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“NOBODY”, not even Government health officials can
 dispute the medical
journals, Dr. James Parkinson’s 
autopsy findings, & scriptures, that support my successful
treatment of Parkinson’s disease, & the 22 other diseases that mimic PD. These clinics
will even be legally able to advertise successful treatment for PD & MS etc, on TV,
due to it being based on these medical journals and autopsy results.

Advanced Parkinson, MS, MSA, MND, Sarcoidosis and respiratory patients, go through a horrible suffering
and “nothing” medical doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, naturopaths or massage therapists offer, can
give patients any significant long-term relief, as their accreditation training “doesn’t even come close” to
teaching them what they need to know, to help these patients into remission. If you watched the success I
achieved with medical surgeon Dr. Pineda, “in 4 days”, and the medical endocrinologist I helped to regain
balance & 
walking “in 4 days”, Dr. Bisilli, you will realise, there “IS” a cure. To establish this cure, requires
input, advanced practitioner training that includes knowing how to rectify severe spinal
being aware of the stress signs of the body, including 9 iridology markings, and
patients what “THEY” must do, to reach and maintain long-lasting remission.

Below, are success videos of 5 of the most severe cases of rigidity disease I have dealt with in 20 years of
treating autoimmune patients since 1998, (3 of which had absolutely no knowledge on what to do themselves)
and “NONE” of these patients, had any long-term improvement from the medical & natural treatments they
received. When
 patients present with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, COPD, or any of the
23 diseases 
I have had success with, they all report not having “ANYONE” to turn to, who could give
any significant help. There are millions of these patients all over the world, 
in need of appropriate treatment, in specialised immune system super-clinics.



In my opinion, as Betty Green was in pain every time she breathed in, her sciatic nerves had lost sensitivity, her leg muscles were useless, her oxygen reading was down to 87 while showing signs of hypoxia, she was approaching her final days. What is worse, is that all 4 of these problems existed while Betty had been breathing from an oxygen tank, day & night, for several weeks, which should have brought her oxygen reading up to the health-supporting normal, of 96 to 98. Over 2 years, Betty’s family called on 24 practitioners, medical & natural, to help Betty, specially to help her breathe. In desperation Betty’s husband asked me if I would come to Colorado to help her, and I booked the first flight I could board. When I arrived, I found that even though Betty was breathing from an oxygen tank, day & night, it didn’t help, because her inhalation span was very slight & she wasn’t “absorbing” oxygen. Then, while trying to help her breathe, I discovered she had an enormous spinal scoliosis so severe, it rendered her legs useless & put so much pressure on the nerves governing her lungs & diaphragm, it would have soon stopped her from breathing completely. Whilst Betty was told she had a mystery incurable disease (Parkinson’s disease) causing all these problems, my assessment, which included having spinal X-rays done, revealed that all her symptoms were caused by this severe scoliosis. My next step was to begin correcting her spine, along with the 8 additional problems that originally created her scoliosis. (The 24 practitioners that Betty’s husband called on, couldn’t help, because their training fell well short of knowing how to find and correct, the many problems that were causing her muscular, spinal & hormonal abnormalities, & the resulting symptoms.) THESE PATIENTS “DESPERATELY” NEED HELP, & THEY HAVE NOBODY TO TURN TO.)


Subhash Quatra was a very successful businessman employing many people and could afford the best of treatment, however, he could not find “ANYONE” who knew how to help him regain his ability to swallow solid foods, strengthen his leg muscles enough to stand up, regain his balance enough to remain standing, or develop enough strength in his left arm, to turn the left wheel of his wheelchair. In fact, his left arm was so weak, he had difficulty lifting up a tissue. – The problems Subhash experienced, that caused his symptoms, were muscular-spinal-hormonal abnormalities, which, just like Betty Green, included a thoracic scoliosis that distorted his spine so much,  Subhash’s legs lost their strength completely. His neck muscles were also so tense, it distorted his cervical spine to such an extent, he could hardly swallow food. This added to his symptom severity by giving him such little nutritional support, he hardly had enough energy to stay awake when I questioned him on DAY 1.  Subhash was starting to think, he would never again enjoy the ability to stand and walk. – THESE PATIENTS “DESPERATELY” NEED HELP BUT HAVE NOBODY TO TURN TO. – THESE PATIENTS ALSO REQUIRE FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE AND TREATMENT, FOR SEVERAL YEARS, BY SPECIALLY TRAINED PRACTITIONERS.)

MS PATIENT "sherry" had spinal distortionS CAUSING HER SYMPTOMS, BUT NOBODY found this as the cause

Sherry Carson was told she had developed the mystery incurable disease MS, which created spots in her myelin nerve protective sheath, due to lesions (plaques) consuming pieces of the myelin, as though the myelin was dying, or being made to atrophy, and that this caused the symptoms she was experiencing. – (Atrophy meaning: “DEATH”.)She was also told, she would never live a normal life again, which completely opposes Christian ethics: – (Ephesians 4:29) “Doctors, do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful from Dr. Parkinson’s book, for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen”. While reading a mountain of medical books and journals on this subject, I found a comment made by a chiropractor, which made sense. – He said, he couldn’t see how degeneration (atrophy), of the myelin sheath could cause MS symptoms, because if this were so, patients diagnosed with MS would “NEVER” experience variation in symptom severity, because when something is “dead”, it is dead. End of story. – He then explained how MS patients often have “HUGE” variations in symptom severity and that if myelin degeneration caused MS symptoms, every time an MS patient’s symptoms got worse, these dead spots of myelin, would have to increase, but more importantly, every time an MS patient’s symptoms reduced, or went away completely, as they sometimes do, the myelin sheath would have to repair completely, sometimes within 15 minutes or so. — (All MS patients usually feel symptom reduction after a good sleep, & some experience so much variation, sometimes after a short 15 minute nap, that medical health officials have given this extreme symptom variation a special name: – “Relapsing-Remitting MS”.) Incidentally, it is recorded in medical journals listed in my MS eBook, autopsies on deceased MS patients have revealed that some MS patients have no myelin degeneration (atrophy), and,,, autopsies also reveal, some people who have “never” had any MS symptoms, were found to have lesions. Listen to what Sherry Carson thinks of this causal explanation, after I got her rubbery-useless right leg working again, enabling her to regain her ability to walk, in only a matter of days. (Sherry did not appear to have the mystery incurable disease (MS), causing her symptoms, as her symptoms began to go, the moment I reduced the muscular-spinal-hormonal abnormalities that Dr. James Parkinson blamed for causing these symptoms, in his 1817 book: “Essay On The Shaking Palsy”. – THESE PATIENTS “DESPERATELY” NEED HELP & THEY HAVE NOBODY TO TURN TO. – THEY ALSO REQUIRE FOLLOW-ON MAINTENANCE ASSESSMENTS AND TREATMENT, FOR SEVERAL YEARS AFTER REACHING REMISSION, BY SPECIALLY TRAINED PRACTITIONERS.)

Neurologists didn't KNOW what caused this woman's symptoms, but it was also, spinal distortionS

Even though Annette experienced the same symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, the many doctors who she went to for help, could not identify any disease that could be causing her symptoms, even though they carried out every test they could think of, to explain her suffering. The reason for this is that there is no test that can be used to show that these diseases are present, let alone identify any of them as the cause of symptoms experienced. – Once again, as I corrected all the muscular-spinal-hormonal abnormalities I could find in Annette’s body, through new natural treatment ideals, her symptoms began to go away, within days.

Neurologists WERE AT A LOSS AS TO what caused barry's symptoms, but ONCE AGAIN, it was spinal distortionS

Below, you will see photos of the spinal distortions responsible for the immobility and other symptoms that Barry Black experienced, which his neurologist blamed on the mystery incurable disorder, Parkinson’s disease.

After 15 years of being immobilised, Barry could jog, in only 4 days.
Once again, when I began to overcome these spinal distortions and the other muscular-hormonal problems that caused them, Barry’s symptoms began to fade away proportionally, in just 4 days. Barry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 30 years prior to contacting me for help, and he lost his ability to walk, 15 years before I treated him. This is a case that “ALL” Parkinson patients need to know about because after 15 years of Barry not being able to walk, when I used my unique new treatment approach to correct the causes for Parkinson symptoms, as noted in Dr. James Parkinson’s book, Barry  was not only able to walk normally, he could also walk backwards and sideways, and,,, he could even jog. Remember, this amazing improvement developed in just 4 days, because I eliminated the “TRUE” causes of his symptoms!


It is my opinion that the true causes of Parkinson symptoms as well as essential tremors, & symptoms of MS, MSA, MND, ALS, COPD, IBS & many more similar, is not atrophy of the dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra, myelin degeneration, or, some mysterious problem in the brain, it is a stressful overactive mind during sleep, causing excessive tension in the kidney support muscles which creates bladder incontinence, and excess tension in the spinal supportive muscles, which distorts the spine to suppress nerves going to symptom-affected areas. – This distortion begins in the neck, often causing several cervical abnormalities that encourage loss of balance, optic neuritis and loss of the sense of taste or smell, and eventually influence spinal distortion right down to the pelvis. The autopsies Dr. Parkinson commented on in his book, enabled him to document 3 primary causes for Parkinson symptoms. These 3 causes are: –

  1. Swelling of the brain stem medulla spinalis due to abnormalities in the upper cervical area of the spine. (Assessed by restricted range of neck movement.)
  2. Excess rigidity in spinal supportive muscles. (Assessed by palpation & shadow photos taken with patients standing side-on to sunlight coming through a window, with no shirt on. See a selection of these shadow photos, in Videos 6A & 6B on my webpage of 50+ videos, titled “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds”)
  3. Spinal curvature, most commonly found in the thoracic spine. (Discovered by observation, & usually a torso lean to the left or right, as seen in Barry’s “BEFORE” photo adjacent, showing him leaning to the left.)


Tremors In Parkinson’s Disease & MS Are Not From Dying Dopamine Neurons Or Myelin Degeneration, Which, In My Opinion, Is Why Medical Treatment Is Ineffective.
In this video adjacent, watch as I compare what medical websites list as the cause of Parkinson, MS, IBS, COPD-type symptoms, with what chiropractic and physiotherapy websites list as the cause of these same symptoms. – In videos 5A and 5B of the videos on my “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds” page of 50+ videos, you can also see a comparison between patient spinal X-rays and back muscle distortions showing the same “ONE-SIDED” muscular-spinal abnormalities in 10 different rigidity autoimmune patients, who were diagnosed with 6 different diseases. Don’t forget, these 10 patients all had the same symptoms, and their X-rays showed they all had much-the-same spinal faults yet they were diagnosed with 6 different mystery incurable autoimmune diseases, none of which had any type of test to prove, these patients actually had any sort of disease. Also, as I reduced their muscular-spinal & hormonal abnormalities, their symptoms reduced proportionally, proving beyond any doubt, these abnormalities “WERE” the cause of their symptoms. (Without a confirmed accurate knowledge of reading the natural stress signs of the body, I would “NEVER” have know how to find “ALL” the causes of symptoms such as Optic Neuritis, Loss of the sense of taste and smell, tremors, loss of balance and extreme stiffness.)



With the B.A.10 Program added to your existing business, you will be able to use advertising that can attract patients from all over the world, which no other health business, medical or natural, can use, because they can’t achieve the success the B.A.10 Program is achieving, by using the ideals from Dr. Parkinson’s book, which are supported by many medical journals, and the unique treatment ideals I describe in my eBook: “The 5 Treatment Secrets”. — Never forget, medical researchers claim these symptoms are caused by “A MYSTERIOUS” DISEASE THAT IS INCURABLE, which compels me to ask, how can anybody claim these diseases are incurable if they are mysterious, because if something is mysterious, that means nobody understands them, and the cure could therefore be right under our noses, “AND IT HAS BEEN, FOR OVER 200 YEARS”.



investors who design effective SEO along with television commercials to promote
these super clinics, will have Thousands Of patients coming from all over the world

Just from word-of-mouth, I have been invited to 9 different countries to treat medical doctors, Government officials, a supreme court judge, chiropractors, naturopaths, company directors &, “MANY” business owners, who were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, COPD, or Sarcoidosis, who could not find help through any medical or natural treatments. They had “NOBODY” to turn to, to help them! — “NOBODY”.
In the beginning, these Immune System Super Clinics will need two massage therapists, a physiotherapist and a chiropractor, with all four being trained to use my unique assessment and treatment ideals. (At some point, after three “Super Clinic” are functional and practitioners are adequately trained and experienced, I would like investors to do television commercials using Dr. James Parkinson’s autopsy findings, medical and chiropractic journals on Parkinson’s disease, MS and COPD causes, and,,, “BEFORE” and “AFTER” patient success videos showing past immobilised PD/MS patients walking away from wheelchairs in 4 to 14 days.)
Advertising will never claim cures for any of these diseases, only to create super immune system efficiency, in patients who are willing to put in their own effort to “EARN” their remission, which has repeatedly proven to help quench pain in these patients, in around 3 days, and help some immobilised patients walk again, and even jog, in only 4 to 14 days. – In many of the success videos on my “Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds” webpage, you will see miraculous improvement simply because my new discoveries overcome muscular, spinal and hormonal abnormalities that no other treatments can fully correct, particularly in the case of spinal scoliosis, severe spinal kinks (as in the case of Barry Black), disc degeneration, and accompanying lung, kidney, liver, stomach and intestinal breakdown.
VIDEO 3, explains which therapies I use, to find “ALL” the causal breakdown factors in each of my rigidity autoimmune patients.
To learn how to identify the severity of such breakdown, and to know exactly which organs are compromised, practitioners “MUST” learn how to read the natural stress signs of the body. There is no other way. (Watch my “Natural Stress Signs, Symptom Comparison Video”, VIDEO 3) on my 
“Watch Noel Stop Tremors In Seconds” webpage of 50+ videos, to learn more about which therapies I use, to search out these natural stress signs of the body. 
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