Investment Clinic Services

What The B.A.10
Autoimmune and
Longevity Clinic
Will Offer.

These Clinics Will Only Employ Already Qualified Therapists.
These clinics will employ qualified chiropractors, physical therapists, naturopaths, natural therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers or lifestyle coaches, most suitable for this work, and give them 6 weeks of autoimmune training, starting with one week of theory followed by 3 weeks of supervised treatment of rigidity autoimmune patients and two weeks of unsupervised patient treatment, to help them graduate as qualified “B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioners”.

All persons attending these clinics for “Prevention Therapy and Education Workshops and Seminars”, for initial “Skeletal and Autoimmune Assessment” and treatment after being medically diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, or follow-on “Check-up assessments” will all be given the following tests and taught the following ideals: –

POSTURE, OXYGEN and SELF-ESTEEM will be high priorities of these clinics. — The two most common tests given by practitioners working in these clinics, will be the Oxygen Saturation Test and Spinal Palpation. — The most common exercises given, will be to improve posture and increase lung efficiency and the most common personal development teaching will be to heighten self-esteem. — Good posture from the Cervical Spine down, high oxygen saturation (97 or above), and good self-esteem will be the foundation of all teachings and will even be considered during every massage session.

All practitioners working at these clinics will learn all aspects of the nerves of the Brachial Plexus and how they service the arm muscles, so as to use this information on all patients with any type of arm symptom. — They will learn how to palpate all vertebra in the Cervical Spine, the Ulnar Nerve, the Median Nerve and the Radial Nerve in the search for spinal influence and the presence of Nerve Impingement Syndrome (NIP).

They will also learn to use my two very new and very unique massage tests that reveal dorment nerves and nerve blockages in the body that can cause drop foot, spastic foot, leg symptoms that lead to a patient becoming wheelchair-bound, and dizziness or loss of balance. — These tests will be used on “ALL” patints attending these B.A.10 Autoimmune Longevity Clinics, who experience any type of leg symptom or balance problem.

The unrealized anatomical anomalies that I reveal by using these new and very unique tests, have proven to help overcome “many” of the symptoms experienced by patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, MS, Diabetes, MSA, IBS and several other disorders that are wrongly classed as incurable.

Watch my “before” and “after” success videos for proof of these misunderstandings.
No other practitioners can be familiar with these unique and very revealing tests as I designed them specially to overcome symptoms of rigidity autoimmune disorders.

Abnormal muscle and joint stiffness provoked by a number of causal problems not even realized by most qualified chiropractors, naturopaths, natural therapists and many other therapists in the health industry, are often provoked by negative muscle memory, blood abnormalities, and dorment nerves that combined, often put many patients into wheelchairs. — Knowing these unusual symptom-causing abnormalities and how to overcome them quickly, is largely why I am often able to get immobilized patients out of wheelchairs sometimes in only a matter of days. (This unusual success can “ONLY” come about through “a reversal” of all body breakdown factors through what I call “The B.A.10 Approach”.)

These clinics will also offer monthly seminars and workshops that promote Autoimmune Prevention Techniques, as well as normal teachings on fitness, athletic efficiency, diet, personal development and natural health, for the young, middle aged, and the elderly.

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I Presently Travel Internationally To Treat Autoimmune Patients Because Of My Unique Natural Approach, Much Of Which Is Unknown To Others.
The scarcity of my “true natural health ideals” are why I am being called on to travel internationally to treat autoimmune patients who simply cannot find chiropractors, naturopathic doctors or natural therapists who are capable of achieving the results that my unique ideals achieve. The down side, is that due to me traveling internationally, it is very difficult to offer follow-up treatment, which is “An Essential For Business Success” that these clinics will be able to offer. These clinics will make it possible for representatives of my treatment to give this follow-up service.

My New Ideals
Based On Nerve-hormonal
Influences Are
A Real

Educating existing qualified therapists in each state, with my new assessment ideals and training them to write referrals for people who are found to have the beginning of autoimmune breakdown, to attend these clinics for specialised monotering and treatment, will offer a breakthrough in natural health services for many, many suffering patients who are not receiving help from medical treatment. — Listen to Dr. Antonio Pineda explain how the medical beliefs for Parkinson’s disease are QUOTE: “crazy”: –

The photo below is of one of my clients who suffered extreme mood swings, fatigue, intermittent mild dizziness and mysterious symptoms that all went away, after I spent 7 days corrected these muscle abnormalities you can see in the photo, and the spinal curvature, nerve-hormonal abnormalities and hypermobile subluxations they provoked: –

There Are Literally Millions Of People “Putting Up With” Niggling health Issues and Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders That Doctors, Chiropractors and Naturopaths Can’t Fix, Because They Are Not Even Trained To “Find” Such Hormonal-muscular-skeletal Causes.
Below is another photo of a past client (Janice), just an average person with unexplained symptoms niggling at her, and after she had no success from seeing several medical doctors, a chiropractor and a natural therapist, she finally found the answer in my unique approach. (Janice’s doctor, chiropractor and previous natural therapist didn’t look past their usual checks to find her mild T1 curve showing in the photo below, along with the muscle abnormalities causing it). Janice finally came to me due to her frustration after getting no explanations for her symptoms, and no solutions other than being offered an arm full of pharmaceuticals and supplements.

After helping Janice solve some stress related problems and a personality complex that caused her to unconsciously present herself as a victim, correcting her muscle abnormalities and the T1 curve at the black arrow, her symptoms and mood swings faded away within a few hours. Practitioners of the future must understand, there is far more to “natural healing” than what we are presently being taught at natural health colleges to become qualified as a natural health practitioner and only when we learn to look deeper, will we develop such advanced healing skills: –

Helga’s Right Arm Symptoms
and Neck Pain Simply Would
Not Go Away, No matter What
Therapists Her Mother Took
Her To See.

Heart Palpitations, High Blood Pressure, Dizziness and Anxiety Overcome, By Correcting This Excess Muscle Tension In A 14 Year Old, Medically Diagnosed With Long QT Heart Syndrome.
Here is a neck muscle photo of a teenage girl (Helga from Germany) whose mother had been massaging the trapezius muscle on her right side, for some time, because of neck pain Helga was experiencing, but even though the muscle pain went away for 15 minutes or so, it just kept coming back. — None of the 5 therapists Helga went to see, could help her, but one advised her mother to massage her right trapizeus muscle every day.

The reason Helga only experienced “temporary” relief from the daily massage, was because Helga’s abnormal neck muscle swelling was pulling the C2, C3 and C4 vertebra over quite dramatically, to the right to block nerves of the Brachial Plexus (which none of the practitioners she went to, discovered). — You can see the worst tension area and the nerves being blocked in the photo below, where you can see the 3 crosses that are not circled. — It was not until I helped Helga deal with some pretty severe personal stress problems, unblocked those 3 blocked nerve points and helped Helga improve her stress management skills, that her excess trapezius tension went away and her C2, C3 and C4 vertebra remained in alignment after chiropractic adjustment, and her Brachial Nerves became free.

Most Stomach
Problems Are From

The photo below is of a client who had a severe spinal curvature caused by excess muscle tension in the lumbar muscles on the right side which provoked Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) hip pain and walking problems. No other therapist could solve his IBS or the other difficulties he experienced, because their training provoked them to sell supplements and not even consider his back muscles as one part of the cause. While I did my specialized treatment on him to overcome emotional stress and massaged several lumbar muscles and nerves, his IBS and leg symptoms all went away in a matter of 10 days: –

Have you ever seen those people who simply cannot sit still, or they have one leg or arm that is constantly twitching, stiff, tremoring or lazy, well those problems are very often caused by excess muscle tension pulling their spine off-center to create spinal curvature and vertebral subluxation, which affect brachial and lumbar nerves, but because MD’s, chiropractors, ND’s and natural therapists usually never do tests to seek out suppressed Brachial or Lumbar nerves, these symptoms often go untreated and wrongly labeled as being “incurable”.

These symptoms are one part of what these B.A.10 Autoimmune Longevity Clinics Will Cater For. 

I have already established two similar clinics (as fitness and health centres) in Brisbane and they were very successful. — L/C here to read more about these two fitness centres on my “Noel’s Story” web page.

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