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Is There More Than One Type Of Essential Tremor?
The first thing I wish to point out as a natural autoimmune specialist (and spinal specialist), with over 40 years’ experience, is that no matter what type of tremor your medical doctor or neurologist has labelled you with, there is only “ONE” type of tremor! Understanding this is your path to remission.

Never forget, medical doctors and neurologists are trained at medical school, by pharmaceutical lecturers who, in my opinion, only teach them the ideals that will sell the most pharmaceutical drugs. Due to the internet and social media, this is now a widely understood and well-accepted fact, so do your research and you too will learn the truth. (John 8:32).

The “REAL” Causes Of Essential Tremor Is “NOT”, An Incurable Disease! It All Begins With The Spine!
Due to specialising in only treating patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Essential Tremors, since 2002, I learned that all relative symptoms begin at the spine. I also confirmed, the 3 anatomical abnormalities that Dr. Parkinson’s autopsies revealed, as the cause of Parkinson symptoms, were totally correct.

In My Video Below You Will See Me “Stop Tremors IN SECONDS” To Openly Reveals, Dr. Parkinson’s Claim, These Symptoms Are From “Disease Of The Vertebra” Is Absolutely Correct.
After many autopsies on deceased Parkinson patients Dr. Parkinson documented 3 main causes for all the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease including essential tremors and they were: (1) swelling of the brain stem medulla spinalis due to abnormalities in the upper cervical spine, which includes a “carious” state of the spine, (2) excess rigidity in spinal supportive muscles, and (3) spinal curvature. (Since 2002 I discovered 2 additional causes of tremors and I explain them in my 2 videos titled: “Doctors Are Wrong (1) & (2)” in which you will see me stop tremors “IN SECONDS” as proof of my causal claims.)

In My Opinion, Doctors and Neurologists Tell Patients There Are “SEVERAL” Types Of Tremors Due To Very Poor Training At Medical School, Based On A Deception Created By Dr. Charcot In 1868.
There is only “ONE” reason for a body to begin shaking (tremor) and that is, the nervous system is under stress hence preventing it from doing its primary task of enabling mental thoughts to follow through with easy physical movement, and, enabling sufficient deep sleep to follow through with cell vitality and rejuvenation (mitosis). It is my opinion, doctors and neurologists are not aware of Dr. Parkinson’s 1817 autopsy reports that clearly describe the cause of tremors, because pharmaceutical lecturers would not be allowed to promote curative findings to medical students during accreditation training. It is also my opinion, medical doctors are not only not trained to cure rigidity autoimmune patient, but they are not “allowed” to cure them, and due to the internet and social media, the general public are beginning to realise this is a proven fact.

These are some of the things that encourage the spinal cord and nervous system to be stressed enough to develop shaking: – (1) Missing meals and preventing the nervous system from having necessary nutrient. (2) An unhealthy or unfit respiratory system preventing the nervous system from having sufficient oxygen. (3) Fear causing an excess release of muscle stiffness hormone “noradrenaline” which suppresses muscles to squash nerves, which restricts the lungs to reduce breathing. (This is even mentioned in the bible: (Job 4:14) “Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake.”) (4) Various spinal abnormalities such as a carious spine (degenerative discs or vertebra), a twisted pelvis, loss of the 3 natural curves of the spine (lordosis), reversal of those natural curves (kyphosis), all placing pressure on the spinal cord and exiting nerves, or a spinal kink placing profuse pressure on the spinal cord and exiting nerves.

If You Have A Tremor, “DO NOT GO TO A MEDICAL DOCTOR OR A NEUROLOGIST” Until You Have A Chiropractor Review Your Spinal X-rays With You, To Look For These Abnormalities Above.
If you have a tremor “of ANY description” and you go to a medical doctor or a neurologist, their very poor medical school training on the cause of tremors will have them tell you that you have “AN INCURABLE DISEASE” causing your tremor and that your only option is a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs that may, or may not help temporarily, but if they do help, that help will gradually diminish. Drugs are “NOT” any type of an answer, and Dr. Parkinson reported this way back in 1817 but to this day, medical leaders refuse to take notice.

I Call Tremors “The Suicide Symptom” Due To All The Suicidal Essential Tremor and PD Patients I Have Treated.
If you follow medical advice on tremors, due to me seeing “MANY” advanced Parkinson, MS and Essential Tremor patients experience a slow drawn-out suffering compounded by thoughts of suicide, and followed by premature death, it is my opinion, if you follow medical advice, when you become advanced, you will experience this same slow horrible demise. Whatever you do, DO NOT LISTEN TO MEDICAL DOOM-AND-GLOOM and medical causal reasoning for tremors, PD or MS, or it will kill you very painfully!

This video below is “ABSOLUTE PROOF”, medical reasoning and treatment for tremors is “ABSOLUTELY USELESS” and is way off-track when it comes to “THE TRUTH” about tremors and other Parkinson, MS-type symptoms. Only the truth will set you free from your symptoms. (John 8:32)

This Video Is “INDISPUTABLE PROOF” That The Treatment Of Parkinson, MS and Essential Tremor Patients, Should Be Taken Away From Medical Doctors and Neurologists and Handed Over To Chiropractors Familiar With The B.A.10 Program: –

In My Opinion, Some Medical Organisations Could Possibly Be Sued For Offering False Advice That Is Capable Of Destroying Lives???

The proof in this video above, and the other 3 videos in my “Doctors Are Wrong” set of 4 videos, means, in my opinion, all information placed on all medical websites for Parkinson’s disease and Essential Tremors “IS TOTALLY WRONG” and will lead you into extended suffering and a slow drawn out death, if you follow it. This includes the “International Essential Tremor Foundation”, the “International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society” and “American Parkinson’s Disease Association”, and “MANY, MANY” more.

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