This Is “VERY” Wrong, & Big-pharma “MUST” Be Stopped

Government Health Officials Allow Big-pharma To Teach Incorrect Causes For PD, MS, C.O.P.D, & Fibromyalgia etc, To Doctors, Just So They Can Invent & Patent New Drugs, That Do “NOTHING”… THIS MUST BE STOPPED…



After saying all that, I want it to be known, my treatment approach really has achieved the quick significant success you see in my “Before” and “After” videos, “on many occasions”, (putting many patients diagnosed with any of 23, what are termed “MUSCLE RIGIDITY” autoimmune diseases, into remission, in just days. The main diseases overcome with this unique approach, being: – Parkinson’s disease, MS, Sarcoidosis, and several Respiratory diseases, however, over a time span of 21 years, I have had success in overcoming all 23 of these “Rigidity” diseases.) Watch the success I achieved with Parkinson patieent Betty Green IN THE VIDEO BELOW, after 24 practitioners failed to even “SEE” a severe spinal scoliosis which was the original cause for her deadly hypoxia, which caused her to be in pain, every time she breathed in, which put her on death’s door… Betty’s husband “Burnie” phoned me in Brisbane, asking me to fly to Colorado “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE” to help his wife, who seemed to be dying, yet her Primary Care Physician, not only couldn’t explain her respiratory inhalation pain & fatal condition, he also could not help her in the least, to overcome her immobility & back pain… He just kept saying, her pain was from her Parkinson’s disease, which was totally incorrect… I am telling you,,, doctors and neurologists “HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA ABOUT THE TRUE CAUSE OF THE SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED WITH THESE DISEASES”,,, NONE WHATSOEVER… I am sorry if I upset you by saying this, but it is the absolute truth & it is very easy to prove…

I wish to assure any person interested in investing with me, to establish clinics that promote “The B.A.10 Lifestyle Course”, in Brisbane, New York and Florida, will not have any competition to speak of, as I even had to change the way chiropractic adjustments, muscle massage, nerve massage and mental conditioning, are carried out, and taught to these patients, to achieve quick, long-term success... I never will, and never have, advertised “a cure” for any disease, but I have informed people inquiring, that while attending the B.A.10 Lifestyle Course” many patients who were diagnosed with a “RIGIDITY” autoimmune disease such as Parkinson’s disease, have reached remission by the end of their 5-day, 7-day or 14-day attendance, even though that was not the goal of the program.

There Is No Risk, In Treating Rigidity Disease PatientsSEE VIDEO OF SUBHASH QUATRA BELOW.

Since I began developing the B.A.10 Lifestyle Course, and discovered that concepts I taught in this course, were overcaming all the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, as well as several other diseases similar, I created a second course which I called: – “The B.A.10 Treatment Program, For Parkinson’s Disease” however, I insisted that every patient attending, must supply a complete medical history, along with X-rays of the entire spine and I then gave these patients a strict assessment that made me confident they would not have a heart attack or stroke, while participating in the program… On occasion, before putting patients through an exercise program, I found it necessary to have them supply a letter of approval to perform exercises, from their medical doctor although that wasn’t needed very often. (Since treating these Rigidity Disease patients, from as far back as 1997, I have not even had “one” patient experience any difficulties with health or well-being, or any sign of heart difficulties, or symptoms that indicate a stroke may be lingering. (Treating Muscle Rigidity Symptoms and diseases, is one of the safest aspects of healthcare to be involved in, providing therapists and practitioners know the full health history, and know what to test for, to know that nothing life-threatening may be looming.)

There Is No Greater Experience, Than To Help An Immobilised Patient Walk & Jog Again, & live life normally. — NOTHING BEATS THAT ENJOYMENT.
Whilst Betty Green was a very difficult case, so was Mr Subhash Quatra who came to me from India, to have me treat him in Brisbane, but the success I had with these two patients was undeniable “PROOF” that my treatment is exceptionally effective, even with elderly immobilised patients like Batty and Subhash. They both show the efficiency of my B.A.10 activities, however I must tell you, there is no greater experience in life, than to be the one who gets an immobile Parkinson or MS patient out of a wheelchair, walking and even jogging again, sometimes in just 4 to 14 days... Parkinson patient from Goa in India, “Subhash Quatra” was another elderly patient whose doctors “HAD NO IDEA” how to help him reduce his symptoms after having hip replacement surgery that prevented him from being able to stand up, and hold his body weight, on his legs. When I discovered this surgical failing, I had to spend 2 days giving him physical therapy on his left hip and lower back, before I could start my usual Parkinson treatment, which I did, on DAY 3: –

What I Am Looking For In An Investor

I am looking for practitioners and therapists who are willing to learn a completely new assessment approach and who are willing to learn new treatment concepts, including a new approach to chiropractic and overcoming spinal kinks, curvature and scoliosis, a new approach to nerve stimulation and equalization on both sides of the body, and,,, overcoming suppressions based on lack of confidence and insecurities… It is also very necessary for therapists of the future, to learn to look for “Idio-motor-response” during interviews, to discover contributing causal problems that no medical or natural health colleges presently teach, anywhere in the world, in relation to overcoming Parkinson, MS, MSA, ALS, COPD, Diabetes, MND, Fibromyalgia and many other Muscle Rigidity diseases similar.

My Success With Betty Green & Subhash Quatra, Is Undeniable “PROOF” That My Treatment Is “SAFE”, & Exceptionally Effective, & It Can Be Advertised On Television…

In my opinion, as Betty Green was in pain every single time she breathed in, her sciatic nerves had lost sensitivity, her leg muscles were “RUBBERY-USELESS” as Betty described them, her oxygen reading was down to 87, “EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS BREATHING FROM AN OXYGEN TANK DAY & NIGHT”, and she showed signs of hypoxia, she was not “absorbing” oxygen and nutrient. This suggests that she was approaching her final days, as, under these circumstances, Betty’s oxygen reading should have been, at least, 96 or higher.  (Iris analysis in search of 9 specific stress signs relevant to my work, along with oxygen readings taken on both sides of the body under various circumstances, can tell a “VERY” revealing health story, yet the vast majority of Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and massage therapists, never even consider taking such readings, to check muscle relaxation and flexibility on both sides of the body, for comparison.)

Whilst Betty was told she had a mystery incurable disease (PD) causing her respiratory pain, and other symptoms, my assessment revealed that all her symptoms were caused by a severe scoliosis and “NOT” lack of dopamine. My next step was to begin correcting her spine, along with the 8 additional problems that created this scoliosis, in the first place. (The 24 practitioners that Betty’s husband called on, couldn’t help, because their training fell well-short of knowing how to find and correct, the many additional problems that were causing her muscular, spinal, hormonal abnormalities, & the resulting symptoms.).

This Treatment Can Be Openly Advertised On Television!

My unique ideals can be openly advertised on television, as they are backed up by (1) medical journal research paid for by public funding, (2) causal principals noted by Dr. James Parkinson in his book: “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”, in reference to the “REAL” cause of  Parkinson’s disease symptoms, and (3), my “before” & “after” patient success videos that supply “INDISPUTABLE PROOF” that those medical journals, & the symptom causes described by Dr. James Parkinson in his book, are absolutely correct… Wouldn’t you like to be first in line for an investment opportunity that will lead healthcare into a completely new era of healing, both medical and natural, enabling the first investor to establish a new training college, to retrain practitioners worldwide, to finally help many of these patients recover and re-enter the workforce, to pay taxes once again? (Governments are going bankrupt due to the enormous financial burden created by these many millions of patients “wrongly classed incurable”, requiring sickness benefits and health support until death.)

If you are interested in becoming an investor, or if you just have questions, PHONE ME IN BRISBANE: – 0413317789

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From a sickly epileptic teenager to a successful athlete and Guinness world record holder, Noel Batten has overcome the odds himself and has helped thousands of people beat rigidity immune disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and essential tremors with his revolutionary treatment program. Read more here.

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