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I Have A Service With
No Competitors, That
The Public Badly Wants,
& I Found 87 Thousand
Potential Clients In Only
One USA State, In Only 1
Of 12 Health Modalities…
With Good Promotions
Amazing Opportunity.

I Am Offering “NEW” Discoveries That Nobody Else Is Aware Of, and Advanced Training Procedures For Existing Health Professionals (Of Which There Are Millions In The USA), Which Can Break Health Barriers In “A Group” Of Autoimmune Disorders Called “Rigidity Disorders” Which Nobody Else Has Been Able To Overcome, In Millions Of Patients Who Are Uselessly Screaming Out For Help.

Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders, as opposed to “Blood and Heart Autoimmune Disorders” cause symptoms that natural therapists and practitioners are free to treat without contravening health department laws, due to the fact that there is no real danger in treating them like there is in treating blood & heart diseases symptoms. — These are symptoms and disorders that are triggered by excess muscle rigidity as seen in the robotic manner in which advanced Parkinson and MS patients move around. — All these symptoms begin with stress, hormonal imbalances, nerve abnormalities, muscular distortions and several other homeostasis interferences that can “ALL” be overcome on the B.A.10 Program.

I Am Looking For A
Business Entrepreneur
Willing To Help Create The
First Clinic In Middletown
NY and Once Functioning
Effectively, Use This Clinic
As A Model To Establish
Clinics In Other States.

I have chosen Middletown New York for a first clinic because the vast majority of the patients who have called on me for treatment have come from Canada and the East Coast of the USA. — I believe once a clinic is established there, with good promotions, patients would travel from all over, to attend. — When I first established my Five-day Personal Treatment Program in Brisbane, patients were coming from many different countries because “NOBODY” is offering any treatment that is anywhere near as effective as the B.A.10 Program, in helping these suffering patients, overcome their suffering long-term, nobody.

After treating hundreds of these rigidity autoimmune patients now, in 8 different countries, since 2005, I am fully aware that the “ONLY” way these patients can receive any degree of effective help, is if a medical doctor, chiropractor,  physical therapist and a specially trained B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner all work under the one roof, to compare notes. — The success you can see in my “before” and “after” videos came about because I had a great willingness to work with these practitioners whenever I recognised a need.

These Clinics Will
Offer Medical Doctors,
Chiropractors, Physical
Thearpists and B.A.10
Natural Autoimmune
Practitioners Working
Together, For Success
Never Seen Before.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

I Would Like More Research To Be Done, To Expand On My Discoveries.
I am also looking for therapists to carry out research on ways to help regenerate degenerative spinal discs as this is the most common breakdown factor I come across that hinders my desire to get quick significant improvement whenerver I am treating Parkinson and MS patients, and other patients similar.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Presently there are a number of SERIOUS flaws in the teachings of ALL health professionals, both medical and natural, (this includes teachings for doctors of chiropractic and naturopathy, and for all natural therapists), which leaves many members of the public stranded as they suffer badly from disorders like Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, IBS, Celiac disease, Food Intollerances, and many other disorders similar.

After finding no satisfaction with medical care, these patients often seek alternative therapies but also become disappointed in that direction, thus preventing around 80% of all people who suffer any type of on-going autoimmune symptom, from achieving “significant long-term” success.

There is a large percentage of the general public, who are very disappointed with ALL healthcare theories and treatment offered for dealing with Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, ALS, Emphysema, IBS, Celiac disease, and many other disorders similar, which are termed rigidity autoimmune disorders. — After being one of these disappointed patients myself, and spending many years studing to become qualified as a health professional and carrying out my own research, “I have found many of the answers” and have used them to creat what I call the B.A.10 Treatment Program.

My “Before” and “After” Success Videos Showing Some Parkinson and MS Patients Reaching Remission In Only Days “IS PROOF” That My B.A.10 Treatment Is A Successful Way To Help These Patients Overc ome Their Suffering and I Now Wish To Teach Other Practitioners, To Use These Methods, Under A Governing Organization.

This video says it all: –

A New Class Of Practitioner and A New Governing Management Organisation.
The unique assessment tests and new treatment ideals I have discovered will give birth to a whole new division of therapists who will be trained to work with chiropractors, who will be titled: “Natural Autoimmune Practitioners” and I believe there will need to be a new association to maintain rules, regulations and organisation within the ranks of these new Practitioners. — I would assume this organization that will maintain order amongst these therapists would be titled something to the effect of: “The American Association Of Natural Autoimmune Practitioners” in the USA, and “The Australian Association Of Natural Autoimmune Practitioners” in Australia and so on. — No therapists “anywhere” in the world, have been doing this natural autoimmune work and presently there are no medical or natural health colleges teaching these assessment or treatment ideals. — In other words, there are no colleges “anywhere” teaching “anything” significant about autoimmune symptoms and disorders, which leaves an enormous gap in the health system that needs to be filled. — No wonder there are so many millions of patients being left untreated.

Shortfalls in medical and alternative medicine teachings for practitioners, is the reason why so many millions of rigidity autoimmune patients have not been able to find any long-term relief from their suffering, but my new discoveries bypasses all of those incorrect teachings and patient suffering they cause. — All I need, is an investor to set up a “Two-day Autoimmune Assessment and Referral Course” and a “Six-week Natural Autoimmune Practitioner’s Training Course” to put my new “PROVEN” discoveries to work, and the number of practitioners to invite to attend just the Two-day Referral Course “IS STAGGERING”. — Massage therapists in the state of Georgia alone, employed and or running their own business, is over 87.000.  Then there are medical doctors and physical therapists in the medical profession, chiropractors and naturopaths in the alternative therapists profession and so on.

“NOBODY” Is Doing The Right Research.
The “BIGGEST” problem is that the causal facts for a long list of these disorders, which are similar to Parkinson’s disease and MS, and the best way to overcome these causal facts, has not been researched sufficiently to discover the things I have discovered, which is why, an entrepreneur managing this situation effectively, could easily take the natural health industry to a far greater level of efficiency. — Even medical reasoning has been distorted along the way, without any research being done in the right direction. — Watch this video below, which quotes from Dr. James Parkinson’s 1817 book which explains how the real cause of Parkinson’s disease was documented many years ago, but everybody has been ignoring it, but me: –

Since the advent of the internet, there would be a slight increase in the numbers of patients overcoming autoimmune disorders like PD, MS, MSA, ALS, IBS, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Diabetes, and even cancer because of an easy sharing of information. — The internet has created many public forums which now allows successful patients to share the reasons for their victory, but as yet, there is no organization keeping these principals safe and effective for all to use, which is what I am proposing.

because a few patients here and there, including myself personally, have been able to beat these so-called untreatable, incurable health issues and are now able to explain their methods on the internet, it is time for somebody to step in and re-organize this profession, for the good of all.

For centuries now, these “autoimmune” symptoms and disorders have been considered by all, to be untreatable, and have thereby been incorrectly classed as incurable. — However, after I discovered how to find and reverse all the causes, through my B.A.10 Reversal Program and by using the natural vibration of the body through “Muscular-skeletal Vibration Therapy” (MSV Therapy) to release blocked nerves and correct muscular-skeletal abnormalities, the healing power of natural practitioners and therapists has been dramatically improved.

These many autoimmune symptoms and disorders are only untreatable and incurable if Therapists, Practitioners, Lifestyle Coaches and Personal Trainers don’t understand their multiple causes, and, how to use effective assessment skills to find them, and treat them with success. — This is presently the case, because there is not one single chiropractic, naturopath, medical, or Lifestyle Coaching/Personal Training institution in the world, that teaches effective autoimmune assessment and treatment principals that actually work.

This leaves the entire health industry worldwide open for investors to establish two advanced training courses on autoimmune assessment and autoimmune treatment, either in a classroom setting, or through special online courses. — (1) A Two-day Skeletal and Autoimmune Assessment Training Course, and (2) a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner’s Training Course“, complemented by my “Muscular-skeletal Vibration Therapy”.

– – – – – – – – – – – –


With Professional Promotions
1 Million Dollars Can Be Earned
From 1 Clinic, Over The First
2 Yearss Of 
Running  Just
The Two-day 
Referral Course.

These Flaws In The Natural Health Industry Offer One Of The “BIGGEST” Investment Opportunities Since The Invention Of The Wheel.
According to the United States Department Of Labor (Bureau Of Labor and Statistics) 87.670 qualified massage therapists were employed, or owned their own businesses, in the state of Georgia in 2014. — They also state that the massage profession is the fastest growing profession in the USA: – therapists.htm

Remember, this is only the number of massage therapists “IN ONE OF THE 50 STATES THAT COMPRISE THE USA”. — This is also, only one proefssion out of 12 that the two advanced training courses I am offering, can be promoted to. — This means there are “MANY” millions of people in the health industry who can be invited to complete these two training courses but I believe the Two-day Skeletal and Autoimmune Assessment and Referral Course that will be the most popular, and the most supportive for investment returns.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Watch this video below to see the fruits of my new and very unique assessment and autoimmune treatment discoveries that will enable these courses to be offered to the whole health industry, not just in the USA, but worldwide: –


My “Two-day Skeletal and Autoimmune Assessment Training Course” on its own, just in the state of Georgia in the USA, has the potential to earn multi-million dollar dividends. — This is aside from fees obtained from my “B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner’s Training Course”, annual client and practitioner membership fees, and fees obtained from the treatment of patients experiencing autoimmune symptoms and disorders presently considered untreatable and incurable.

Graduates Of The Two-day Assessment Course In Each State, Will Refer People On For X-ray Insection and Specialised Treatment At The B.A.10 Clinic In Their State.
Once existing qualified therapists, practitioners and personal trainers graduate from this Two-day Skeletal and Autoimmune Referral Course, they will all be referring already diagnosed autoimmune patients, and people who test positive for developing autoimmune symptoms, on to receive additional assesment, spinal X-ray assessment and specialized treatment at the B.A.10 Autoimmune and Longevity Clinics, using the following referral form: –

There Are Millions Of Health Workers Who Are Ignorant Of The Information Taught In My Two Courses, Wanting To Learn More.

There is a list of what are called Rigidity Autoimmune Symptoms and Disorders which all 12 of the following groups of health workers are taught during accreditation training, “are incurable”:- (1) Medical doctors, (2) Psychologists, (3) Psychotherapists, (4) Physical therapists, (5) Chiropractors, (6) Naturopaths, (7) Natural therapists, (8) Massage therapists, (9) kinesiologists, (10) Exerise physiologists, (11) Lifestyle coaches, and (12) Personal trainers. (Whilst exercise and lifestyle coaching are not considered “treatments” necessary to “overcome” autoimmune disorders, in my B.A.10 Treatment Program they are “very” necessary.)

These 12 groups of therapists and practitioners represent “MILLIONS OF HEALTH WORKERS” in the medical and the natural health industries in the USA alone, who are ignorant to the causes, and to my new assessment approach, and my new “Nerve-hormonal, muscular-skeletal treatment approach, “which has proven through my many “before” and “after” patient success videos” to be capable of offering patients significant long-term success.

The sad part of all this is, somewhere around 90% of all medical and natural health college instructors have been given specific instructions by college directors and owners, to teach all health industry students they are better off discouraging all rigidity autoimmune patients from believing they may reach remission, and even reject them from their treatment services, after matriculating and establishing employment in the natural health industry.

These “SERIOUS FLAWS” begin with no therapists or practitioners within these 12 groups, except for chiropractors, are trained to palpate the spine and know the very basics on how to read spinal X-rays to indentfy the “secondary” skeletal problems that contribute to the development of these rigidity symptoms and disorders. — Keep in mind, this is only were it all begins, as therapists and pracitioners also need to know specialist treatment information required to find and overcome all the “primary” autoimmune causal problems that provoke the first autoimmune symptom to develop. — Read more about these primary and secondary causes on my page explaining the Two-day Skeletal and Autoimmune Assessment Referral Course.

Watch The Video Below
and Hear Testimonies
From My Past Clients
Who Gained From My
Innate Healing Ideals.

The Body Can Only Heal Properly, If Practitioners Learn To Work With The Body’s Own Natural Innate Healing Abilities Starting With The Spine.
Here is a video below, of testimonies from patients I have treated for a variety of seemingly impossible-to-overcome health issues, who medical practitioners and natural practitioners failed to help, when my in-depth assessment tests and very unique innate treatment approach was often able to create an almost immediate improvement.

Listen to the amazing success my new methods are getting: –

Email Me NOW For More Information.

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Read Why Therapists
and Personal Trainers
Learn About
Skeletal Assessment,
Vertebral Hypermobility
and Writing Referrals.

Teaching People How To Get Their Mind Right To Maintain A Good Skeletal Frame and Good Health, Will Be An Essential Service Offered Through The B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner Training Course and Through These Clinics.
One of the most important aspects of helping people to develop “and maintain” good health and mental well-being, is to help them get their mind right first, by giving them the knowledge required, to change a poor mindset into a positive, happy, success-based mindset. — It is also important to encourage oxygen and blood flow exercises and a regular intake of water, fruits and vegetables, as well as a good attitude. — If the heart is not happy and the mind is not at peace, the Locus Coeruleus in the brain stem will release excessive amounts of the muscle stiffness hormone noradrenaline, to make the muscles stiff as is seen in advanced Parkinson and MS patients the way they walk very slowly. — This is a true and accurate discription of what the word: “Dis-ease” relates to.

The body is the tail of
the brain and it will only
move (wag) happily, when
the mind is happy. These days
therapists are not trained how to
help patients develop happiness,
yet this is most important.

Never forget, the thoughts we
repeatedly think, attract us to
like the activities that support
the thoughts we think. This “Law
Of Attraction” gives credence to
the scripture: – “As he thinketh
in his heart, so is he“.
(Proverbs 23:7)

Coordination Programing” Is Among The Most Effective Ways To Place Affirmations Into The Mind’s Automation To Improve Personality Response.
Peace of mind is a very important aspect of health that is not normally taught to patients by medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors or natural therapists, which is very often, badly needed, specially in people over 35 years of age. — Another aspect of the mind not usually taught by other practitioners, is “Coordination Programing” which has been used in the mind programing of soldiers for many years and will be one aspect of mental freedom training taught in these clinics.

The average person can have great difficulty overcoming feelings of loss of purpose, grief, loss and hopelessness, and overcoming mental fatigue once it has taken hold and most people, young or mature aged, often put effort into avoiding being counseled for such things. However, these clinics will offer such services not as counseling sessions, but more as personal development challenges.

Email Me NOW For
More Information.

In this video below, you will see how I was able to help an elderly Parkinson patient “Betty” begin to regain the use of her completely jelly-like useless legs, in only 7 days, due to my unique assessment and treatment ideals, after 24 other practitioners completely missed a severe curvature in Betty’s thoracic spine, among other things. — This spinal curve was the major cause of a pain in Betty’s torso hindering her breathing, to cause oxygen depravation, and why the nerves going to her legs became completely blocked. — The problem with a curvature however, is not finding it, but correcting it, as there can be any of 6 different causal problems, however, my new “Muscular-skeletal Vibration Therapy” can often correct curvature and even severe scoliosis, in only hours to days: –

The Success Of My
Ideals Begins With
Knowing Nerves,
The Spine, Muscles
& Ideomotor

Nerves Are “FAR” More Important Than Muscles, In Stress Management and Good Health, But Naturopathic Doctor and Natural Therapists Are Not Educated On Nerves Because This Subject Is Not Covered Effectively, In Accreditation Training.
In helping patients with stress management, good sleep without interference from bladder incontinence, a strong nervous system and freedom of blocked “nerve trigger points” or “nerve junctions”, it is far more important to look after the skeletal frame and spinal supportive muscles, than anything else, because, their effect on the nervous system, positive or negative, is what controls if a person develops one-sided high blood pressure, high blood pressure provoked anxiety (and sometimes one-sided blood pressure provoked dizziness), and the condition and tension levels of every muscle in the body. These are more unique health facts that are not known by chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and natural therapist because they are not taught in accreditation training.

Not All Patients Have More Tension On One Side Of The Body Compared With The Other, But With Those Who Do, Treatment Requires A Different Approach.
If a person has more tension in a trapezius muscle on one side of the neck agitating the Brachiel Plexus, or the external oblique or psoas muscle around one hip joint, it will be because nerve points on one side of the body are causing that one-sided trauma. — These abnormalities are usually the cause of one stiff, or even frozen shoulder joint, whilst the other is perfectly healthy, or one hip joint worn on one side of the body whilst the other remains perfectly healthy, and, are very often the cause of unexplained mild dizziness, anxiety and heart palpitations that medications cannot overcome. — To overcome this one-sided excess tension, practitioners need to know hormonal influences.

Because details of the cause and consequences of these hormonal-muscular-skeletal abnormality are not taught at medical schools or chiropractic and natural therapy colleges, the vast majority of medical doctors, chiropractors and natural therapists are completely oblivious to the significance of this problem, in relation to the huge array of health issues it causes.

My 5 Treatment Secrets Are Why My Success Is Often Quite Outstanding.
This largely ignored one-sided hormonally-provoked abnormality is one of 5 treatment secrets to my quick significant success over Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many other rigidity disorders similar, and compiling these 5 treatment secrets took me several years of experiment and observation.

Here is my DVD on this subject (which is accompanied by an eBook with the same title), which are only available to investors who decide to join with me to establish these “Natural Health Longevity Clinics” and this DVD and eBook “MUST” be kept secure so as the 5 treatment secrets remain exclusive to these B.A.10 Autoimmune Longevity Clinics: –

Learn About His Victory
Over Epilepsy and Climb
To Athletic Success.

It is because medical doctors and other health practitioners ignore this one-sided abnormality, that there are so many rigidity autoimmune symptoms and diseases so wrongly considered as incurable. The answer is right there before their eyes but the vast majority of practitioners have no idea what they are looking at, and if they did, most would not have any clue, as to how to rectify the problem because each patient has a slightly different causal recipe.

This one-sided problem always precedes the onset of autoimmune symptoms and diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, MS, ALS, MSA, Irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, food intolerances, Emphysema, Migraine headache, and a whole array of other unexplained autoimmune problems. It is “very important” to remain aware of such circumstances and do everything possible to overcome them, as quickly as possible, to help patients overcome their suffering. This one-sided muscle tension is the reason why so many people find that a vertebral misalignment recently corrected by a chiropractor, just keeps coming back out of alignment often in a very short time. The good side to this situation though, is that one-sided excess muscle tension can actually be used as a preventative indicator, if understood and monitored properly.

Principals Used and Health Subjects Covered.
The principals that will be used in motivation, personal development, longevity and vitality educational workshops and seminars, and the personal natural therapy treatment sessions, are based on Hering’s Law Of Cure and the Laws Of Attraction.

Through delivering many motivation seminars and carrying out assessments and treatment on hundreds of patients medically diagnosed with a number of different rigidity autoimmune symptoms and disorders, in 8 different countries, I have also learned some very unique motivation concepts, as well as some very effective assessment and treatment ideals that have enabled me to help some wheelchair-bound autoimmune patients out of wheelchairs and back into life, often in only a matter of days. Here is a video of my treatment of a medical doctor in Brazil who could not walk properly on DAY 1 of treatment but she regained her ability to walk over 7 days: –


You can read about my life-long devotion to helping motivate people and helping them to develop their full potential, on my “Noel’s Story” web page, and you can watch my “before” and “after” videos to see this quick significant success over Parkinson’s disease and a number of other rigidity autoimmune disorders, through my many videos on this website.

L/C HERE, To Go To My Web Page Encouraging Existing Natural Health Businesses To Add The B.A.10 Treatment Program, and The Two-day Assessment Training Course To Their Services Offered.

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Go to my web pages on Parkinson’s disease and watch my “before” and “after” success videos to learn more.


Go to my web pages on Multiple sclerosis and watch my “before” and “after” success videos to learn more.


Go to my Treatment web page and watch more videos explaining my unique principals. Watch a video of one patient who had a “mysterious disease” that doctors could not identify, but the B.A.10 treatment overcame it.


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