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 My B.A.10 ONLINE Assessment Course

For The Assessment Of Patients With Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders Like PD, MS, MSA, ALS, IBS, COPD (Emphysema), Diabetes & Sarcoid, Is “VERY UNIQUE” & “COMPLETELY DIFFERENT” From Any Assessment Testing You Would Have Learned In Your Accreditation Training.

In My Opinion, The Reason Why There Are So Many Autoimmune Disorders “WRONGLY” Classed As Incurable, Is Because Medical Doctors, Neurologists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists & Naturopaths Are Treating These Disorders Like They Were “ORDINARY” Health Problems.
After working with patients diagnosed with Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis since 2004, & exclusively, since 2005, & since putting “MANY” of them into remission since 2007, & learning how to help many of them into remission “IN ONLY 3 DAYS” since early 2018, I have become fully convinced that these disorders are very different, & in a league of their own. — The causes of these symptoms are absolutely “NOTHING” like the causes of the usual every-day symptoms we are trained to treat in our accreditation training. — And I believe, this is why so many practitioners are blindly convinced, they are incurable, to the extent that if somebody suggests a solution, these negative-thinking practitioners will simply ignore all solution possibilities, and walk away.

In order to see what I have learned to see, over the years, to enable me to help many of these patients into remission in only 4 to 14 days, you “MUST” be willing to think outside the box, &,,, be willing to try a completely new & very unique approach. — This new & very unique approach is different because it “MUST” be different, firstly, to help you “FIND” all the relevant anatomical causal problems, & secondly, to help you see how to correct all these new causal problems that your accreditation training didn’t even come close to revealing.

Pay $250-00 To Enlist For This Course NOW, & Receive $250-00 “EVERY TIME” You Refer A Patient On, Who Attends Treatment.

You Can Become A B.A.10 Assessment Specialist, By Booking In To Do The Two-day Autoimmune Assessment Course NOW, But You “MUST” Have An Open Mind To Learning A New Technique.
If you presently assume that these Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders are incurable, it is because you were not taught to see the “REAL” muscular-nerve-skeletal causes of the 22 Rigidity Disorders which I have had success with, with my B.A.10 Program. — The very moment you begin to use the unique B.A.10 assessment tests I will teach you, while treating people in your health practices, is the very moment you will begin to see things you have never seen before, & realize the different needs of these patients. — This will also be the moment you begin to understand “WHY” you have been so far off track, in the past. (These assessment tests allow you to see health in a totally different light.)

This Two-day Autoimmune Assessment Course will open your mind to thinking in a very different way that will allow you to learn things about the human mind and body which you have not even considered before. — The reason why so many well-educated neurologists, brain specialists, brain researchers, endocrinologists, neurological chiropractors & other advanced health practitioners with many diplomas on their office wall, are so far off track, is because they are programmed to think one way, and one way alone, & they aren’t even aware of that. — (The only reason I figured all this out, was because I myself was a rigidity autoimmune patient who lived through the same suffering that all these patients have to live through, because nobody knows how to help them.)

Providing you have already completed minor studies in anatomy and physiology, you will not find my teachings in the Two-day Autoimmune Assessment Course, very difficult, as all I am going to teach you in the videos & eBooks that I will send you, is to think in a completely different manner than you were taught to think, in your accreditation training. — This new approach is very easy to adopt, providing you know the basics in anatomy & physiology.

Your Fee For This Two-day Course Is $250-00 USD, Your Commission When Referring A Patient On For Treatment, Is $250-00 USD, & The Assessment Tests Only Take 20 Minutes To Complete, Which Means You Can Earn $250-00 In 30 To 40 Minutes Depending On Your Explanation Times. 
If you pay the $250-00 USD for the course & you are not totally happy with what you learn, I will give you a complete refund, however, this also means you will no longer be able to earn the ongoing commission of $250-00 USD each time you refer a patients on to me, or to one of my clinics, which are yet to be established by an investor.


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