Most PD and MS Patients Don’t Lack Dopamine

Parkinson’s Disease Patients Don’t Lack Dopamine, They Lack Enjoyment, Which Reduces Dopamine. That Is Medical Fact

Parkinson’s disease is always associated with a person’s dopamine levels being depleted due to atrophy of the dopamine producing cells in the substantia nigra, however most people do not realize that nobody has ever proven this to be a fact just as nobody has ever proven that the myelin sheath of MS patients is suffering from atrophy. These two causal explanations are just reasons for pharmaceutical drug companies executives to give medical doctors legal approval to write prescriptions. — (Refer to my article on how Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot invented the name “multiple sclerosis” to describe Parkinson patients whose tremors moved a little different than the average Parkinson patient. — This means the invention of the disease MS was not even based on a discovery of myelin degeneration.)

One of my clients who attended my Five-day Treatment Program, who reached remission in only 5 days, is a medical surgeon and in my interview with him, he denounced the medical belief that lack of dopamine causes symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Watch his “before” and “after” success video below and hear his testimony: –

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In my opinion, these two disorders are just advanced responses to stress that can easily be overcome if they are treated early enough, with the right natural treatments. — This is why, in my opinion, you should be very careful going to a medical doctor or neurologist to be treated for the symptoms associated with these two disorders because they are trained to tell you information that will take you away from getting treatment that will help you overcome those symptoms.

One thing that “has” been proven though, and I have supplied medical documentations in my eBook, is that “some” Parkinson patients “may” have a lowered level of dopamine but if they do, it will not be caused by atrophy of dopamine producing cells in the substantia nigra. — It will be caused by an accumulation of grief or grudge due to loss of life enjoyment.

Lack of life enjoyment is known to lower dopamine levels to cause a loss of energy and sleep deprivation and this in turn causes a lack of desire to move around to be productive, which all combined, causes muscle stiffness.

Pharmaceutical drug companies doing their best to convince patients that the disease they have been stricken with, is incurable, adds to a patients loss of desire to enjoy life, which pharmaceutical executives know, will ensure they will perpetuate the emotional state that perpetuates their symptoms.

All these explanations are supplied in my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease, The Greatest Medical Blunder” and the other 7 products that I supply in my Pack of products which you can purchase through the link below this next video on lesions and MRI.

An MRI, Lesions and The DaTscan Have “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING” To Do With Patients Having “An Incurable Disease” Called Parkinson’s Disease Or MS
Watch this video below and hear it for yourself: –

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