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There seems to be an absence of awareness in the natural health industry about epilepsy, and what advice to give to parents on how they can best to treat it through natural means. This prompted me to create this web page.

In medical circles epilepsy is classed as a brain disorder where clusters of neurons in the brain produce abnormal signals that provoke sudden changes in emotion, severe muscle spasms and muscle contortions, and even loss of consciousness. These episodes are called “seizures” and they can be quite violent in some patients and sometimes these seizures can cause patients to bight their tongue and scream out.

There are several types of epilepsy and several types of seizures. The type that I suffered from was adolescent epilepsy which began at age 13, and I was told it may have been provoked by a lack of oxygen in my brain. In excess of 270 thousand people are living with epilepsy in Australia alone and an excess of 60 million are living with epilepsy worldwide.

A Brain Starved Of Fat Can Develop Epileptic Seizures
There are a number of problems that can provoke epileptic seizures starting with a lack of fat in the diet. Here is one story of a 4 year old boy (Sam Brandt) who gradually built up to experiencing up to 100 seizures a day on a bad day, after his family went on a low fat diet. After no pharmaceutical medication could help Sam, he was finally put on a special diet that included a lot of fat and no sugar and his seizures stopped completely. This story comes from “Health Magazine”: –

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A Subluxation At The C1 and or C2 Vertebra Can Cause Epileptic Seizures
During my career as a natural therapist specializing in helping people with autoimmune disorders I have come across several people diagnosed with epilepsy, who have stopped their seizures by having regular chiropractic adjustment. When the C1 or C2 vertebra are out of alignment with the rest of the cervical spine, they can twist an area of the brain stem called the “Medulla Spinalis” sufficiently to cause the whole nervous system to go into trauma and cause extreme muscle spasms as is seen in Grand Mal epileptic seizures.

Reducing Stress and Regularly Doing Deep Breathing and Relaxation Is Essential To Overcome Epilepsy
When I was having my small seizures, before the Grand Mal that put me into a coma, (around one every few days), I soon learned that listening to my father abuse my mother of an evening, caused me to fall asleep on the anguish of this disharmony and it was always the morning after this experience, that I woke up to an epileptic seizure and sometimes breathing difficulties. My seizures seemed to develop during the night and manifest in the early hours of the morning as I was waking up.

One Of Many Medical Journals Explaining Family Stress Causes Epilepsy In Children As It Did In Myself, At Age 13: –
In the medical journal: – “The Journal Of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology”, 1984, Volume 26, Pages 14 to 19: –

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Neck Tension Can Provoke Epileptic Seizures
One thing I remember quite clearly about those days, was that before I experienced an epileptic seizure or a breathing episode, I felt my neck become very tense. This is a feeling that accompanied the anxiety I experienced when I heard the sound of my father’s truck coming home of an evening, from several streets away.

Rudy Droste Taught Me To Use My Mind To Release Tension and Stress
At first I could not feel a seizure developing but when I started learning mind exercises off Rudy Droste while he was teaching me weight training exercises, I learned a special technique that enabled me to start feeling a seizure developing inside me, long before it actually eventuated. Once I was able to feel a seizure starting to develop, I then learned, that when a seizure was on it’s way, if I held a deep breath in and lifted a heavy weight, which caused a more than usual amount of oxygen to be transferred into my blood stream, that oncoming seizure sensation went away in seconds, and I knew that I would not have the seizure. This was an unmistakable feeling that I learned to bring about with my mind, and by lifting a heavy weight with my lungs as full as possible.

Once I got to this stage, I was very much in control of my future and my health. This is the point when I chose to stop taking all my pharmaceutical medications without it causing me any problems. I was now back into life, able to enjoy life again, with no fear.

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