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Multiple Sclerosis
Is “NOT” Caused By
Myelin Degeneration!
This Is Detailed In
Medical Journals,
AND” Chiropractic

MS Symptoms Begin Due To Neck Problems, Which Is Why Your Neck Is Often A Little Tender, Particularly When You Are Tired Or Stressed.
If you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, watching the 3 videos on this first page will enable you to learn all you need to know, about the actual cause of your symptoms. Take the time to listen to what “Anita Griffith” says about her symptoms, and what “Herman Mack” says about what advantages he gained from diet, massage, acupuncture and amalgam removal, and compare these cases with your own circumstances. This comparison will help you to understand how all your symptoms began due to stress-provoked nerve-muscular-skeletal abnormalities that started in your neck. — Here is Anita’s “before” and “after” success video now: –

Anita Griffith From Tasmania.
My first MS patient is Anita Griffith who came to me to be treated on Bribie Island after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 38. — When her neurologist informed her she had MS, she would never live a normal life again and her only option was a lifetime of pharmaceuticals, Anita was absolutely devastated, but she never gave up her hope that she would find a way out. — She tried several different treatments with no success and finally decided to attend my 5 day treatment program due to the fact that I was looking at every aspect necessary, to overcome all possible causes at an emotional and physical level.

Anita’s efforts paid off and she went home after 5 days on my B.A.10 specialized treatment program not needing the walking cane or the drop foot brace that she had grown to rely on, before attending.

SYMPTOMS: – Inability to bend the right knee, Drop foot, Bad back pain after walking a short distance, Atrophy of left leg muscles which had become significantly smaller by the time she came to see me.

(11 Minutes+)


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The main reason I am often getting quick significant improvement and sometimes remission over symptoms of MS and PD, often in only 4 to 5 days, is because I inspect X-rays of the spine, before I look at anything else. Every patient I have treated who had been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis or any of the other 8 rigidity autoimmune disorders I cater for, I have found to have several skeletal abnormalities and profuse one-sided muscle tensions pulling the spine in that direction. Usually, the moment I begin to rectify those skeletal abnormalities and overcome the one-sided excess muscle tension, the symptoms diminish proportionately.

A Hollywood Bodyguard Living In Las Angeles Reached Remission Over MS On My B.A.10 Treatment Program
My next video is of a very interesting man who had the world at his feet until a series of events went wrong and he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. — Herman Mack was a very fit bodybuilder and professional bodyguard who looked after himself by following a good diet and exercising regularly, however he was subjected to ongoing emotional stress and had not felt content for several years. — I found that Herman developed an “S” curve in his spine around the age of 25, which most PD/MS patients develop after 3 years or so of symptom development but I know from past experience, rectifying this curvature can sometimes cause a 50% reduction in symptoms. — Every MS patient should listen to Herman’s story and hear about all the natural treatments he tried, in his desire to regain his health. — Herman even had the amalgam removed from his teeth but apart from raising his energy a little, it did nothing to reduce his symptoms.

SYMPTOMS: – Lazy right leg with an inability to lift the right knee to walk, Drop foot, Problems with balance, Neck and back pain, Difficulty walking, Incontinence, Inability to jog for 4 years.

(15 Minutes+)


My Next Success Video Is Of MS Sherry Carson From Canada Who Developed Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis After An Epidural Was Carried Out On Her Incorrectly
This video below explains the story of how Sherry was given an epidural incorrectly and in my opinion, this incorrect procedure caused Sherry to suffer a cold numbness from her rib cage down to her toes followed by an inability to walk. These symptoms began 14 years before I met her but she was still experiencing them.

SYMPTOMS: – Sherry could not use her right leg at all, as it was lifeless and needed her to lift it with both arms to shift it. — Whilst she could stand up and put a certain amount of weight on it as long as she held it straight, she could not stand up for long. – She also had balance problems which is a second reason she could not stand up without holding on to something. – Inability to lift her right leg and bend it at the knee, in order to walk. – Incontinence.

(19 Minutes+)


Excess Neck and Shoulder Muscle Tension and Spinal Curvature Go Hand-in-hand
On my DAY 1 massage, I check every major muscle in the body, as well as the tendons and nerves that operate those muscles and I “always” find excess muscle tension on one side of the spine, pulling it into a curved shape. — To achieve the quick significant success you see in my videos, I actually had to invent a new form of massage to use on the patients I treat because the normal massage techniques I used on my early clients only gave minor temporary relief from symptoms. — Take a look at the excess muscle tensions in the neck and back spinal supportive muscles in the photos below that pull the cervical vertebra out of alignment and cause a curve to develop somewhere in the spine. — You can see more photos of the sort of muscle tensions I often find in neck and back muscles of my autoimmune clients, on my treatments page “Noel’s Five-day Treatment Program Can Help YOU!”

Here is a photo of soft neck
muscles of a healthy person
to compare, with the extreme
tension in an advanced MS neck.

Here is a photo of an MS patient
I treated who had mild walking
problems, numbness and
bladder incontinence.

Now I wish to show you
6 MS As Well As PD patients
who “ALL” had a spinal curve
just as Dr. James Parkinson
described in his book.



6 Tests You Can Do,
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What Is Causing “Your”

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About The Medical Explanation
Of Multiple Sclerosis?

If MS Symptoms Were Caused By Myelin Sheath Degeneration, Isn’t It Common Sense That For Symptoms To Often Vary Dramatically, The Myelin Sheath Would Have To Regularly Regrow When Medical Leaders Claim That It Cannot Regrow
Is it not just common sense, that if the symptoms of multiple sclerosis developed because the myelin sheath around the nerves of the central nervous system began to die off in places, no MS patients would experience any variation in symptom severity, yet they do. — Some MS patients experience extreme variation in symptom severity even from a short afternoon nap. — In this medical causal explanation, symptom severity would have to remain constant, because death of parts of the myelin sheath would have no option other than to stay dead. — Portions of the myelin sheath can’t die, then come back to life, then die again etc, within the time it takes to have a short afternoon nap, according to the extreme symptom variations that some MS patients experience, because once something is dead, it is dead!

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My History and Beliefs
I have been in the natural health industry
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have owned and managed two of
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I am a Christian and am highly motivated
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I am willing to be interviewed by any
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I am disappointed in the way
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in overcoming disorders like
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