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I Am Disappointed How
Governments Allow Drug
Companies To Manipulate The
Health System, When It Hinders
Our Youth In Overcoming
Disorders Like Asthma,
Autism and ADHD.

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Solves The Mystery Of
Parkinson’s Disease and
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Facts About The Symptoms Of Autism and ADHD That Should Never Be Forgotten
If autism and ADHD were caused by neurotransmitters not developing while in the womb, as it is claimed, every symptom and behavioral habit associated with autism and ADHD would be present constantly and the intensity of symptoms and behavior would never vary. — As autistic and ADHD children, particularly the majority who develop autism and ADHD after being born, suffer symptoms and behavioral habits that vary drastically according to how well they sleep and their levels of daily stress, it is just common sense that all cases of autism could not possibly be caused by brain neurotransmitters that have never developed.

Most autistic ADHD children have days when their symptoms and bad behavioral vary enough to notice, their symptoms and habits are simply a stubborn rejection to life itself, due to an inability to see the rewards of achievement, an impatience to remain focused when achievement becomes difficult, and not being able to express emotions correctly. — After investigating the history of autistic ADHD children I have treated, I have found these characteristics developed soon after some sort of lifestyle shock which had taken away their desire to enjoy life.

I have also found, the only way to overcome this circumstance is not by feeding them pharmaceutical drugs that add other problems, it is by treating every child as an emotional individual who needs to be nurtured back into enjoying life and having a desire to develop personal talents. — Children need to be encouraged to believe in themselves and taught how to love and enjoy life through achievement and social interaction to stimulate the sleep, digestion, absorption, energy and growth enzymes and hormones to flow within them, to help them develop into competent adults.

Doctors have ignored a call for a drug moratorium and a request to refer
autistic children to occupational therapists who have proven to achieve success
Unrealized by many, the Youth Affairs Network in Australia headed by psychologist Dr Bob Jacobs, submitted a report in 2002 that requested a moratorium (legal ban) on the drugs used by medical doctors to treat conditions such as autism and ADHD, because occupational therapists and psychologists were getting results with stress management and R.E.M. sleep improvement that doctors are not getting with drugs. — They have also ignored a call for the medical profession as a whole, to refer autistic children to occupational therapists and psychologists for counseling, R.E.M. sleep improvement and encouragement to become motivated towards personal goals, all of which has proven to help overcome autism.

Unfortunately, this report was just swept under the carpet because, in my opinion, doctors are trained by pharmaceutical drug company lecturers to confine their activities to a prescription pad and drug company executives don’t want parents of autistic children to know of the many medical reports that reveal the curative answers that bypass the use of drugs.

Most doctors will also deny, the pharmaceutical drugs they prescribe for autism, ADD and ADHD, have any adverse side effects even though these damaging side effects are documented in their own medical journals. — The following medical journal report is one of many that document how a child’s growth is reduced due to pharmaceutical drugs used to treat these disorders: “The Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology” 2002, volume 12, book 1, pages 55 to 61.

My eBooks “Autism The Greatest Medical Injustice” or “ADHD The Greatest Medical Bungle” supply many more medical journals that explain the “real” causes of these personality disorders in children:

AUTISM - The Greatest Medical Debate eBook-14

ADHD is a personality disorder that really is becoming prevalent in our youth and more care needs to be applied to these children.

ADHD - The Greatest Medical Bungle eBook-0


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My History and Beliefs
I have been in the natural health industry since 1975,
have owned and managed two of the largest health
centers in Queensland Australia, employed up to 9
staff involved in teaching natural health concepts,
and have specialized in treating Parkinson and
MS patients since 2005. — I have been verified
by government health departments in 2 different
countries, have been interviewed on several
television and radio shows, and have always
dedicated myself to revealing the truth, and
doing my absolute best to help patients
regain their health and their lives.

I am a Christian and am highly
motivated to get the best results
in helping patients overcome
their symptoms and suffering.

I am willing to be interviewed
by any medico or
who wishes to challenge my
ideals, motives or knowledge,
in any public forum.

I am disappointed in the way
governments allow pharmaceutical
companies to manipulate the health
system, when it hinders our youth

in overcoming disorders like
asthma, autism and ADHD.

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