Open hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 2pm
AU 0413 317 789 / USA 845 701 6817
55 Maitland Rd Burpengary QLD 4505
AU 0413 317 789 / USA 845 701 6817
Open hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 2pm

I Offer 4 Treatment
Options In The USA
and Australia


This 200 Year Old Book Solves The
Mystery Of Parkinson’s Disease, But
Medical Leaders and Big Pharma Don’t
Want PD Patients Reading It, As It
Promotes Natural Therapies and
Chiropractic, and Condemns
Using Pharmaceuticals.

“One-on-one” Personal Treatment
For Five, Seven Or Fourteen Days.
(Fees Listed Below.)

My “Travel-to-treat” Service
Where I Come To You In AU, Or
USA To Treat You In Your Home.
(Fees Listed Below.)

Two Patients Treated Together
For Seven Days. (You Come To
Me Or I Come To You.)
(Fees Listed Below.)

Treatment While Teaching A Practitioner
In Your Area To Become A B.A.10
Practitioner. (No Fee For Your Treatment
As You Will Be Treated In The Training
Of Your Local Practitioner.)

(1) If you come to me on Bribie Island AU:
FEE FOR 5 DAYS: – $2.500-00AU.
FEE FOR 7 DAYS: – $3.000-00AU

(2) If I Come To Treat You In Your
Home In USA/AU “One-on-one”
: –

FEE FOR 7 DAYS: – $4.000-00USD.
I also charge a fee for my return airfare
to each patient I treat on my Travel-to-treat
Program, and I require accommodation.
FEE FOR 10 DAYS: – $5.500-00USA
FEE FOR 14 DAYS: – $7.000-00USA
(+Airfare and Accommodation.)
In Certain Circumstances I Will Stay In
Your Home To Save You Accommodation Fees

(3) 2 Or 3 Patients Treated Together,
In Your Home In USA Or AU:

FEE FOR 7 DAYS, 2 PEOPLE: – $3.000-00
USD each. – 3 PEOPLE: – $2.750-00 Ea.

My 2 Main Requirements
As I work on Dr. James Parkinson’s 3
I need to inspect a full set of spinal
X-rays, as follows: – (1) AP Open Mouth.
(Must See Position Of C1 and C2 Vertebra
). (2) Lateral Cervical.
(3) AP Thoracic. – (4) Lateral Thoracic.
(5) AP Lumbar (Must Have Legs Straight
and Must Show Both Femur Heads).
(6) Lateral Lumbar.

I prefer you to have X-rays done through
a chiropractor who will be adjusting you.

While myself or any practitioners under
my supervision, are treating you, you
are not to be working on any business
matters, or spending a lot of time on
your computer, and you must do your
best to avoid disputes of any kind, as
you need to focus fully on peace of
mind and relaxation. This is a time
“JUST FOR YOU”, for healing.

Email Me NOW and Ask
Me To Send You My Treatment
Information File, Complete With
Causal Recipe Questionnaire“.


Go To My “BECOME A B.A.10
Training Course Page To See
My Fees For The Practitioner’s
Training Course.


The Reason I Achieve Great Success, Is Due To My Unique Assessment Tests Finding Autoimmune Causal Problems That Chiropractor’s, Naturopathic Doctors and Therapists Are Usually Not Even Aware Of.
The best service I offer, is 5 to 7 days of continuous treatment for 4 to 5 hours a day, where I carry out one of my very unique assessments on you each morning to monitor your progress, and then treat you each day according to the results of those progressive assessment results. — If you wish to reach remission while on my B.A.10 Treatment Program, you “MUST” be determined and remain fully focused to support me in my efforts to help you overcome every symptom you experience and every causal problem I find.

I strive to help you overcome any symptom associated with Parkinson’s disease, MSA, MS, Emphysema, Sarcoidosis, ALS, IBS, Celiac disease, and several other rigidity autoimmune disorders similar. The symptoms I have overcome in patients are as follows: – sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, bouts of anger, hopelessness, tinnitus, floaters, bladder incontinence, bowel difficulties, nausea, loss of period cycle in one MS patient at age 21, loss of period cycle at age 38, difficulty swallowing, loss of appetite, loss of sense of smell, optic neuritis, dizziness, loss of balance, difficulty speaking, a cough that would not respond to medication, numbness and tingling, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, bad posture, drop foot, inability to stand up, inability to turn around, inability to jog, inability to jump, and inability to lift arms above shoulder height.

To ask me questions personally, you can
phone me NOW on my personal Mobile Phone:-
AU 0413317789

If you would like to inquire about coming to me in Brisbane, or you would like to find out about the possibility of me coming to you, anywhere in Australia or the USA, please let me know and I will inform you of my availability.

My History and Beliefs
I have been in the natural health industry since 1975,
have owned and managed two of the largest health
centers in Queensland Australia, employed up to 9
staff involved in teaching natural health concepts,
delivered many seminars on immune efficiency,
endocrine function, the mind-body connection
and autoimmune disorders, and have specialized
in treating Parkinson and MS patients since 2005.
I have been verified by government health
departments in 2 different countries, and have
been interviewed on several television and
radio shows. I have always dedicated
myself to revealing the truth, and

doing my absolute best to help patients
regain their health and their lives.

I am a Christian and am highly
motivated to get the best results
in helping patients overcome
their symptoms and suffering.

I am willing to be interviewed
by any medico or
who wishes to challenge my
ideals, motives or knowledge,
in any public forum.

I am disappointed in the way
governments allow pharmaceutical
companies to manipulate the health
system, when it hinders our youth

in overcoming disorders like
asthma, autism and ADHD.

Would you like to be treated
FREE OF CHARGE? If you can find
a qualified therapist in your area who
would like to sign up to do my
Practitioner’s Training Course,
may be eligible
to be treated free,
as one of that
training cases.

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