 3 most common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, MS and COPD etc, are (1) tension pains due to neck stiffness & a reduced head-turn range of movement, to one side, (2) misalignment of the C1 vertebra (Atlas) which causes a faint inner shaking, or quiver, and (3) excess tension in muscless on one side of the torso, at one hip, and eventually, in the lower back. To reach remission over PD, MS, MSA, COPD, etc, Patients must overcome these 3 abnormalities and work in with specially trained practitioners, to correct them, as well as any other causal faults from my list of 52 possible causal provocations…


By Improving (1) Nerves, (2) Posture, (3) Breathing, (4) A positive mindset, & (5), Sleep, Parkinson's disease, MS & COPD, "CAN" be cured, & My patient videos prove it. Don't allow "ANYONE" to say different.

On DAY 1 of treatment, I teach clients 5 important things: – (1) The nervous system needs far more attention than any other physiological function, & being happy, & finding & massaging all traumatized, symptom-provoking nerves, is absolutely essential, to establish long-term remission. (2) Maintaining a good posture to encourage correct lumbar, thoracic & cervical spinal lordosis & correct vertebral alignment, is also absolutely essential to allow for a healhy brainstem, free from any swelling, NPH, or Chiari malformations, so as to achieve long-term remission. (3) The respiratory system is the third most important physiological function when overcoming PD, MS, Diabetic, COPD, IBS-type symptoms that often accompany Parkinson’s disease, MS & COPD, as good oxygen saturation levels (97 & above), ensure nerve strength, & efficient digestion of nutrient. (4) Maintaining a positive mindset, to enjoy (5), the deep healing stage of R.E.M. sleep, which is the fifth most important physiological function that enables long-term remission, which can only be experienced by establishing peace of mind, which in turn, encourages efficient O2 & nutrient “absorption”. Normally, MD’s, Neurologists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, naturopaths & natural therapists are not taught the intricacies of these 5 aspects of health & healing, which is why “NONE” of them are able to truly help these millions of suffering PD, MS, Diabetes, MSA, COPD patients enough, to give  them long-term remission. (Phone me in Brisbane “NOW” & I will explain curative details to patients & their practitioners, so you can understand these symptoms & diseases, so you can all see the full picture.) My Brisbane phone number is: – 0413317789, from the USA: – 61413317789.

All PD patients have a stiff neck, breathe shallow & have poor sleep. The answer to PD is found in why some patients feel symptoms fade after doing breathing exercises & having good sleep. My treatment for PD consists of …. Read more

MS Symptoms are believed to be from lesions eating spots in the myelin sheath, but why after a 15 minute nap do many patients feel symptoms subside? Do the myelin spots grow back during a nap? That’s impossible! Here’s the truth … Read more

The real cause of essential tremor is not a “mystery incurable disease” as medical doctors are trained to tell patients, to, in my opinion, sell drugs, but instead tremors begin with abnormalities in the spine … Read more

(Ezekiel 3:18-21)
As a Christian with responsibilities in the church, it is my duty according to Ezekiel 3:18-21, to make it public knowledge when persons (particularly Government Health Officials & medical leaders who we rely on), are causing harm to others, and ask them to stop, which I am doing through this website. There "IS" a way to beat these symptoms and the diseases accused of causing them, but you can only do so by finding each patient's varying combination of causes & correcting them. I do this by reinstating the body's natural physiology, via a check-list of, from 6 to 52 possible causal provications, which influences swelling of the brain stem & cerebellum. (AN IMPORTANT FACT: - Every Parkinson, MS, COPD, Diabetes, & MSA etc, patient has an Atlas misalignment provoking brain stem & cerebella swelling, & once realigned, will often come back out of alignment within 15 to 30 minutes, to reinstate the symptoms. This is called "Vertebral Hypermobility Symptom Revitalization" (VHSR), and specific things "MUST" be done by a therapist/practitioner, trained to carry out my unique assessment and treatment, so as to stop this very confusing symptom-perpetuation-phenomenon. Vertebral hypermobility can be caused by a number of physiological faults associated with Chiari malformations & Cerebella swelling, which can sometimes be very difficult to treat. This is why a special 3-day, on-line retraining program needs to be made available to any therapist-practitioners who wish to learn how to help these patients into remission. This requires unique, very in-depth multi-directional training.

The type of spinal realignment used on these patients: - Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson & several others, (including osteopath or physiotherapy manipulation), will not eliminate hypermobility or Chiari malformations, but rather, things like negative muscle memory, one-sided excess tension in spinal support muscles, poor posture, spinal curve or scoliosis, anxiety, depression, grudge, & lack of exercise, do. Vertebral hypermobility is the most common reason patients get disappointed after having multiple chiropractic adjustments with no long-term relief forthcoming, and it is a main reason why patients come to the wrong conclusion that these "muscle rigidity" diseases are incurable. These diseases/symptoms, are "NOT" incurable, but each practitioner & each patient "must" look far more closely to find & eliminate all abnormalities influencing vertebral hypermobility & Chiari Malformations, specially at the Atlas & Axis, & vertebra in the lower lumbar spinal area, which can trigger a defective hip, & problems with balance, walking & jogging. These are faults that doctors & neurologists are simply not trained to fix.

Work Your Mind & Muscles Together

Parkinson's disease, MS & COPD "CAN" be cured. My patient videos are proof, so do not listen to "ANYONE" who tries to tell you otherwise!

Doctors and neurologists are still being taught, lack of the hormone “DOPAMINE” due to atrophy (death), of the dopamine-producing cells in the Substantia Nigra of the Midbrain (in the middle of the brain), is the cause of Parkinson symptoms (including tremors), which is what enables dopamine drugs to legally be prescribed, even though they not only offer no significant help, but rather “cause” an increase in symptom severity. – If you believe the Big-pharma dopamine drug sales ploy, you will never get better. In fact, if you have developed symptoms associated with PD, MS, COPD or IBS, and you go to a medical doctor, the advice given you, will actually steer you away from the natural treatment that can put you into remission, hence enabling your symptoms to progress and become more and more severe, until you find yourself in a wheelchair and completely unable to look after yourself. 
If you wish to overcome PD, MS, COPD-type symptoms & regain good health, and flexibility, while breathing easily again, stop listening to advice given by MD’s and neurologists. STOP IT NOW! — They are telling everyone, they can’t cure PD, MS or COPD, so why are you still following their medical advice? – Don’t you want to be cured?
Watch My Video On The “TRUE” Undeniable Causes Of Tremors…
Doctors & neurologists are actually trained to tell PD, MS, & COPD patients they will never recover, as they prepare them for their slow demise, so why are you patients still seeking medical advice?WATCH THE VIDEO TO THE RIGHT, TO SEE ME “STOP TREMORS IN SECONDS” TO GIVE “UNDENIABLE INDISPUTABLE PROOF”, TREMORS ARE “NOT” CAUSED BY LACK OF DOPAMINE.
My B.A.10 Treatment Program works and I have numerous videos showing just how powerful and life-changing my unique treatment has already been, for many of my clients.  See my most recent videos below.
My naturopathic diagnosis & treatment methods are so effective & unique, Big-pharma has targeted me as they are trying to keep patients on their drugs until they die, to maximise profits!

Yes, you heard that right. I have been targeted many times by big-pharma, even through the media, due to patients who go through my treatment, no longer needing drugs. My treatment is so powerful that many patients never need drugs or medication again. Watch the 3rd, clip of Dr. Antonio Pineda in my “Video To Welcome People To My Website” above, & listen to this medical surgeon diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, confirm that he gave up his medications after 3 days of my unique naturopathic treatment. 
 Attend my “3-days-to-freedom” challenge on Bribie Island & let’s see if I can get you off your pharmaceutical meds, to  regain your life, IN JUST 3 DAYS!

You "MUST" Work Your Mind, Your Spine & Your Muscles Together

See real results with your own eyes!

These before and after success videos PROVE that the true causes of Parkinson’s Disease, MS & More, were already known in 1817, from James Parkinson’s book, & from medical journals that are being ignored, so big-pharma can maximise drug sales and revenue.

Medical Surgeon In Remission Over Parkinson's Disease In 5 Days
Noel Batten Puts Parkinson Patient Ross Into Remission In Only 4 Days
MS Patient Sherry Regains Walking Ability in 5 Days
Parkinson's Disease Overcome By Chiropractor Dr. Marcoux On Noel Batten's BA10 Program
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Demi Beats Spastic Foot On Noel Batten's BA10 Program
Parkinson's Patient Victor Regains His Life In 4 Days
— Thomas Edison, 1903 —
"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest patients in the care of the human frame (the spine), in diet, & in the cause & prevention of disease". - Dr. James Parkinson also notes these subjects as a cure, stating, that internal medicine is not the answer, & my 10 "before" & "after" videos on this page, also reveal, remission begins by correcting muscular-spinal & hormonal faults, poor blood flow to symptom areas, & poor sleep. Doctors are purposly trained not to promote these "natural" corrective treatments, as they are the basis for "the cure" that medical leaders & Government Health officials so wrongly claim, can't be found. Want to see more success stories and videos?
Phone or Skype me now to tell me your symptoms & your health history, & let me get you back your life!
Phone Brisbane: - 0413317789 . Skype "Noel Batten"


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