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The Skype Memberships below are designed to focus on having patients & practitioners participate in my initial treatment of a patient, and to keep in touch with me after I finish, to make sure practitioners keep up-to-date with necessary information and updates, & so patients keep improving after my initial Skype sessions with them, give them pain-relief, symptom reduction, and future treatment direction, via a “What To Do At Home After Treatment List”, for the 12 months ahead. I will also be arranging Client Support Workshop mainly in Australia, (but also in the USA when possible, so that both practitioners and patients can have my B.A.10 Practitioner representative in the USA, supervise assessments and treatment), to help patients achieve long-term remission. A 15-MINUTE SKYPE CALL TO INQUIRE ABOUT THIS SERVICE, IS FREE.

5 Hour Package

$425 USD

In Skyping with a B.A.10 practitioner, you will learn to establish an effective treatment according to your individual circumstances, symptoms and body type, to regain good health, flexibility and emotional strength. (ON REQUEST, you can purchase 1 or 2 hours of Skype time at $85-00 USD per hour, for advice on X-rays, neck or back pain, dizziness, fatigue or other autoimmune symptoms.)

3 Month Membership

$995 USD

This is a Skype Membership, comprising 10-hours Skype time, plus practitioner training products to help massage therapists and chiropractors learn my methods to use on you, to overcome pain & PD, MS, Tremors & COPD symptoms, & to maximise immune strength.

6 Month Membership

$1,495 USD

This is a Skype Membership, comprising 15 hours of Skype time used over 6 months, with patients & their practitioners, plus practitioner training products to help massage therapists & chiropractors learn my methods, to use on you. THIS INCLUDES 2 DAYS FREE TREATMENT AT A WORKSHOP IN THE USA OR AU.

12 Month Membership

$3,795 USD

This is a Skype Membership, comprising 25 hours Skype time used over 12 months, with patients & their practitioners & it includes several Practitioner Training Products appropriate to a patient’s symptoms and circumstances. THIS INCLUDES 4 DAYS FREE TREATMENT AT A WORKSHOP IN THE USA OR AU.


Every Rigidity Patient Has Spinal Abnormalities Either “Causing”, Or Resulting From, Symptoms.
During our 2nd, Skype consultation, when I Teach Your Chiropractor and massage therapist How To Use My New Ideals, For An Easier: “Pelvic Re-positioning” and How To Use “Muscular-spinal Vibration Therapy” According To What Faults I see In Your X-rays, You Will Be Amazed At How Simple This All Becomes. (The reason Most Practitioners Believe These Diseases Are Incurable, Is Because Nobody Is Looking At The Spine and other causes noted by dr. James Parkinson, due to the autopsies he described in his 1817 book.)

The massage I perform on nerves, nerve junctions, vertebra, spinal facet joints and muscular fascia, is very unique and requires me to know “EXACTLY” what condition all sections of the spine are in.

As I work extensively on the nerves of the body, the brain stem, the spinal cord and the pelvis, if there are any spinal kinks or subluxations, or any spinal degeneration, scoliosis, kyphosis or loss of lordosis in the spine, my manipulation and massage techniques may not gain success until abnormalities that can only be found in X-rays, are corrected.

While myself or a practitioner trained in my unique methods, is treating you, you are not to be working on any business matters, or spending a lot of time on your computer, and you must do your best to avoid disputes of any kind, as you need to focus fully on your recovery, and your peace of mind, as you develop a good ability to relax in your full muscular system. This is a time just for you “FOR HEALING”.

I actually prefer that you find a massage therapist, and if possible, a chiropractor willing to join you on at least one Skype call with me, so i can explain my unique methods for them to use, on your follow-up treatment, after we finish the Skype Membership you choose, for me to help you. 

It is important for You to continue on being Massaged With My Unique nerve Massage method, for at least 2 months, After Your Initial Skype Membership Treatment with me comes to an end, specially if you have symptoms below the ribcage. — Please Arrange A Meeting On My Day 2 Relaxation-sleep therapy Session, with your massage therapist, Around 10:00am And ask Your Massage Therapist to watch The 2 Videos At The Bottom of this page.

Watch & Share Video Here

Step 1. Items To Get. Eg: X-rays, Pulse/o Meter.

After you have had your FREE 15 minute session, and are happy to proceed, your next step will be to purchase a Pulse Oximeter and a Sphygmomanometer to monitor your: – (1) Oxygen saturation reading, (2) Heart rate, and (3) Blood pressure, then, you must have your chiropractor refer you to have a set of spinal X-rays taken, as listed below, and once you have them, use your phone or a camera to take photos of them on your chiropractor’s light box, and send them to me, for review. (If you have been diagnosed with PD, MS, Diabetes, COPD, IBS, MSA, ALS, or any of the other rigidity diseases I cater for, you “MUST” find a chiropractor you are comfortable with, as you will need follow-up adjustments for at least 12 months.)

To Help You Get Results “QUICKLY”, I “MUST” See Spinal X-rays.
It is “ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL” that I inspect your spinal X-rays from the Occiput down to the Coccyx, in both the lateral and anterior to posterior (AP) planes, to enable me to give you advice on how to correct any abnormalities that can be interrupting nerve signals to symptom-affected body areas. – (I will also need these X-rays to enable me to teach you spinal health habits, good dietary habits, and to give you posture exercises relevant to your spinal conditions and symptomology.)

These Are The Individual X-rays I Need To Inspect.
These are the individual X-rays I need to inspect, which I prefer you to acquire through the chiropractor who will be adjusting you, during my treatment: – (1) AP Open mouth with a clear view of the Odontoid Process (Dens). – (2) Lateral view of the Cervical Spine in your normal posture position. — DO NOT CHANGE YOUR NORMAL POSTURE POSITION FOR THIS X-RAY. — (I do not require a “Cervical Oblique View” unless I see the possibility of broken Luschka Joints in the Lateral Cervical X-ray during my inspection.) – (3) AP Thoracic Spine. – (4) AP Lumbar Spine with a clear view of both Femur Heads, taken with both legs straight so that the height of the Femur Heads gives me an accurate assessment of leg length. – (5) Lateral view of the Thoracic Spine. – (6) Lateral view of the Lumbar Spine.

You “MUST” Record Every Session For Your Future Reference.
Please be prepared to record this, and all other Skype sessions that follow, with a video camera facing the monitor of your computer, as I will be teaching you a number of important sleep-improvement, stress-management and blood-flow exercise concepts, to re-activate inactive nerves and stimulate improved blood flow to symptom-affected body areas.

These sessions “MUST” be your life, from the first minute of the very first FREE inquiry, right through to your last session. – (It will also be beneficial for you to have someone else present at all sessions, to take brief “heading” notes so you can easily find specific explanations easily, after you have a selection of sessions recorded.)


Step 2. Skype With Your Chiropractor & Masseur at Your Second Session.

Your Chiropractor & Masseur Need To Be Present For 20 to 40 Minutes Of The Second Skype Session, “AFTER” I Have Made Contact With Him Or Her, To Discuss Trigger Points, X-rays and Symptoms.
After your first X-ray and posture review session, which normally runs for 3 hours (we can make it longer if, on the day, you wish to keep going &, if I feel you are up to it), it is best for you to have your chiropractor and massage therapist present at the second session, so you may need to go to his/her office so as not to disrupt his/her normal business activities. (Some chiropractors are very enthusiastic to meet with me to learn my ideals, but a few in the past, have not been so enthusiastic, as their normal business activities are already very demanding.)

If your present chiropractor and massage therapist don’t wish to do this session with you, this is a sign that he/she is too busy and perhaps not the best practitioners for your serious circumstances, as you need commitment from a chiropractor and massage therapist, who both have an open mind that remission is possible, by using a completely new approach. (Later on in our interaction, I will supply your chiropractor and massage therapist, with links to several Practitioner Training Videos and e/Books for them to review.)

I will also need to teach them about such things as: – (1) “Re-stimulation Of Thought-to-muscle Response” in patients who have lost the ability to get the thought to move a limb, to reach the muscles of such limbs, to stimulate the walking or jogging movement, (2) “Ideomotor-response” during stress counselling for grief release etc, so they can recognise when a patient has a mental block holding them back, thus perpetuating “Negative Muscle Memory” and provoking “Vertebral Hypermobility” which keeps symptoms alive and perpetuates the “incurability myth”.

I Need Your Chiropractor/Masseuse To Be Willing To Work “WITH” Me, To Help You “Earn” Remission.
Should you wish to make a booking with me for this series of Skype sessions, I will need to explain a slightly new approach to spinal adjustment, to your chiropractor, and teach your massage therapist a new form of nerve stimulation massage, to re-instate normal healthy nerve activity into the muscles responsible for creating your symptoms. (Please also encourage your chiropractor and massage therapist to watch the videos I have placed on my “Parkinson’s Disease Treatment” web page, and my web page: – “Noel’s 5 Day Treatment Program”.)

After that session with your chiropractor and masseuse (masseur), we will end the Skype connection and continue on, after you return home, that is, unless your chiropractor wishes to hear the full session so as to consider establishing the B.A.10 Program in his/her business, to treat other rigidity disease patients.

Step 3 - Exercise & Massage

After we complete that session with me explaining a new spinal adjustment approach, and a new type of nerve massage, to your chiropractor and massage therapist, we will need to begin your  “BLOOD FLOW EXERCISE SESSIONS” followed with a nerve massage by your massage therapist, and I will then talk you through an “Inner Release Relaxation Session”, to follow on from that massage. (IF YOU WISH TO GET BACK INTO LIFE AGAIN, THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU “MUST” DO, TO ACHIEVE THAT.)

Step 4 Begin To Learn How Your Mind & Body Interact, To Recreate Good Health.

AUTOIMMUNE THEORY” sessions, to help you understand how the endocrine system works, which foods to consume, to supply your endocrine glands with the right nutrient to manufacture the hormones you are lacking, how to harness an overactive mind, and how to plan your life ahead to include happiness and fulfilment.

Never Forget, We Only Repair, Regenerate & Replenish, during our Deep, R.E.M Healing Stage Of Sleep.
During these Skype sessions, I will teach you and your partner, how to carry out a number of autoimmune assessment tests to find the blocked nerves triggering your symptoms, how to overcome reasons for bladder incontinence that causes you to get out of bed several times in the middle of the night, thus interfering with your ability to enjoy uninterrupted sleep, and, how to encourage healthy mitosis, during that deep stage of R.E.M. sleep.

I will also teach you stress management ideals appropriate to your lifestyle circumstances.
Teach you how you can live your life, free from the burdens of unwanted confinement and immobility.

You can phone me, to book your FREE Skype inquiry, if you wish: – Brisbane 0413317789.

Enquire Today

Please send me the details of these 4 subjects and ask about my skype treatment information, i will be happy to send this through to you. This will also include a small questionnaire which will help me prepare a tailored treatment plan for you.

Confidential Treatment

I have treated many patients under confidentiality and I have not only overcome the progression of PD/MS and other non-PD/MS symptoms, in only a matter of hours, but have also put many patients into remission in 4 to 14 days. - I have also overcome ancillary disorders like IBS, Celiac, Diabetes, & COPD (Emphysema), but all improvements require patient effort.

This video below of Sara, shows the rewards to be gained. Listen to Sara's side-affects comments on Requip, Mirapex & Sinemet.

Group Treatment

I have treated many patients under confidentiality and I have not only overcome the progression of PD/MS and other non-PD/MS symptoms, in only a matter of hours, but have also put many patients into remission in 4 to 14 days. - I have also overcome ancillary disorders like IBS, Celiac, Diabetes, & COPD (Emphysema), but all improvements require patient effort.

COVID-19 Relief - Exclusive Skype Treatment

The First 15 Minutes Are FREE!
I am offering the first 15 minutes FREE, to enable new patients to ask questions without having to pay a fee, to find out relevant information, and for me to learn the patient’s symptom progression and symptom-provoking circumstances, to help me begin a personal file for future reference. (Before arranging this FREE 15 minute session with me, please ask me to email you my “80 questions Questionnaire” so that I will be familiar with your previous health circumstances and have some history on your lifestyle stress factors and symptom progression, to better answer the questions you ask me.)