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Highly Effective Treatment For Essential Tremors

I have found a super effective treatment that sees Essential Tremor patients less shaky and more free to live a happy and healthy life.

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About Essential Tremors

Tremors come from swelling in the brain stem and abnormalities in the spine

Medical professionals will have you believe that Essential Tremors are incurable. But I’m here to tell you that this is not true. Tremors begin with abnormalities in the spine, particularly in the cervical spine (which is why all tremor patients have a sensitive neck), and the lumbosacral spine (most commonly at the L4/L5 disc).

Tremors are actually caused by swelling of the brain stem (medulla spinalis) due to abnormalities in the upper cervical spine. They are also caused by excess rigidity in spinal supportive muscles and spinal curvature, most commonly found around the lower spine.

Parkinson's Disease treatment
No matter what type of tremor your doctor has labelled you with, I am here to tell you that there is only one type of tremor. Understanding this important fact will help you recover.

The Nervous System

Nervous System Stress Can Cause Tremors

There is only one reason for a body to begin shaking (tremor) and that is, the nervous system is under stress. Stress prevents the nervous system from doing its primary task of enabling thoughts to follow through with easy physical movement, and enabling sufficient deep sleep to follow through with cell vitality and rejuvenation (mitosis). It is my opinion that doctors and neurologists are not aware of Dr. Parkinson’s 1817 autopsy reports that clearly describe the cause of tremors, because pharmaceutical lecturers would not be allowed to promote curative findings to medical students during accreditation training. Neurologists and other medical professionals are trained at medical school, by pharmaceutical lecturers, who in my opinion, only teach them the ideals that will sell the most pharmaceutical drugs.

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Constant Fear

Fear, which causes an excess release of muscle stiffness hormone, Noradrenaline, that suppresses muscles to squash nerves and restricts the lungs and breathing.

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Unhealthy Respiratory

An unhealthy or unfit respiratory system, which prevents the nervous system from having sufficient oxygen

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Missing Meals

Missing meals, which prevents the nervous system from having necessary nutrients and thus weakening and becoming vulnerable to degeneration and damage.

Spinal Abnormalities

Various spinal abnormalities, such as a carious spine, a twisted pelvis, loss of the three natural curves of the spine, reversal of those natural curves and pressure on the spinal cord and exiting nerves.

Tremor Treatment

Watch me stop tremors in seconds!

The treatment I use for tremors comes from years of tests that I’ve developed to find the true cause of your specific tremors. From here we will look at treatment for those causes directly, resulting in relief from your tremors. In this video, you will not only see me stop tremors in 12 different patients, but I also reveal 5 different nerve-provoking causes of tremors, which are unrealised by doctors & neurologists

Millions of Parkinson, MS, Essential Tremor & COPD patients, & many other patients diagnosed with a “rigidity” disease, who experience an “inner shaking” or, a visible tremor, have that shaking or tremor because some abnormality is causing pressure to develop against the brain stem, spinal cord or nerves exiting the spine, or to cause inadequate oxygen supply to the nerves and muscles of the symptom-affected body areas. – The brain & nervous system need a continuous “HIGHER” level of oxygen than other body parts, to maintain good health during stress, which is why, one of the first jobs of an ambulance attendant, is to check oxygen levels. – Once patients realise all this, they will see the truth

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