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Effective Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis.

Treating ten areas of the immune system will see MS patients achieve more vitality in just a few days! See proof of my research below.

About MS

The Video To The Left Is Of Medical Doctor, Dr. Barbara Bisilli Who Called Me To Help Overcome MS, Because Medical Treatment Offered Nothing...

In 1868 when multiple sclerosis was first discovered by Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot, who was actually a Parkinson specialist, his discovery came about due to him noticing that one of his Parkinson patients had a visible tremor that moved in a slightly different manner than his other Parkinson patients… This led him to believe, this patient with a different tremor movement, had a different disease, & hence, Multiple Sclerosis was born…

About MS

The Video To The Left Is Of Several MS Patients &, Several PD Patients, To Show You They Are The Same, & Demilination As A Cause, Is Just A Big-pharma Ploy...

I realize this is a lengthy video, but it is crammed full of helpful information for therapists, practitioners, “AND FOR PATIENT… It will give you a few massage techniques to try, or to show your massage therapisy, to try on you, if you already have one… Also, at the end of this video, I read from several medical journals to reassure you, of what is “REALLY” caausing your symptoms… As my methods are quite different than other therapists & practitioners, just try them anyhow, because the reason they are different, is because the original methods that I learned at college when I first became qualified, didn’t work, so I changed them in many different ways, until I “MADE” them work. 

The Actual Cause

The Truth Behind What Causes MS Symptoms, Is In The Video Above.

Doctors will have you believe that MS is a disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering on nerves… It’s theorised that with MS, the myelin sheath has spots eaten away from it, by lesions (plaques), in multiple areas… But medical journals and numerous autopsies carried out on deceased MS patients reveal that many patients had no myelin degeneration, not to mention hundreds of patients I’ve worked with have been successfully treated without the use of any drugs. So, what is the actual cause?

MS is caused by excess rigidity in spinal supportive muscles, which usually starts in the neck, then moves to one hip and finally to the lower back. Once the spine and pelvis are moved off-centre, & a patient has a slight lean to one side, MS symptoms have usually already begun to develop.

Treating MS Effectively

Excess Spinal Supportive Muscle Tension, Triggers The Onset Of MS Symptoms!

In the below video, my MS patient “Sherry” from Calgary in Canada, shows how badly some of these patients suffer, and how according to Sherry, medical treatment caused her MS symptoms to get worse. The medical advice given to Sherry by her neurologist, for injecting herself with Copaxone, may have actually encourage Sherry’s mild balance problem to become severe enough to make her fully immobilised.

About my B.A.10 Treatment Program

What is significant to patients is that my B.A.10 treatment works for both Parkinson’s disease and MS. Although, I always notice a slightly different collection of causes in all patients, so practitioners need to remain very observant of 10 specific autoimmune functions, to put patients into remission.

Mental Analysis

I firstly look at the patients stress levels, thinking patterns and emotional self expression. Extreme stress, negative thoughts and negative emotions all contribute to nerve suppression. This causes nerve signals to be suppressed and unable to communicate effectively to the brain.

Physical Analysis

I then check the patient's muscular system for any abnormalities. I observe ten specific autoimmune functions, to help patients reach remission. I carry out a range of naturopathic tests and find ways to correct any muscular problems.

Creating a Plan

Once both mental and physical factors have been assessed, I will develop a detailed strategy for your treatment program. This will include details on areas I will be treating, a consultation to discuss this strategy and of course a cost breakdown.

Treatment & Post-Care

I use a special kind of massage on the patient and check every muscle affected by MS symptoms. I usually find excess muscle tension that is pulling the spine out of shape, triggering these symptoms. I find that treating MS symptoms naturally has a whole range of benefits.

Treatment for MS is not yet taught in medical, chiropractic or naturopathic colleges. Which is why my treatment actually works!

If you are an MS patient you may have already discovered that usual massage, chiropractic and naturopathic assessment tests and treatments, just don’t help to give any long-term relief from symptoms of multiple sclerosis, which is why practitioners must help patients in ways not yet taught in medical, Chiropractic & Naturopathic Colleges.

Case studies

MS success stories and videos

Watching these before and after success videos will enable you to observe how quickly and how effectively my B.A.10 treatment can help you improve. Providing you stay focused and determined, my Multiple Sclerosis Treatment will definitely help you.

MS Demi walks again after just 5 Days
Tiffany regains her life in just 4 Days
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