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Confirmation Of
My Illnesses

I have written this web page due to the occasional person accusing me of falsely claiming I had epilepsy, simply because they were taught epilepsy is incurable. As far as I know, these people have all been medical or pharmaceutical personal who just don’t want to accept that I could overcome a disease that medical experts have declared is incurable. One of these people lodged a complaint to the ACCC in Australia and I collected these letters to satisfy the resulting ACCC inquiry. Because I am treating autoimmune disorders and my “before” and “after” success videos prove my success,  I am no longer challenged by any medical authority or medical or pharmaceutical personal.

Below is a number of letters from witnesses who confirm that I did actually have the health problems I claim to have had and overcame them all: –

This first letter is from my pastor and theological advisor for my book and DVD “14 Steps To The Fountain Of Youth, Perfect Health Through The Bible”: –

This next confirmation is from my ex-wife who I was married to for 15 years. We separated on very friendly terms: –

This next confirmation letter is from my brother Kevin Batten: –

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