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The Investors

I am presently traveling the world, being called on by anybody from the average factory worker to medical doctors and celebrates, to treat rigidity autoimmune disorders like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, simply because patients are not able to obtain effective help, from medical treatment, chiropractic treatment or alternative therapies “OF ANY KIND“. — There is an “ENORMOUS” need for my unique assessment and treatment approach to be used in the natural health industry worldwide. — Patients are suffering all over the world and “NONE” of the existing natural assessment and treatment ideals “EVEN COME CLOSE” to revealing the true causes or offering any significant help. — Many naturopaths and natural therapists don’t even know what Ideomotor Response is, let alone know how to use it, and this is only one of many treatment ideals that help me to achieve the success you see in my videos.

I Will Help You Start
A B.A.10 Prevention and
Multi-purpose Treatment
Using The

I Wish To Create Clinics Throughout AU and The USA To Give Therapists Health Knowledge and Symptom Solutions They Are Not Taught During Accreditation Training, and To Teach The Public Self-assessment Tests To Use At Home For Autoimmune Disorder Preventative Care.
During accreditation, medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, natural therapists and personal trainers are not taught any assessment procedures that can reveal the true causes of rigidity autoimmune disorders and my two practitioner training courses are designed to make up for that.

One of the problems I am faced with in my Travel-to-treat Program is that I am only with my international clients for 7 to 10 days so I need to train other qualified therapists and practitioners to know my new and very unique ideals, so as to do my follow-on therapies after I return home. — Whilst I often get good improvement with at least one-third of my clients in that time, even achieving remission with some, with close to two-thirds of my clients, the ones who have had symptoms longer than 2 years, I need to train local practitioners to do my unique follow-on assessments so as to monitor progress and administer the treatment that these special assessments call for.

After Two Years
Causal Problems
Grow More Severe.

The patients who need someone to do these follow-on assessments are those who have had their symptoms for longer than 2 years, and who therefore have advanced stress-provoked subconscious blockages, blocked nerves that need to be rejuvenated and spinal problems showing on their X-rays. — These problems “CAN” be overcome, but several of the treatments required (nerve massage and other treatments described in my 5 Treatment Secrets eBook and DVD), need to be carried out by a therapist trained to use my unique methods. — People in general, also need to learn how to best look after themselves according to the innate intelligence of the autoimmune healing process and the mind to body psychosomatic response. — These are just some of the subjects I want these clinics to offer.

Here are several comparison X-rays for you to see the difference between a healthy person’s cervical spine and a rigidity autoimmune patient’s cervical spine. — I notice this difference in every patient I treat, and only when I correct these spinal curves, loss of lordois and degeneration, do the patient’s symptoms start to diminish proportionately. First, X-rays of problems in the cervical spine: –

Another X-ray comparison of problems in the cervical spine: –

Now, X-rays and back muscle photos showing different versions of spinal curvature in the thoracic spine: –

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These follow-on assessments reveal what follow-on treatment needs to be done, to those patients whose X-rays show that they have severe spinal curvature, degenerative discs, profuse vertebral hypermobility, advanced negative muscle memory, and hormonal imbalances, which requires treatment that is regulated according to the results of these assessments.  To teach these concepts, along with my 5 Treatment Secrets, to other practitioners who have an existing natural health business, I will charge the following fees: –

Ideally I Am Looking For An Investor To Establish Clinics In Several States In The USA, Who Can Maintain Confidentiality Over My New and Very Unique Discoveries. The Cost For Purchasing The Rights To Use My Ideals Exclusively, Are To Be Negotiated Depending On The Circumstances.
Within these clinics I wish to introduce referral forms so as the therapists I train to work in these clinics, will write referrals to send patients to chiropractors for adjustment, and to work in with the clinics to overcome all types of skeletal abnormalities. This is a sample of the referral form I would introduce: –


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The Meaning Of B.A.10.

My B.A.10 Principals Do Not Attract Any Medical Risks.
In the Personal Treatment aspect of these clinics, I will only teach treatment principals that cater for “rigidity” autoimmune disorders which means they have no medical danger associated with them as would cancer or heart disease. (There are two versions of autoimmune diseases. One being “Blood Disorder Diseases” such as heart disease or cancer, and the other being “Muscle Rigidity Diseases” such as listed below.)

The Symptoms and Disorders I Cater For, Offer No Medical Risk.
The only disorders I cater for are the rigidity disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, MS, Diabetes, MSA, ALS, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Irritable bowel syndrome, Sarcoidosis, Transverse myelitis, and several others that cause symptoms such as food intolerances, migraine, frozen joints, tremors, optic neuritis, loss of balance, drop foot, bladder incontinence and sleep difficulties, muscle rigidity that inhibits walking, jogging, dancing, and normal muscle freedom, and other symptoms similar that offer no risk to the therapist treating them. The main focus however, will be that of a series of teachings that offer health-promoting lifestyle and longevity education principals.

All Therapists Taught Will Be Given A Completion Certificate and The Appropriate Poster From Below.
The natural health and personal development ideals that the B.A.10 Lifestyle and Personal Development Program are based on, begin with developing and maintaining peace of mind, nerve freedom, respiratory efficiency and a healthy relaxed muscular system and skeletal frame. The business advertising will include the most appropriate of the following two posters below, accompanied by the relevant attendance certificate, depending on the course out of the two courses offered, that each therapist attends: –

Items Required
By The Investor, For
This Multi-purpose
B.A.10 Business To
Be Established: –

A small building (Approximately 25 meters by 25 meters floor space) with a small outdoor yard area for outdoor massage and relaxation. Here is a photo of an outdoor massage service established in my last Health and Longevity Centre in Brisbane: –

A servery counter with fridge, 1 blender, 1 fruit juice machine and a Kangen Alkaline Water Ionizer.

A separate indoor relaxation/therapy/massage room with massage table, deck and 2 chairs. (This can be included in the floor area dimensions mentioned above.)

A small amount of exercise equipment of which the heavy equipment will be positioned around the walls leaving the open floor area in the middle of the room, available for easy-to-shift light weight equipment and equipment that has wheels. (The equipment required will be cardiovascular machines, pin weight cable machines, prone and incline benches and dumbbells.)

A TV and DVD player for personal treatment sessions, and for the group workshops and seminars.

A number of books
giving testimonies of success over difficult odds and on natural health, nutrition, personal development and developing freedom of mind.

A Whiteboard.

100 Chairs ???, for the monthly seminars and workshops that will be advertised, to attract clientele.
Finances to prepare the building for use.

Finances to cover set-up costs as above. (During the 8 training weeks, all patient fees will go to you, which means much of your set-up fee will be paid for, from the patients I treat while training you and your therapists.)

Finances to cover initial advertising and promotions to attract patients to treat during the 8 training weeks, depends on your access to patients wanting treatment. I usually do this by advertising free seminars on the immune system and autoimmune disorders, and offering free assessments.

You Will Need To Employ At Least One Already Qualified Therapist. A massage therapist, a natural therapist or a personal trainer willing to sign a confidentiality agreement and learn advanced anatomy, physiology and psychology information covering the following subjects: – Skeletal assessment and the very basics in how to read X-rays of the spine and hip joints in order to converse with chiropractors working with these businesses, on a professional level, and learn how to reinstate normal spinal lordosis and overcome spinal curvature and disc degeneration, — Immune system efficiency with familiarization of the influence of hormones and immunoglobulins, as described in the medical journal and books I will be referring to during training, — How to massage nerve points to overcome muscle cramping, rigidity, numbness and tremors, — How to change nutritional dietary factors that influence the positive and negative electric charge of the nervous system, and dietary factors that help to overcome muscle cramping, rigidity, numbness, tremors and problems with blood pressure, which are influenced by poor electric activity of nerve neurons, — Hormones and emotions that control food absorption and immune efficiency, the autoimmune system and feelings of motivation and flexibility in mature years, — How to encourage longevity through good sleep, doing regular relaxation sessions, blood flow exercises and living on a whole food diet, and knowing when to use a blood cleansing diet. — Sleep and relaxation therapy and overcoming bladder incontinence, — How to overcome problems with dizziness, memory and early stage dementia through natural health ideals.

You Can Advertise To An Overseas Market.
The services this business will offer can be promoted interstate and overseas as they are so unique and effective, I have been called on to travel to 8 different countries to treat a variety of people including politicians, medical doctors, company executives, and or, landscape gardeners, truck drivers and housewives.


These Clinics Will Be Exclusive and
Will Teach and Treat People With
Several Unique Ideals Not Used
By Any Other Business Offering
Personal Development, and
Natural Health Services.

The In-house Training I Will Give To Any Therapists Employed, Is Very Unique and Effective, and They Will Therefore Be Required To Sign A Confidentiality Agreement and Respect The Knowledge They Obtain As Unique To These Specialized Clinics.
After selecting at least one already qualified massage therapist, natural therapist or personal trainer to eventually manage the clinic, I will put him/her through a series of stringent training sessions over the 8 weeks, so they learn what they need to learn, to carry on teaching the ideals I will be teaching them, during my 8 week set-up period.

The unique motivation, personal development, maintenance assessment and treatment principals I will teach, will not be available at any other chiropractic, natural therapy or medical-based health and fitness clinic “ANYWHERE”.

The Target Market “FOR TREATMENT” Would Be Anybody Past Puberty As This Is When The Endocrine System Has Developed Fully and Patients Will Therefore Control Their Own Goal Outcome.
The people targeted through advertising and promotions for teaching, would be any person wanting to learn about Natural health, Hormonal, respiratory and exercise principals of longevity, Stress management, Exercise for lung efficiency, joint flexibility, fitness or weight control (fat loss or muscle gain), How to maintain a strong immune system and overcome autoimmune symptoms and disorders such as Food intolerances, Tremors, Body stiffness, Dizziness, Loss of balance, Migraine headache, Difficulties with period cycle, Slurred speech, Bladder incontinence, Swollen ankles, Emotional disarray, or,,, Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, ALS, Irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, Emphysema and Transverse myelitis etc,. There have been several “very effective breakthroughs” in these areas of natural health, since Montel Williams shared the success he experienced over the symptoms of multiple sclerosis through natural means, back in 2007. (Whilst I disagree with his use of marijuana, I am fully aware of the effectiveness of the other natural principals he uses, to now enjoy a reasonably healthy life short of remission, particularly with the use of chiropractic.)

After establishing and managing several larger versions of this clinic described above, and employing up to 7 staff to run the largest of such centres for many years, I have learned much about in-house employee training, and attracting customers and holding their interest over a long period of time, to create a long-term customer base.

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