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AU 0413 317 789 / USA 845 701 6817
Open hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 2pm

I Offer 3 Treatment
Fee Options and 3
For Treatment In
The USA and AU.

I have 2 more trips
to the USA for 2018:

(1) The First Is In August 2018.
(2) The Second In October 2018.

(1) My Fees If I Come & Treat You In
Your Home In USA/AU “One-on-one”

MY OLD FEE FOR 7 DAYS: – $3.000-00 USD
plus airfare and accommodation.
From now however, up until the
end of June 2019, 
my fee for “7”
days of 
treatrment in your home,
will be 
$2.500-00USD plus lodging,
plus a $700-00 travel contribution.
(A total of $3.200-00USD)
After June 30th, 2019 I will no longer
be offering my Travel-to-treat service
and am looking for therapists to
train, to take this service over.

For me to guarantee significant
improvement, you must follow my
instructions and be willing to put
in your own effort. This video below
of Sara, shows the rewards to be
gained. Listen to Sara’s comments
on Requip, Mirapex & Sinemet: –

you can accommodate me in your
home to save paying hotel fees,
which enables me to check your
home environment, help you to
follow a diet to suit your situation
and to observe your 
to normal daily stress.

(2) My Fees If I Come To Treat
You In A
Group In USA/AU

FEE FOR 8 DAYS: – $1.500-00USD
each, plus $350-00USD travel, with
2 patients minimum & 4 patients
maximum. (I have treated many
patients under confidentiality,
and I have not only overcome
the progression of PD/MS and
other non-PD/MS symptoms
but have also overcome
ancillary disorders like
IBS, diabetes, epilepsy
and respiratory disorder,
but all improvement
requires patient effort.)

This video will explain more: –

Medical doctors saved my daughter’s
life once, and “my” life twice, so I have
great respect, “BUT” I speak out against
them being trained to tell patients with

tremors, numbness and muscle rigidity,
that lesions indicate they have “a disease”
called Parkinson’s disease or MS. 
patient testimonies on this video below,
“PROVE”, this teaching 
is completely
incorrect and that these symptoms
are caused by hormonal-muscular-
skeletal abnormalities as
documented in Dr. James
Parkinson’s book: –

(3) My Fees If you come to
me on Bribie Island AU:

FEE FOR 5 DAYS: – $1.400-00USD.
FEE FOR 7 DAYS: – $1.700-00USD

My 3 Main Requirements
As I work on
Dr. James Parkinson’s
3 documented autopsy causes
I need
to inspect a full set of 
spinal X-rays as
follows: – (1) AP Open 
Mouth. (2) Lateral
(3) AP Thoracic. – (4) Lateral
(5) AP Lumbar (With Legs
and Must Show Both Femur
(6) Lateral Lumbar.
I prefer you to get X-rays via
chiropractor who will be
regularly adjusting you after
I finish my days with you

While myself or a practitioner under
my supervision, is treating you, you
are not to be working on any business
matters, or spending a lot of time on
your computer, and you must do your
best to avoid disputes of any kind, as
you need to focus fully on your
recovery. This is a time just
for you “FOR HEALING”.
To ensure you are massaged
with my unique massage, I
wish to train a local massage
therapist in my methods.
Please arrange a meeting on
my Day 2 massage session
around 10:00am and show
your massage therapist
this video below.

This video is a confirmation
given by a qualified experienced
massage therapist, that my
nerve massage technique
is “VERY” different: –

Once you finish reviewing this
page, please L/C HERE and go
and watch the videos on my
B.A.10 Treatment page.


If You Would Like Advice,
Email Me NOW and Ask
Me To Send You My Treatment
Information File, Complete With
Causal Recipe Questionnaire“.

OR: –

 Purchase My Pack Of 8
Products To
Beat Parkinson’s

Disease At Home

OR: –

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Sclerosis At Home


To ask me questions, you can
phone me NOW on my Mobile
Phone:- AU 0413317789 and
in the USA: – 469 536 7511.

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