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Alternative Therapies For Parkinson’s, MS, MSA, COPD, Sarcoidosis, IBS, Celiac, Epilepsy, Diabetes & Disorders Similar.


This website explains “causes” and a unique and successful “treatment” for 22 rigidity disorders like Parkinson’s disease, wrongly assumed incurable. I offer you “Unique Facts” out of Medical Journals and Medical and Anatomy Books to check. You will also hear patient testimonies on video, and see “MANY” “before” and “after” patient success videos that include medical doctors, chiropractors & naturopaths who came to me for help, and all this, supports those Unique Facts I present. (I often get patients out of wheelchairs in 5 to 14 days, using this unique treatment.)

My B.A.10 (BACK 10 steps) Rejuvenation Program gains long-term success where other treatments don’t, and one reason is because “I begin at the neck” where all stress-provoked symptoms begin. (Even feet, stomach, hip & lung symptoms can begin at the “Vagus nerve” or the “Atlas” in the neck, but this only applies to PD/IBS/COPD type symptoms.) I work on 10 immune functions (B.A.10), I treat patients for 5 to 14 consecutive days, and I do “morning” tests to monitor healing response from sleep. True healing only takes place during R.E.M. sleep, so morning tests are the “ONLY” tests that show if yesterday’s treatment was effective. – (Improvement can happen but patients may not feel it for 3 days until nerve swelling goes.)

Natural Practitioners Must Learn New Ideals

As Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders from Chronic Fatigue right up to Parkinson’s disease, are “Stress-provoked Nerve-Hormonal, Muscular-Skeletal Disorders”, and as all problems in all 5 of these areas must be corrected “At The Same Time” for patients to feel significant improvement in 2 or 3 days, practitioners who wish to help these patients must learn a completely new assessment and treatment approach. These new ideals include hormones, nerves, the spine and cerebrospinal fluid intracranial pressure and the possibility of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, NPH. 

The main reason “NONE” of the medical or natural practitioners in healthcare, know how to help these many millions of rigidity patients, is because to help, a practitioner must learn to assess, and then treat, the 10 mind-body functions responsible, all at the same time, which includes being aware of NPH, and these things are not taught in “ANY” medical or natural health college.

Health Facts You Must Know, To Overcome Rigidity Symptoms

If you are a patient, a close family member, or a practitioner who would like to know how to assist these “MILLIONS” of helpless Rigidity Autoimmune patients (PD, MS, MSA, ALS, IBS, COPD, Vertigo, Brain fogginess due to N.P.H. etc,), knowing these following facts on the spine and supplements, which are “medically” proven, will prevent you getting side-tracked and confused, and, will help you see your compass, to find a “True North” to victory. 

The first thing I feel “ALL” Rigidity patients must do, is ignore product sales as products can’t correct spinal curve, a pelvic twist, or a C1 subluxation and “ALL 3” of these are found in “ALL” Rigidity disorders from Chronic Fatigue to Parkinson’s. Everybody ignores the spinal curve and lean to the left or right, as a compensation response to neck problems, which is how practitioners start on the wrong track. Patients think nothing of spinal curve as a symptom cause, as doctors and neurologists are trained to tell patients they have an incurable disease “YET THEY DON’T”.

SOME SPINAL CURVES ARE DIFFICULT TO SEE: – If you, your affected family member, or your client has even just “a slight, hardly-visible” torso lean to the left or right, he/she will have enough of a lumbar-thoracic curve to pinch nerves, to encourage rigidity disorder symptoms in the body, anywhere below that curve. If there is a “slight, hardly-visible” head tilt to the left or right, he/she will have enough of a cervical curve to pinch nerves in the neck, to cause neck discomfort common to all rigidity patients, as well as any number of symptoms anywhere below that curve. (Often the lean is so slight, you can’t see it. The test, is if you feel a slight inner quiver, and, have lost flexibility.)

2 Cases - Supplements and Orthodox Therapies "USELESS"

The moment Rigidity Autoimmune patients are given a medical diagnosis of PD, MS, MSA, ALS, COPD, IBS, or Sarcoidosis etc, by a doctor or neurologist, many go into depression and turn to things that can’t help, such as diets, supplements and tonics etc, and most, go out and spend a fortune buying everything they think will save them. – FIRSTLY: – If a medical doctor or neurologist told you, you have “an incurable disease”, please take the time to read the medical journals I supply that “PROVE BEYOND DOUBT”, what medical doctors and neurologists are taught at medical school to tell people what is causing their PD-MS-COPD-IBS-TYPE symptoms, is “COMPLETELY” wrong. After specializing in treating around 22 Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders successfully, since I changed my natural therapy office to begin specializing in 2004, I have had numerous rigidity patients tell me of the enormous sums of money they spent and how they gained a little energy, but “DID NOT GAIN ANY SYMPTOM REDUCTION. (If this is you, do yourself a huge favor and STOP RIGHT NOW!”)

Here are details of 2 patients adjacent (Betty & Sue) who developed mild symptoms and made the mistake of going to medical doctors and neurologists for treatment and advice, only to be put on a path that made them worse “FAR WORSE” and I see this tragedy, all the time. If you allow them to convince you, you have an incurable disease, it is “THAT BELIEF” that will destroy you, not their fictitious incurable disease. It is my opinion, medical doctors and neurologists are themselves victims of this false teaching which I believe was started in the late 1800’s early 1900’s to maximize pharmaceutical drug sales at a time when the small chemist businesses were doing their best to expand, to become the huge corporations they are today.

The Body "MUST" Have Exercise, Laughter, Love and Sleep

Most people, even many practitioners don’t realize, symptoms associated with such disorders as Parkinson’s disease, MS, COPD or Irritable bowel syndrome etc, are most commonly provoked to develop, due to stress (emotional stress from loss, or workaholic stress from anxiety), causing an overactive mind during sleep, which triggers an excessive release of the muscle stiffness hormone noradrenaline, which in turn, creates so much rigidity in certain spinal supportive muscles, the spine becomes distorted, and affected nerves become suppressed. This is the physiological sequence of events that leads to every symptom associated with all 22 of the Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders I have had success with, which I have listed on this website. The “ONLY” cure as such, to be experienced, must be established by each individual patient, having whatever “NATURAL” treatments and therapies they need, to correct or reverse (B.A.10), all anatomical abnormalities that have developed from this sequence of mind and body breakdown events, and, by retraining themselves to let go of grief and anxiety, and relax, so they are capable of enjoying life. (God designed us to only be capable of enjoying life if we live according to the rules of our design, which encourage Exercise, Laughter, Love and R.E.M. sleep. Exercise for blood & lymph circulation, Laughter for release of positive immune hormones, Love for dopamine release & Sleep for rejuvenation.)

Both Betty and Sue suffered ongoing stress which created an overactive mind, sleep deprivation, and excessive tension in the spinal supportive muscles to pull the spine off-center to suppress the nerves that created their symptoms. The different sections of the spine pulled off-center, and the different angles the vertebra and pelvis are pulled to, determine the symptoms caused, and how much variation in this muscle rigidity each patient has, will regulate day-to-day symptom fluctuations. 

Barry Walks Again After I Corrected His Spine

Whilst I have discovered that a very small percentage of Rigidity Autoimmune Patients develop Parkinson-type symptoms after an accident damaging the spine, or after ingesting a poisonous substance that causes spinal muscles to tighten into a spasm, the vast majority develop their symptoms due to stress-anxiety-provoked nerve-hormonal-muscular-skeletal abnormalities. Barry Black (photo file adjacent), who was the first success clip in the video above, developed his symptoms due to working at his computer 7 days a week, while leaning over to the right, onto his right armrest all day. This is what caused the severe right kink in his upper thoracic, lower cervical spine.

Several practitioners medical and natural, told Barry he would never be able to correct that severe kink at his T1-T2 vertebra, without having a steel rod surgically implanted, however, on the B.A.10 Program, I “DID” fix it, and in only 4 days. I fixed it by teaching him how to relax and budget his time to include sleep preparation, and by working the muscles and nerves of the neck and shoulders, in a special manner, which helped to release the muscular pull, imposed on specific areas of his spine. I also gave him opposing blood-flow posture exercises designed to relax extra-tense muscles and revitalize lazy muscles. This is the “ONLY” way to correct things, through “THE NATURE” of the mind and body.

"PROOF" - PD, MS, COPD Type Symptoms Are Nerve Symptoms

The next video I wish to offer, will give you “indisputable proof” that tremors are caused by nerves being squashed, which encourages symptom development relating to individual nerves, or by a lack of oxygen causing the whole nervous system to become too weak to function effectively. In this video adjacent, you will see me make changes to the original causes of each patients tremors, to make them stop “IN JUST SECONDS”, proving that I am indeed, affecting the actual tremor causes.

Tremors Are From Low Oxygen and Muscular-spinal Problems

The 10 video clips that make up this video adjacent, are of patients who called on me to help them overcome tremors, muscle rigidity, numbness, tingling and muscle cramps. What you are about to see in these clips, will prove to you that the information medical doctors and neurologists are taught at medical school, to tell newly diagnosed rigidity autoimmune patients IS NOT ONLY TOTALLY WRONG,  but it causes them to follow advice that holds them in their suffering and leads them to a premature death. This video will help patients see that medical advice will actually ruin your health, and your life, if you follow it. So, whatever you do, DO NOT LISTEN TO “ANY” MEDICAL DOOM-AND-GLOOM in relation to the rigidity disorders I have listed, as believing their doom-and-gloom will only add depression and hopelessness to your list of symptoms. Giving “ANYBODY” negative hope-destroying advice actually goes against Christian ethics. We are here on earth, to help each other and if there appears to be no path leading to success, we must find one, which is what I have done with the B.A.10 Program. All I need now, is help to teach it to active natural practitioners wanting to help these millions of suffering patients who are being ignored.

3 “FACTS” On How Neck Abnormalities Affect Consciousness, Balance & Walking:

Combat soldiers are trained that if they need to sneak up behind an enemy soldier and render them unconscious without making any noise, they must give them a “HARD” karate chop to the C1, C2 & C3 vertebra just under the occiput. This can render a person unconscious in a second, because it gives a sudden jolt to the Medulla Spinalis, a part of the brain stem that influences muscle control, balance and confidence in standing in the world, & often, soldiers given this karate chop wake up with tremors, feeling legless and disoriented just like advanced Parkinson & MS patients. The first cervical vertebra (C1) is nick-named “The I Am Vertebra” as it encourages confidence when in alignment with the rest of the spine below it, and lack of confidence and leg problems when out of alignment. The second cervical vertebra (C2) is nick-named “The Dizzy Bone” because when it turns or tilts to be our of alignment with the rest of the spine, it commonly causes dizziness, vertigo and or, loss of balance. The third cervical vertebra (C3) is nick-named “The Vision Vertebra” as it commonly effects eyesight, orientation and memory. 

To Overcome Parkinson’s Disease etc, All Causal Problems “Must” Be Found and Corrected


During my visit to you on my second day, from my Pack of products I will begin teaching you how to apply my advanced methods according to your personal circumstances, and by the morning of the 3rd, day, you should have experienced relief from pain and symptoms that could have been causing you discomfort for years. (Within 2 days, my new methods can reduce your symptom severity, reduce any neck and low back discomfort you may have, and begin correcting your “hormonal-nerve-spinal, R.E.M. sleep difficulties” that may have been niggling at you to stop you from enjoying effective rejuvenating sleep. These are “ALL” important causal factors that you and your practitioners need to be aware of, for you to be free of your symptoms and have your life back again. Just remember, your efforts are required, to help me achieve these results. YOU MUST FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS & WE MUST WORK AS A TEAM, TO GET YOU BACK ON TRACK, and don’t forget, all true healing is “a spiritual event” as well as a human, goal-vision-focused event. (Proverbs 29:18) “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

2 Facts On Parkinson’s Disease & MS You Should “NEVER” Forget


All Parkinson patients often experience a huge variation in symptom severity after a good 30 minute to one-hour afternoon sleep, and if it were true that Parkinson symptoms were caused by “atrophy” (WHICH MEANS “DEATH”) of the dopamine producing cells of the substantia nigra, which is what drug company lecturers teach students is the cause of all PD symptoms, in medical school, it would be absolutely impossible for patients to experience this huge symptom variation after a little sleep. Once dopamine cells are dead (atrophied) they are dead, period, and it would be absolutely impossible for them to quickly “repeatedly” regenerate and produce sufficient dopamine for patients to experience symptom reduction and then to die off again, when symptoms begin to return “after” a sleep, 30 minute to one-hour later???


All MS patients usually feel considerable symptom reduction after a good sleep, & some experience so much symptom reduction after only a short afternoon nap that medical leaders have given this common extreme symptom reduction a special name, which is: “Relapsing-Remitting MS”. This “Relapsing=Remitting” phenomenon is, on it’s own, absolute proof that myelin degeneration (atrophy, meaning death, of the myelin sheath), couldn’t possibly be the cause of MS symptoms because to experience this remission, the myelin sheath would need to repeatedly “QUICKLY” grow back, then die off again every time symptoms returned.

This applies the same for the incident of female MS patients going through pregnancy and going into remission as a result of the pregnancy. The reason these women go into remission is not due to the mysterious reduction of an MS provoking enzyme “pyruvate kinase” but because a pregnant woman is usually a fully content woman, which causes abundant release of muscle relaxing endorphins, and, because as the pregnancy progresses, the spine is stretched which takes pressure off nerves that are being pressured to create the MS type symptoms in the first place. My “Stopping Tremors Instantly” video above, which you should have watched earlier, is absolute indisputable truth that MS, PD and Sarcoidosis symptoms are a result of nerves being pressured (squashed) by excess muscle tension in the neck and-or lower back-hip area, spinal curvature, degenerative discs and vertebral subluxations, and removing that pressure through “natural” treatments, offers the “ONLY” real solution.

2 Books Represent The Foundation Of My B.A.10 Treatment Program

This program is a “self-help” program just as much as it is a qualified-practitioner-supervised program and I designed the 10 steps of this B.A.10 natural health Program on two very famous books:

(1) “The King James Bible“, in which I discovered the relative scriptures during a Bible Study Course with Pastor Robert Droste in Brisbane. — There are 10 groups of scripture that represent the 10 functions of the immune system which my self-help treatment caters for. — In God’s ideals presented in the bible, “ALL” these rigidity autoimmune disorders have a cure, but persuasive advertising and the strive by corporations for higher and higher profits, have greatly suppressed public belief in God’s curative ideals.

(2) The Second Book is: “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” in which I discovered 3 anatomical abnormalities documented by Dr. James Parkinson, the doctor who Parkinson’s disease was named after, as the “REAL” cause of Parkinson’s disease, as opposed to the incorrect cause of Parkinson’s disease: “atrophy of the dopamine-producing cells of the substantia nigra“. Dr. Parkinson was a practicing Christian who attended St, Leonard’s church in Shoreditch near London. He passed away from a stroke and his remains were buried in that churchyard after his death in 1824.

multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease treatment



multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease treatment

Michael - MS


multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease treatment

Abby - Hashimoto's


I Have Given A Number Of Parkinson, MS & Other Rigidity Autoimmune Patients “QUICK RESULTS” & My Client Below, Is One Of Them, & The Treatment I Used, Is Backed Up By Scripture From The Bible.

Quick Results

This video demonstrates how Michael Frederic and myself “worked together”, to overcome his vertigo and all his symptom causal abnormalities to get the amazing improvement he experienced “IN ONLY 3 DAYS”. — Our joint efforts and our prayers, enabled us to overcame all Michael’s balance & walking problems and regain his ability to jog, after not being able to jog for over 2 years, & this all took place “IN ONLY 3 DAYS“. Present teachings in medical, chiropractic, naturopathic and massage colleges all around the world, are not aware of the ideals I use to get this quick significant success and they are definitely not aware that these ideals are supported by scripture from the bible

Thought and Hormones Control "EVERYTHING"

We are all individuals who develop desire & motivation according to what we “allow”, or what we “force”, our mind to be focused on every day.  If we allow our mind to stay focused on missing a financial fortune that we lost, or a loved one who passed, or who left, we will release excessive amounts of the sadness hormone “cortisol” which will cause us to be depressed & develop a depression-based “BLOOD” disease.  Alternatively, if we force our mind to remain focused on a positive goal, we will release abundant amounts of dopamine which encourages good digestion & absorption of the amino acid “phenylalanine” for our immune system to manufacture more dopamine.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUR CYCLE OF LIFE CAN PERPETUATE.  Dopamine also acts as a signalling hormone for efficient digestion and absorption of the food and nutrient we consume at mealtime (Proverbs 15:17), and to release testosterone (the strength of character hormone) & growth hormone (the hormone that assists mitosis and glycogen usage) which keep us energetic & motivated. God designed us to function automatically & if we encourage this natural positive metabolism within us, we can easily overcome the obstacles of life, that may appear to be impossible to overcome.



I Have Created A New Form Of Natural Assessment, and Natural Therapies.

A time is coming when the natural health industry will need to introduce new ideals to help these many millions of rigidity patients who are presently being kicked to the kurb and left to fend for themselves. — The “ONLY” effective solutions that can be offered to all patients suffering from these disorders, are the ones that enable us to resurrect the original functions of the autoimmune system. (While surgery is often life-saving, it is “NOT” the real answer as our body can only act naturally, when everything functions naturally.)

I have discovered 5 very new and very unique ideals about the human body that have enabled me to establish a new form of natural assessment and natural therapies. — These new concepts are capable of taking the natural health industry to a far greater level of efficiency, in overcoming many symptoms considered incurable, and, in also helping badly suffering autoimmune patients out of their suffering, often in only days. — In investing in establishing a B.A.10 Rejuvenation Clinic or becoming a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner, you will learn these exciting breakthrough ideals that can enable all practitioners to develop a far greater healing efficiency.

Please remember, no matter how many University degrees and diplomas a practitioner has on the office wall, they can “ONLY” help you if they know of “The Psychosomatic Response”, how to identify a twisted pelvis & correct spinal subluxations, how to do nerve massage, & how to treat the muscular problems I present in the videos on this website. – (Hosea 4:6) This lack of knowledge is why so many practitioners so wrongly inform so many people, that what you have is incurable.

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