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To Overcome Multiple
Sclerosis You “MUST”
Check For A Spinal
Curvature & Check
For Thickened Blood.

MS Patient Michael Karatsis Had Advanced Degeneration In His
Spine From Business Stress and From Being Kicked and Punched

Michael came to me at age 39, devastated after being diagnosed with MS, due to the fact that he was a successful businessman with his own trucking company, a successful martial arts instructor, and a highly successful martial artist winning many prestigious tournaments. — Michael had already tried chiropractic, massage and supplements and did feel a slight improvement but that improvement only lasted a day or two. — This short-lived improvement is a common outcome for all MS patients who have had their symptoms for longer than 2 years, because of the skeletal problems that need to be corrected or by-passed, nerve junctions being suppressed by excess muscle rigidity and negative muscle memory pulling the spine back out of alignment soon after a chiropractor makes a realignment.

It Is Absolutely Essential That You See A Vision Of Your Own Success, and Believe In Yourself, To Attract Remission (Proverbs 29:18)
As soon as I met Michael I could sense that he was a high achiever because there was a positive way about his speech, his mannerisms and how he communicated, and that is the only attitude that will attract remission. — You really need to believe in yourself, just like the story of Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers in “The Wizard Of Oz”. — Watch how Michael improves so much that he jogs after not being able to jog for 5 years. — If Michael put his mind to it, I believe he could be an amazing motivation speaker, as he came from a difficult upbringing yet his achievements are many.

SYMPTOMS: – Quite a lot of muscle soreness in his lower torso and legs after walking for any distance, – Difficulty lifting his right knee to move his right leg forward, — Numbness in the right side of his body, – Incontinence.

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Take a look at the advanced abnormalities showing in Michael’s cervical X-ray which could, on their own, be the cause of all his symptoms including him losing energy quickly when he walks for any distance: –

Take a look at the “before” and “after” photos I took of Michael’s back muscles showing the abnormalities in his spine and spinal supportive muscles, on DAY 1, before I began his treatment, compared with the photo of his back, at the end of DAY 3 when his numbness and muscle pains were gone and he had regained his ability to jog. — Every patient I treat, experiences a reduction in symptom severity which is proportional to the reduction in excess muscle tension and spinal correction.

Most of Michael’s excess muscle tension and pains, were in his lower back, hips, stomach and near his kidneys, which suppressed his kidney efficiency and encouraged his blood to become thicker than it should have been. — After tension accumulates in these areas over 2 years or more, the kidneys and bladder eventually become strangled which is why many Parkinson and MS patients suffer bladder incontinence, have a constant forward bend, lose energy quickly when they walk for any distance and end up with thickened blood which helps to stiffen their muscular system. — As the palms of the hands reflect the condition of the kidneys,  when patients who attend my Five-day Treatment Program have these lower torso tensions, I always check to see if their hands have the familiar little white kidney stress dots all over them, and Michael’s hands did. — Take a look at these photos below: –

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Stress Signs Of The Body That I
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After Treating Michael, I Treated MS Patient Myrto Balamatsias Which Gave Me A Chance To Introduce Them So They Could Share Their Experiences.
Because I felt that Michael had such a motivating personality, I thought it would be helpful to my next client Myrto, for him to explain to her, why he experienced such great success in only 4 days. — After they talked for a while, they started commenting on their experience with the pharmaceuticals they were prescribed and I believe this conversation is one that every newly diagnosed MS patient should hear. — (Please keep in mind, it is illegal for me to give any advice about pharmaceutical medications prescribed to the patients who attend my treatment program, so I never do. — This conversation you are about to hear, was in no way, influenced by me or anything I said.)

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MS Patient Myrto Had A Severe Curve In Her Lumbar Spine Which, Combined With The Excess Tension In Her Neck and Down Her Right Side, Caused All Her Symptoms
Myrto had not been able to walk very far without developing a pain in her right hip, her energy being drained and her needing to rest. — Whilst she had no real obviously visible symptoms, if you looked closely, you could notice that there was something not right with her walking but she had not been able to jog at all for around 3 years due to her hip pain and inability to lift her right knee as high as was needed, to walk properly.

SYMPTOMS: – Soreness down the right side of her body, – Pain under her right foot, – Inability to lift her right knee up as high as her left, which was what prevented her from jogging, – A slight loss of balance when tired.

(9 Minutes+)

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Take a look at the severe lower spine (lumbar) “S” curve I found in Myrto’s X-ray, which, combined with her excess muscle tensions in her neck and shoulders, which pulled her C1 vertebra out of alignment, would have caused every one of her symptoms. —

I have found that “ALL” Parkinson and MS patient’s symptoms are caused by these muscular-skeletal abnormalities, provoked by stress and as I overcome these causal problems, the symptoms go away, proportionally. — This is proof that the symptoms of multiple sclerosis are not caused by myelin degeneration, so,,, what ever you do, DO NOT LISTEN TO DOOM-AND-GLOOM CLAIMS THAT MS IS INCURABLE, BECAUSE THAT IS FAR FROM BEING THE TRUTH.

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