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Multiple Sclerosis, The History

If you do a Firefox or Google search using the words “The first recorded case of multiple sclerosis”, this article below from the “US National Library Of Medicine” is one of the results that will appear, but I can’t help but comment that whoever did the research to compile this article, certainly did not do very much research:-

Neurol Sci. 2010 Feb;31(1):29-33. doi: 10.1007/s10072-009-0161-4. Epub 2009 Oct 17.

The first case history of multiple sclerosis: Augustus d’Esté (1794-1848).


The personal diary of Sir Augustus d’Esté, born 1794 grandson of King George III of England, reveals a medical history strongly suggesting that Augustus suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS). It could well be the first record of a person having this disease. Charcot coined the term sclérose en plaques 20 years after the death of this patient in 1848. The onset of this man’s MS seems to have been in 1822 with bilateral optic neuritis, the disease gradually developing in the classic manner with bouts derived from different loci in the central nervous system and eventually a secondary progressive form with paraparesis, sphincter incontinence, urinary problems and impotence. In 1941, Firth highlighted the case of Augustus d’Esté and later wrote a description of the pathology including a discussion on the aetiology of MS. No previous medical records have given such a characteristic picture of MS as this.

My Research, Over Many Years, Told Me Years Ago That MS
Symptoms Were Recorded From Before The Days Of Hippocrates

If you are like me, and you spend a lot of time reading about the history of medicine you will find cases of people being treated for the symptoms of multiple sclerosis as far back as the records will take you. Even anchient Chinese Kung Fu writings found from the year 2650 B.C. describe chiropractic adjustment as therapy, and as treatment to overcome some of the symptoms that are now associated with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Roman Scholar Eudemus May Have Be
The First MS Patient To Be Treated Correctly
The case that fascinated me the most, in relation TO MS symptoms, was that of a Roman scholar named Eudemus who had his neck adjusted by Dr. Claudius Galen, to correct a cervical misalignment, which cured Eudemus of paralysis in one of his hands and his arm. Whilst chiropractic adjustment has been around as a curative treatment of autoimmune provoked ailments, leaders of the medical profession have also tried to suppress it’s curative efficiency for just as long, in my opinion, to preserve their pharmaceutical drug sales.

When Did Medical Leaders Decide Myelin
Degeneration Was The Cause Of Multiple Sclerosis?
It is believed that two professors, Robert Carswell (1793 – 1857) a British professor of pathology, and Jean Cruveilhier (1791 – 1873) a French professor of pathologic anatomy had described and illustrated many of the details of multiple sclerosis without associating those details with a disease named “multiple sclerosis”. Professor Robert Carswell in particular, described the faults that he found during autopsy “remarkable lesions of the spinal cord and atrophy”. Of course being medically trained neither of these professors would have thought to consider that the lesions and atrophy they found, were being caused by misalignments of the vertebra in the cervical spine and excess stiffness of the muscles surrounding the cervical spine.

Dr. Jean Martin-Charcot termed the name “Multiple Sclerosis”
It was Dr. Charcot who created the name “Multiple Sclerosis” and he created it when he noticed that a Parkinson patient he was treating had a tremor that was different than usual. Keep in mind though, not all MS patients experience tremors, which means, all the patients who were diagnosed with having multiple sclerosis who had no tremors, where do they stand? — (If you read my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Don’t Actually Exist” and you will learn the truth. John 8:32)

The Word “Sclerosis” Means “Hardening” or
“Stiffness” and Relates To The Muscle Tissue Of The Body
The one thing that all medical and chiropractic specialists agree on, is that all the symptoms of multiple sclerosis are caused by the nerves of the symptom-affected areas being suppressed so that normal healthy nerve signals can no longer get through to the body areas that are no longer working properly. Now the first thing to remember when trying to understand how this works, is that nerves are tubes and to help the muscles work properly, neurotransmitters need to flow through those tubes to make a signal at the neurons, which causes blood to flow, which enables muscles to be flexible and active. This means if muscles around the nerves become stiff enough to squash them, or any of the vertebra next to where the nerves come out from the spine, are misaligned to squash them, those nerves, or should I say “tubes”, become squashed enough to prevent those neurotransmitters from flowing through to the neurons, just like when a car is parked on top of a garden hose, the water can no longer flow through to the nozzle.

This means, the “only” effective treatment is to relign the spine and overcome all the stiffness, or should I say “sclerosis”, in the muscles, and, in my opinion, medical leaders know that this is the “only” effective treatment, but, also, in my opinion, they know that if this knowledge gets out and all MS patients apply it, they will all regain their health and pharmaceutical drug sales will plummet. Now we can’t have that can we???


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