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The Mystery Of
Parkinson’s Disease
“And Many Other

As an investigative therapist, I always loved reading old books on natural health. — When I found the 200 year old book written by Dr. James Parkinson, I was in my glory but I certainly did not expect to solve the mystery to Parkinson’s diseases, as well as many other disorders, by reading this historic book. As this is a popular book in medical circles, I assumed the information Dr. Parkinson wrote in it, would already be known by medical enthusiasts all over the world, but no, they seem to be ignoring this critically helpful information.

In this book I discovered something I had learned from a chiropractor who I worked with, Dr. Herbert Hehrlich DC, but taken little notice of. Dr. Nehrlich often said that muscular disorders like Parkinson’s disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, IBS and others similar, were provoked by a misalignment at the C1 vertebra, due to it causing trauma to the brain stem.

This book reveals autopsy findings by Dr. Parkinson that explains how Parkinson’s disease is caused by trauma at the brain stem, or “medulla spinalis” and after first confirming this on several Parkinson patients, I began checking the C1 vertebra of patients diagnosed with MS, emphysema and other muscular rigidity disorders, of which there are many. — In every case, I found a subluxation at the C1 vertebra and certain alleviation of symptoms when I had a chiropractor correct that subluxation.

Go to my page on Dr. Parkinson’s book, NOW, and read his quotes which endorse the fact that the only “cure” to be found for Parkinson’s disease, must begin with chiropractic adjustment of the C1 vertebra, so as to eliminate this traumatization of the brain stem.