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As Parkinson & MS Patients
Often Develop Diabetes, IBS
Or Respiratory Disorder,
I Am Often Overcoming
Disorders As Well.

As Medical Doctors Are Trained At Medical School To Tell Diabetics, Diabetes Is Caused By Faults In The Pancreas, Patients Often Do Not See The Full Picture.
If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2, which are the most common), then you will have been put on some type of pharmaceutical medication, which I agree, is essential “BUT IN THE BEGINNING ONLY”.

I say “In The Beginning ONLY” because there “IS” a “CURATIVE” solution to Diabetes but it takes time and personal effort to implement the appropriate natural treatments and spinal adjustments, and learn to do the necessary exercises and R.E.M. sleep improvement techniques, to get results. — Medical doctors are trained at medical school by pharmaceutical lecturers, to truly believe themselves, that the symptoms of diabetes are caused by the medical explanations below, but my red print below, offers you additional causes to consider: –

TYPE 1 Diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes is supposed to be caused by the body’s own immune system attacking and destroying the insulin-producing Beta Cells of the Pancreas, to cause a deficiency of the hormone “insulin”, which is meant to keep blood sugar down to an acceptable level that prevents blood sugar symptoms from developing. — Whilst this is certainly the end result“, the symptoms of diabetes are actually triggered by the nerves that operate the pancreas being suppressed or agitated due to stress-provoked “muscular-skeletal, nerve-hormonal abnormalities” starting with spinal curvature, cervical subluxations, kyphosis development, or loss of lordosis and excess tension in the neck and shoulder muscles distorting the spine. 

TYPE 2 Diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes is supposed to be caused by the body resisting insulin and yet, some medical websites also claim that Type 2 can be caused by the pancreas not manufacturing enough insulin, which is exactly the same cause as Type 1 Diabetes. (Under the heading of “Insulin Resistance” on the website, you will read the words: “Over time, the pancreas can’t make enough insulin, and blood glucose levels rise.” which repeats the same cause in both types.)

Diabetes Is No Different Than Parkinson’s Disease In That Doctors Are Also Taught To Tell Parkinson Patients That Their Symptoms Are Caused By A Deficiency Of The Hormone Dopamine.
This very confusing information on the lack of insulin from the pancreas causing diabetes, which medical doctors are taught to tell patients is the cause of their symptoms, is identical to how medical doctors are taught to tell Parkinson patients, their symptoms, which are much the same as symptoms of diabetes, are caused by lack of dopamine from the substantia nigra.


What Is The Bottom Line, and How Can Diabetics Regain Full Functioning Efficiency Of Their Pancreas and Rid Themselves Of Their Diabetic Symptoms?
So the bottom line is, just as Dr. James Parkinson discovered through autopsies on deceased Parkinson patients that Parkinson symptoms are caused by (1) spinal curvature, (2) vertebral complications in the upper cervical spine and (3) excessive tension in the spinal supportive muscles, particularly in the neck and shoulders, so too are Diabetes symptoms and respiratory disorders. — (Dr. Parkinson nick-named Parkinson’s disease: “A Disease Of The Vertebra” and I am now adding Diabetes, MS, MSA, Emphysema, ALS, IBS and many more rigidity autoimmune disorders to this nick-name because “ALL” these diseases are caused by muscular-skeletal, nerve-hormonal abnormalities. — The reason variations are created, to cause patients to be labeled with a different disease name, is due to the variations in spinal abnormalities.)

This muscular-skeletal commonality, is why the vast majority of “advanced” Parkinson patients have diabetes-like symptoms and all advanced diabetics often have Parkinson-like symptoms. — The difference found in symptomology, is due to the different areas of the spine that develop the curve, the different angles of the subluxed cervical vertebra, and the different muscles suffering from excessive tension pulling the spine in different directions, to place pressure on different nerves within the central nervous system and within the body.

The thing is, for centuries now, drug companies have been allowed to be the ones who teach medical doctors their knowledge which is a perfect opportunity for drug companies leaders to control the health system and through medical doctors being trained inaccurately, drug companies can condition the public to believe that autoimmune diseases are incurable and can only be “managed” with drugs that must be taken for a lifetime. — What better business circumstance could a company director who has no empathy for suffering patients, hope for.

The “REAL” answer to these disorders is for chiropractic leaders to be given authority over the symptoms of “ALL” rigidity autoimmune disorders, starting with the 22 I have proven can be overcome through my B.A.10 Natural Treatment Program, while working in with natural practitioners who are to be trained to take care of all the additional stress-provoked hormonal, nerve, muscular-skeletal distortions and abnormalities causing the symptoms involved. — This is a travesty that needs to be corrected, for the sake of suffering patients everywhere.


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