Deep Brain Stimulator Is Not The Answer

Why The Deep Brain Stimulator Is Not The Answer

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Why Parkinson and MS Symptoms Cannot Be Overcome By The Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS)
Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and MS (Deep Brain Stimulator surgery offered for both), can be so debilitating, as you can see in my success videos of the most advanced Parkinson’s patients I treated on my Five-day Program (Dr. Pineda [2nd, video on page] Betty Green [3rd, video on page]Barry Black [1st, video on page] — and Subhash Quatra [2nd video on page]), that some patients become suicidal and as a result, will go to any lengths to regain their health and their lives, specially if a medical doctor recommends it. Below is an image showing the wires and neurostimulator that have to be surgically implanted: –

In the case of the Deep Brain Stimulator, in my opinion, based on many interviews of Parkinson patients who have had the Deep Brain Stimulator operation, medical doctors and neurologists are recommending something that doesn’t work, but I don’t think they know it themselves because they must be too busy to do any long-term follow-up research with past DBS patients.

Watch this “before” and “after” success video below, of Parkinson patient Barry Black who took his shirt off so you can see by the impression of the round neurostimulator he had implanted in the left side of his chest, just below his collar bone (right side looking at him), that he had the Deep Brain Stimulator operation, which obviously did him no good at all: –

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On One Hand, Medical Experts Blame Lack Of Dopamine Due To Atrophy Of The Substantia Nigra, For Parkinson Symptoms, and On The Other, They Blame Radical Nerve Activity
It is very easy for anybody, even doctors themselves, to get a little confused about what the medical profession actually claims is the cause of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. — When you compare what they claim about the Deep Brain Stimulator, and what they claim about the substantia nigra, in relation to the cause of Parkinson symptoms, you will find two conflicting claims. Here they are: –

Lack of dopamine

Atrophy Of The Substantia Nigra Has Been Blamed For Parkinson Symptoms Since 1895
Since a Dr. Edward Bissaud (a student of Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot) found atrophy of the substantia nigra in 1895 during an autopsy on a Parkinson patient who passed away, and Dr. Konstantine Tretiakoff documented that he found atrophy of some of the cells in the substantia nigra during an autopsy in 1919, the blame has remained on substantia nigra atrophy, because in my opinion, this reasoning is a great way to maximize pharmaceutical drug sales.

The Mayo Clinic Claims
Lack Of Dopamine
PD Symptoms

The Mayo Clinic
This is an explanation from the Mayo Clinic in America, one of the most well-respected medical organizations in the USA:- “In Parkinson’s disease, certain nerve cells (neurons) in the brain gradually break down or die. Many of the symptoms are due to loss of neurons that produce a chemical messenger in your brain called dopamine. When dopamine levels decrease, it causes abnormal brain activity, leading to signs of Parkinson’s disease.”

This statement is totally incorrect because it is very well known that lack of dopamine (nick-named “the hormone of love”) doesn’t cause any abnormal brain activity other than emotions of sadness and depression which provokes a slowing down of nerve activity, not a speeding up (when people are sad, they don’t become more active and fired up. They become slow and lethargic.) “ALTERNATIVELY” misalignment of the C1 vertebra and excess tension in the neck muscles are what causes abnormal brain activity, which is why, when I use my therapy to correct these problems in Parkinson patients, as well as MS patients, their symptoms begin to go away. Watch the success seen in these video clips brought about by me having the C1 realigned and overcoming the excess muscle tension that pulled it out of alignment, and you will see the proof for yourself: –

Electrical Signals

The National Parkinson Foundation
On the National Parkinson Foundation website you will read the following explanation about the Deep Brain Stimulator:- “Once the system is in place, electrical impulses are sent from the neurostimulator up along the extension wire and the lead and into the brain. These impulses interfere with, and block the electrical signals that cause PD symptoms.”

Many Parkinson patients have had the Deep Brain Stimulator operation (DBS) as a last resort, only to find out, as my client Barry Black discovered, that any improvement provoked by the deep brain stimulator does not last because I believe such improvement is caused not by the DBS, but the operation itself and the anesthetic used that relaxes the muscular system. As explained in my eBooks and on this website, one of the main causes of Parkinson’s disease is extreme muscle tension in the spinal supportive muscles, particularly in the cervical section of the spine, which blocks nerve junctions and pulls the cervical spine out of alignment. This is what causes all the symptoms that the Deep Brain Stimulator has been falsely promoted to be capable of overcoming so one must ask: “how does the deep brain stimulator realign the C1 vertebra, overcome spinal curvature and eliminate the excess muscle tension that causes these problems, the three causes documented by Dr. James Parkinson due to his autopsies.

This is why the DBS will never achieve any significant long-term improvement, because it does not address the foundation muscle tension, nerve blockages and spinal misalignments causes synonymous with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Since Brain Stimulation to overcome health problems was first modernized in France in 1987, and the Deep Brain Stimulator operation was created to treat Parkinson’s disease symptoms, a huge amount of research has been done to find what actually causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease so that surgeons carrying out the Deep Brain Stimulator operation could target the original causal brain areas.

In this statement, they are explaining two things. (1) That the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are caused by radical electrical nerve signals, which is also explained in a previous paragraph which says:- “to deliver electrical stimulation to targeted areas in the brain that control movement, blocking the abnormal nerve signals that cause tremor and PD symptoms“, and (2), the second explanation is:- The job of the Deep Brain Stimulator is to block those radical nerve signals.

Does Substantia Nigra Atrophy Cause Radical Nerve Activity, Or Is It The Other Way Around?
From these two opposing causal explanations from the Mayo Clinic and the National Parkinson Foundation, one may assume that the radical abnormal nerve signals causes the substantia nigra to atrophy, or, that the atrophy of substantia nigra cells causes the radical abnormal nerve signals. Although this is physiologically impossible.

The reason this is physiologically impossible is because the hormone dopamine is a calming hormone which contributes to good sleep, due to it being a signaling hormone that promotes the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Dopamine is actually nick-named “the hormone of love” due to it being released in abundance, when we are in love, or when we really love life. As part of it’s calming effect, it causes us to breathe efficiently and because of the resulting high oxygen levels in our brain and body we digest efficiently and move freely due to the oxygen and well-digested nutrients keeping our muscles flexible. Alternatively, when the C1 vertebra at the very top of the neck, is turned out of alignment with the rest of the cervical spine, twisting the brain stem medulla spinalis to cause nerve activity to speed up. This means, providing a patient goes to a chiropractor and has this C1 misalignment corrected very early in symptom progression, no medical treatment will be needed. This reveals that if medical doctors were trained to advise patients who developed Parkinson MS-type symptoms, to go to a chiropractor to have the C1 realigned, to help these patients to experience immediate remission, the problem would be solved and no drugs or surgery would be called for. Mmmmmm, would doctors be allowed to do this?

My Findings As To The Cause Of Parkinson Symptoms, As Well As This Radical Nerve Activity Mentioned By The National Parkinson Foundation
I have found that all Parkinson and MS patients experience ongoing stress, usually due to some sort of difficult loss or abuse, prior to the onset of their first symptom, and as a result of the mental overactivity this stress causes, the neck and shoulder muscles become excessively tense and pull the C1 vertebra at the base of the brain, out of alignment.

This C1 misalignment then causes the radical nerve activity in the brain that the Deep Brain Stimulator is supposed to reduce, and in some cases, depending on the angle and direction of the C1 misalignment, the dopamine producing cells of the substantia nigra will, or will not begin to atrophy due to the C1 misalignment suppressing the nerves that usually keep them functioning efficiently and regenerating at a healthy rate.

As the substantia nigra is a master gland of the limbic system, it is totally reliant on us being happy and loving, to work effectively in assisting our muscles to remain relaxed and flexible so we move about easily and enjoy life.

Medical Training Does Not Encourage Doctors To Advise Patients To Reduce Stress, Develop Peace Of Mind, Eat Well, Exercise and Include Chiropractic and Massage Into Their Health-promoting Activities
The substantia nigra is only capable of converting the amino acid phenylalanine into dopamine to use to keep us healthy and flexible, if the small intestine and gall bladder is capable of digesting and absorbing phenylalanine to keep the substantia nigra well supplied, and this process all relies on how happy we are and how much love we have for life. It is the stress, excess muscle tension and C1 misalignment that causes the radical nerve activity that the Deep Brain Stimulator is designed to reduce, so isn’t it common sense to eliminate the stress, overcome the excess muscle tension and realign the spine, instead of surgically implanting a Deep Brain Stimulator to add more radical nerve activity to try to reduce the original radical nerve activity that is being wrongly blamed for the symptoms at hand? This is much the same as medical doctors being trained to coax overweight people to have stomach stapling surgery to help them reduce weight, instead of training doctors to advise patients to increase their self-disciplinary skills to deal with their emotional stress, eat less, exercise more and include chiropractic and massage into their health-promoting activities.

The treatment I give on my Five-day Personal Treatment Program, is designed to reinstate peace of mind and good sleep, overcome all excess muscle tension starting with the neck and shoulders, keeping the C1 vertebra correctly aligned as well as correcting all other skeletal abnormalities, and finding and rectifying all other resulting physiological dysfunctions.

Can you now see why the Deep Brain Stimulator cannot possibly overcome the symptoms that medical personnel are trained to associate with Parkinson’s disease?

Why The Deep Brain Stimulator Helps Some Patients For A Short Time?
It is my belief that the reason some patients experience significant improvement for several weeks, up to several months, is because the anesthetic relaxes the whole muscular system, and brain surgery causes the whole nervous system to slow down, sometimes for several months.

Electrical stimulation to overcome brain disorders has been documented as a treatment since the days of Dr. Claudius Galen (131AD – 201AD), when one of it’s uses was for overcoming headache, but these days it is used for anything from Parkinson’s disease to depression. I am totally opposed to electrical stimulation to the brain, for any problem, depression-based or otherwise, because it does not deal with the foundation anatomical and self-disciplinary stress-related causes. Using the deep brain stimulator to overcome problems caused by excessive muscle stiffness, skeletal abnormalities and emotional suppressions such as grief and family disharmony is no different than putting ointment on a skin problem that is caused by a terrible diet that the eliminatory system can no longer deal with, so it starts to send the excess toxins out through the skin.

Give me your feedback on these matters, and if you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, ask me to email you my 100 questions Causal Recipe Questionnaire so I can review your answers and bring your attention to some of the causes common to you, and then help you overcome them. (If you are on a health pension and do not have the finances to attend my Five-day Personal Treatment Program, let me know and I will help any way I can.)

My email address:-

An Excerpt From Wikipedia: –

Deep Brain Stimulation

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a neurosurgical procedure introduced in 1987,[1] involving the implantation of a medical device called a neurostimulator (sometimes referred to as a ‘brain pacemaker’), which sends electrical impulses, through implanted electrodes, to specific targets in the brain (brain nuclei) for the treatment of movement and neuropsychiatric disorders. DBS in select brain regions has provided therapeutic benefits for otherwise-treatment-resistant disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia, chronic pain, major depression and obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD).[2] Despite the long history of DBS,[3] its underlying principles and mechanisms are still not clear.[4][5] DBS directly changes brain activity in a controlled manner, its effects are reversible (unlike those of lesioning techniques), and it is one of only a few neurosurgical methods that allow blinded studies.[2]

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved DBS as a treatment for essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease in 1997,[6] dystonia in 2003,[7] and OCD in 2009.[8] DBS is also used in research studies to treat chronic pain, PTSD,[9][10] and has been used to treat various affective disorders, including major depression; none of these applications of DBS have yet been FDA-approved. While DBS has proven effective for some patients, potential for serious complications and side effects exists.


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