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A Great Investment
Offering A Service
To Society, With
Very Unique Ideals,
Which Nobody Else
Is Aware Of.

I Seek Investors To Establish Natural Health, Stress Management, Longevity, Autoimmune Treatment and Education Clinics In The USA and Australia, and The Natural Services They Will Offer Are Very Unique. — Watch My “8 Success Stories” Video Below and See The Amazing Success This “NEW” and Very Unique Assessment and Treatment Approach Can Bring: –

These Clinics Will
Offer 5 Services Badly
Needed In The Natural
Health Industry

These clinics will offer “NEW” natural health ideals, as well as some of the basics: –

(1) “Basic ideals for diet, fitness and personal development”, and education for natural health concepts in the home, including digestion and absorption, and home health self-assessment tests for the young, middle aged, and elderly, using unique assessment tests that help with “prevention”, while searching for health weaknesses personal to each individual.

As well as: (2) “Specialized natural treatments” for rigidity autoimmune symptoms and disorders like PD, MS, IBS, emphysema and others like these, based on a completely new “unknown-to-others” nerve-muscular-skeletal assessment, combined with an effective treatment approach that actually works to identify and overcome unrealized autoimmune breakdown factors. (This is “NEW” never-taught-in-natural-health-colleges-before, information.)

As well as: (3) “Two advanced training courses” (A One-day Referral Course and B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner’s Course), for existing qualified naturopaths, natural therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and personal trainers to introduce a referral system and to find and overcome autoimmune causal problems.

As well as: (4) “How To Use “Ideomotor Response Techniques” During Counseling To Know If Unconscious Suppressions Are Causing Immune Weaknesses Or Autoimmune Symptoms and Disorders”. — In so many cases patients develop many different rigidity symptom from optic neuritis to drop foot, as well as being medically diagnosed with many autoimmune disorders from Parkinson’s disease to Irritable Bowel Syndrome causing food intolerances. — Whilst these health problems are often provoked by suppression of grief and regret, triggering an excess release of the stress hormones “cortisol” from the adrenal glands, and “noradrenaline” from the Locus Coeruleus, very little or even nothing is taught about these very important subjects in accreditation training.

And (5)”A Referral Members Website for all therapists and practitioners who have become members by receiving a certificate for graduating the One-day Referral Course and the B.A.10 Autoimmune Practitioners Training Course where they can log in to watch seminar, workshop and successful treatment videos, and have their own success videos uploaded to be watched.

These clinics will operate on a long-term client base, offering “Annual Memberships For Patients” for “follow-up” assessments, treatment and attendance at education seminars and workshops, as well as  “Annual Memberships For Practitioners” for ongoing access to medical and chiropractic journals relative to the clinic activities, and for all member practitioners to contribute their own case histories, as speakers, at workshops and seminars. — In every way, these clinics will stand for the sharing of knowledge and for the benefit of the autoimmune patients, who are presently being ignored.

I will give the first US investor to begin this unique natural health treatment and education service offered to the public and to further educate already qualified practitioners, first option to establish clinics in all states in the USA.

Read Many References
That Endorse My Unique
Assessment, Treatment
and Business-effective

Many Symptoms and Disorders Are Wrongly Assumed Incurable Because They Are Caused By More Than One Abnormality Not Fully Understood By Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Natural Practitioners.
Apart from the services to the public listed above, these clinics will offer advanced training to existing practitioners in finding and overcoming symptom-provoked one-sided muscle tensions, negative muscle memory and corresponding nerve blockages that prevent the thought to move a limb from reaching that limb, to make that movement happen, a very common problem in immobilized patients, and, tuition in correcting spinal curvature, scoliosis, kyphosis, loss of lordosis and disc degeneration.

In the case of naturopaths, natural therapists, acupuncturists and personal trainers there will also be classes, seminars and workshops on skeletal assessment and the basics in X-ray awareness, subjects not understood by many existing natural practitioners.

These new training service will make these clinics “VERY UNIQUE” because it will enable doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, natural therapists, acupuncturists and personal trainers to be capable of understanding so much more, in helping rigidity autoimmune patients. (Therapists and practitioners have only barely scratched the surface of the true art of “natural” health and healing, through using the automatic innate functions that God has instilled within us.)

Watch The Video Below
and Hear Testimonies
From My Past Clients
Who Gained From My
Innate Healing Ideals.

The Body Can Only Heal Properly, If Practitioners Learn To Work With The Body’s Own Natural Innate Healing Abilities.
Here is a video below, of testimonies from patients I have treated for a variety of seemingly impossible-to-overcome health issues, who medical practitioners and natural practitioners failed to help, when my in-depth assessment tests and very unique innate treatment approach was often able to create an almost immediate improvement. — I wish to semi-retire in 2019 but need people to take over my new treatment approach, before I can. — Listen to the amazing success my new methods are getting: –

My Set-up Fees
and What You Will
Need, To Utilize My
Concepts In Your
Existing Business,
Or To Start A New
B.A.10 Business.

These Clinics Will Only Employ Already Qualified Therapists.
These clinics will employ therapists already qualified in massage, natural therapies or personal training and give them 14 days of advanced autoimmune training followed by 6 weeks of practical treatment experience, to make them capable of doing the following: –

(1) Taking oxygen and blood pressure tests in a slightly different way than is taught in natural therapy colleges and using unique treatment ideals designed to find and overcome unrealized anomalies that cause immune weaknesses and autoimmune symptoms and disorders.

(2) Working with a totally new approach that will enable practitioners to find blood, muscle and nerve abnormalities that would not normally be found, by using new and very unique tests not used by any other therapists. The unrealized anomalies that these new tests have been created to find, have proven to cause many of the symptoms experienced by patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, IBS and several other disorders that are wrongly classed as incurable.

Watch my “before” and “after” success videos for proof of these misunderstanding.
(No other practitioners can be familiar with these unique and very revealing tests as I designed them for this specific purpose.)

(3) Spinal, nerve reflex and blood assessment tests and special treatments designed to correct the fatigue, anxiety and other physical and emotional symptoms they cause.

(4) Specific blockages in the nervous system relevant to autoimmune symptoms, which other natural health practitioners are not trained to even know about, let alone overcome.

(5) Abnormal muscle and joint stiffness provoked by a number of causal problems not realized as causal problems of, negative muscle memory, blood abnormalities, and tendon stiffness causing physical restriction that puts many patients in a wheelchair. — Knowing these unusual symptom-causing abnormalities and how to overcome them quickly, is largely why I am often able to get immobilized patients out of wheelchairs sometimes in only a matter of days. (These are problems often experienced by long-term sufferers and the elderly, which will “never” be overcome through pharmaceutical drugs, only through “a reversal” of the breakdown in normal healthy mind and body functions.)

(6) Delivering monthly seminars and workshops on fitness, athletic efficiency, diet, personal development and natural health, for the young and the middle aged, and the importance of oxygen, flexibility exercises and social interaction for the elderly.

The 3 “Best Attributes” For Business Success, Are To Offer A Service That Is “Effective” and “Unique” While Giving “Good Follow Up Service”, and These Clinics Will Do All Three, Whereas On My Travel-to-treat Program I Can Only Give The First Two.
Whilst medical doctors offer pharmaceutical drugs and surgery and naturopathic doctors offer natural supplements and individual services such as acupuncture and deep tissue massage etc, that in 50% of cases only give temporary results at best, these natural health longevity clinic therapists will offer effective solutions as well as prevention ideals based on medical journal documentations, which therefore, nobody can dispute.

The foundation of all services offered by these clinics will be to bring the natural functions of the mind and body back to normal functioning efficiency similar to how Constantine Hering treated his patients using “Hering’s Law Of Cure”.

This is by far the best approach to use, to slow down aging, overcome fatigue, and prevent the onset of autoimmune disarray, and, it is also the best way to get long-term victory over autoimmune symptoms. (This is the true “natural health” approach that has not really been utilized yet because the vast majority of therapists are trained to remain focused on product sales and services to earn an income.)

My Set-up Fees
and What You Will
Need, To Utilize My
Concepts In Your
Existing Business,
Or To Start A New
B.A.10 Business.

I Presently Travel Internationally To Treat Autoimmune Patients Because Of My Unique Natural Approach, Some Of Which Is Unknown To Others.
The scarcity of my “true natural health ideals” are why I am being called on to travel internationally to treat autoimmune patients who simply cannot find chiropractors, naturopathic doctors or natural therapists who are capable of achieving the results that my unique ideals achieve. The down side, is that due to me traveling internationally, it is very difficult to offer follow-up treatment, which is a third “Best Attribute For Business Success” that these clinics will be able to offer. These clinics will make it possible for representatives of my treatment to offer this follow-up service.

My New Ideals
Based On Hormonal
Influences Are
A Real

Thousands Of People Suffer Health Issues From “Hormonal-blood-muscular-skeletal Abnormalities” and Their Therapists Often Can’t Find Answers As They Are Not Trained To Know Where To Start Looking, Specially With The Endocrine-blood-emotional Stress Aspects.
There are thousands of people everywhere who have hormonally-provoked muscular-skeletal abnormalities that drain their energy, cause anxiety, unexplained mood swings and autoimmune disarray. — This in turn creates mysterious symptoms such as spasmodic loss of energy in the afternoons and mild dizziness, particularly in people over the age of 40, and many other uncontrollable blood-nerve-provoked symptoms and all to often their medical doctors, naturopaths and therapists don’t even think to look for muscular-tension-hormonally-provoked skeletal causes.

This is why educating therapists on these subjects and training them to write chiropractic and other such referrals, will present a breakthrough in natural health services.

The photo below is of one of my clients who suffered mood swings, fatigue, intermittent mild dizziness and mysterious symptoms that all went away, after I spent 7 days corrected these muscle abnormalities you can see in the photo, and the spinal curvature, nerve blockages and hypermobile subluxations they provoked: –

There Are Literally Thousands Of People “Putting Up With” Niggling health Issues and Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders That Doctors, Chiropractors and Naturopaths Can’t Fix, Because They Are Not Trained To Check One-sided Issues and Hormonal-muscular-skeletal Problems.
Below is another photo of a past client (Janice), just an average person with unexplained symptoms niggling at her, and after she had no success from seeing several medical doctors, a chiropractor and a natural therapist, she finally found the answer in my unique approach. (Janice’s doctor, chiropractor and previous natural therapist didn’t look past their usual checks to find her mild T1 curve showing in the photo below, along with the one-sided muscle abnormalities causing it). Janice finally came to me due to her frustration after getting no explanations for her symptoms, and no solutions other than being offered an arm full of pharmaceuticals and supplements.

B.A.10 Practitioners “Must” Identify Stress Factor and Any Personality Complex That Causes Hormonal Imbalances, and Correct Them, To Put A Stop To Vertebral Hypermobility and Some Spinal Curvatures.
After helping Janice solve some stress related problems and a personality complex that caused her to unconsciously portray herself as a victim, correcting her one-sided muscle abnormalities and the T1 curve at the black arrow, her symptoms and mood swings faded away within a few hours. Practitioners of the future must understand, there is far more to “natural healing” than what we are taught at college to become qualified as a natural health practitioner and only when we work in with chiropractors, through referrals, will we develop such advanced skills: –

I have a very unique and
very effective treatment
formula for these cases,
which is not known
by other therapists.

L/C To See More
One-sided Muscle
Tension Photos
& A Video, For
Therapists Only.

Heart Palpitations, High Blood Pressure, Dizziness and Anxiety Overcome, By Correcting This Excess Muscle Tension In A 14 Year Old.
Here is a neck muscle photo of a teenage girl (Helga from Germany) whose mother had been massaging the trapezius muscle on her right side, for some time, because of the one-sided neck pain Helga was experiencing, but even though the muscle pain went away for 15 minutes or so, it just kept coming back. The reason for this, was because the one-sided tension had blocked three nerve trigger points at the 3 crosses that are not circled in the photo below, and had also pulled her C3 and C4 vertebra so far over to the right, that on his first adjustment, the chiropractor could not make a correction and when he finally did, two days later, both vertebra came back out within 15 minutes or so. It was not until I unblocked those 3 blocked nerve points and helped Helga improve her stress management skills, that her one-sided excess trapezius tension went away and her C3 and C4 vertebra remained in alignment.

Most Stomach
Problems Are From

The photo below is of a client who had a severe spinal curvature caused by one-sided excess muscle tension in the lumbar muscles on the right side which provoked Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) hip pain and walking problems. No other therapist could solve his IBS or the other difficulties he experienced, because their training provoked them to sell supplements and not even consider his back muscles as a possible cause. While I did my specialized treatment on him and referred him to a local chiropractor for the vertebral and hip adjustments, his symptoms all went away in a matter of 10 days: – 

Around 80% Of The Public Suffer One-sided Excess Muscle Tension and One-sided High BP, and Possibly 40% Suffer One-sided Tension-provoked Anxiety, and Are Not Aware Because Doctors, Chiropractors, ND’s and Natural Therapists Usually Never Do Tests On Both Sides Of The Body, To Be Able To Inform Them.
Have you ever seen those people who simply cannot sit still, or they have one leg or arm that is constantly twitching or tremoring, well those problems are caused by one-sided excess muscle tension already having pulled their spine off-center to create spinal curvature and subluxation, affecting nerves but because MD’s, chiropractors, ND’s and natural therapists never do tests on both sides of the body, they are never told this is the cause. — Employees of these centres who go through my special training, will learn to take blood pressure and oxygen saturation readings on both sides of the body and they will also learn how to find the causes of any differences between the two and also how to overcome any differences. Sometimes such differences are caused by blocked nerve points and employees treating clients will be taught how to find the exact nerve points that are blocked, so they can free them up.

The Reason Why There Are So Many Symptoms and Disorders Classed As “Incurable” Is Because Doctors, Chiropractors, Naturopaths and Natural Therapists Are Missing These Muscular-skeletal Causal Problems and The Life Stress That Provokes Them.
Whilst other natural health centres do basic tests that do not include skeletal and hormonal assessment, or a search to reveal one-sided muscle abnormalities, one-sided high blood pressure problems, blocked nerve control points that cause autoimmune symptoms often incorrectly classed as incurable, endocrine balancing techniques and the basics in X-ray assessment, these longevity clinics will stand out from the crowd because they will “NOT” miss these unrealized causal problems.

These and other unique assessment, treatment and stress management ideals used only by these longevity clinics will place them far ahead of “ANY” other natural health businesses, in assessment, treatment, stress management and educational efficiency.

I have already established two similar clinics (as fitness and health centres) in Brisbane and they were very successful. — L/C here to read more about these two fitness centres on my “Noel’s Story” web page.

It Will Be Mandatory For All Employees Delivering Treatment and Seminars, To Attend A 14 Day Training Course and A 10 Week Observation Period.
It will be mandatory for all therapists employed at these clinics, who will be doing assessments, fitness, energy and joint flexibility treatments and lectures, nerve massage, autoimmune treatments, workshops and seminars, to attend an immune system familiarization training course that will last for 14 days, for 4 hours a day minimum. — During the 6 weeks of their observed practical experience (also 4 hours a day minimum), these therapists in training will treat patients under my supervision, which will already begin to generate income for the clinic involved.

After each of these morning session end, trainees will be required to carry on with their own studies to prepare themselves for the theory and practical examinations given them at the end of this 8 week period. — This will enable them to fully understand all subjects listed above, and also to be capable of referring clients on to a local chiropractor to have skeletal subluxations corrected, using an official “Referral Form” like the sample below: –

Referral Forms
To Be Used

In The USA This Form Will
Be Titled “The American
Association  Of Natural
Practitioners”. (AANP)

There Is An “ENORMOUS” Flaw In The Natural Health Industry.
After working with many chiropractors in various countries, I believe chiropractors are the only practitioners who are on the right track in overcoming rigidity disorders, as their efforts free up nerves, and “ALL” rigidity autoimmune symptoms from optic neuritis to tremors, and all rigidity autoimmune disorders from Parkinson’s disease to emphysema, are provoked by nerve suppression.

This is why I am so driven to introduce referrals and encourage all therapists as well as personal trainers to attend a training course that teaches skeletal assessment along with the hormonal-muscular influences that interfere with skeletal correctness.

I believe all therapists and personal trainers should be taught to carry out a skeletal assessment on every client they teach or treat, to refer client’s on, who have a twisted pelvis, vertebral subluxation or anything that suggests a little suspicion, for adjustment or X-ray. There are so many symptoms that are impossible to overcome with diet, supplement, exercise, acupuncture, kinesiology, reflexology, massage and other natural treatments because “NONE” of these treatments can correct a vertebral subluxation, spinal curvature, degenerative disc, well-advanced negative muscle memory, or deep-seeded Self-sabotage Syndrome.

Read Why Therapists
and Personal Trainers
Learn About
Skeletal Assessment,
Vertebral Hypermobility
and Writing Referrals.

Teaching People How To Get Their Mind Right To Maintain A Good Skeletal Frame and Good Health, Will Be An Essential Service Offered Through This One-day Course and Through These Clinics.
One of the most important aspects of helping people to develop “and maintain” good health and mental well-being, is to help them get their mind right first, by giving them the knowledge required, to change a poor mindset into a positive, happy, success-based mindset. It is also important to encourage oxygen and blood flow exercises and a regular intake of water, fruits and vegetables, as well as a good attitude. If the heart is not happy and the mind is not at peace, the Locus Coeruleus in the brain stem will release excessive amounts of the muscle stiffness hormone noradrenaline, to make the muscles stiff and predispose the body to developing “Dis-ease”.

Never forget, the thoughts we
repeatedly think, attract us to
like the activities that support
the thoughts we think. This “Law
Of Attraction” gives credence to
the scripture: – “As he thinketh
in his heart, so is he“.
(Proverbs 23:7)

Coordination Programing” Is Among The Most Effective Ways To Place Affirmations Into The Mind’s Automation To Improve Personality Response.
Peace of mind is a very important aspect of health that is not normally taught to patients by medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors or natural therapists, which is very often, badly needed, specially in people over 35 years of age. Another aspect of the mind not usually taught by other practitioners, is “Coordination Programing” which has been used in the mind programing of soldiers for many years and will be one aspect of mind freedom training in these clinics.

The average person can have great difficulty overcoming feelings of loss of purpose, grief, loss and hopelessness, and overcoming mental fatigue once it has taken hold and most people, young or mature aged, often put effort into avoiding being counseled for such things. However, these clinics will offer such services not as counseling sessions, but more as personal development challenges.

My Set-up Fees
and What You Will
Need, To Utilize My
Concepts In Your
Existing Business,
Or To Start A New
B.A.10 Business.

In this video below, you will see how I was able to help an elderly Parkinson patient “Betty” begin to regain the use of her completely jelly-like useless legs, in only 7 days, due to my unique assessment and treatment ideals, after 24 other practitioners completely missed a severe curvature in Betty’s thoracic spine. This spinal curve was the major cause of a pain in Betty’s torso hindering her breathing, and why the nerves going to her legs became completely blocked. The problem with a curvature however, is not finding it, but correcting it, as there can be any of 6 different problems causing it: –

The Success Of My
Ideals Begins With
Knowing Nerves,
The Spine, Muscles
& One-sided

The FIRST Of Three “Natural Function Prevention Tests“, the specially trained therapists working at these clinics will do, is an oxygen saturation test. Unrealized even by many medical doctors, as well as chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and natural therapists, low oxygen in the body is a “primary” precursor to “ALL” autoimmune problems from bladder incontinence provoking broken sleep, to migraine headache and dizziness, and fatigue due to digestive problems. These therapists will do oxygen saturation tests on “everybody” who attends for maintenance and prevention, or for specialized treatment. Practitioners overlook this basic test, because it is not promoted in accreditation training and it appears, on the surface, to be too basic.

The SECOND Of Three “Natural Function Prevention Tests, the specially trained therapists working at these clinics will do, is to make a comparison between the tension levels and nerve activities on both sides of the body, very important health, vitality and autoimmune prevention factors not taught in chiropractic or natural health colleges. One-sided excess muscle tensions can cause dizziness, sleeplessness, fatigue, mood swing, migraine headache, eye floaters, loss of hearing in one ear, poor eyesight due to one eye being suppressed, high blood pressure on one side of the body and BP provoked anxiety, foot drop, tremors, and many more symptoms that are difficult to overcome, only because practitioners are not trained to look for one-sided tension differences. All patients diagnosed with “rigidity” autoimmune disorders have excessive muscle tension on one side of the neck, shoulders and hips.)  — TWO “STIFFNESS TESTS” YOU CAN TRY: – (A) Check your own neck muscles right now, by pressing on them close to the base of your neck, at both sides, using one finger only, to see if you have significantly more tension or more tenderness on one side than the other. — (B) Turn your chin around to touch each shoulder and see if you can turn around more to one side than the other, or if you feel more resistance on one side than the other.

If these 2 tests reveal a difference, that difference will give you reason for any unexplained, difficult-to-overcome early afternoon tiredness, mild dizziness, or niggling symptoms, and, will tell you if you are predisposed to developing any of the above list of disorders.

The THIRD Of Three “Natural Function Prevention Tests, will be to list all muscular swelling or atrophy, and then see if you can match them with any skeletal abnormalities such as a twisted pelvis or spinal curvature, by doing assessment tests unique to these clinics, and, by inspection of X-rays when necessary. These special abilities will be taught to all therapists employed at these clinics, during their 14 days of advanced training and their 6 weeks of supervised practical experience that follows.


A Social Club That Promotes Customer Interaction.
This is why a social club will be established in each clinic, to keep customers interactive and happy, whether they are attending for preventative reasons or to improve diet, fitness or sleep, or to overcome an already established symptom or disorder.

A Book Club and Library
There will also be a natural health, motivation and personal development book club established and after a social club member reads a book from the library, they will be invited to share a review of that book at the next social club meeting.

Four Reasons Why These Clinics Will Be Exceptionally Unique.
The tests and assessment ideals I will teach to the employees are very unique assessment tests not taught in chiropractic or natural therapy colleges anywhere in the world, which is one of the reasons these longevity clinics will offer a very unique service capable of helping people to eliminate and avoid many sinister symptom and disorders that other therapists are not able to treat. — (Many people, including medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and natural therapists, are not aware that “the main reason” out of 5 reasons in all, that elderly people develop dementia, memory problems, loss of emotional expression, anxiety and loss of muscle flexibility as they age, is that their lung expansion capabilities diminish as they age, because their lungs get less exercise as they lose interest in physical activities.)

It is for this reason, all employees in these clinics will carry oxygen saturation meters and take O2 readings on all clientele before supervising them for “anything”, and will learn to motivate all clientele to socialize and interact with others, particularly the elderly.

(2) Another reason these clinics will be very unique, is because they will legally be able to advertise that they offer the only treatment available that has proven to previously help certain autoimmune patients into remission, sometimes in only a matter of days, which my “before” and “after” videos confirm.

(3) A third reason to claim an advantage over all other fitness and natural therapy centres, is that the ideals used and taught in all seminars and workshops, are supported by research documented in medical journals as well as Dr. James Parkinson’s autopsy findings and other medical books as being capable of helping people avoid developing autoimmune symptoms and disorders.

(4) Last but not least, these centres will also offer the rare service of being able to correct spinal curvature and disc degeneration through a specific type of nerve massage, nerve stimulation and exercises that increases “oxygen and blood circulation” to affected areas, which are additional services not available at any other health and fitness centre in the world.

Nerves Are “FAR” More Important Than Muscles, In Stress Management and Good Health, But Naturopathic Doctor and Natural Therapists Are Not Educated On Nerves Because This Subject Is Not Covered Effectively, In Accreditation Training.
In helping patients with stress management, good sleep without interference from bladder incontinence, a strong nervous system and freedom of blocked “nerve trigger points” or “nerve junctions”, it is far more important to look after the skeletal frame and spinal supportive muscles, than anything else, because, their effect on the nervous system, positive or negative, is what controls if a person develops one-sided high blood pressure, high blood pressure provoked anxiety (and sometimes one-sided blood pressure provoked dizziness), and the condition and tension levels of every muscle in the body. These are more unique health facts that are not known by chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and natural therapist because they are not taught in accreditation training.

If a person has more tension in a trapezius muscle on one side of the neck, or the external oblique or psoas muscle around one hip joint, it will be because nerve trigger points on one side of the body are causing that one-sided trauma. These abnormalities are usually the cause of one stiff, or even frozen shoulder joint, whilst the other is perfectly healthy, or one hip joint worn on one side of the body whilst the other remains perfectly healthy, and, are very often the cause of unexplained mild dizziness, anxiety and heart palpitations that medications cannot overcome.

Because details of the cause and consequences of these hormonal-muscular-skeletal abnormality are not taught at medical schools or chiropractic and natural therapy colleges, the vast majority of medical doctors, chiropractors and natural therapists are completely oblivious to the significance of this problem, in relation to the huge array of health issues it causes.

My 5 Treatment Secrets Are Why My Success Is Often Quite Outstanding.
This largely ignored one-sided abnormality is one of 5 treatment secrets to my quick significant success over Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and 7 other similar disorders, and compiling these 5 treatment secrets took me several years to master. Here is my DVD on this subject (which is accompanied by an eBook with the same title), which are only available to investors who decide to join with me to establish these “Natural Health Longevity Clinics” and this DVD and eBook “MUST” be kept secure so as the 5 treatment secrets remain exclusive to these B.A.10 Longevity Clinic businesses: –

Learn About His Victory
Over Epilepsy and Climb
To Athletic Success.

It is because medical doctors and other health practitioners ignore this one-sided abnormality, that there are so many rigidity autoimmune symptoms and diseases so wrongly considered as incurable. The answer is right there before their eyes but the vast majority of practitioners have no idea what they are looking at, and if they did, most would not have any clue, as to how to rectify the problem because each patient has a slightly different causal recipe.

This one-sided problem always precedes the onset of autoimmune symptoms and diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, MS, ALS, MSA, Irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, food intolerances, Emphysema, Migraine headache, and a whole array of other unexplained autoimmune problems. It is “very important” to remain aware of such circumstances and do everything possible to overcome them, as quickly as possible, to help patients overcome their suffering. This one-sided muscle tension is the reason why so many people find that a vertebral misalignment recently corrected by a chiropractor, just keeps coming back out of alignment often in a very short time. The good side to this situation though, is that one-sided excess muscle tension can actually be used as a preventative indicator, if understood and monitored properly.

Principals Used and Health Subjects Covered.
The principals that will be used in motivation, personal development, longevity and vitality educational workshops and seminars, and the personal natural therapy treatment sessions, are based on Hering’s Law Of Cure and the Laws Of Attraction.

Through delivering many motivation seminars and carrying out assessments and treatment on hundreds of patients medically diagnosed with a number of different rigidity autoimmune symptoms and disorders, in 8 different countries, I have also learned some very unique motivation concepts, as well as some very effective assessment and treatment ideals that have enabled me to help some wheelchair-bound autoimmune patients out of wheelchairs and back into life, often in only a matter of days. Here is a video of my treatment of a medical doctor in Brazil who could not walk properly on DAY 1 of treatment but she regained her ability to walk over 7 days: –


You can read about my life-long devotion to helping motivate people and helping them to develop their full potential, on my “Noel’s Story” web page, and you can watch my “before” and “after” videos to see this quick significant success over Parkinson’s disease and a number of other rigidity autoimmune disorders, through this compilation video below: –

Or you can see many more success videos through the following links: –

Go to my web pages on Parkinson’s disease and watch my “before” and “after” success videos to learn more.


Go to my web pages on Multiple sclerosis and watch my “before” and “after” success videos to learn more.


Go to my Treatment web page and watch more videos explaining my unique principals. Watch a video of one patient who had a “mysterious disease” that doctors could not identify, but the B.A.10 treatment overcame it.


Email Me NOW For More Information.


Phone me in Brisbane AU on: – 0413317789 or in the USA on 845 701 6817.


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