Dr. Parkinson’s 200 Year Old Book

The cure for Parkinson’s disease is in DR. PARKINSON’S 200 Year Old Book

Parkinson’s & 22 Other Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders Solved In A 200 Year Old Book.

“Disease Of The Vertebra”

When I found Dr. James Parkinson’s 1817 book, in which he nick-named Parkinson’s disease: “A Disease Of The Vertebra” I was in my glory but I did not expect to solve the mystery to Parkinson’s diseases, as well as 22 other rigidity autoimmune diseases, by applying the 9 quotes I found within it, which I have shared below. — He gave it this nick-name because, on all autopsy he covered, the following 3 abnormalities had been found: –
(1) A swollen Medulla Spinalis within the brain stem cavity of the C1, C2 & C3 vertebra, which I discovered is most commonly caused by a turned or tilted C1 &-or C2 vertebra twisting the brain stem Medulla, [THESE PATIENTS SOMETIMES TELL ME THEY FEEL LIKE SOMEONE IS TWISTING THEIR NECK?]
(2) A spinal curvature placing pressure on the spinal cord to encourage symptoms, and
(3) Excess stiffness in the spinal supportive muscles suppressing blood flow to the spinal components to encourage degenerative vertebral discs & to pull the spine off-centre, to create that spinal curve I mention in (2).

If you have a sore neck, a little dizziness & anxiety, a slight torso or head tilt to the left or right, & you feel an overall stiffness, these 3 causal problems above, will be at work in you, suppressing your whole nervous system to cause every symptom you are experiencing, including loss of motivation, bladder incontinence & broken sleep.

Parkinson’s Disease, MS, MSA, ALS, MND, Hashimoto’s disease, Diabetes, Emphysema, IBS, Graves disease, Transverse myelitis, and COPD are but a few that I discovered all had a presence of these 3 causes provoking their symptoms, & the proof was that when I was able to overcome these 3 causes along with a number of additional abnormalities that encouraged them, the associated symptoms began to subside.

Here are the 9 quotes I refer to, including his quotes that say: pharmaceutical drugs and supplements will “NOT” help to overcome symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: –

9 Quotes From Dr. Parkinson’s Book, Including His Finding That Pharmaceuticals and Supplements Will Not Help

The number of patients worldwide suffering from Parkinson’s disease, MS & Diabetes, exceeds the population of Australia, the UK & the USA combined, & unless a solution is used to help these patients reach remission and become tax-payers again, to ease unemployment and to help these patients get off sickness benefits, so as to ease the economic burden imposed on governments, many governments around the world, will become bankrupt.

SO,,, If you have “ANYTHING” to do with Parkinson’s Disease, MS, MSA, ALS, IBS, Transverse myelitis, Hashimoto’s disease, Graves disease, Diabetes, Emphysema, COPD, or any of the other “Rigidity Autoimmune Diseases”, you need to read these quotes below, as they apply to “ALL” Rigidity disorders. My comments to these quotes are typed in purple: –

In His Book Dr. Parkinson Documents Two Statements, That Internal Medicine (pharmaceutical drugs), Diets and Tonics Will Not Help, As Parkinson Symptoms Are Caused By Interruption To Nerves.

PAGE 62. Dr. Parkinson’s First Word-for-word QUOTE On Drugs & Supplements: “Until we are better informed respecting the nature of this disease, the employment of internal medicines (pharmaceutical drugs), is scarcely warrantable; unless analogy should point out some remedy the trial of which rational hope might authorise.”


PAGE 63. Dr. Parkinson’s Second Word-for-word QUOTE On Drugs & Supplements: “If this notion be pursued, and tonic medicines, and highly nutritious diet be directed, no benefit is likely to be thus obtained; since the disease depends not on general weakness, but merely on the interruption on the flow of the nervous influence to the affected parts.”

The quick significant success you can see in many of my “before” and “after” treatment videos, which was gained by correcting all hormonal-nerve & muscular-skeletal abnormalities, and my treatment video of Parkinson patient “Betty Green” in Colorado, and my treatment video of “Susanne” in Georgia, whose families spent in excess of $30.000-00 USD on tonics and supplements to no avail, is absolute proof that these two statements made by Dr. Parkinson over 200 years ago, were totally correct. DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON BUYING ANY OF THE BASIC SUPPLEMENTS RECOMMENDED BY MEDICAL OR NATURAL PRACTITIONERS WHO ARE UNEDUCATED IN THE TRUE FACTS ABOUT PD, MS, MSA, ALS, COPD & THE OTHER RIGIDITY DISORDERS ON MY LIST.

(3) Dr. Parkinson Found Cervical Spine Abnormalities Caused Swelling To The Medulla. PAGE 42. Dr. Parkinson’s FIRST Word-for-word QUOTE On Medulla Abnormalities: “We chiefly took notice of the Medulla Oblongata, this was greatly enlarged, surpassing the usual size by more than one third. It was likewise more compact.”  

(4) PAGE 43. Dr. Parkinson’s SECOND Word-for-word QUOTE On Medulla Abnormalities:  “From these appearances, we were at no loss to fix the cause of this gradual palsy in the alteration of the Medulla Spinalis and Oblongata.” 

(5) PAGE 56. Dr. Parkinson’s THIRD Word-for-word QUOTE On Medulla Abnormalities: “— the disease depends on a disordered state of that part of the Medulla which is contained in the cervical vertebra.”

The next quote I am offering is found in CHAPTER 4, ON PAGE 33 under the sub-heading:-  “Supposed Proximate Cause”.

(6) QUOTE From Page 33:  “A diseased state of the medulla spinalis, in that part which is contained in the canal, formed by the superior cervical vertebrae, and extending, as the disease proceeds, to the Medulla Oblongata.”
I have found that every Rigidity Autoimmune patient has developed several abnormalities in the neck that can contribute to swelling of the Medulla Spinalis, and an increase in cerebrospinal fluid pressure (NPH), and unless these abnormalities are “ALL” overcome, Parkinson-type symptoms cannot be eliminated with any long-term success, in any of the rigidity diseases on my list. In saying this I refer to excess neck muscle tension provoking forward head posture and cervical kyphosis, which eventually stimulates cervical subluxations, degenerative discs, and spinal curve, which are the most common neck problems that trigger these rigidity autoimmune symptoms.

 (7) When the Brain Stem Medulla becomes swollen it stimulates an excessive production of cerebrospinal fluid, which creates excessive pressure in the cranial vault. This excessive pressure often leads to brain fogginess, dizziness, sleeplessness and, on occasion, an erratic, obsessive compulsive personality. In one statement on PAGE 44 in his book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” Dr. Parkinson refers to this overproduction of CSF: – 

PAGE 44. Dr. Parkinson’s Word-for-word QUOTE On Excessive Cerebrospinal Fluid Production: “This likewise accounts for the increase of the medulla oblongata, which being loaded with more juices (cerebrospinal fluid) than it could send off, swelled in the same manner as the branches of trees, which will grow off a monstrous size, when the sap that runs into them is stopt in its progress.”

(8) In Several Places In His Book, Dr. Parkinson Suggests Excess Muscle Stiffness (Rigidity) May Be The Original Cause Of Parkinson Symptoms.
PAGE 51. Dr. Parkinson’s Word-for-word
 QUOTE On Excessive Stiffness Being The Foundation: “It might not be improbable that attacks of this kind, (This refers to muscle tension attacks), considered at the time merely as rheumatic (Meaning of the word “rheumatic” being “Stiffening”) affections, might lay the foundation of this lamentable disease.” (This quote is suggesting that the beginning of all associated symptoms is the same muscle stiffness that is associated with rheumatism.) 

(9) Poor Blood Flow Causing Degeneration Of The Cervical Spine. (A Carious State.)

The next quote I present, is found in CHAPTER 4, ON PAGE 37 of Dr. Parkinson’s book under the sub-heading:- “Supposed Proximate Cause”. Dr. Parkinson Described How He Found The Spine Of Deceased PD Patients Curved, and “Carious” Meaning (Decayed) which Is Caused By Lack Of Blood Or Lack Of Nutrient In The Blood. The X-rays and Spinal Photos That Follow, Show This To Be Correct:-

PAGE 37. Dr. Parkinson’s Word-for-word QUOTE On Spinal Curvature and Degeneration: “Palsy of the lower limbs which is frequently found to accompany a curvature of the spine, and in which a “carious” state of the vertebra is found to exist.”

A Curved Spine.
While Treating Patients, I Also Found, “All” Muscular Rigidity Patients Have At Least One Spinal Curve and Unless This Curve Is Corrected, Symptoms Cannot Be Overcome.

While palpating the spines and inspecting X-rays of many patients suffering a wide variety of autoimmune disorders, I found that every advanced patient had at least one spinal curve and if this spinal curve was not rectified, certain symptoms could not be overcome, and when the curve “was” rectified, those symptoms went away.

Email Me NOW To Learn More About Muscular-skeletal Causes Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders Like Parkinson’s Disease, MS, MSA, Emphysema, ALS, and More.

A “FACT” On How Neck Abnormalities Affect Consciousness, Balance & Walking: Combat soldiers are trained that if they need to sneak up behind an enemy soldier and render them unconscious without making any noise, they must give them a “HARD” karate chop to the C1, C2 & C3 vertebra just under the occiput. This can render a person unconscious in a second or so, because it gives a sudden jolt to the Medulla Spinalis, a part of the brain stem to do with all muscle control, & often, soldiers given a karate chop wake up with tremors, and feeling legless, just like advanced Parkinson & MS patients. There is no doubt whatsoever, in my mind, that swelling of the medulla spinalis is the true original cause of all Parkinson-type symptoms, whether a person is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or any of the other rigidity diseases on my list which reflect the exact same symptoms, and that the other ancillary (secondary) causes like anxiety, grief, depression, diet, thickened blood, excessive toxins etc, do play a part, but only a minor part. 

Now that you have read the quotes from Dr. Parkinson’s famous autopsies, from his book: “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”, if you had difficulty understand them, you may wish to listen to my radio interview with Robert Rogers on the “Robert Rogers Parkinson’s Radio Show” where I explain them, and you can also hear feedback from Robert Rogers, which you may also find helpful.

Normal chiropractic and massage techniques cannot correct all these causal abnormalities and that is why I had to create a new form of chiropractic and massage to enable me to adjust the spine and do massage several times a day, without causing any muscle pain or nerve damage to the patient. Natural practitioners of the future will need to learn these new techniques as there is no other way to help patients suffering from symptoms of Parkinson’s, MS, MSA, IBS, and Diabetes etc, into long-term remission.

Medical doctors and neurologists are trained to believe that Parkinson’s disease is caused by atrophy of the dopamine producing cells in a gland of the brain called the substantia nigra and that lesions on the brain or spinal cord found through an MRI, indicate this atrophy is present. If you listen to the patients I interviewed over the years, in this video adjacent however, you will learn that the majority of them did not have any lesions showing on their MRI, which proves these 2 medical beliefs, completely incorrect. 

This is very important information that can give legal support to the chiropractic profession in future legal battles, and it is information that allows patients to learn the truth about cerebrospinal pressure in Parkinson’s disease, MS and other similar disorders and this truth needs to be shared, to help patients overcome their suffering and to set the records straight. (John 8:32).

It’s Well-documented, Lack Of Dopamine Doesn’t Cause Parkinson Symptoms & I Believe Doctors Are Taught It “IS” The Cause, To Keep Selling Dopamine Drugs.
 In this video adjacent, I point out similarities in muscular-spinal abnormalities responsible for causing the symptoms of 6 different “FAKE” diseases. (If this video has been removed, watch “VIDEO 6A” by using this link: – “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds”.)

The proof that these muscular-spinal abnormalities are the “ACTUAL” causes of the symptoms associated with these different mystery diseases “that researchers can never find”, are causing the symptoms experienced, is that as I correct these muscular-spinal abnormalities, the symptoms fade away proportionally. This causal proof, happens with every single patient I have treated, who helps me by putting in their own effort to reach remission.

I challenge any number of neurologists to meet me in a public setting, to compete with me over 14 days, to help PD, MS & COPD patients reach remission over this mystery incurable disease that is “SUPPOSED” to be causing their symptoms. – And by the way, if a disease is a mystery, how can “ANYBODY” know it is incurable?

The Photos & X-rays Below Support Dr. Parkinson’s Belief, These Symptoms Are Caused By “Spinal Abnormalities”

All Parkinson, MS, Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Emphysema Patients Also Have Some Degree Of Stomach Suppression Caused By Excess Muscle Tension Restricting Blood Flow and Pulling On The Spine As Seen In The MS and IBS Patient Photos (right):

The Irritable Bowel Syndrome patient photo on the right, shows extreme excess muscle tension around his lower torso at the front, mid-thoracic and lower lumbar areas at the back, which restricted blood flow to his stomach, small intestine, gall bladder and kidneys, to cause food intolerances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bowel polyps, bladder incontinence, sleeplessness, headaches and numbness and tingling in his legs. In comparison with the MS patient back muscle photo on the left (Dr. Bisilli), you can see that same irregular excess muscle tension and swelling, pulling the spine off-center to create much the same symptoms. All PD and MS patients have some degree of bowel, intestinal and respiratory abnormalities, resulting from this “Disease Of The Vertebra” response.

A Carious Spine Seen Here As: “Disease Of The Vertebra”.

Now I wish to present one X-ray of a healthy person’s neck (cervical spine) on the left, and a cervical X-rays of 59 year old, Curt Kirkley who had suffered symptoms synonymous with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, IBS & COPD, for many years but had been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. I have found that any autoimmune patient suffering “advanced” symptoms of Parkinson’s disease or MS, will have carious abnormalities in the discs or vertebra of their spine, due to blood flow being restricted by all the excess tension. This X-ray of Kurt below, on the right, shows his carious discs and vertebra which would have developed “AFTER” he suffered a head injury during a football game, which triggered the excess muscle tensions to develop in his neck and shoulders which restricted his blood flow. A C3-C4 discs cannot get squashed down to nothing “instantly”, as is seen in Kurt’s X-ray, from a sudden football injury. This degree of degeneration can only take place over time, due to inadequate nutrient caused by excess muscle tension stiffening the neck to create loss of blood flow.

Cervical X-ray Of A Parkinson Patient Showing “Disease Of The Vertebra”.

Here is a typical lateral cervical X-ray adjacent, showing how the cervical spine has lost it’s natural lordosis (curve), & I find this common to many Parkinson, MS, MSA, ALS, COPD, IBS, and other rigidity  patients who have had their symptoms for more than 2 years. THIS IS A CARIOUS SPINE.

A typical “Lumbar” X-ray common to all advanced Parkinson, MS, MSA, ALS, Emphysema, & Sarcoidosis who have walking problems. “Disease Of The Vertebra”.

Now I wish to present a lumbar X-ray of Parkinson patient Cheryl Cohen whose success video can be seen on my Parkinson’s web page via the URL: www.parkinsonsdiseasecure.com This X-ray also reveals a carious state of the L4 to L5 disc and the L4 and L5 vertebra.

I can show you any number of cervical and lumbar X-rays of rigidity autoimmune patients, whose spines reveal the “REAL” causes of the symptoms of these patients, which medical doctors and neurologists have been taught to inform them, were caused by “a mysterious disease” which can only supposedly be treated with pharmaceutical drugs.

If You Would Like To Become An Investor In A Fitness Rejuvenation Clinic In AU Or The USA, L/C Here To Read More. (Practitioners of the future will need to learn multiple healing tasks, such as how to correct spinal kinks, curvature, scoliosis, and degenerative discs, and how to recognise and realign a twisted pelvis and a C1 subluxation, how to do effective grief counselling, how to overcome lifestyle habits that prevent regular R.E.M. sleep and how to reinstate nerve activity and blood flow to symptom-affected body areas. These are the treatment ideals that make up the B.A.10 Program which enable me to achieve the success you see in my videos. THIS WILL REQUIRE A WORLDWIDE ADVANCED RETRAINING PROGRAM.) 

WARNING! If You Have Tremors, Loss Of Balance, Numbness Or Tingling, Do Not Go To A Medical Doctor Or Neurologist As Their Training Will Cause You Extended Suffering & Premature Death!

Parkinson’s disease is “NOT” incurable. If you are experiencing tremors, balance problems or numbness and tingling that have no apparent cause, such as a fall or accident, DO NOT GO TO A MEDICAL DOCTOR OR NEUROLOGIST BEFORE ASKING A CHIROPRACTOR TO HAVE A FULL SET OF SPINAL X-RAYS DONE, TO REVIEW THEM WITH YOU. The training of doctors and neurologists in medical school is not only wrong, it is in my opinion, causing patients to follow principals designed only to sell pharmaceutical drugs, and their medical advice has proven not to give any significant relief, but rather will cause you extended suffering and possibly, a horrible premature death. I have heard patient testimonies of this perpetuated cycle of suffering due to medical advice for rigidity diseases, time and time again, & the success video clips of patients in the video below, are “PROOF” that not going to doctors & neurologists to have them treat tremors, numbness & loss of balance WAS A GREAT ADVANTAGE.. If you do your own research to check on Dr. Parkinson’s autopsy discoveries and on my findings presented in the success videos below, you can’t help but see the truth, and only the truth about these symptoms can set you free. (John 8:32) L/C here to watch 4 information videos that “easily” confirm my WARNING above: –

Email Me NOW To Learn More About Muscular-spinal Causes Of Muscular Rigidity Disorders Like Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Diabetes and COPD.

Read More On Dr. James Parkinson and Other Prominent Doctors known For Their Work With Parkinson’s Disease.

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