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Read Quotes From Dr. James
Parkinson’s Famous Book
“An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”
Endorsed By The B.A.10 Success
Videos, Which Solve The Mystery
Of Parkinson’s Disease, And
Many Other Similar Disorders.

Dr. Parkinson’s quotes, spinal
photos, 3 medical journals, and
“MANY” success videos, reveal that
chiropractic combined with other
specialized natural ideals, now
offer a cure for Parkinson’s disease
and several other rigidity disorders.

Parkinson’s Disease Was First Documented Formally By Dr. James Parkinson (1755-1824). He Called It “A Disease Of The Vertebra” But Before I Made My Success Videos THERE WAS NO PROOF THAT THE CAUSE WRITTEN UP BY DR. PARKINSON, WAS CORRECT.
In 1817 Dr. James Parkinson, an English medical surgeon and pathologist, published an historical 88 page article titled “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” (the Shaking Palsy now being called “Parkinson’s Disease”), to share his findings with other enthusiastic practitioners. This article offers patient case history assessments, physical observations while treating Parkinson patients, and autopsy findings that have shed a bright light on the need for chiropractic and natural therapies as the “only” treatment with the potential to create a cure over Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

An Enormous Breakthrough
For Natural Health Ideals.

The quotes in this book are a major breakthrough in support of a specific treatment that combines chiropractic and new natural therapies ideals, to create an essential health care service in treating many autoimmune disorders and the B.A.10 success videos are the clincher. Finally, Parkinson and MS patients, and patients suffering from other similar rigidity autoimmune disorders, have a means to overcome their suffering.

Until I Made My Client Success Videos, There Was No Proof That Dr. Parkinson’s 1817 Autopsy Findings Were Correct.
Because the autopsy findings published in this book are proven correct by the success of my B.A.10 Treatment Program, they are a major breakthrough for the support of chiropractic and natural therapies in treating Parkinson’s disease as well as other similar disorders, and can be used by chiropractic leaders in their defence against medical attack. (Refer:

Medical doctors and neurologists are trained to believe that Parkinson’s disease is caused by atrophy of the dopamine producing cells in a gland of the brain called the substantia nigra and that lesions on the brain or spinal cord found through an MRI, indicate this atrophy. If you listen to the patients I interviewed over the years, in this video below however, you will learn that the vast majority of them do not have any lesions showing on their MRI, which proves these 2 medical beliefs, completely incorrect. This is very important information that allows patients to learn the truth and it needs to be shared, to set the records straight (John 8:32): –

(18 Minutes+)

Dr. Parkinson Noted
4 Specific Causes In His
Book: – (1) Spinal Curvature.
(2) Trauma to the Medulla
Spinalis (the brain stem).
(3) Vertebra In A Carious State.
(4) Muscular Rigidity.

There Are 4 Findings/Quotes In Dr. Parkinson’s Book That Reveal The True Cause Of Parkinson’s Disease, And This Cause Can Also Apply To Many Other Autoimmune Disorders.
Whilst people have questioned my passionate belief that these 4 muscular-skeletal abnormalities are the actual causes of Parkinson’s disease,  as well as many other autoimmune disorders, the many short “before” and “after” video clips in the video compilation at the bottom of this page, showing some patients reaching remission in only days, and other patients walking away from wheelchairs in only days, by working to rectify these 4 abnormalities, is indisputable proof that Dr. Parkinson was right. (The quotes I supply below come from a reprint of Dr. Parkinson’s original essay, which was published by Kessinger Publishing’s Legacy Reprints. ( ISBN: – 9781162085722. — See images of this book at the bottom of this page.)

There Are 12
Quotes Offered
On This Page
In Orange.

The first quote I present, is found in  CHAPTER 4, ON PAGE 37
of Dr. Parkinson’s book under the sub-heading:- “Supposed Proximate Cause”.

Dr. Parkinson Described
How He Found The Spine
Of Deceased PD Patients
Curved, and “Carious”
Meaning (Decayed). The
X-rays and Spinal Photos
That Follow, “PROVE”
This To Be Correct: –


Dr. Parkinson writes: – QUOTE “— Palsy of the lower limbs which is frequently found to accompany a curvature of the spine, and in which a “carious” state of the vertebra is found to exist.” UNQUOTE.

A Curved

While Treating Patients, I Also Found, “All” Muscular Rigidity Patients Have At Least One Spinal Curve and Unless This Curve Is Corrected, Some Symptoms Cannot Be Overcome.
While palpating the spines and inspecting X-rays of many patients suffering a wide variety of autoimmune disorders, I found that every advanced patient had at least one spinal curve and if this spinal curve was not rectified, certain symptoms could not be overcome, and when the curve “was” rectified, those symptoms went away.

When the spinal curve was in the middle of the spine, in Parkinson and MS patients, it was often difficult to notice because the PD/MS curve did not have to be severe to cause symptoms. Often I could see and palpate the curve easily, however, sometimes  it was so slight, I could not see it until I reviewed the patient’s X-ray. Take a look at the photos and X-rays below to see how slight some symptom-causing curvatures can be: –

Email Me NOW To Learn More
About Muscular-skeletal Causes
Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders
Like Parkinson’s Disease, MS,
MSA, Emphysema, ALS,
and More.

I also noticed many patients tilted their head to one side, which indicated they had a curve in the cervical spine and some leaned to the left or right at the waist, which suggested they had a lumbar/thoracic curve.

Now Compare Neck Muscle
Tensions Of A Healthy Person,
With Neck Muscle Tensions Common
To All Parkinson Patients.

These are the neck muscles of a healthy
48 year old female, experiencing no
or health problems.


 These are the neck muscles of a
Parkinson patient I treated who
wishes to remain anonymous
but allows me to use his photos.

The photo below, are of the
neck muscles of Parkinson
patient Regu Doraisamy
whose success video is on
my second Parkinson’s web
page. Regu was diagnosed
11 years before coming
to me for treatment.

Are “You” Treating Patients
Who Have Neck Tensions
Like This?

I Will Teach You and Your Staff, My Autoimmune Treatment Ideals.
I have found that “ALL” patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, MS, ALS, MSA, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis, Irritable bowel syndrome and more disorders similar, begin their symptom progression with these muscular-skeletal abnormalities, provoked by stress and as I overcome these causal problems, the symptoms go away, proportionally.

This is proof that the 3 causes based on Dr. Parkinson’s autopsy findings and treatment observations reveal the truthful cause of many rigidity disorders.

If You Are A Practitioner, I Will Teach You My Methods.
If you have any autoimmune patients attending your natural health business and would like to learn my very unique assessment tests designed for autoimmune disorders, and my very unique treatment approach to overcome negative muscle memory, blocked nerve junctions, one-sided excess muscle tensions, poor blood flow to symptom-affected muscles and organs, and how to correct spinal curvature and scoliosis, disc degeneration and spinal kinks, I would be happy to come to your place of business and teach you while treating one of your autoimmune patients.

Audio File Of Noel Batten Quoting From
Dr. Parkinson’s Book “An Essay On The
Shaking Palsy” On The
Robert Rogers
Parkinson Recovery Radio Show.

(43 Minutes)

Email Me NOW To Learn More
About Muscular-skeletal Causes
Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders
Like Parkinson’s Disease, MS,
ALS, Emphysema, MSA
and More.

Before and After Improvement Photos
One of the reasons I insist on reviewing X-rays before designing each patient’s individual treatment program, is to look at the nature of the curve in each patient’s spine and search for any nerve, muscular, or skeletal reasons for their curve. — Here are two “DAY 1” and “DAY 5” spinal photos from my clients Barry and Ross, which clearly show how each patient had a spinal curve, as well as a severe spinal kink at the T1-T2 area of the spine on DAY 1, but by DAY 5 the curve and the kink were both gone and over that 5 days, they both regained their ability to walk properly. Their gradual symptom reduction coincided with the gradual correction of their muscular skeletal abnormalities. This corresponding improvement response proves, Parkinson’s disease is “not” caused by atrophy of the dopamine producing cells of the substantia nigra, as is presently believed.

This first spinal photo comparison below, is of Parkinson patient Barry Black whose success video you can see in the compilation video further down on this web page.

Generally, chiropractors and natural therapists are trained in their accreditation, to believe that a spinal curve, scoliosis and the sort of spinal kink seen in Barry’s DAY 1 photo, cannot be corrected, however, after much trial-and-error experimentation with nerve and muscle massage, I have figured out a way, and it is quick. I teach this curvature-scoliosis correction technique in my B.A.10 Practitioner’s Course.

Now I wish to present another Parkinson patient with a DAY 1 spinal photo that reveals abnormalities similar to that of Barry. Again, their gradual symptom reduction coincided with the gradual correction of their muscular skeletal abnormalities. This spinal photo comparison is of Ross, whose “before” and “after” success video can also be seen in the compilation video further down on this web page.

Next, I wish to show more back photos of an MS patient and an Irritable Bowel Syndrome patient. From my experience I have found that all muscular rigidity autoimmune patients from diabetes to Celiac Disease have symptoms that are muscular-skeletally provoked but unfortunately this fact is not taught in chiropractic and natural health colleges.

All Parkinson, MS, Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Emphysema Patients Also Have Some Degree Of Stomach Suppression.
The MS patient in the photo below, on the left, is a medical doctor Dr, Bisilli (endocrinologist) who I treated in Brazil, who had stomach problems, headache, sleeplessness, bladder incontinence, and so much difficulty standing up and walking, she had to constantly hold on to something or she would fall over. You can also see her “before” and “after” success video in the compilation video below.

A Carious

Now I wish to present one X-ray of a healthy person’s neck (cervical spine) and a cervical X-rays of 59 year old Curt Kirkley who had suffered symptoms synonymous with Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis for many years but had been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. — I have found that any autoimmune patient suffering advanced symptoms of Parkinson’s disease or MS, will have carious abnormalities in their cervical spine, just as Dr. James Parkinson described in his 1817 book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”: –  

Now I wish to present a lumbar X-ray of Parkinson patient Cheryl Cohen whose success video can be seen on my Parkinson’s webpage via the URL: — This X-ray also reveals a carious state of the L4 to L5 disc and the L4 and L5 vertebra: –

I Will Come To You (USA/AU) and Teach You My Unique Methods.
If you are a chiropractor, naturopath, natural therapist or personal trainer and any of your clients are suffering from an autoimmune symptom or have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, and their muscular-skeletal makeup is similar to those seen in my client photos on this page, I will come and treat any number of those patients at your business and teach you as I do.

Email Me NOW To Learn More
About Muscular-skeletal Causes
Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders
Like Parkinson’s Disease
and MS.


Problems At The C1 and C2 Vertebra Traumatizing The Medulla.
I have found that every autoimmune patient has a misaligned C1 vertebra and unless this is realigned “and kept in alignment”, some symptoms cannot be overcome.

The second quote is found in CHAPTER 4, ON PAGE 33
also under the sub-heading:- “Supposed Proximate Cause”.

QUOTE: – “A diseased state of the medulla spinalis, in that part which is contained in the canal, formed by the superior cervical vertebrae, and extending, as the disease proceeds, to the medulla oblongata.” UNQUOTE.

Dr. Parkinson Found All
Patients Had Damage To The
Medulla Spinalis, Inside
The C1 and C2 Vertebra.

Only When The C1 and C2 Vertebra Are Twisted, Can They Traumatize That Section Of The Brain Stem Called The Medulla Spinalis.
Imagine if you will, the central nervous system (spinal cord) extending from the brain and passing through the oblong vertebral canal seen in the photo below, fitting comfortably within all the cervical vertebra as it extends down into the thoracic spine. Then imagine that the C1 and C2 vertebra are turned to be out of alignment with the C3, C4 and the rest of the cervical vertebra, which remain in their correct position, not turned. In this instance, a twisting pressure would be forced on the spinal cord, or brain stem, inside the C1 and C2 vertebra, due to the oblong shape of the vertebral canal, to eventually create what Dr. Parkinson described as “a diseased state” of the Medulla Spinalis which is the section of the brain stem inside the C1 and C2 vertebra.

This twisting effect would be much the same as what a person feels in the skin of the forearm when somebody grips the forearm really tight with both hands close together and twists the skin in different directions, creating what is often called an Indian rope burn. When I was in grade 3 and 4 at primary school, a couple of bullies did that to me quite regularly and it hurt. This twisting imposed on the spinal cord is what causes the initial symptoms that doctors are trained to associate with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many other muscular rigidity autoimmune disorders.

A Twisted C1 Vertebra Is The Cause
Of The First
Symptoms Experienced By All Autoimmune Patients
After questioning, assessing and treating hundreds of Parkinson, MS , Irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis and many other autoimmune patients in many different countries, I have found that the same symptom progression develops in all autoimmune patients.

Firstly, due to ongoing personal stress, excess tension develops in the muscles that support the upper cervical spine to cause the C1, and eventually the C2 vertebra, to be turned out of alignment, to twist the medulla spinalis like an Indian rope burn effect, and the different directions these 2 vertebra are turned, and or tilted, causes the different symptoms experienced.

Most patients are consciously aware of these problems developing in the neck but some are not, simply because, if they develop very slowly, the immune system has a chance to hormonally block out the associated discomfort.


The third quote, and others that support it, are in CHAPTER  4, ON PAGES 47, 48 AND 51 also under the sub-heading:- “Supposed Proximate Cause”.

QUOTE Page 51: – “It might not be improbable that attacks of this kind,  (This was referring to muscle tension attacks) considered at the time merely as rheumatic (Meaning of the word “rheumatic” being “Stiffening”) affections, might lay the foundation of this lamentable disease.” (This quote is suggesting that the foundation cause of this disease is the muscle stiffness that is associated with rheumatism.)

You only have to see an advanced Parkinson or MS patient trying to move around and you can see how stiff their muscles are, but Dr. Parkinson is suggesting in this article that this stiffness may well be the foundation cause. I now wish to present a video of a medical surgeon I treated who agrees that muscle stiffness is the original cause and explains his disbelief in medical teaching that atrophy of the dopamine producing cells of the substantia nigra cause the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: –

(15 Minutes+)

In numerous medical articles published back in those days many medical researchers refer to Parkinson’s disease as well as multiple sclerosis as “Rigidity disorder”. In particular, Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot often referred to Parkinson’s disease as a “rigidity” disorder and he actually created the name “Multiple Sclerosis” (sclerosis meaning stiffness) by renaming the disorder experienced by some of his Parkinson patients “Multiple Sclerosis” simply because their arm tremor went in a different direction than the usual Parkinson arm tremor.

The 3 Medical Journals Below, Supply Proof That What Doctors and Neurologists Are Trained To Tell Us Is The Cause Of PD, Is Totally Incorrect
Doctors and neurologists are trained to tell new patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease that atrophy (death), of the dopamine-producing cells in the Substantia Nigra in the brain is the cause of Parkinson symptoms, even though medical journals from several countries offer researched proof that this is not the case. — In my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease The Greatest Medical Blunder” you will find many medical journals listed for you to look up, that prove neurologists wrong on several counts, but for now, here are 3 for you to read:-

From Copenhagen “Lack Of Dopamine Is
“NOT” The Cause Of Parkinson’s Disease!”

From Copenhagen


4 PD Autopsies Reveal No Damage
To Substantia Nigra!

Dr. Ronald Mandel From Florida,
“PROVED” Through Genetic Research
Substantia Nigra Is Not To Blame For PD!

Email Me NOW To Learn More
About Muscular-skeletal Causes

Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders
Like Parkinson’s Disease, MS,
MSA, Emphysema, ALS,
and More.

On Several Occasions In His Book, Dr. Parkinson Called Parkinson’s Disease “A Disease Of The Vertebra”.
In those early days this condition was first known as “paralysis agitans” because in it’s advanced form, the extreme stiffness patients experience, stopped them from being able to move around easily. — When Dr. Parkinson began doing his research, he soon renamed it “The Shaking Palsy” due to the main symptom he observed, being tremors. — In the late 1800’s however, Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot a famous French neurologist again renamed it to “Parkinson’s Disease” in honor of the extensive autopsy documentations that Dr. James Parkinson left for others to refer to.

His many autopsy documentations offer detailed facts describing the 3 causes of this disease, relating to the muscular system and skeletal frame, which the success of my new treatment also confirms, through my “before” and “after” video files. All his explanations on how he believes this disease begins, focus on the neck.

Whilst Natural Therapists Are Trained To Overcome Minor Health Issues, The Australian Association Of Natural Practitioners (AANP) Is An Organization Structured To Help Consolidate Therapists In The Natural Health Industry, To Overcome The Major Ones Like Parkinson’s Disease
This eBook below, explains the goal of the AANP to consolidating chiropractors, natural therapists and personal trainers, to educate practitioners in the natural health industry, to overcome these major muscular rigidity disorders. If you would like a copy please Email Me NOW and ask for a free copy and one will be sent to you. If you are a manager or leader of a chiropractic or natural therapy college, I would love you to read this book and discuss the possibility of introducing my new assessment and treatment ideals into your training curriculum: –

To See The Success Gained From The B.A.10 Treatment Approach which AANP principals are based on, watch the “before” and “after” video clips in this  video compilation below, titled “Training For Chiropractors Assistants”.

(60 Minutes+)

Here Are Some More Of The Facts That Dr. Parkinson Supplied In His Essay, Which Outline The 3 Causes That When Overcome, Can Often Put, Even Advanced  Patients Into Remission.

Dr. Parkinson quotes details of a case offered by a Mr Pots who reports finding palsy of the lower limbs associated with curvature of the spine.

Dr. Parkinson describes this disease as a “disease of the vertebra”.

Dr. Parkinson Reported, Patients Did Not Remember Suffering Injury To The Neck, to cause damage to their vertebra.

PAGE 35.
QUOTE: – “But in no case which has been noticed, has the patient recollected receiving any injury of this kind, or any fixed pain in early life in these parts, which might have led to the opinion that the foundation for this malady has been thus laid. On the subject indeed of remote causes, no satisfactory accounts has yet been obtained from any of the sufferers.” UNQUOTE.

Dr. Parkinson Sites One
Case Where Head Injury
“Did” Cause Advanced
Symptoms and Death.

PAGE 38.
Then on page 38 he quotes a case documented in the third volume of a medical journal titled “Medical Observations and Inquiries” written by Dr. Maty, who describes mechanical damage to the head, experienced by “The Count De Lordat” a 39 year old patient who was in a horse-drawn coach that toppled down an embankment. — The Count bumped his head multiple times against the roof of the coach where it is described that his head was knocked from left to right causing: – QUOTE “a good deal of pain along the left side of his neck”. UNQUOTE.

This article also explains on page 39 QUOTE: – “In the following spring, having suffered considerably from the severities of the winter campaign, he found the difficulty in speaking and in moving his left arm,” UNQUOTE.

The story goes on to explain how the size of this patients arm began to reduce. Then it is described how QUOTE: – “In the beginning of the next spring he went to Balaruc; when he became affected with involuntary convulsive motions all over the body. The left arm withered more and more, a spitting began, and now it was with difficulty that he uttered a few words.” UNQUOTE.

Whilst this patient was still quite well in his mental capacities, he later developed breathing problems along with a weak pulse and he passed away approximately 4 years after the accident.

Dr. Parkinson States, Internal Medicine Is Not Needed Because Symptoms Are Caused By Interruption To Nerves.

PAGE 62.
QUOTE: – “Until we are better informed respecting the nature of this disease, the employment of internal medicines is scarcely warrantable; unless analogy should point out some remedy the trial of which rational hope might authorize.” UNQUOTE.

PAGE 63.
QUOTE: – “If this notion be pursued, and tonic medicines, and highly nutritious diet be directed, no benefit is likely to be thus obtained; since the disease depends not on general weakness, but merely on the interruption on the flow of the nervous influence to the affected parts.” UNQUOTE.

My Conclusion Based On Success I Achieve With Stress Consultation, and Overcoming Neck Problems, Spinal Curve and Excess Tension.

My findings are that this diseased state of the medulla is caused by vertebral misalignment provoked, most commonly by emotional trauma and stress. (Obviously a physical blow to the head or back of the neck could cause such misalignments however, very seldom has any patient I have treated, told me of such an experience and Dr. Parkinson also reports the same finding, although he does supply the case of The Count De Lordat to show that it does happen.)

In His Book, Dr. Parkinson Did Not Mention How Emotional Stress Can Cause The Sternocleidomastoid Muscle On One Side, To Become Excessively Tense and Pull The C1 and C2 Vertebra Out Of Alignment In That Direction, To Twist The Spinal Cord.
I feel it is safe to assume that Dr. Parkinson did not realize that internalized emotional trauma and life stress can provoke excess tension to develop in one sternoclidomastoid or trapezius muscle to pull the C1 and, in some cases, the C2 vertebra as well, off to the left or right to twist the medulla spinalis to the extent that it would develop a diseased state.

Dr. James Parkinson Noticed, Just As I Did, After 2 Years, Parkinson Symptoms Progress Down Into The Legs and Are Then More Difficult To Overcome.

CHAPTER 5, PAGES 56 and 57.

QUOTE: – “There appears to be sufficient reason for hoping that some remedial process may ere long be discovered, by which, at least, the progress of the disease may be stopped. It seldom happens that the agitation extends beyond the arms within the first two years…in [this] period, it is very probably, that remedial means might be employed with success: and even, if unfortunately deferred to a later period, they might then arrest the farther progress of the disease, although the removing of the effects already produced, might be hardly to be expected.” UNQUOTE

If way back then, more medical doctors thought like Dr. James Parkinson, in that the symptoms are caused by interruption to the nerves going to the symptom-affected muscles, many patients could have been helped into remission over the last 200 years.

Why My Five-day Treatment Program Is Getting Such Outstanding Success.

The reason my Five-day Personal Treatment Program is achieving the quick significant success you see in my patient videos, is because I search for every possible muscular and skeletal problem that exists around the cervical spine particularly in the area surrounding the C1 and C2 vertebra and I do my best to overcome them. — I also search for every possible trauma or stressful event that provoked the one-sided excess tension at an emotional level, which I always find in one neck muscle, which will repeatedly pull the C1 and or, C2 vertebra back out of alignment soon after I have a chiropractor realign them, unless I overcome that excess tension, with a long-term result.

I also search out every function of the immune system to find which functions have been suppressed by these cervical muscular skeletal problems and I do my best to overcome them as well. — Whilst doing all this, I use my 5 Secret Treatment methods which I designed in order to get that “quick” significant improvement.

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Emphysema, ALS, MSA,
Sarcoid and More

To learn more about this subject, other autoimmune disorders, new assessment and treatment concepts that can help you overcome autoimmune disorders and open doors of opportunity in natural health, come to a FREE AANP seminar or book in to do the AANP Two-day Referral Course.

This Is The Book I Have Quoted From, On This Web Page: –

Back Cover With ISBN

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About Muscular-skeletal Causes
Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders
Like Parkinson’s Disease

Read More On Dr. James Parkinson
and Other Prominent Doctors
known For Their Work With
Parkinson’s Disease.

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