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Amygdala Function.

“The Fear Centre Of The Brain”.

The human brain when complete, has two Amygdala (amygdalae), one on each side of the brain situated close to the hippocampus in the frontal area of the temporal lobe not too far from the mid brain in which lies the substantia nigra, the primary gland that releases the hormone of love: “dopamine”. — The function of the amygdala (named after an almond due to it’s shape) is often described as a liaison gland between the brain stem (the primitive brain) and the frontal lobes (the planning and conscience brain).

This said, the amygdala is also know to interact closely with the hippocampus which is a memory gland, to help memorize events that trigger emotion, particularly fear, which is why the amygdala is nick-named “The Fear Centre Of The Brain”. — The amygdala and the hippocampus are said to be in charge of the limbic system (emotional system) and are responsible for the release of many limbic hormones and limbic signalling hormones, to trigger the feeling of compassion, the fight-flight response, the urge to cuddle, to fall in love, and,,, the urge to protect and attack when necessary.

The Glands Of Unfinished Business.
When I carried out my own studies on disorders triggered by the psychosomatic response to stress, I came across an article published by English psychologist by the name of Dr. Paulley, on how the Amygdala had some sort of connection to unfinished experiences that triggered diseases. — I will endeavor to obtain a copy of this medical journal and make it available through this web page.

An Unrealized Suppressor Of Amygdala Function.
Many people including practitioners, are not aware that the functions of the amygdala, hippocampus, mid brain (dopamine producing substantia nigra) and the pons (noradrenaline producing locus coeruleus) are easily suppressed by a subluxed (turned) C1 and or C2 vertebra twisting a part of the brain stem called the medulla spinalis. — Over many months of this twisting of the spinalis, the whole brain stem can become swollen, which in turn causes trauma to all the glans mentioned. — Many rigidity autoimmune disorders are created by these abnormalities and it is impossible to overcome them until all these causal problems are corrected. — This requires a very specialized therapist.

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