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B.A.10 Explained.

The B.A.10 Ideals, Which
Are Based On What I Have
Termed: “Muscular-Skeletal,
Vibration Centering 
Stimulate The Natural Innate
Healing Of The Mind & Body.

The “B.A.10 Natural Assessment Program“, the “B.A.10 Autoimmune Treatment Program” and the “B.A.10 Lifestyle Program” which I promote for “prevention”, are made up of extremely unique ideals which cater for the natural innate interactions of the immune system within the mind and body connection. — They cover (1) the emotionally provoked psychosomatic response and (2) the muscular-skeletal, (3) nerve-hormonal physiological interactions that can enable us to become super fit and super strong through athletic training and visualization, or super rigid and debilitated like an advanced tremoring Parkinson patient, due to a dis-eased mind responsible for any number of muscular rigidity autoimmune disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, MS, Diabetes, Emphysema, COPD. (A muscular rigidity disorder is a disorder primarily created by such excessive muscle tension (rigidity) in specific muscles that Parkinson’s disease or MS develop, or, in a specific body part such as the Lungs, Stomach, Pancreas, Gall bladder or Colon, that Emphysema, COPD, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or Celiac Disease develop.)

This Stress-provoking
Factor Blocking Nerves
To Create Symptoms
Relevant To The Body
Areas Affected, Is What
Medical and Natural
Practitioners Are
Ignoring To Energize
The Word “Incurable“.

The Meaning Of B.A.10 Is: “BAck 10 Steps To Functioning Efficiency” Which Is Why I Often Call It “The B.A.10 Reversal Program” As Treatment Is Designed To Reverse All Abnormalities Back To Normal.
The B.A.10 Natural Treatment approach can be likened to Hering’s Law Of Cure created by Dr. Constantine Hering 1800 – 1880, (the father of homeopathy in America) who believed in helping patients develop peace of mind as one part of his overall treatment. — The main difference being that I work with the vibration of the nervous system, an approach never used effectively in previous efforts to overcome the 22 disorders I have succeeded with: –

In being similar to Hering’s Law of cure from the 1800’s, the B.A.10 approach works by practitioners encouraging the body’s own innate intelligence to do the healing, through removing, or “reversing” all dysfunctions found in the 10 main immune activities, to take them BAck to their original functioning competency. — Hence B.A.10. 

As the immune system (autoimmune system) functions on Hormones released from the Endocrine Glands, Nerve Vibration from the Central Nervous System, alignment of the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebra and the Pelvic Bone, and, flexibility of the whole Muscular System, any time the body is not functioning normally, all these contributing factors must be examined, however, in natural health colleges much of these aspects of health are not even considered.

I have designed this new “reversal” approach to natural health, on a therapy that I call “Muscular-skeletal, Vibration Centering Therapy“, because it primarily works on giving freedom to nerves and normalizing hormonal release at the same time. — I use a number of different massage units to create a vibration in strategic muscles, to release excess muscle tension and encourage blocked nerve junctions and trigger points to become free, which will often also correct a twisted pelvis and misaligned upper cervical vertebral. — The hip bone (Ilium), and the C1 vertebra are usually “pulled” out of alignment, or pulled “off-center”, by excessively tense muscles, so it stands to reason, releasing that excessive tension will allow them to go back into their centered correctly aligned position.)

The Body Is Healed Innately, By It’s Own Vibration.
Working to reinstate strong body vibration throughout the body, is one of the most effective natural healing techniques we can use, to overcome “ANY” autoimmune disorder, of the “rigidity” type, or, of the “blood” type. — I believe, the body responds better to this therapy than “ANY” other therapy due to the fact that every body cell functions on, and is healed by, vibration created by the nervous system.

Whilst “Muscular-skeletal Vibration Centering Therapy” Is Not Chiropractic, It Can Correct “Some” Skeletal Misalignments, and, Keep Them In Alignment Longer.
Whilst this new therapy does not replace the services of a chiropractor, it offers some degree of skeletal adjustment along with a far wider range of natural health treatment services than a chiropractor and a massage therapist working together, can offer.

The B.A.10 “Muscular-skeletal Vibration Centering Therapy” approach, covers LIFE STRESS (mental and emotional), MUSCULAR RELEASE (correction of the muscular system’s inability to release tension caused by life stress), HORMONAL IMBALANCES (correction of the endocrine system’s inability to release certain hormones “only” when needed), SKELETAL CORRECTION (improvement of posture and lordosis, and curvature correction, degenerative disc regrowth and realignment of the pelvis and upper cervical vertebra with nerve stimulation, when possible), and NERVE MASSAGE (massage of nerves and trigger points connected to symptom-affected body areas).

The B.A.10 Assessment Is A “VERY” Different Natural Health Assessment Approach.
Unlike Hering’s Law Of Cure, the B.A.10 Assessment Approach, is based on a “VASTLY DIFFERENT” natural therapy assessment technique which reveals mind and body breakdown factors that cannot be found by present day natural health teachings. — These new methods are vastly different and are why, it is sometimes possible for these new methods to put advanced patients debilitated through symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, ALS, IBS, Diabetes, Emphysema and many other rigidity autoimmune disorders, into remission in only a matter of days. — I challenge “ANYBODY” who disbelieves my claims to try to prove me wrong.

The B.A.10 Approach Is The True “HOLISTIC” Alternative Approach That Covers So Many Aspects Of Healing It Can Often Also Overcome Diabetes & Emphysema In Days.
The difference between Hering’s Law Of Cure and the B.A.10 Treatment approach is that the B.A.10 approach calls for a far
more in-depth physiological assessment and treatment of the whole person, by considering all Neurological, Physiological, Nerve-hormonal and Muscular-skeletal interactions, as well as giving some consideration to emotions affected by our “spiritual” body. — This means a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner must learn effective treatments that help to overcome problems in (1) the conscious, (2) the unconscious and (3) the conscience minds, and all the anatomy and physiology they influence. This comprises the hormonal system, the nervous system, the respiratory system, digestive and absorption activities, the muscular system and the skeletal frame.

Any Therapist With A Natural Health Qualification Should Learn How To Palpate The Spine and Make An Assessment Through Reading X-rays, To Know When A Problem In The Spine Is Causing A Symptom. — Hundreds Of Years Ago, Hippocrates Said: “When In Sickness, Look To The Spine First”: –

Most natural therapists and massage therapists are not aware that they do not need any special certification to refer their clients on to a chiropractor to have X-rays taken, yet they are usually not motivated to send them, because skeletal assessment is not taught in alternative therapy courses.

I Am Eager To Help Other Therapists Create A B.A.10 Natural Health Business.
All it takes to start learning the B.A.10 approach, is to attend my Two-day Referral Course and learn how to assess the skeletal frame and learn a little about hormonal-muscular-skeletal influences, watch my collection of study videos and read my explanation eBooks. — If you would like to establish your own natural health business using the B.A.10 autoimmune approach, I will help you. — All you need to do is to find a number of Parkinson, MS, MSA, ALS, or emphysema patients for me to treat as a part of your training, and your cost will be close to nothing. L/C to learn more.

To read a list of autoimmune symptoms and disorders that my B.A.10 Treatment can be used to treat successfully, use this link.



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