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Fees By Membership.
I now treat patients on my B.A.10 Treatment Program through a 12 month membership which includes 12 months of Skype supervision by myself or one of my specially trained B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioners

To receive supervised treatment, you are required to join my B.A.10 Treatment Program on a 12 month membership so that I can keep track of your progress, whether you reach remission in the 7 days of supervision or not, and, so that once I find an investor to establish 4 health and fitness autoimmune treatment clinics in the USA and 2 in Australia, you can be registered at one of those clinics to receive information newsletters and to attend for an autoimmune assessment each month or so. (Once you have been diagnosed with any of the 22 Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders that I cater for, even if you reach remission on the B.A.10 Program, there are certain things you will need to continue doing for the rest of your life, to remain in remission, and it will also be wise to attend one of these clinics every month or so, to have an assessment.)

Within this membership, myself or a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner I will be training to work at these clinics, will come to your home and spend 7 days with you to: –

Inspect your spinal X-rays, check your spine and teach you spinal health ideals including posture exercises & nutrition.
Carry out my new autoimmune assessment tests to find nerves that are blocked to cause your symptoms.
Massage you using my unique nerve massage.
Teach you stress management ideals appropriate to your lifestyle circumstances.
Teach you how you can maximize your hormonal efficiency to calm your mind for improved sleep and to overcome bladder incontinence.

The cost of your membership will depend on: –
(1) Which country you live in.
(2) Whether you will allow me to supervise your assessments and massages combined with another patient living in your state.
(3) Whether you want me to teach a chiropractor and massage therapist how to adjust your spine and massage your muscles and nerves according to my new methods. (I recommend this if you have had your symptoms for longer than 12 months.)
(4) If you have a partner (wife or husband), or an assistant, who will be present for the 7 days of supervision, to record each session and to learn all relevant information from the appropriate eBook that you will need to follow.

If you would like me to estimate the membership fee appropriate to your circumstances, please send me the details of these 4 subjects and ask me to send you my Treatment Information File with the Questionnaire for you to give answers to. CONTACT ME.



I Need To Inspect A Full Set Of Spinal X-rays Taken At The Beginning Of Your Membership.
I “MUST” have a full set of spinal X-rays to inspect before commencing treatment for overcoming symptoms of the
22 rigidity autoimmune disorders I cater foror for treatment on any body area after a stroke, epileptic seizure, or accident damage.

As I work extensively on the nerves of the body, the brain stem, the spinal cord and the pelvis, if there are any spinal kinks or subluxations, or any spinal degeneration, scoliosis, kyphosis or loss of lordosis in the spine, my manipulation and massage techniques may not gain success until abnormalities that can only be found in X-rays, are corrected.

When I perform massage, “Pelvic Re-positioning” or “Muscular-skeletal Vibration Therapy” I avoid any areas that X-rays tell me I should avoid, and the X-rays also enable me to realize what I must do, to correct such abnormalities.

The massage I perform on nerves, nerve junctions, vertebra, spinal facet joints and muscular fascia, is very unique and requires me to know “EXACTLY” what condition all sections of the spine are in.

The Individual X-rays I Need To Inspect.
These are the individual X-rays I need to inspect, which I prefer you to acquire through the chiropractor you will have adjusting you, during my treatment: – (1) AP Open mouth with a clear view of the Odontoid Process (Dens), and the Cervical Spine. (2) AP Thoracic Spine. (3) AP Lumbar Spine with a clear view of both Femur Heads, taken with both legs straight so that the height of the Femur Heads gives me an accurate assessment of leg length.

(4) Lateral view of the Cervical Spine in your normal posture position. — DO NOT CHANGE YOUR NORMAL POSTURE POSITION FOR THIS X-RAY. — (I do not require an “Cervical Oblique View” unless I see the possibility of broken Luschka Joints in the Lateral Cervical X-ray during my inspection.) (5) Lateral view of the Thoracic Spine. (6) Lateral view of the Lumbar Spine.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


While myself or a practitioner trained in my unique methods, is treating you, you are not to be working on any business matters, or spending a lot of time on your computer, and you must do your best to avoid disputes of any kind, as you need to focus fully on your recovery, and your peace of mind, as you develop a good ability to relax in your full muscular system. This is a time just for you “FOR HEALING”.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


To ensure you are massaged with my unique massage after your initial membership treatment, I wish to train a local massage therapist in my methods. — Please arrange a meeting on my Day 2 massage session around 10:00am and show your massage therapist the video at the bottom of this page.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Please CONTACT ME to explain your circumstances and if you require confidentiality. If you have arranged for a group treatment, please make sure all patients are available at the arranged time and they have all filled out the necessary forms.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Read My Guarantee.

In certain circumstances, you
can accommodate me in your
home which enables me to observe
your response to normal daily stress,
check your home environment,
& help you follow a diet to suit
your body type and lifestyle.

If you supply hotel
accommodation, I have
certain requirements.
Please ask me to email
you my requirements.

For me to guarantee significant
improvement, you must follow my
instructions and be willing to put
in your own effort. This video below
of Sara, shows the rewards to be
gained. Listen to Sara’s comments
on Requip, Mirapex & Sinemet: –

I have treated many patients under
confidentiality and I have not only
overcome the progression of PD/MS
and other non-PD/MS symptoms, in
only a matter of hours, but have also
put many patients into remission in
4 to 14 days. – I have also overcome
ancillary disorders like IBS, Celiac,
Diabetes, & COPD (Emphysema),
but all improvements require
patient effort.

This video will explain more: –

Email Me NOW!

Medical doctors saved my daughter’s
life once, and “my” life twice, so I have
great respect, “BUT” I speak out against
them being trained to tell patients with

tremors, numbness and muscle rigidity,
that lesions indicate they have “a disease”
called Parkinson’s disease or MS. — 
patient testimonies on this video below,
“PROVE”, this teaching 
is completely
incorrect and that these symptoms
are caused by hormonal-muscular-
skeletal abnormalities as
documented in Dr. James
Parkinson’s book, over
200 years ago: –

This video is a confirmation
given by a qualified experienced
massage therapist, that my
nerve massage technique
is “VERY” different: –

Once you finish reviewing this
page, please L/C HERE and go
and watch the videos on my
B.A.10 Treatment page.


If You Would Like Advice,
Email Me NOW and Ask
Me To Send You My Treatment
Information File, Complete With
Causal Recipe Questionnaire“.

OR: –

 Purchase My Pack Of 8
Products To
Beat Parkinson’s

Disease At Home

OR: –

Purchase My Pack Of 8
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Beat Multiple
Sclerosis At Home


To ask me questions on any
autoimmune disorder & how
various hormnes influence the
onset of these disorders, you
can Skype me: – “Noel Batten”
“youngnoel” Brisbane.
Or phone me on my Mobile
Phone:- AU 0413317789,
when I am at home.

— NB/12119 —