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If You Create Enough
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The Number Of Patients Diagnosed With PD, MS & Diabetes Is “ENORMOUS“.
Unrealized by many, there are more people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, MS, and Diabetes, worldwide, than the population of the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom combined, and the reason is, NOBODY is offering accurate helpful knowledge or effective treatment with success to show, on video, as I am offering it. — The fact of the matter is, the B.A.10 Treatment Program is the “ONLY” effective treatment available to help these suffering patients, anywhere in the world. 

Having Exclusive Knowledge Will Cause Other Businesses To Refer Their Clients To You.
It is well known, one of the best advantages to have in business, is to make your customers so happy with your products and services that they recommend you to others, often termed “word of mouth” advertising. — The only business advantage that surpasses that, is if you have “other” businesses referring their clients to you, which is obviously a very rare event, but if you establish the B.A.10 Treatment Program in your medical, chiropractic, massage, physical therapist or personal trainer business you can do just that. 

Knowledge about assessment, effective treatment, and being able to increase public awareness of autoimmune disorders like Parkinson’s disease, MS, Diabetes, Emphysema, IBS, MSA and the other 16 disorders of the 22 disorders I cater for, is BADLY LACKING in our society.

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The B.A.10 Assessment Tests Are A Major Breakthrough In “Preventative Therapies” For Many Autoimmune Disorders.
In order to keep your Referral Agents writing referrals to send patients to you, it will be necessary for you to pay them a “Referral Incentive Fee” to thank them for their referral and to keep them doing the assessments and filling in referral forms.


Referral Therapists Need To Learn The Unique B.A.10 Assessment Tests, So As To Identify A Number Of Presently Unrealized Autoimmune Symptom Causes.
The body breakdown factors revealed through the simple but unique B.A.10 Assessment Tests, can allow a medical doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist or personal trainer etc, to see warning signs of an autoimmune disorder developing, some 4 to 5 years before the first symptom manifests as a visible, hindering symptom.

These unique tests introduce “prevention” in relation to the 22 rigidity disorders I cater for, like never imagined, and they are also the basis for my “B.A.10 Lifestyle Course” which is my prevention program to be promoted by any practitioner who includes the B.A.10 Treatment Program in their existing business.

Once you train other therapists in your state to refer patients on to you as a B.A.10 Treatment Agent, they will write out a referral form, from a book of referral forms that give you all that therapists contact details and his/her patient assessment findings for you to check on. — This is a copy of one of those referral forms: –

Each therapist who attends the Two-day Referral Course will also be given an identification sticker to display at his/her place of business, with a members number to use in correspondence, which will be listed on the members website: –


In your training as a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner you will learn a completely new way to treat patients diagnosed with a Rigidity Autoimmune Disorder. — Even the lifestyle of patients must be examined and solutions offered, to minimize stress and maximize life enjoyment. 


The B.A.10 Practitioner Must Learn All Aspects Of Thought To Muscle Movement Response.
In order to find the causes of Rigidity Autoimmune Symptoms and Disorders like Parkinson’s disease, MS, Diabetes, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis, MSA & IBS, etc, and learn how to best treat them, you need to think very differently to recognize nerve-hormonal interlinking reactions from the brain, into the body, and nerve-hormonal activity between thought and corresponding muscle response. — (If you have worked with advanced rigidity autoimmune patients you will have noticed that often, they can think a thought to move a limb, but that thought does not reach the limb to cause it to move, and this is a very significant breakdown factor that “MUST” be understood fully, in order to help patients reach remission.) As a practitioner, you need to use a completely different way of thinking that, as soon as I point it out to you, will help you realize a whole new world of health circumstances and healing efficiency for a totally new understanding of autoimmune health.

Please keep in mind that all “treatment” knowledge must be kept separate from the Assessment Referral knowledge and will be maintained as exclusive knowledge known only by the business owners who are trained to treat rigidity autoimmune patients as a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner. — The main reason for this secrecy, is because it takes a calm observant practitioner to find and treat all autoimmune causal abnormalities experienced by patients and I do not want untrained practitioners getting hold of this B.A.10 practitioner “treatment” knowledge, and degrading it to achieve little or no results when complications such as spinal degeneration and severe spinal curvature make progress difficult.

Any Practitioner Coming Into This Fraternity “MUST” Maintain Secrecy, To Prevent Abuse.
It has taken me decades to figure out and perfect, the new therapies involved in this treatment, and the new assessment ideals that all comprise this treatment, not to mention the many thousands of dollars put into research and trial-and-error development. — This is why my 5 Treatment Secrets have been kept exclusive. — A number of chiropractors and massage therapists have attempted to copy my Five-day Treatment Program since it’s conception in 2004 and all have failed because I have never shared these 5 Treatment Secrets with anyone, while explaining all the details of the different realm I work in, when treating my clients. — This treatment “MUST” be kept effective, and the only way to do that, is to keep it exclusive and well-managed.


In my opinion, everyone in the health industry, medical and natural, as well as all parents, should learn to do the B.A.10 Autoimmune Assessment Tests, simply because they can enable “anybody” to tell 4 to 5 years in advance, if a body is starting to break down in ways that predispose it to develop any one of the 22 rigidity autoimmune disorders I cater for on the B.A.10 Treatment Program.


I Have Created A New “MORE ADVANCED” Form Of Natural Assessment, and Natural Therapies.
I have discovered 5 very new and very unique ideals about the human body that have enabled me to establish a new form of natural assessment and natural therapies. — These new concepts are capable of taking the natural health industry to a far greater level of efficiency, in overcoming many symptoms considered incurable, and, in also helping badly suffering autoimmune patients out of their suffering. — In becoming a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner you will learn these new exciting breakthrough ideals that can enable all practitioners to develop a far greater healing efficiency.


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