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My B.A.10 Treatment
Program Is Based On
A Different Foundation
Than The Ideals Taught
In Natural Health


Whilst Health Colleges Teach A Number Of Therapies, “NONE” Will Overcome Autoimmune Symptoms & Disorders Unless 4 Things About The Body, Are Corrected According To Our Design. 
After learning the advanced ideals that I have learned since starting to investigate the autoimmune system back in 2002, I have seen so many flaws in our system that “VERY EASILY” explain why so many practitioners don’t even come close to understanding the causes of autoimmune disorders, and how to overcome them. 

Before Healing Can Begin, We Must Create A Peaceful Mind, Good Sleep, A Healthy Skeletal Frame & A Relaxed Muscular System.
In particular, the 4 things in the above heading “MUST” be corrected if found abnormal, in order to be able to help an autoimmune patient “BEGIN” to regain health, flexibility and well-being. — I have seen natural therapists, naturopaths, massage therapists and many other natural health practitioners, even chiropractors, try to help autoimmune patients regain their health, while not noticing these 4 anatomical/physiological abnormalities staring them in the face. — Our training available in natural health colleges falls far short of being effective in treating autoimmune disorders, and the worst part, is that nobody can see why.

The assessment tests we learn to carry out in our natural therapy accreditation training, don’t even come close to revealing these autoimmune causal shortfalls that need to be addressed, before anything else will work to overcome autoimmune symptoms and disorders.

This is why I am working in a different realm than medical doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths and other natural practitioners, when I am treating autoimmune patients. (I work to release suppressions, strengthen the mind in the appropriate areas of personal development, and to correct all negative hormonal influences, blocked nerves, negative muscle memory, spinal curvature and kinks, degenerative discs and other structural abnormalities in the skeletal frame and, inability to reach the deep R.E.M. healing stage of sleep, among other things.) — I will not explain any of these things on this page, as some of them are a part of my 5 Treatment Secrets which I will only be teaching to other practitioners who wish to establish the B.A.10 Treatment Program in their existing businesses.

— 8-8-18 —