Autoimmune Disease Specialist

Struggling with the symptoms of Parkinson's, MS or Essential Tremors?

As a result of spending many years (between 1982 & 2010), studying hundreds of medical journals on autoimmune diseases (ie Parkinson’s, MS and other diseases) and working with patients of all severity levels, I can confidentially say that I have found the cure.

My Beliefs

No more prescribed drugs. My treatment is physical and effective.

The 2 biggest flaws in healthcare, medical & natural, are that (1) practitioners are trained to sell drugs & supplements “FIRST”, but “VERY FEW” are trained to read the body’s natural stress signs to find where the body’s physiology is failing, so as to create the symptoms involved, and (2) very few are trained to look for suppressed nerves, so as to set them free by correcting all spinal faults, releasing nerve trigger points, relaxing specific muscles, raising lung efficiency, and maximising oxygen absorption by normalising “melatonin” and “serum lipemia ” levels.

Medical Journals state that lack of Dopamine and Myelin Atrophy does NOT cause symptoms of MS or Parkinson's. Stop listening to doctors and big pharma's who just want to prescribe medicine, my treatment will truly change your life.

Case studies

Proof that my treatment works, and it will for you too.

I offer a guarantee, that if you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, MS, Diabetes or COPD, & your doctor, physiotherapist, naturopath or chiropractor are not addressing the 4 causal abnormalities noted as PD symptoms by Dr. Parkinson. If you then call on me to correct these 4 causal problems listed in Dr. Parkinson’s book, you will experience significant symptom reduction, perhaps even full remission, in only 4 to 14 days.

I’m so confident my treatment will work for you, that if you don’t get the results promised, you pay nothing!

Medical Surgeon In Remission Over Parkinson's Disease In 5 Days
Noel Batten Puts Parkinson Patient Ross Into Remission In Only 4 Days
Barry Black found his cure for Parkinson's Disease in just 5 Days
8 Pateients all cured from their symptoms on the B.A.10 Program
Marsha agrees that doctors were we're wrong the whole time!
Parkinson's Patient Cheryl Regains her Life on the B.A.10 Program

About my B.A.10 Treatment Program

My B.A.10 treatment program takes a multi-directional approach and focuses on the whole human being, not just the physical factors. After all, stress, anxiety, tension and other life factors all play a huge part in the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Mental Analysis

I firstly like to find out about a patient’s stress levels, thinking patterns and emotional self expression. Extreme stress, negative thoughts and negative emotions contribute to muscle tension, which leads to nerve suppression. Nerve signals become suppressed and unable to communicate effectively to the brain. 

Physical Analysis

I then have a look at the patient’s muscular system to find out if there are any differences between both sides of the body. Excess rigidity in the whole muscular system, particularly in the neck, lower back and hips is common in spinal x-rays of advanced Parkinson, MS, COPD & Sarcoid patients.

Creating a Plan

Once both mental and physical factors have been assessed, I will develop a detailed strategy for your treatment program. This will include details on areas I will be treating, a consultation to discuss this strategy and of course a cost breakdown.

Treatment & Post-Care

Upon your confirmation, we will begin treatment immediately and you will start to see results within the first few days! Once remission is achieved, I encourage my patients to follow my Rejuvenation Program, which is a self-help program aimed at getting patients to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The only thing standing between you and remission is a FREE 30 minute consultation.