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Half The People Attending Natural Health Clinics DO NOT GET LONG-TERM RESULTS.
Around half the people attending natural health clinics do not get the help they are looking for and are often sent away, either with an arm full of supplements that only give temporary improvement while they are taking them, or they are sent away after being given a doom-and-gloom prognosis, that what they have is incurable.

This attitude is taught to all new students graduating from natural health colleges all around the world in relation to patients medically diagnosed with autoimmune symptoms and disorders. — Except for chiropractic, none of these colleges are teaching practitioners how to palpate the spine to find a vertebral subluxation or a twisted pelvis, none are teaching how to find dormant nerves leading to autoimmune symptom-affected muscles, and none, are teaching practitioners, firstly, how to find, and then secondly, how to overcome the other body abnormalities that create autoimmune symptoms and disorders. NONE!

Each Individual Autoimmune Patient Has A Slightly Different Recipe Of Causes That Must Be Found and Overcome, For Remission To Be Achieved… This Requires Very In-depth Assessment Skills.
Medical doctors usually only offer pharmaceuticals or surgery, Chiropractors usually only offer chiropractic, Massage therapists usually only offer massage, Naturopaths usually only offer supplements that may help, but often only while people continue taking them, and so on. — Nobody is trained to combine all the modalities necessary to overcome autoimmune symptoms and disorders in each individual patient, in a way that caters for rectifying the natural functions of the mind and body to bring the “10” most important autoimmune functions “Back” to normal functioning efficiency, as explained via the link above on the meaning of B.A.10.

If you attend my B.A.10 Practitioners Course you will learn that this lacking in the industry is why, so many symptoms are so wrongly assumed incurable, and assessment and treatment therapies presently taught at natural health institutions are “WAY” inadequate to even come close to overcoming autoimmune symptoms and disorders after they take a strong hold.

Whilst every single PD, MS, MSA, IBS, Celiac, and Respiratory symptom is usually caused by excess muscle tension and some type of Nerve Impingement Syndrome, not once in 13 years of treating only these autoimmune patients, have I met any of the above 4 practitioners who were treating my clients before I began “my” treatment, who truly understood the reasons for excess muscle stiffness and Nerve Impingement in the onset of autoimmune symptoms.

In the incident of arm and hand symptoms, not one of these 4 practitioners administered palpation of the Ulnar, Median or Radial Nerves in their attempt to “find” a cause, or find a way to overcome the arm symptoms involved.

THIS IS AN ENORMOUS FLAW IN THE TRAINING OF ALL 4 OF THESE PRACTITIONERS, and it is no wonder so many autoimmune symptoms and disorders are so wrongly classed as incurable, although, this emormous flaw, leaves a vacuum for an investor to step in and correct the problem.

Vibration Therapy.

By using a similar vibration to what is already present in the body (which is weak in autoimmune patients, thus helping to create hip misalignment, vertebral subluxations, curvature and kinks), I discovered quite by accident, that it is REALLY EASY for a therapist to learn how to rectify a twisted pelvis, overcome the worst of  scoliosis and spinal kinks, and even correct most vertebral subluxations.

Using this new technique within the B.A.10 treatment approach, which I have been using for many years now, I find it reasonably easy to help patients arrest the progression of their symptoms and eventually reach remission, with less effort than in my previous years of being an autoimmune practitioner. — It is however, still very necessary for each individual patient to have a definite strong desire to EARN his or health back again by developing peace of mind to help relax the full muscular system, and by remaining very focused and determined to succeed.

Health By Nature,
Through Scripture.

Here now is a video of a patient (Annette Sharma) suffering from a “mysterious unknown disease” whose symptoms had medical experts completely baffled, and they were not only unable to treat her, but also unable to identify what it was she had, yet the same B.A.10 assessment and treatment principals I use to put PD, MS, Diabetes, IBS, Celiac disease, ALS, Emphysema and Sarcoidosis etc, in remission, worked to overcome all the symptoms provoked by this mysterious disease: –

(10 Minutes)

Each Individual Can Require A Different Approach To Create Healing and Future Practitioners Need To Know How To Identify All Facets Of Each Approach.
Some people can only regain good health and maximize energy by using pharmaceuticals to eliminate viruses, others by improving stress management skills for improved sleep, leaving a stressful career or going to counselling sessions to improve a bad relationship or a bad self-image, and others by improving diet, doing exercises, attending relaxation classes and having massage.

Then there are autoimmune patients, the ones who develop those wrongly assumed incurable “autoimmune” symptoms and disorders, which can “ONLY” by overcome by correcting all abnormalities found within the 10 main functions of their autoimmune system, which requires a new way to carry out natural assessment and a new way to administer a multi-directional treatment that uniquely suits each individuals circumstances.

Learn how nerves and hormonal release patterns that function abnormally, control almost every aspect of the development of rigidity autoimmune disorders and the vast majority of our accreditation training explains very little, or nothing, about these subjects. — As I said previously “NONE” of our health colleges, have got it right when it comes to teaching information about autoimmune symptoms and disorders… NONE OF THEM…

Watch this 7 minute “before” and “after” success video below, of Parkinson patient “Regu” who I treated on my B.A.10 Natural Treatment Program, to see how effective my new and very unique assessment and treatment ideals can be, if a patient remains well-focused and he/she is determined to “earn” his/her return to good health.

Regu was told by a medical doctor, a neurologist, a chiropractor, two natural therapists, and many friends who have never even studied anatomy, physiology, or any other health subject for that matter, that what he had was incurable, yet by using my “NEW” ideals he reached full remission in ONLY 5 DAYS.

You can learn how to get this same success with your autoimmune clients, by using the B.A.10 Treatment Program in your business: –

(7 Minutes +)
Regu reached full remission over advanced
Parkinson’s disease IN ONLY 5 DAYS!

Regaining Health Is An Emotional, Physical “AND” Sometimes, A Spiritual Event.
In these two courses I am offering, you will learn “new” principals that will set your business apart from the many others that are your competition, simply because you will learn to do tests that “they” don’t even know about, and,,, you will learn to reach into the hearts and souls of each and every patient you treat, to help them come alive again, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The World Is Becoming More and More Impersonal.
Being in business and running my own natural health businesses, and managing natural health businesses for other people, since 1972, I have noticed that in the last 25 to 30 years, the world has become more and more impersonal, with many people now walking around with hearing plugs in their ears to no longer even respond to a simple “hello”, and with many practitioners not realizing that personal feelings are “very” controlling in matters of health.

These 2 Courses Cover The Power Of A Clear Conscience, Social Interaction and Setting Personal Goals, To Help With The Healing Of These Wrongly Labelled Incurable Disorders.
In my teachings I even discuss the influence of personal beliefs, level of ethics and going after goals with a passion and determination as a way to encourage health and healing and I believe every therapist and practitioner should consider themselves like “a parent” to every client in such matters, to give the best possible personal advice.

Prayer Is An Essential Part Of Healing and Without Prayer, I Would “NEVER” Be Able To Get The Success You See In My Client “Before” and “After” Videos.
So many therapists, practitioners and even owners of health businesses dismiss the power of prayer as being necessary in the healing process yet many famous actors, singers and successful business people attribute their personal success to the power of prayer. — Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company), Thomas Edison (Inventor of the light bulb), and Harvey Firestone (Firestone Tyres) were known to go on camping trips where they would join together in prayer sessions to pray for their personal business ambitions. — Without prayer, I would “NEVER” in a million years have been able to discover the new and very unique assessment and treatment principals that have so very often enabled me to help some patients walk away from wheelchairs in only a week or so, and others, reach remission in only three or four days. — The 10 steps of treatment that comprise my B.A.10 Treatment Program are actually based on scripture from the bible and if you wish to review those scripture, PLEASE L/C HERE.

D.D. Palmer Did “NOT” Invent Chiropractic, He Only Gave It An Overhaul!
If you do a Google search on “who invented chiropractic” your answer will be “D.D. Palmer gave the first chiropractic adjustment to Harvey Lillard, on September 18, 1895″ but this is far from being correct. — It is well-documented that Hippocrates, known as “The Father Of Medicine”, and, Claudius Galen (chiropractic adjustment of the cervical spine on Roman scholar “Eudemus” which cured him of hand and arm paralysis, the same as is experienced by many PD and MS patients), both documented cases of what was called “bone setting“, the term used for chiropractic back then, to overcome health problems. — Hippocrates wrote several books on bone setting and was known for his famous quotes about diet being our medicine, and checking the spine “first” whenever somebody suffers ill-health: –

Back in those early days of Hippocrates 460 BC, – 370 BC, (author of the Hippocratic Oath which medical doctors to this day, are sworn into service with), chiropractic and natural health concepts explained in scripture were the only therapies used. — Hippocrates was actually a chiropractor, herbalist, natural therapist, and an elder of the church who only turned to surgery after church leaders were shown that all avenues of chiropractic, diet, herbal medicines, deep breathing, massage and water treatments etc, had been exhausted. — Surgery in these days was an extreme last resort and all potential treatment possibilities were managed by the one organisation, the church, and nobody competed against each other to sell product like the drug companies and supplement companies of today. — Many herbs are mentioned in the bible and (Psalms 104:14) reads: – “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man:”

The health system back in those days was so strongly based on scripture and controlled by religious leaders that the Hippocratic Oath was actually published in the shape of a crucifix. — The first image below is a photo of the original parchment held in the Vatican: –

This next image is the
Hippocratic Oath in English.

If you attend the B.A.10 Practitioner’s Training Course, you will learn how to correct autoimmune health problems as quickly as possible, to give athletes new life, elderly people renewed vigor, and to give average healthy people increased health and vitality while overcoming certain rigidity autoimmune symptoms. — You will learn the mysterious power of hormones and how to normalize the release of muscle rigidity, blood pressure and anxiety hormones “NATURALLY” by using hormonal-herbs and by correcting certain abnormalities in the nervous system, and in the anatomy and physiology of the body.

I Designed This Investment To Be Progressive and “RISK FREE“, So You Will Not Be Risking Your Investment Capital.
I have designed this B.A.10 franchise business to do all those things mentioned above, and more, in a way that, at no time will you ever have to invest a large sum of money, in a way that will risk you losing it.


I Have Created A New “MORE ADVANCED” Form Of Natural Assessment, and Natural Therapies.
I have discovered 5 very new and very unique ideals about the human body that have enabled me to establish a new form of natural assessment and natural therapies. — These new concepts are capable of taking the natural health industry to a far greater level of efficiency, in overcoming many symptoms considered incurable, and, in also helping badly suffering autoimmune patients out of their suffering. — In becoming a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner you will learn these new exciting breakthrough ideals that can enable practitioners to develop a far greater healing efficiency.

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