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How Our Immune
System Works

Obviously, our regeneration functions which support mitosis, rely on regular good sleep and good natural foods, to obtain the nutrient needed for energy and to repair the vitality of our body and mind. — However, I will not be covering these basic subject in this article because most people are already aware of them, and I believe these subjects are secondary and less important than 5 other immune functions that most chiropractors, naturopaths, natural therapists and other natural practitioners don’t cater for, in assessments and treatment.

Why Is It That Some People Who Follow Habits We Assume, Will Keep Them Well, Are Often Sick, and Some People Who Do All The Things We Assume, Will Make Them Sick, Are Always Healthy?
The 5 subject I referred to above, which are listed below, are not usually taught in chiropractic or natural therapy colleges as factors that contribute to the development of autoimmune symptoms, which is why so many chiropractors, massage therapists, natural therapists and naturopathic doctors aren’t familiar, with why autoimmune disorders develop, and how to overcome them. — It is also the answer as to why so many people who are on a good natural diet, take supplements and exercise regularly, can more often than not, develop autoimmune symptoms and catch any virus that is going around. — It also explains why some people who are not on a good diet, don’t take supplements, and don’t do any significant exercise, can constantly maintain good health.

The 5 subjects I speak of, are of very little interest to the average person, or to most chiropractors, massage therapists or naturopathic doctors, because chiropractic adjustment, massage, supplements, diets and exercise, are subjects everybody expects to be the most relevant, but believe me, they are not. — These are the 5 subjects I speak of that make a “HUGE” difference when it comes to overcoming rigidity autoimmune disorders: –

(1) The Body’s Electricity, (2) Hormones, (3) Enzymes (4) Muscle Memory, and (5) Peace Of Mind.
The answers that have allowed me to know how autoimmune disorders develop, and to discover what I need to do, to overcome them as seen in my success videos, begins with these 5 subjects, and it is these 5 subjects that, in my opinion, make my Practitioner’s Training Course, far more informative than any other “solution-observant” natural therapy training program available.

To Overcome Rigidity Disorders Practitioners Need To Learn Advanced Information.
Above and beyond these 5 subjects, it is also necessary for practitioners who actually wish to help rigidity autoimmune patients overcome their suffering, to learn hot to correct spinal curvatures and kinks, and how to stimulate regrowth in degenerated discs. — My repeated success over muscular rigidity autoimmune disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, MS, Irritable bowel syndrome, Emphysema and Sarcoidosis are a testimony to my opinion.

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Every function in our immune system is primarily influenced by every enzyme and hormone released through our many emotions and physical activities, and by every neurotransmitter released through our silent autonomic immune reactions. — For these two reasons, it is safe to say, the electricity that drives our every function and the hormones and enzymes that control our flexibility or lack of flexibility, regulates every aspect of the health and vitality of our mind and body. — It is therefore also safe to say, we are chemically driven by: (1) our state of mind in being positive or negative in our perceptions, (2) the quality of our ambitions and goals, (3) the emotions we express and (4) our physical performance. — This means to maximize our health and vitality, we “must” consider the influence of these factors on our chemical makeup, during any health-supportive or health-seeking journey.

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