Autoimmune Disorders

The Immune System and The Mind Body Connection

Most people are confused when it comes to them understanding what an autoimmune disorder really is, and when I am asked to explain, this is usually my reply.

To understand what an autoimmune disorder is, you first need to know the main 10 functions of the auto-immune system that suffer breakdown to create autoimmune disease, and how the “auto” part of that word applies to the onset of a group of symptoms that medical leaders have declared to be, “an autoimmune disease” as all autoimmune diseases begin by this auto aspect failing and going against us. Alternatively, the only way to overcome an autoimmune disease, is to correct all 10 factors that influence this “auto” aspect of our immune system.

Where Does The Name Autoimmune Come From?

“Auto” Refers To The Automation Of Our Mind, Which In Turn, Affects The Automation Of Our Body, and Controls Our “Innate” Healing.
The human mind has an automatic response mechanism built in, which is easily exampled by the thought and emotion of embarrassment. When we think a thought of embarrassment, through the hypothalamus in our brain, our emotions immediately cause the release of a high quantity of the blood flow hormones prostaglandin and histamine, to send extra blood, only to our face, because this is the external area of the body that identifies us. Our face is who we are so if “we” are embarrassed, the reflection of embarrassment will be represented by the appearance of our face. (In psychology, this is called “an Ideomotor Response”.)

Automation Causes Emotions To Influence Our Health Through Hormones.

Our unique mind-to-body connection denotes that every subject we deal with in our family circle, including the way we feel about ourselves, has a matching body part that reflects how we deal with that subject.

Here are a few examples

As the colon is the area of the body that “let’s go of unwanted nutrient and waste”, it will reflect the way we feel about all our unwanted memories from the past. People with bowel problems have been found to be suppressing bad memories relating to family, or relating to people they have dealt with and the position they hold in a family. As the thyroid gland in the throat, classed “the gland of expression”, is in the area of the body that we use to communicate and explain our emotions, it will reflect how well we communicate and if we are holding in thought and emotion that should be spoken out.

People with thyroid problems have been found to be suppressing memories and words that they either need, or want to speak out, but are not. — Thyroid problems are most commonly experienced by women who are suppressed by overbearing men, or who are a little too timid to speak up for themselves when they need to, to make the changes that will make them happy.

Every single thought, positive or negative, that is strong enough to be accompanied by emotion, will triggers a release of matching enzymes and hormones that have some sort of physiological affect on our mind and body, particularly with the efficiency of our digestion and absorption capabilities. Some hormones affect blood flow, some affect tension levels in the smooth or major muscles and the organs, some affect bladder control, some affect digestion and absorption and so on. Some hormones will send extra blood to a specific area of the body that matches with the subject of thought, such as just exampled, and some can “reduce” blood flow to a specific area of the body that matches with the subject of thought, such as in the case of a person’s face instantly turning pale, when being involved in a car accident.

Cancer and Autoimmune Disorders

In the case of breast cancer, the cancer effect is caused by an excess release of a stress hormone called “cortisol” being sent to the breast after the loss of a loved-one and the reason it is sent to that specific body area is because that is the area that the mind associates with a loved-one. Cortisol is used as an anti-inflammatory by the immune system however, when it is released into the body in excess amounts, it will draw protein from healthy cells to render them unhealthy. Medical research has repeatedly proven that women who develop breast cancer, have usually been separated from a loved-one, or separated from a lifestyle that they loved and that enabled them to support their loved-ones, which also gave them their love for life. When a woman holds a loved-one close to the breast it is always to breast feed, or to show their loving emotion.

Please be aware, the psychosomatic disease response is not the only cause of autoimmune disease. There are always physiological breakdown factors and other factors involved, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, inability to relax properly and poor sleep etc. Some people who go through the trauma of a serious car accident, develop an autoimmune disease due to the emotional shock and stress of that terrible experience.

For more information on the autoimmune diseases, immune system and the mind to body connection, I highly recommend my eBook, “Miraculous Treatments, Testimonies and Cures”.

This eBook below, supplies 36 case histories of people suffering autoimmune disease symptoms that were a reflection of their emotional stress and life perceptions.
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Almost every symptom experienced by humans, is influenced to develop by some degree of excess muscle tension pulling on the spine to drag it off-center and bend the spinal cord into an abnormal shape, and cause individual nerves exiting the spinal column, to be suppressed, to reduce blood flow. — Alternatively, every pharmaceutical and supplement company on earth will claim they have a product that can either reduce or overcome such symptoms while they put some degree of effort, either secretly or out in the open, to discredit any natural health organizations that can correct those excess tensions, normalize the spine, reinstate strong nerve signals and reintroduce healthy levels of blood flow to symptom-affected body areas.

So many times I have observed how large corporations falsely claim health problems are caused by body abnormalities that enable them to sell more drugs or supplements. — This video below offers some facts and statistics that support this observation, along with my discovery that almost “ALL” of these so-called incurable diseases, are accompanied by the exact same symptoms while having no test whatsoever, to prove they even exist, let alone if a person has one of them.

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