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Multiple Sclerosis
Is “Not” Caused By
Myelin Degeneration.
The Cause Of MS Is
Exactly The Same As
Parkinson’s Disease

A 200 Year Old Book
Solves The Mystery Of
Parkinson’s Disease and
Everything In This Book
Applies To MS and, MSA
(An Atypical Parkinsonian
Version Of PD.)

Your Symptoms Began From Neck Abnormalities, Which Is Why Your Neck Is Often A Little Tender, Particularly When You Are Tired Or Stressed.

If you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, from this first video below, you will learn all you need to know, about the actual cause of your symptoms. You need to know “why” you have had a subtle niggling neck pain high in your neck, ever since your symptoms began, and how that neck pain started your symptoms off. In this video, you will see me use my thumb to push on a misaligned C1 vertebra, in an MS patient with tremors, and in a Parkinson patient with tremors, to force it back into alignment so that it stops twisting the brain stem medulla spinalis of these two patients, which “instantly” stops their tremors. Watch this “miracle” happen right before your eyes and you will begin to understand why, nothing your medical doctor or neurologist does, can “EVER” help you.

This video below will tell you “everything” you need to know about the cause and gradual progression of your symptoms and what you need to do, to start getting rid of your symptoms. IF YOU DON’T HAVE TREMORS, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO MY NEXT VIDEO OF A MEDICAL I TREATED “BARBARA BISILLI” WHO HAD TRIED ALL THAT THE MEDICAL PROFESSION HAD TO OFFER.

Watch Me Stop Tremors “INSTANTLY” In 4 Patients,
By Eliminating The Original Cause. This Is PROOF
That MS Is NOT Caused By Myelin Degeneration
and PD Is NOT Caused By Lack Of Dopamine!

My “Before” and “After” Success
Videos, Back Muscle Photos, Medical
Journals and Patient X-rays “PROVE” Multiple
Sclerosis Is Caused By The Same 3 Problems
Dr. James
Parkinson’s Autopsy Findings
Discovered As
The Cause Of Parkinson’s
The Main One Being Neck Problems.
Think Back To When You Developed Your
First Symptom
and Remember How You Had
Neck Pain, and you probably still feel it.

Please Understand, Multiple Sclerosis Is Associated With The Exact Same Symptoms As Parkinson’s Disease and I Am Putting Many MS Patients Into Remission With The Exact Same 10 Treatment Steps I Use, To Put Many Parkinson Patients Into Remission
“Multiple Sclerosis” is a title introduced by a Parkinson specialist Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot in the 1880’s to describe a number of Parkinson patients he treated who had arm tremors that caused their arms to move in a different direction than the tremors he was used to seeing in most of his regular Parkinson patients. — This lack of difference between these two disorders is why medical doctors to this day, often have difficulty making a decision as to whether a patient has Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, and why one doctor can give a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and another can give a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

Arm Tremors Moving The Arm In A Different Manner, Gives No Reason To Invent A New Disease, Other Than To Dispense Another Group Of Drugs.
Whilst this is an extremely poor excuse to discover a new disease, which is what the drug companies wanted doctors to do in those days, the reason he used the words “Multiple Sclerosis” was not a poor excuse but more of a perfect description, as the word “sclerosis” means “abnormal hardening” and both Parkinson and MS patients suffer from extreme hardening of muscles. You do feel that slight stiffining feeling from time to time, right?

This is why advanced PD and MS patients both walk with a stiff robotic walk. — This stiffness, or “sclerosis” in both patients is one of the 3 primary causes that Dr. James Parkinson documented after doing numerous autopsies on deceased Parkinson patients.

Watch Me Help A Medical Doctor (Endocrinologist) Walk Again In Only 5 Days When I Overcome All The Causes Of Her Muscle Stiffness.
My first video on this page is of a medical doctor who invited me to go to Sao Paulo in Brazil to help her overcome the multiple sclerosis symptoms she developed, because she lost her faith in the medical  beliefs about what causes multiple sclerosis and one of the first things she told me, was that she always had a very stiff sore neck. — In fact, Dr. Barbara Bisilli had such stiff muscles throughout her whole body, she nearly fell over every time she tried to take a step forward, because her whole body was rigid like a board, as you will see in this video below.

Dr. Bisilli’s excess muscle sclerosis (stiffness), was among the worst I had ever seen. Her next stage of symptom progression would have been for her legs to have been stiff for so long that they end up failing on her and become “Rubber-like Useless”. Watch Dr. Bisilli walk across the room on Day 3, and improve a little on each walk, after I taught her how to use her mind, to overcome “Negative Muscle Memory” which is by far the most difficult causal problem to overcome, and also the reason why patients get improvement that fades away in a matter of only hours, or a day or so.

SYMPTOMS: – Tremors, Muscle cramps in her lower back and legs, Extreme loss of balance, Numbness and tingling sensations in her muscles, Incontinence, Difficulty lifting her right leg to walk.

 (9 Minutes+)


Email Me NOW and Ask Me
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Causal Recipe Questionnaire“.

Dr. James Parkinson documented back in 1817 that he discovered through autopsies that all Parkinson patients had (1) Excess muscle stiffness particularly around the neck and shoulders, (2) Abnormalities at the C1 and C2 vertebra causing the brain stem (Medulla Spinalis) to become traumatized and (3) a curvature in the spine associated with tremors. — He found this so often, he titled Parkinson’s disease “A Disease Of The Vertebra”. — If you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, you need to look for these three abnormalities in your system and then work to overcome them using the steps explained in my Pack of 8 self-help products I offer on this website. (Refer to the Parkinson-related quotes I have supplied from his book and as an MS patient you will see, his information also applies to you.)

Review My $48-00 MS Pack
Of 8 Self-help Products Titled
“How To Overcome MS
At Home, NOW!

Many PD and MS
Patients Have IBS
Symptoms and Polyps

The 3 Causes Noted By Dr. Parkinson, Apply To Many Disorders Including Irritable Bowel Syndrome
In the hundreds of assessments I have done on MS patients I have found all 3 of these causal problems in every patient who came to me after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. — Using iridology (Bernard Jensen Ideals), as one of the assessment tests I use, I have often found colon polyps and signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome signs in the eyes of my Parkinson and MS patients, which means I need to treat them for these problems as well, in order for them to digest and absorb efficiently enough to overcome their extreme muscle stiffness.

In the two back photos below, of Dr. Bisilli’s back, and the back of a patient diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you can see all 3 of these problems which suggests IBS is also caused by these three causal problems.

Most commonly, the very first symptom of multiple sclerosis begins due to excess neck tension making it difficult to turn your head easily, around to maximum (chin to touch each shoulder). — In time, this excess neck tension spreads down the torso to the hips and then into the legs, and symptoms begin to follow its progression in a relative manner, whereupon normal natural health ideals will no longer give any significant long-term improvement. — This is when you need to consider coming to me to have me carry out my unique assessment tests so I can design an effective treatment program to cater for “all” your the active causes that are working in your system to create your collection of symptoms.

6 Tests You Can Do,
To Figure Out 
What Is Causing “Your”

To find out how I can help
you regain your life, phone
me NOW on my personal cell
phone:- USA 845 701 6817
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 Anita Griffith From Tasmania Was Diagnosed With MS  At 38 Years Of Age.
My next client Anita, came to me to be treated on Bribie Island after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 38. — When her neurologist informed her that she had MS, would never live a normal life again and her only option was a lifetime of pharmaceuticals, Anita was absolutely devastated, but never gave up her hope that she would find a way out. — She tried several different treatments with no success and finally decided to attend my 5 day treatment program due to the fact that I was looking at every aspect necessary, to overcome all possible causes at an emotional and physical level. — Her efforts paid off and she went home after 5 days not needing the walking cane and drop foot brace that she had grown to rely on, anytime she needed to walk anywhere.

SYMPTOMS: – Inability to bend the right knee, Drop foot, Bad back pain after walking a short distance, Atrophy of left leg muscles which had become significantly smaller by the time she came to see me.

(11 Minutes+)


The main reason I am getting very quick significant improvement and sometimes remission over symptoms of MS and PD, often in only 4 to 5 days, is because I inspect a full set of X-rays to look for the cervical and curvature problems that Dr. James Parkinson documented in his famous book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” as the causes of tremors, numbness, tingling, rigidity and immobility. — In advanced patients, I always find them.

Excess Neck and Shoulder Muscle Tension and Spinal Curvature Go Hand-in-hand
On my DAY 1 massage, I check every major muscle in the body, as well as the tendons and nerves that operate those muscles and with all advanced patients I always find curvature somewhere in the spine, caused by excess muscle tension on one side of the spine, pulling it into the curved shape. — I then do my absolute best to overcome every single problem I discover. — I actually had to invent a new form of massage to use on patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease because the normal massage techniques I used on my early clients only gave minor temporary relief from symptoms. — Take a look at the excess muscle tensions in the neck and back spinal supportive muscles in the photos below that pull the cervical vertebra out of alignment and cause a curve to develop somewhere in the spine. — You can see more photos of the sort of muscle tensions I often find in neck and back muscles of my autoimmune clients, on my treatments page “Noel’s Five-day Treatment Program Can Help YOU!”

Here is a photo of soft neck
muscles of a healthy person
to compare, with the extreme
tension in an advanced MS neck.

Here is a photo of an MS patient
I treated who had mild walking
problems, numbness and
bladder incontinence.

Now I wish to show you
6 PD and MS patients who
all have a spinal curve just
as Dr. James Parkinson
described in his book.


A Hollywood Bodyguard Living In Las Angeles Reached Remission Over MS On My B.A.10 Treatment Program
My next video is of a very interesting man who had the world at his feet until a series of events went wrong and he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. — Herman Mack was a very fit bodybuilder and professional bodyguard who looked after himself by following a good diet and exercising regularly, however he was subjected to ongoing emotional stress and had not felt content for several years. — I found that Herman developed an “S” curve in his spine around the age of 25, which most PD/MS patients develop after 3 years or so of symptom development but I know from past experience, rectifying this curvature can sometimes cause a 50% reduction in symptoms. — Every MS patient should listen to Herman’s story and hear about all the natural treatments he tried, in his desire to regain his health. — Herman even had the amalgam removed from his teeth but apart from raising his energy a little, it did nothing to reduce his symptoms.

SYMPTOMS: – Lazy right leg with an inability to lift the right knee to walk, Drop foot, Problems with balance, Neck and back pain, Difficulty walking, Incontinence, Inability to jog for 4 years.

(15 Minutes+)


About The Medical Explanation
Of Multiple Sclerosis?

If MS Symptoms Were Caused By Myelin Sheath Degeneration, Isn’t It Common Sense That For Symptoms To Often Vary Dramatically, The Myelin Sheath Would Have To Regularly Regrow When Medical Leaders Claim That It Cannot Regrow
Is it not just common sense, that if the symptoms of multiple sclerosis developed because the myelin sheath around the nerves of the central nervous system began to die off in places, no MS patients would experience any variation in symptom severity, yet they do. — Some MS patients experience extreme variation in symptom severity even from a short afternoon nap. — In this medical causal explanation, symptom severity would have to remain constant, because death of parts of the myelin sheath would have no option other than to stay dead. — Portions of the myelin sheath can’t die, then come back to life, then die again etc, within the time it takes to have a short afternoon nap, according to the extreme symptom variations that some MS patients experience, because once something is dead, it is dead!

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My History and Beliefs
I have been in the natural health industry
since 1975,
have owned and managed two of
the largest health centers in Queensland AU,
employed up to 9 staff to teach my natural health
concepts, and have specialized in treating MS and
Parkinson patients since 2005. I have been verified
by government health departments in 2 countries,
have been interviewed on several television
and radio shows, and have always dedicated
myself to revealing the truth, and doing my
very best to help patients regain their
health and their lives.

I am a Christian and am highly motivated
to get the best results in helping patients
overcome their symptoms and suffering.
I am willing to be interviewed by any
medico or
journalist who wishes to
challenge my 
ideals, motives or
, in any public forum.

I am disappointed in the way
governments allow pharmaceutical
companies to manipulate the health
system, when it hinders our youth
in overcoming disorders like
asthma, autism and ADHD.

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