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Read Quotes From Dr. James
Parkinson’s Famous Book
“An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”
Endorsed By The B.A.10 Success
Videos, Which Solve The Mystery
Of Parkinson’s Disease, And
Many Other Similar Disorders
Including MS & Diabetes.

The number of patients worldwide
suffering from PD, MS & Diabetes
exceeds the population of Australia,
the UK & the USA combined.

Parkinson’s Disease Was First Documented Formally By Dr. James Parkinson.
A famous medical practitioner (also an elder in the Christian Church), by the name of Dr. Claudius Galen (130 AD, – 210 AD,) was recorded as having “cured” a Parkinson paralysis in the arm and hand of Roman scholar “Eudemus” through spinal adjustment (then called “bone setting”), of misaligned cervical vertebra. — Dr. Galen’s treatment created a reversal of what Dr. Parkinson documented as the cause of Parkinson symptoms, many years later when he nick-named these symptoms as being caused by QUOTE: “A Disease of The Vertebra”. — This causal information is the backbone of my B.A.10 Treatment Program, and has often helped me to get immobilized patients out of wheelchairs, sometimes in only a matter of 3 days.

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and you want to regain your health and your life, you need to realize that “YOU” are the only one who can achieve that, because it is only you who can fix the many muscular, spinal and stress suppression problems that provoke these symptoms to develop in the first place.

Only When Chiropractic Is Combined With New Natural Treatments That Consider The Brain, Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure, Blood, Muscles, Nerves, Lymph, Digestion and Absorption, and Breathing, Through The B.A.10 Approach, Can “Long-term” Success Be Reached.
The quotes in this book are a major breakthrough in support of a specific treatment that combines chiropractic and an array of new natural therapies ideals, to create an essential health care service in treating many autoimmune disorders and the B.A.10 success videos are the proof. — Finally, Parkinson and MS patients, and patients suffering from other similar rigidity disorders, have a means to overcome their suffering through the B.A.10 approach.

Medical doctors and neurologists are trained to believe that Parkinson’s disease is caused by atrophy of the dopamine producing cells in a gland of the brain called the substantia nigra and that lesions on the brain or spinal cord found through an MRI, indicate this atrophy. If you listen to the patients I interviewed over the years, in this video below however, you will learn that the majority of them did not have any lesions showing on their MRI, which proves these 2 medical beliefs, completely incorrect. — This is very important information that can give legal support to the chiropractic profession in future legal battles, and it is information that allows patients to learn the truth about cerebrospinal pressure in Parkinson’s disease, MS and other similar disorders and this truth needs to be shared, to help patients overcome their suffering and to set the records straight. (John 8:32): –

(18 Minutes+)

Dr. Parkinson Noted
4 Causes In His Book: –
(1) Muscular Rigidity.
(2) Spinal Curvature.
(3) Trauma to the Medulla
Spinalis (the brain stem)
Provoking Excess
Fluid Production.
(4) Carious Vertebra.

There Are 8 Findings/Quotes In Dr. Parkinson’s Book That I Believe, Reveal 7 Out Of Some 35 Various Physiological Abnormalities That Cause Parkinson’s Disease, And These 35 Causes Can Also Apply To Many Other Autoimmune Disorders. — I believe that excess muscle tension that begins either in the neck and shoulders, or in the lower back and hips, is the very first symptom cause that “ALL” rigidity autoimmune patients develop.


There Are 8
Quotes Offered
On This Page In
Orange, From Dr.

(1 & 2)

NPH Is “NOT” A New Disease. It Is Just Parkinson’s Disease Given A New Name.
In his autopsy documentations Dr. Parkinson notes on two occasions how the Brain Stem Medulla becomes swollen to stimulate excessive cerebrospinal fluid production, and in one statement on PAGE 44 in his book, he states the Medulla was QUOTE: – “loaded with more juices (cerebrospinal fluid) than it could send off”.

I Believe All PD & MS
Patients Have Some Degree
Of Excessive Cerebrospinal
Fluid Pressure & Head
Fogginess Cerebrospinal
Fluid Leak.

The other statement on PAGE 35, while describing the swelling of the Medulla, he uses the description: – “effusion of fluids” meaning “giving off fluids”. (These two quotes explain how the brain of Parkinson patients is constantly manufacturing excess cerebrospinal fluids which creates a brain “leak” and this is why advanced patients often describe having “pressure”, and a “foggy” feeling in their brain, and why they suffer from unusual headaches, dizziness, anxiety and other mental distortions.

It also reveals that the medical condition called “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus” (NPH) is not a new disease separate from Parkinson’s disease. — It “IS” still Parkinson’s disease because Dr. Parkinson described this excessive manufacture and release of cerebrospinal fluid causing pressure in the brain, in his book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” way back in 1817.

Here is a video on excessive cerebrospinal pressure and fluid leak, delivered by Dr. Ian Carroll MD, MS,.


The third quote I offer, and others that support it, are in CHAPTER  4, ON PAGES 47, 48 AND 51 under the sub-heading:- “Supposed Proximate Cause”.

QUOTE Page 51: – “It might not be improbable that attacks of this kind,  (This was referring to muscle tension attacks) considered at the time merely as rheumatic (Meaning of the word “rheumatic” being “Stiffening”) affections, might lay the foundation of this lamentable disease.” (This quote is suggesting that the foundation cause of this disease is the muscle stiffness that is associated with rheumatism.)

You only have to see an advanced Parkinson or MS patient trying to move around and you can see how stiff their muscles are, but Dr. Parkinson is suggesting in this article that this stiffness may well be the foundation cause. — I now wish to present a video of a medical surgeon I treated who agrees that muscle stiffness is the original cause, and he explains his disbelief in the medical teaching that atrophy of the dopamine producing cells of the substantia nigra cause the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: –

(15 Minutes+)

In numerous medical articles published back in those days many medical researchers refer to Parkinson’s disease as well as multiple sclerosis as “Rigidity disorder”. — In particular, Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot often referred to Parkinson’s disease as a “rigidity” disorder.


Poor Blood Flow Causing Degeneration Of The Cervical Spine. (A Carious State.)
The fourth quote I present, is found in  CHAPTER 4, ON PAGE 37
of Dr. Parkinson’s book under the sub-heading:- “Supposed Proximate Cause”.

Dr. Parkinson Described
How He Found The Spine
Of Deceased PD Patients
Curved, and “Carious”
Meaning (Decayed) which
Is Caused By Lack Of Blood
Or Lack Of Nutrient In The
Blood. The X-rays and Spinal
Photos That Follow, Show
This To Be Correct: –


Dr. Parkinson writes: – QUOTE “— Palsy of the lower limbs which is frequently found to accompany a curvature of the spine, and in which a “carious” state of the vertebra is found to exist.” UNQUOTE.

A Curved

While Treating Patients, I Also Found, “All” Muscular Rigidity Patients Have At Least One Spinal Curve and Unless This Curve Is Corrected, Symptoms Cannot Be Overcome.
While palpating the spines and inspecting X-rays of many patients suffering a wide variety of autoimmune disorders, I found that every advanced patient had at least one spinal curve and if this spinal curve was not rectified, certain symptoms could not be overcome, and when the curve “was” rectified, those symptoms went away.

When the spinal curve was in the middle of the spine, in Parkinson and MS patients, it was often difficult to notice because the PD/MS curve did not have to be severe to cause symptoms. Often I could see and palpate the curve easily, however, sometimes  it was so slight, I could not see it until I reviewed the patient’s X-ray. Take a look at the photos and X-rays below to see how slight some symptom-causing curvatures can be: –

Email Me NOW To Learn More
About Muscular-skeletal Causes
Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders
Like Parkinson’s Disease, MS,
MSA, Emphysema, ALS,
and More.

Email Me NOW To Learn More
About Muscular-skeletal Causes
Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders
Like Parkinson’s Disease, MS,
ALS, Emphysema, MSA
and More.

All Parkinson, MS, Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Emphysema Patients Also Have Some Degree Of Stomach Suppression Caused By Excess Muscle Tension Restricting Blood Flow and Pulling On The Spine As Seen In The MS and IBS Patient Photos Below: –
The Irritable Bowel Syndrome patient photo “on the right” below, had extreme excess muscle tension around his lower torso at the front, mid-thoracic and lower lumbar areas at the back, which restricted blood flow to his stomach, small intestine, gall bladder and kidneys to cause food intolerances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bladder incontinence, sleeplessness, headaches and numbness and tingling in his legs. — In comparison with the MS patient back muscle photo on the left (Dr. Bisilli), you can see that same irregular excess muscle tension and swelling, pulling the spine off-center to create much the same symptoms.

This photo below, is a closeup of the above photo of medical doctor Dr, Bisilli (endocrinologist) who I treated in Brazil, who had stomach problems, headache, sleeplessness, bladder incontinence, and so much difficulty standing up and walking, she had to constantly hold on to something or she would fall over. You can also see her “before” and “after” success video in the compilation video further down. 

A Carious

Now I wish to present one X-ray of a healthy person’s neck (cervical spine) and a cervical X-rays of 59 year old Curt Kirkley who had suffered symptoms synonymous with Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis for many years but had been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. — I have found that any autoimmune patient suffering “advanced” symptoms of Parkinson’s disease or MS, will have carious abnormalities in the discs or vertebra of their spine, due to blood flow being restricted by all the excess tension. — This X-ray of Kurt below, on the right, shows his carious discs and vertebra which would have developed “AFTER” he suffered a head injury during a football game, which triggered the excess muscle tensions to develop in his neck and shoulders which restricted his blood flow. — A C3-C4 discs cannot get squashed down to nothing “instantly”, as is seen in Kurt’s X-ray from a sudden football injury. — This degree of degeneration can only take place over time, due to inadequate nutrient caused by excess muscle tension stiffening the neck to create loss of blood flow: – 

Now I wish to present a lumbar X-ray of Parkinson patient Cheryl Cohen whose success video can be seen on my Parkinson’s web page via the URL: — This X-ray also reveals a carious state of the L4 to L5 disc and the L4 and L5 vertebra: –

Here is a typical lateral cervical X-ray I find common to all Parkinson and MS patients who have had their symptoms for approximately 2 to 3 years: –

Here now is a typical “Lumbar” X-ray common to all advanced Parkinson, MS, MSA, ALS, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis who have walking problems. — This X-ray is of Cheryl Cohen from New York: –

Hippocrates discovered “MANY” years ago, that problems with the spine were the cause of a huge variety of symptoms and sicknesses, but to this day, medical and pharmaceutical leaders don’t want anybody taking notice of chiropractic and other skeletal treatments like the B.A.10 Reversal Program.


I can show you any number of cervical and lumbar X-rays of rigidity autoimmune patients, whose spines reveal the “REAL” causes of the symptoms of these patients, which medical doctors and neurologists have been taught to inform them, were caused by “a mysterious disease” which can only supposedly be treated with pharmaceutical drugs.

I Will Come To You (USA/AU) and Teach You My Unique Methods That Can Correct Spinal Curvature and Disc Degeneration.

If you are a naturopath, natural therapist or personal trainer and any of your clients are suffering from an autoimmune symptom or have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, and their muscular-skeletal makeup is similar to those seen in my client photos on this page, I will come and treat such patients at your business so as to teach you my methods.

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Problems In The Neck Muscles Or The Cervical Spine, Traumatizing The Medulla.
I have found that every autoimmune patient has “SEVERAL” problems in the neck and unless they are “ALL” overcome, many symptoms cannot be eliminated with any long-term success. — Excess neck muscle tension provoking forward head posture and cervical kyphosis, which eventually stimulates cervical subluxations, degenerative discs, and spinal curve, are the most common neck problems that trigger rigidity autoimmune symptoms. — Any chiropractor can realign any of the cervical subluxations, but this will only give a temporary relief of symptoms because without eliminating all these other muscular-skeletal causal problems, the vertebra will just come back out of alignment, sometimes in only a matter of hours. — To overcome all the other neck problems “causing” those vertebral subluxations, takes more than chiropractic adjustment. — It is these other problems, the muscular tension, forward head posture, loss of lordosis, cervical kyphosis, disc degeneration, and spinal kinks and curvature that I specialize in, so as to complement the chiropractic adjustments

The fifth quote is found in CHAPTER 4, ON PAGE 33
also under the sub-heading:- “Supposed Proximate Cause”.

QUOTE: – “A diseased state of the medulla spinalis, in that part which is contained in the canal, formed by the superior cervical vertebrae, and extending, as the disease proceeds, to the medulla oblongata.” UNQUOTE.

Dr. Parkinson Found
Patients Had Damage To
That Part Of The Brain
Stem (Medulla Spinalis)
Which Was Inside The
Cervical Spine.

Symptoms Of Parkinson’s
Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
Are “NOT” Caused By Atrophy
Of The Substantia Nigra and
Myelin Sheath! — They Both
Have Multiple Causes
Which Vary From
Patient To Patient.

The 3 Medical Journals Below, Supply Proof That What Doctors and Neurologists Are Trained To Tell Us Is The Cause Of PD, Is Totally Incorrect. — (Visit My MS Web Pages To See More Journals.)
Doctors and neurologists are trained to tell new patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease that atrophy (death), of the dopamine-producing cells in the Substantia Nigra in the brain is the cause of Parkinson symptoms, even though medical journals from several countries offer researched proof that this is not the case. — In my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease The Greatest Medical Blunder” you will find many medical journals listed for you to look up, that prove neurologists wrong on several counts, but for now, here are 3 for you to read:-

Email Me If You
Want Me To Send
You Copies Of
These Journals.

From Copenhagen “Lack Of Dopamine Is

“NOT” The Cause Of Parkinson’s Disease!”

Parkinsons Research Copenhagen Page 1

From Copenhagen


4 PD Autopsies Reveal No Damage

To Substantia Nigra!

4 Parkinson Autopsies Revealed


Dr. Ronald Mandel From Florida,

“PROVED” Through Genetic Research
Substantia Nigra Is Not To Blame For PD!

On Several Occasions In His Book, Dr. Parkinson Called Parkinson’s Disease “A Disease Of The Vertebra”.
In those early days this condition was first known as “paralysis agitans” because in it’s advanced form, the extreme stiffness patients experience, stopped them from being able to move around easily. — When Dr. Parkinson began doing his research, he soon renamed it “The Shaking Palsy” due to the main symptom he observed, being tremors. — In the late 1800’s however, Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot a famous French neurologist again renamed it to “Parkinson’s Disease” in honor of the extensive autopsy documentations that Dr. James Parkinson left for others to refer to.

His many autopsy documentations offer detailed facts describing the 3 causes of this disease, relating to the muscular system and skeletal frame, which the success of my new treatment also confirms, through my “before” and “after” video files. All his explanations on how he believes this disease begins, focus on the neck.

Whilst Natural Therapists Are Trained To Overcome Minor Health Issues, The Australian Association Of Natural Practitioners (AANP) Is An Organization Being Established To Help Consolidate Therapists In The Natural Health Industry, To Overcome The Major Ones Like Parkinson’s Disease
This eBook below, explains the goal of the AANP to consolidating chiropractors, natural therapists and personal trainers, to educate practitioners in the natural health industry, to overcome these major muscular rigidity disorders. If you would like a copy please Email Me NOW and ask for a copy and one will be sent to you. If you are a manager or leader of a chiropractic or natural therapy college, I would love you to read this book and discuss the possibility of introducing my new assessment and treatment ideals into your training curriculum: –

The Natural B.A.10 Autoimmune Practitioner, Chiropractor’s Assistant eBook-61

To See The Success Gained From The B.A.10 Treatment Approach which AANP principals are based on, watch the “before” and “after” video clips in this  video compilation below, titled “Training For The B.A.10 Chiropractors Assistant”.

(60 Minutes+)


In His Book Dr. Parkinson States, Internal Medicine, Diets and Tonics Will Not Help Because Symptoms Are Caused By Interruption To Nerves.

PAGE 62.
QUOTE: – “Until we are better informed respecting the nature of this disease, the employment of internal medicines is scarcely warrantable; unless analogy should point out some remedy the trial of which rational hope might authorize.” UNQUOTE.


PAGE 63.
QUOTE: – “If this notion be pursued, and tonic medicines, and highly nutritious diet be directed, no benefit is likely to be thus obtained; since the disease depends not on general weakness, but merely on the interruption on the flow of the nervous influence to the affected parts.” UNQUOTE.

My Conclusion Based On Success I Achieve With Stress Consultation, and Overcoming Neck Problems, Spinal Curve and Excess Tension.

My findings are that this diseased state of the medulla is caused by “MANY” problems in the neck originally triggered by excess muscle tension strangling the Vagus nerves to suppress digestion and absorption, and strangling blood vessels in the neck to hinder blood flow to cause disc degeneration, kyphosis, loss of lordosis, all usually being triggered by emotional trauma and stress. — (Obviously a physical blow to the head or back of the neck could cause these multiple problems however, very seldom has any patient I have treated, told me of such an experience and Dr. Parkinson also reports the same finding, although he does supply one case of “The Count De Lordat” to show that it does happen.)


Dr. James Parkinson Noticed, Just As I Did, After 2 Years, Parkinson Symptoms Progress Down Into The Legs and Are Then More Difficult To Overcome.

CHAPTER 5, PAGES 56 and 57.

QUOTE: – “There appears to be sufficient reason for hoping that some remedial process may ere long be discovered, by which, at least, the progress of the disease may be stopped. It seldom happens that the agitation extends beyond the arms within the first two years…in [this] period, it is very probably, that remedial means might be employed with success: and even, if unfortunately deferred to a later period, they might then arrest the farther progress of the disease, although the removing of the effects already produced, might be hardly to be expected.” UNQUOTE

If way back then, more medical doctors thought like Dr. James Parkinson, in that the symptoms are caused by interruption to the nerves going to the symptom-affected muscles, many patients could have been helped into remission over the last 200 years.

Why My Five-day Treatment Program Is Getting Such Outstanding Success.

The reason my Five-day Personal Treatment Program is achieving the quick significant success you see in my patient videos, is because I search for every possible causal problem that could exist, and I do my best to overcome them all. 

Email Me NOW To Learn More
About Muscular-skeletal Causes
Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders
Like Parkinson’s Disease, MS,
Emphysema, ALS, MSA,
Sarcoid and More

Dr. Parkinson Called This Disease “A Disease Of The Vertebra” and During Autopsy, He Documented Swelling Of The Medulla Spinalis and Excess Cerebrospinal Production.
Dr. Parkinson called this disease “A Disease Of The Vertebra” however up until I started specializing in treating Parkinson and MS patients by helping them overcome their stress to improve R.E.M. sleep, correcting all muscular-skeletal abnormalities as detailed in Dr. Parkinson’s book, particularly in the upper cervical area to overcome the medulla swelling and excessive cerebrospinal fluid buildup, and correcting all other stress-provoked mental and physical abnormalities, such as poor breathing, poor digestion and absorption and the resulting thickening of blood, there was no proof that Dr. Parkinson’s proposed causes, were correct.

If I had only gained success in getting one or two patients out of a hundred or so, back walking again and into remission by using this approach, I would not claim that my specialized treatment program is proof that Dr. Parkinson’s autopsy findings were correct. — And even though some of the patients I treat, do not experience the quick significant success you see in the “before” and “after” videos I supply on my PD and MS web pages, many of them “do”. — The ones who have degenerative discs and other advanced muscular-skeletal abnormalities, take time to experience significant improvement, as long as they remain focused and stick to the program I design for them.

Just keep in mind that my treatment program is a “12 months” minimum, “Self-help” program where the patient is responsible for “earning” his or her recovery because to overcome some of the causes, like a head-forward posture that pulls on the upper cervical spine, the patient is the “ONLY” person who can make such corrections. — All spinal abnormalities need to be corrected, and some of those also cannot be corrected in a matter of a week or so, because some of those problems can take years to create, so many of the patients who come to me, need to keep working to work on their curative corrections, for many years to come.

All Parkinson and MS Patients Over-produce Cerebrospinal Fluid To Inhibit Brain Function, Just As Dr. Parkinson Reported Back In 1817, In His Famous Book.
If I am not successful in correcting these “Nerve-hormonal” upper cervical abnormalities and overcoming the excess tension in cervical supportive muscles to release the cerebrospinal pressure inside the skull, no matter what else I do, the patient will continue experiencing brain fogginess, limbic instability,  and poor concentration etc, and,,, will not regain the ability to walk. — Cerebrospinal pressure on the brain, is guaranteed to cause Parkinson type symptoms to perpetuate.

As far as I am aware, most patients who suffer severe ongoing stress and subsequent sleep deprivation, a severe blow to the head, or a broken neck in the upper cervical area, begin to produce excessive amounts of cerebrospinal fluid as an inflammatory neural response. — The “ONLY” way to overcome all associated symptoms is to correct all these problems so that an end is put to the cerebrospinal buildup.

Whilst it appears, Dr. Parkinson assumed the skeletal problems came first, I believe blood problems, and or, excess muscle tensions came first, setting the stage for “different” skeletal abnormalities to develop later in different patients. — Many of the symptoms I have overcome in Parkinson, MS and other rigidity autoimmune patients, were not caused by skeletal problems and if this were not the case, chiropractors would have come up with a cure for Parkinson’s disease, many years ago.

This Is The Book I Have Quoted From, On This Web Page: –

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About Muscular-skeletal Causes
Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders
Like Parkinson’s Disease

Read More On Dr. James Parkinson
and Other Prominent Doctors
known For Their Work With
Parkinson’s Disease.

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