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In The Early Days, The
Church Managed
The Treatment
Health Issues

Back in the days before the large pharmaceutical drug companies became established, the Christian Church controlled what medical doctors were, and were not allowed to do, which is why many medical doctors were leaders in the Christian Church during those early days. This is how “Luke”, a famous medical doctor and prophet from the New Testament, was nick-named “the ministering physician”. — To me, out of all the ancient physicians the disciple Luke and Claudius Galen (possibly the first successful brain surgeon) are the most interesting.

Hippocrates (460 B.C.E. – 377 B.C.E.), Dr. Claudius Galen (130 AD – 200 AD), and Paracelsus (1493 – 1541) were iconic leaders of the health system in these biblical days and they documented many of the real causes and the most appropriate treatments for autoimmune diseases way back then.

Paracelsus was the one out of these three who introduced pharmaceuticals to the hospital system whilst at the same time, he did everything possible, underhanded or otherwise, to destroy all documentations that supported any natural treatments that worked. — This underhanded attitude to maximise interest in pharmaceuticals, still exists to this day. 

In those early days doctors were members of the church and before pharmaceucital drugs were discovered, chiropractic (or “bone setting” as it was called then) along with herbal medicines, diets, stress counseling, exercising for muscle flexibility and strength, massage to relax the muscles, deep breathing to improve lung efficiency, and hot and cold bath treatments were the common therapies for autoimmune symptoms and disorders. — Hippocrates and Galen both placed importance on setting the bones of the spine in alignment as a first option with all people who were suffering ill-health, and looking closely at a patients diet.

Paracelsus” was purely a pharmacologist who was totally focused on using pharmaceutical drugs to the extent that he became known as “The Father Of Pharmacology”. — Many drugs he created back then, set a precedent for today’s pharmaceutical industry.

The devotion Paracelsus had to the establishment of pharmaceuticals that could be used to treat every possible ailment, was so much bordering on obsession, that he took on a personal vendetta against the natural health writings of Claudius Galen, and some time around 1530, he organized a public burning of Galen’s papers. — Due to this event, many of Galen’s writings about the effectiveness of natural treatments and how stressful events that affected the emotions, such as grief, unforgiveness and anxiety, set the stage for autoimmune disease to become established, were lost forever.

The reasoning back then, was the same as it is today, in that pharmaceutical drug sales is always given a much higher priority than trying to help suffering patient overcome their suffering by rectifying the body’s own dysfunctions that have created that suffering, because of the greater financial profit to be made.

The BA10 Treatment Program that I am using with such amazing success, was, I believe, being used in those days by Dr. Claudius Galen, in a much more primitive form, to try to get the same results I am getting. — I believe that it is time “now” for that treatment to be explained in a public forum, in order to give suffering patients the help they so badly need.

Luke The Ministering Physician
Luke, one of the four Gospel writers, was modest, unassuming, self-forgetful, yet withal a skillful, successful doctor, and by his patients and associates in gospel labor, esteemed a “beloved physician.” Col. 4:14. It was the skill manifested in his medical practice that attracted the attention of Paul, who sought his aid in the work of the gospel. (Ministry of Healing, pp. 140, 141.)

Though himself a skillful physician, prescribing and ministering successfully in medical lines to his many patients, Dr. Luke, in writing his Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, recorded nothing of his own professional cures, or even that he had part in any of the cures performed by Paul or the other workers, although he was free to re­cord the many, marvelous healing they performed. “His medical skill opened the way for the gospel to reach many hearts.”—Counsels on Health, p. 498.



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