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What You Must Learn To
Become A B.A.10 Natural
Autoimmune Practitioner,
Is Very Different Than Is
Taught In Chiropractic
and Natural Therapy

You Will Study More Advanced Subjects To Learn Much More About Nerves, Hormones, The Prefrontal Cortex and The Mind-body Connections, At A Much Deeper Level Than You Did For Your Accreditation Training.
You Will Study the nervous system (particularly the Brain Stem, Cervical Nerves and the Brachiel Plexus in the onset of symptoms of PD, MS, Diabetes, MSA, ALS, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis, IBS, Celiac Disease and more), the endocrine system, (particularly the “peace of mind-dopamine response”, the “goal-setting growth hormone response”, and the noradrenaline stress response”) and learning this “very relevant information” will enable you to get “QUICK” results over autoimmune symptoms and disorders.

The Spine Of Autoimmune Patients “MUST” Be Kept Aligned “AND CENTERED” For Them To Reach Remission and Then Hold It, and This Can Only Be Done Through “Gentle Correction Spinal Therapy” (GCS Therapy).
You will learn how to assess the muscular system with a far more in-depth “feel-and-observe” approach, and learn how to remove “Negative Muscle Memory” by using a new massage technique called “Gentle Correction Spinal Therapy (GCS Therapy) which works on preventing swelling of the brain stem, to normalise the natural vibration of the nervous system.  — (The Midbrain is the highest section of the Brainstem, right up under the base of the brain, just below the Thalamus. — Progressing down the brainstem, first is the “MIDBRAIN”, the “HIGHEST” section of the brainstem, then comes the Pons, Then the Medulla Oblongata, the “LOWEST” section of the brainstem outside and above the C1 vertebra. — This is the last section of the brainstem that is “visible” during autopsy, without removing the upper cervical vertebra. — Then comes the C1 & C2 vertebra which house the Medulla “SPINALIS”, that section of the brainstem that Dr. James Parkinson blamed for the beginning of symptom development, once it becomes swollen.)

My belief is, the brainstem becomes swollen due to the C1 vertebra “turning”, to be out of alignment with the rest of the cervical vertebra that comprise the cervical spine. – (This “turning” can happen due to a fall hitting the neck on one side, or, by a build-up of muscle tension on one side of the neck, due to ongoing stress and lack of life enjoyment.) – In this turned position, it twists the Medulla Spinalis, to give the same effect as a wrist experiences, when someone applies an “Indian Rope Burn twist”.

GCS Therapy Can Align The Spine and Keep It Centered, With Longer Results Than Chiropractic.
Negative Muscle Memory is responsible for influencing subluxed vertebra to return to the subluxed position soon after a chiropractor makes a correction. — Many autoimmune patients have chiropractors correct subluxed vertebra only to have them come back out of alignment, sometimes in only a matter of ten minutes or so, and chiropractors are not trained to explain this problem to patients. — This has caused many patients to avoid chiropractors as they have felt they are wasting their money, but the B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner will be trained how to deal with this major disappointing problem, and will prepare each patient in a way that enables them to assist the B.A.10 Practitioner to keep the spine in its correctly aligned position, and, in its correctly centered position.

You will learn how the brain stem is the most important part of autoimmune functions, as you review medical journals and medical books that explain how rigidity autoimmune symptoms develop from brain stem dysfunction.

You will also learn how important it is to  correct “EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM” of the brain stem, in order to overcome all autoimmune symptoms anywhere in the body. — And, you will learn a counselling technique called “Ideomotor Response” and a quicker more effective counselling method, to help you release suppression of grief, loss and self-sabotage, which hinders brain stem efficiency.

Because this business will be based on findings documented by Dr. James Parkinson in his book: “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” which are confirmed by many medical journals, and have proven to have a curative effect through the many patient success videos I supply, Government health Officials would have no reason to object to the treatment offered.

If you have a professional chiropractic, massage or naturopathic business, or you would like
to establish a small home business, you can attract as many patients as you can handle.

After working with patients who had Chronic low back pain, Carpal tunnel, Migraine headache, Swollen ankles or Food intolerances, since 1975, or who were diagnosed with Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders like (1) Fibromyalgia, (2) Essential Tremors, (3) Parkinson’s disease, (4) MS, (5) IBS, (6) Celiac disease, (7) Emphysema (COPD), (8) Diabetes, (9) MSA or (10) ALS, since 2001, & PD & MS exclusively, since 2005, putting “MANY” of them into remission, & learning how to help some of them into remission “IN ONLY 4 TO 14 DAYS”, I have become fully convinced that these disorders are in a very unique league of their own.

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