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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

For Effective Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, You Must Work On 10 Areas Of The Immune System.

Overcome Multiple Sclerosis

In 1868 when multiple sclerosis was first discovered by Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot, who was actually a Parkinson specialist, his discovery came about due to him noticing that some of his Parkinson patients had a visible tremor that moved in a slightly different manner than some of his Parkinson patients. This led him to believe, these patients with a different tremor movement, had a different disease, and hence, Multiple Sclerosis was born. 

The point of all this, which is significant to patients, is that the treatment I am promoting on this website and in my MS Pack of products, works for both Parkinson’s disease and MS, although, I always notice a slightly different collection (or recipe) of causes in all patients, so practitioners must remain very observant. To understand more, please scroll through my “MORE VIDEOS” webpage.

Here is a success video adjacent, of MS patient “Sherry” from Calgary in Canada, to see how badly some of these patients suffer, how medical treatment can sometimes be unable to help, & in some instances, how medical advice for giving Copaxone injections may actually encourage loss of balance & additional pain. These patients “BADLY” need a treatment that works, which is why I am very driven to find investors to establish “Immune System Super Clinics” to teach prevention and specialised treatment to strengthen the immune system. If you have a health business & would like to add the B.A.10 Program to that business, L/C here to learn more.

Symptoms of MS

The more tension (rigidity) a patient develops in spinal supportive muscles (usually in the neck first, then in one hip and the lower back last), and the more the spine and pelvis are pulled off-centre to be out of normal conformity, to create the symptoms experienced. Over 200 years ago, Dr. James Parkinson himself, explained this process, which medical leaders seem to have overlooked, all this time. 


All the principals I have used, to design the B.A.10 Prevention Program (explained briefly in VIDEO 43 on my “MORE VIDEOS” page), and, the B.A.10 Reversal Treatment Program, I found in this book published way back in 1817.

Main Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis listed below: Watch my “VIDEO 3” Symptoms Comparison Video on my “MORE VIDEOS” Page, For The Full List Of 24 Symptoms.

What Causes MS?

Excess Spinal Supportive Muscle Tension Triggers The Onset Of MS Symptoms!

Common Belief Disproved In Medical JournalsAccording to doctors, MS affects the central nervous system (CNS). In the central nervous system, nerve fibres are surrounded by a myelin sheath, which protects them and helps nerves to conduct electrical signals quickly and efficiently. It’s theorised that with MS, the myelin sheath disappears in multiple areas, due to lesions damaging this myelin sheath. As these lesions get worse, nerve fibres can become damaged leaving electrical impulses unable to flow smoothly to the target muscle group. This teaching however, is documented in medical journals as being proven wrong through autopsies on deceased MS patients. (I quote these medical journals in my eBooks: “Multiple Sclerosis, The Greatest Medical Mistake” and “Parkinson’s Disease and MS Don’t Actually Exist As Diseases” available from my “SHOP” page)

Alternative Cause – The actual cause for variations in symptom severity for Multiple Sclerosis and several other rigidity disorders, is the variations in tension levels of the spinal supportive muscles, caused by patients experiencing variations in stress levels, which interfere with sleep, lung efficiency, and the amount of discontent patients experience from day to day. When tension levels distort the spine, MS symptoms develop.

How The B.A.10 Program Can Help

To overcome MS, Parkinson’s Disease & other similar rigidity autoimmune disorders, practitioners must help patients in ways not yet taught in medical, Chiropractic & Naturopathic Colleges. If you do the research you will soon discover, the “ONLY” patients who are overcoming Parkinson’s disease are the patients who are putting in their own effort at home, to complement the work done by their natural practitioners. (If you are an MS patient you may have already discovered that usual massage, chiropractic and naturopathic assessment tests and treatments, don’t really help to give any long-term relief for symptoms of multiple sclerosis and there are reasons for this that took me around 12 to 14 years to discover.)

Proof, Noel's Treatment "OFTEN" Helps In Just 3 Days!

If you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, watching the before and after success videos on this web page will enable you to observe how quickly and how effectively my new treatment can help you improve. As long as you don’t have severe spinal degeneration, and, providing you stay focused and determined to achieve the results you want, then my Multiple Sclerosis Treatment will help. Once I bring my test equipment to you, I can find all your causal problems and on the first day, help to stop your MS symptoms from becoming worse. On my day 1 massage, I check every muscle involved with every symptom-affected body area, and I “always” find excess muscle tension pulling the spine into a curved shape. Similarly on the second & third days, I will give you some sort of improvement that is significant, to help overcome your suffering. (Scroll through the 50+ videos on my “MORE VIDEOS” webpage until you find one that matches your circumstances and you will understand more, about how to find “YOUR” cure.)

A "VERY" Unique Massage Techniques Is Needed, To Overcome Multiple Sclerosis.

To achieve the quick significant success you see in my videos, I actually had to invent a new form of massage to use on the patients I treat for MS, because the normal massage techniques I used on my early clients, only gave minor temporary relief from symptoms. Successful Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, calls for a lot more of an in depth assessment and massage, than using movement-observation tests, and using normal massage techniques. I have to take a very close look at the excess muscle tensions in the neck and back, spinal supportive muscles to cover all aspects of symptom development. (Watch my neck and back muscle distortion videos: VIDEOS 6A & 6B on my “MORE VIDEOS” page, to learn more about this very interesting symptom-causing subject.) EVERY PHYSIOTHERAPIST, MASSAGE THERAPIST & CHIROPRACTOR WILL BE ABLE TO RELATE TO THESE AMAZINGLY INFORMATIVE VIDEOS.



Herman’s symptoms include: Lazy right leg with an inability to lift the right knee to walk, Drop foot, Problems with balance, Neck and back pain, Difficulty walking, Incontinence, Inability to jog for 4 years.

Tiffany's MS Success Story

Tiffany’s symptoms include:

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