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As no builder would even consider building this tower, I ended up building it myself. Because my father was a builder I grew up listening to his building ideals until he passed away when I was 19, and as I had already built a house on the property, I believed that as long as I was patient, I stayed focused and always wore a safety harness, I could do it, and I did.

I had engineer approved plans to follow and I had already completed a training course for welding, which I needed in order for council to allow me to construct the four steel footing braces for the poles, the steel roof and all the steel pole brackets for each of the three floors.

My first step was to construct the roof and the four steel footing braces that had to be concreted in the ground, in their exact position, with no room for error. They had to be perfectly positioned according to the measurements on the plan or nothing else would match from there on. Then I had to have four holes drilled, 1 meter in diameter and 4 meters deep, for the footing braces that the four poles were to be bolted to. Here is a photo of those holes being drilled: –

Next  is a photo of the four steel footing braces after they were concreted into those holes: –

My next step was to start building one half of the tower on the ground with the top floor protruding up from two of the four poles. Here is a photo of the beginning of that progressive stage: –

This next photo below, is of the first stage of the tower being lifted, with the top floor completed: –

Next I had to have one crane lift that half of the tower and another crane lift the other two poles into position one at a time. Here is a photo of those two cranes bringing it all together, with me at the top, working the third pole into place: –

Before I could drill the holes to bolt that third pole into place at the top, I had to make sure that the half of the tower that was already built with the floor firmly attached, was “exactly” in position over the top of all four footing braces. To do this, I tied a cord underneath the floor at the top, in the middle, and then tied one of the bolts that were to bolt the poles to the footing braces, on the other end of the cord to let it hang down to use as a plumb bob. This enabled me to center the top platform in the right position directly above the four footing braces. If I didn’t get this just right, the tower could end up looking like the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy: –

After that was all calculated, I went ahead and drilled the top bolt holes and did the same with the fourth pole, also fitting all the bottom bolts. I then had the crane drivers crane the roof up and bolted it into place to give the tower, in its early infancy, more stability in case a strong wind came, before all the cross braces were fitted. Here is a photo of that stage finished: –

Now came the hard part. I had to climb all over this bare structure and build the other two floors, the stairs going up to each floor, the safety cages for each set of stairs, the abseiling face going down one full side, the safety rails around each floor to stop people being taught to abseil, from falling off, and all the brackets needed to keep everything in place. Here are several photos of the tower all finished and being used: –

This next photo is of my abseiling instructor “Mr Bob Davis” an ex-SAS soldier, teaching one of the people who attending one of the confidence courses to learn abseiling. Mr Davis and his wife Julie were a true blessing to this project as they were both very safety-conscious and very good at teaching people to develop confidence. Mr Davis is the one on the left in this photo: –

This is the tower as seen from the road (Anzac Avenue) out the front of the “Sport’s Adventure Centre”.

These next photos are of promotional day activities that I had arranged such as abseiling, a leotard fashion parade to promote the aerobic classes held at the gym, a Tai Chi demonstration, a karate demonstration, an anvil carrying competition and outdoor massage: –

Carrying a 327 pound anvil: –

A Tai Chi demonstration to promote relaxation, peace of mind, health and well being: –

A potato sack race to keep the kids who attended, occupied and happy: –

A Gyroscope Anti-gravity machine for people to test their orientation skills: –

A karate demonstration by some of the best skilled karate experts in Brisbane: –

I was very lucky to have met some really dedicated karate pupils who made up the Batten’s Gym karate club.

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