Ideomotor Response

Ideomotor Response and Psychosomatics.

The Psychosomatic Response.
Since the works of Sigmund Freud (regression therapy), Josef Breuer (psychosomatics and the case of Anna O) and Carl Yung (Collective Unconscious) much interest has been placed on the unconscious triggers of rigidity autoimmune symptoms and disorders.

When I studied Josef Breuer and his amazing case of “Anna O” and her psychosomatic response to having to be a carer to her father (I was only around the age of 28), I immediately related the development of her symptoms caused by the stress she was going through, to my symptoms and the stress I was enduring in my own household as a teenager. This personal experience with family disharmony and the onset of autoimmune disarray, was a great apprenticeship for my career as an autoimmune practitioner, specially in discovering all the emotional stress-related causes, and, in my ability to use Ideomotor response.

Looking back, I remember taking a very in-depth look at my father’s face every time he appeared at the kitchen door, the very moment he arrived home, to try to gauge his mood and if he was going to yell at us, or be in a joking mood. — There never seemed to be much of an in-between relaxed mood with my dad. — He was either angry, or he was joking about everything which usually meant he had consumed enough alcohol at the pub, to get drunk before coming home. — I grew up realizing that most of the time my dad was either angry, drunk or asleep.

Developing this sensitivity to trying to figure out what mood my dad was in, by examining his facial expressions, is an art that every counselor and natural therapist should develop, to use Ideomotor Response as a way to know what clients are thinking during interviews and assessments. — The more you practice these observations, the more efficient you will become at finding underlying reasoning for “dis-ease”, and the more effective a treatment you can give, to overcome the psychosomatic contributions within a patient’s causal recipe.

Always be home in time to laugh with your children before they go to bed, so you can give them your loving interactions to take to sleep with them, and never forget: “Love is useless without loving discipline, and discipline is useless without love” (NB).

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