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2 Cases – Supplements And Orthodox Therapies Are “USELESS”​

The moment Rigidity Autoimmune patients are given a medical diagnosis of PD, MS, MSA, ALS, COPD, IBS, Sarcoidosis etc, by a doctor or neurologist, many go into depression and turn to things that can’t help, such as diets, supplements and tonics etc, and most, go out and spend a fortune buying everything they think will save them, and nobody thinks to check the neck, the spine and the muscles that support the spine. – BETTY GREEN and her family spent around $30.000-00 USD on a huge array of supplements which she consumed in 12 months and her symptoms got worse as she was on them. After hearing “MANY” stories like this, I can assure you, supplements DO NOT HELP to reduce rigidity autoimmune symptoms! (If this is you, do yourself a huge favour and STOP WASTING MONEY ON SUPPLEMENTS!)

Another Rigidity Autoimmune Patient I Treated Is “SUE”,

Here is another patient “Sue” from Georgia in the USA, who developed rigidity symptoms and made the mistake of going to medical doctors and neurologists for treatment and advice, only to be put on a path that made her worse, “FAR” worse, because their medical school training is so far off-track it is not only embarrassing, but it causes harm to patients. I see this tragedy, all the time. If you allow medical personal to convince you, you have an incurable disease, it is “THAT BELIEF” that will destroy you, not their fictitious incurable disease. It is my opinion, medical doctors and neurologists are themselves victims of this false drug company teaching that PD, MS, ALS, MSA type symptoms are caused by “A DISEASE” instead of the nerve-hormonal, muscular-skeletal abnormalities that “REALLY” cause these symptoms, which are problems that “CAN” be overcome, often in only days. I believe this fake disease deception first began in 1868 when Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot invented “Multiple Sclerosis” after seeing a Parkinson patient arm tremor shaking in a different direction than usual. (Adjacent are photos of the supplements Sue took, which did her no good at all, and, photos of her neck, thoracic spine and twisted pelvis which were the “REAL” cause of her symptoms.)

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