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My 5 Days Of “One-on-one”
Natural Treatment For MS,
Parkinson’s, MSA and Several
Other Disorders, Can
Set You Free.
(John 8:32)

I Help The Body (for movement),
The Mind (for intellect), and The Spirit
(for motivation), In One Very
Unique Treatment.

A 200 Year Old Book
Solves The Mystery Of
Parkinson’s Disease,
But Medical Leaders
Just Keep Ignoring It.

The best treatment service I offer, is 5 to 10 days of continuous treatment for 4 to 5 hours a day, where I carry out one of my very unique “mind, body and spirit” assessments each morning to monitor the foundation of who you are as a person, and then treat you each day according to the results of those “movement, intellect and motivation” assessment results.

Do you feel like you have a rigid worn-out body, a disillusioned mind and a broken spirit? Well my B.A.10 natural treatment reversal program will help you reverse this, to give you back your hope and your faith, after the non-Christian medical Doom-and-gloom advice doctors are trained to give you, takes away your hope and your faith and adds depression to your list of symptoms. These diseases are “NOT” incurable!

It is my opinion, doctors and neurologists are unknowingly trained to tell rigidity autoimmune patients this doom-and-gloom, to stop you from searching further and keep you confined to thinking pharmaceutical drugs are your only option.

Medical Leaders Have Ignored The Truth For 200 Years.
It is my opinion medical leaders claim this, to make you a lifetime member in the pharmaceutical club. If you read my article on Dr. James Parkinson’s autopsy findings published in his book 200 years ago, you will see that medical leaders have been ignoring the truth about these disorders, for over 200 years, just so, in my opinion, they can maximize drug sales and receive their pharmaceutical bonuses “at the patient’s expense”.

A New Video Will Be Placed Here Soon.


There Will “NEVER” Be A Drug Or A Medical Treatment That Will “CURE” Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders, As This Can “ONLY” Be Done By Correcting The Causal Faults Within.
Every patient has a slightly different recipe of causes, some becoming fatigued in their mind, their body, and their very spirit inside them, and others becoming fatigued in only one or two of these causal areas, and as a result they all have a slightly different response to the array of natural treatments I give.

For me to get the quick significant improvement you see in my “before” and “after” videos, I need to monitor each patients differences, on each morning of treatment. “THIS” is how I am able to get the success that no other practitioners in the world, can get.

My Treatment Begins With A Full Set Of X-rays Of The Skeletal Frame So I Can Check For The 3 Causes Noted By Dr. Parkinson In His Book.
For me to get the best improvement in the shortest possible time, particularly with immobilized patients, I require a full set of X-rays (Lateral and AP views of all 3 sections) viewing both Femur heads in the AP Lumbar view, plus a clear view of the C1 vertebra (Open Mouth X-ray), as all advanced Parkinson, MS, MSA, Sarcoidosis, Emphysema, IBS and other muscular rigidity patients have certain spinal abnormalities provoking their symptoms. — To see how easy it is for some practitioners to overlook or miss completely, these spinal abnormalities, review the video of PD patient Betty Green on my “absorption” page where 24 professional practitioners missed a symptom-causing spinal curve, just as Dr. Parkinson described it, 200 years ago.

There is “AN ENORMOUS” lack of education on rigidity autoimmune disorders and their stress, posture, hormonally provoked muscular-skeletal causes, in the natural health industry, which “DESPERATELY” needs to be satisfied. See my page of Parkinson and MS spinal abnormalities. (THIS WEB PAGE WILL BE COMPLETED SOON.)

Every Autoimmune Patient Has Some Degree Of Spinal Kink Or Curvature and Other Skeletal Abnormalities.
Some degree of spinal kink or curvature is always present with these disorders, and it is essential for me to find that kink or curvature and “all” other spinal abnormalities “first”, before I begin treatment. — (If you have a therapist treating you and he/she has not checked your spine for a kink or curvature, or does not inspect X-rays, I will be only too happy to assist that therapist to identify even the slightest curvature and specific spinal abnormalities in X-rays, relative to your particular Parkinson’s disease, MS or other autoimmune symptoms.)

Below are several good and bad comparison X-rays of patients I treated who had the exact neck abnormalities that Dr. James Parkinson noted in his book as the main cause he found during autopsies on deceased Parkinson patients, which was: “trauma to the brain stem at the Medulla Spinalis”.

This video below will explain some of the causal problems I look for and always find, in the patients I treat and if you are a patient, I am sure you will relate to the neck problems I describe in this video:

Whilst healthy people have soft neck muscles like in the frame above, people with autoimmune symptoms have a version of these tense neck muscles, in the photo below: –

On this web page, I supply many X-rays and back muscle photos that show many versions of the spinal curvature, subluxation and muscular abnormalities that all autoimmune patients have, which is the primary cause of their symptoms. — Once I overcome these abnormalities, or figure out a way to by-pass them, symptoms simply begin to go away. — Do not listen to anybody who tries to tell you that spinal curvature and disc degeneration are impossible to overcome, which is an old belief even followed by a few chiropractors who have not kept up with progress. — This success requires your full focus, but you “can” overcome spinal curvature and disc degeneration, in time!

This is the C spine of Dr. Pineda, the medical surgeon I treated whose success video is in my compilation video at the top on my Parkinson’s web page.

This is the C spine of Mary, who had her symptoms for 3 years before coming to me. She had no easily visible symptoms so I have not put her video on my website.

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My Next Video Will Show You, I Have Figured Out How To By-pass and Eventually Overcome, Degenerative Disc Disease (D.D.D.)
This 7 minute video below, shows an X-ray revealing one of the most severe cases of spinal degeneration (D.D.D.) I have seen in over 8 years of inspecting X-rays of autoimmune patients, yet this patient regained his ability to walk, in only 5 days. — The success you will see in this video is not experienced by all patients I treat, who have severe spinal degeneration, as this case is exceptional, however, you will not know if you can create another exceptional success story, until you ignore all negativity told to you by people who are not themselves, success-focused, put your mind to work, and believe in yourself. — I love the following quote by Henry Ford on this subject: “If you think you can do a thing, or you think you can’t do a thing, either way you are right.”

Providing you are determined and well-focused to regain your health, and you work with me to overcome the main 3 causal factors, which Dr. James Parkinson documented back in 1817, along with any deep-seeded anxiety that may have provoked them to develop, you too can regain your life, as my client Cileste Zampieri did, in this video below: –

 (7 Minutes+)


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If you would like personal treatment

All Rigidity Autoimmune Symptoms Begin With Neck Pain.

All muscular rigidity autoimmune symptoms and disorders, such as those associated with Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Sarcoidosis, Emphysema and Irritable Bowel Syndrome etc, begin with neck tension sufficient to cause muscle pain, which if left untreated for more than 2 years or so, can create a disease end result. — If “you” are aware of such neck/shoulder tension, you need to follow the self-help treatment ideals explained in either of my Parkinson or MS Pack of products to learn how to eliminate it as soon as possible. — If you have difficulty eliminating it, or if it comes back a couple of days after you do, you need to contact me and explain what you have done, so I can make sure you have found “all” your causal problems and overcome them fully.

I have found that all the Parkinson and MS patients I have treated, had at least one spinal curvature that had to be rectified. I have 6 unique treatment steps I use, to overcome spinal curvature in my Five-day clients. Here are some photos of excess tension responsible for cervical curvature:-

I Can Come To You (AU-USA), To Treat You In Your Home, If You Are Not Well Enough To Travel, Or To Treat A Group.
Under certain circumstances I will agree to come to you to treat you in your home if you are immobilized and not able to travel to me. — In this situation I treat patients for a minimum of 7 days to have time to deal with spinal curvature, scoliosis, kinks or disc degeneration, and any suppressed anxiety present. — If I cannot overcome all your causal problems and symptoms within the 7 days, I will leave you with a plan to follow that will keep you progressing towards remission and will teach a local therapist, how to continue treating you using my specialized methods. Below is a video of a group I treated in Oregon in the USA, to hear some of my explanations: –

(9 Minutes+)

I Suggest You Do Not Exercise Or Be Massaged If Your Symptoms Are Advanced, Until A Chiropractor Checks Your Spine, As You Can Damage Nerves.
When patients are advanced in symptom severity, it is reasonably easy to provoke skeletal misalignments or a twisted pelvis to damage any nerves they are already pinching, through exercises, or massage by therapists who are not trained to recognize spinal abnormalities. — One problem is, a skeletal misalignment causes muscle swelling in that area, which attracts massage therapists to massage that swelling, which in turn, can cause them to massage right where the misalignment is. — This danger is one of the many things I teach to therapists in my Two-day Referral Course and B.A.10 Practitioner’s Training Course, about effective treatment of autoimmune symptoms and disorders. — Definitely do not do boxing or try to do cycling as promoted in some YouTube videos as boxing will cause snappy arm movements against your cervical misalignments where all the causal problems begin, and a fall off a bicycle, can cause any number of sudden pressures against already misaligned vertebra in the spine. — The only way to be sure of which exercises are safe for you to do, is for me to review your X-rays and check your spinal and hip supportive muscles. — Watch this video below, to see how “Maggie” was advised by a qualified physical therapist who was working at a hospital, to do an exercise that caused her to damage nerves in her lower back.

MAGGIE: – One neurologist told Maggie she had Parkinson’s disease and another told her she had MSA, because there are no tests whatsoever, to even confirm that either of these diseases exist and medical doctors and neurologists are trained to relate both of them, to exactly the same symptoms. In short, when it comes to rigidity autoimmune symptoms, medical training is so far off track, doctors and neurologists don’t have any clue “at all” about the true causes. This is “WHY” they have no effective treatment, and wrongly claim these diseases are incurable, to keep you on their drugs that offer you no hope.

(9 Minutes+)


I Created A Completely New Form Of Massage Specifically For Overcoming PD, MS and Other Autoimmune Symptoms and Disorders, and It Is Exceptional.
In my frustration of using normal massage techniques which I learned early in my career, and not being able to reduce the excess muscle tensions associated with the symptoms my autoimmune clients had, I knew I had to come up with a new technique that reached deeper into the muscles, to overcome negative muscle memory. — It was this drive, that enabled me to design my now “very successful” and very unique massage method, which doubles as a form of assessment, unprecedented in natural health concepts. Hear what a massage therapist in Florida thought of my new technique: –

(8 Minutes+)


In the first year, when I discovered that normal massage techniques only gave minimal temporary relief from symptoms, I searched for nearly a year, to figure out why the excess tension kept coming back to pull the spine out of alignment, sometimes in only a matter of an hour or so. — Eventually, I figured out that negative muscle memory was to blame for this return to extreme rigidity, so I started working deeper on the individual “nerves” that controlled the symptom-affected muscles, to remove this negative nerve conditioning.

Here Is “PROOF” That Spinal Curvature and Severe Spinal Kinks“CAN” Be Overcome!

This gave positive results “immediately”, with the first two patients I used this new method on. — The first patient was MS patient Tiffany Sakkas, whose “before” and “after” success video you can see on my web pages covering multiple sclerosis, and the second, was Parkinson patient Barry Black. — As Tiffany had very few visible muscular skeletal abnormalities and Barry had a huge kink in his spine at the T1 vertebra and a huge difference in muscle tension on the left side of his spine, I decided to show you his “before” and “after” spinal photos on this web page. — Take a look at the severe muscular-skeletal abnormalities in Barry’s back on DAY 1, and how straight and tension-free his spine and back are, on DAY 5: –

Below is another “before” and “after” photo of Parkinson patient “Ross” who had great difficulty walking on Day 1 (photo on left), who regained his ability to walk, as I removed his excess muscle rigidity and brought his spine back to being centered (photo on right).


Supplements Will “NOT” Overcome Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease and MS!

Many patients who have attended my 5 Day Treatment Program, have informed me of spending “many” thousands of dollars (in the case of PD patient Betty Green, $30.000-00 was spent), on supplements and herbal formulas, often on the recommendations of chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, herbalists and natural therapists, and have obtained no relief from their suffering at all. — There is an enormous absence of knowledge in the natural health industry about autoimmune disorders like Parkinson’s disease, MS, Emphysema, IBS and other similar rigidity disorders. — There is also an absence of awareness in the natural health industry that more recent medical research that supports Dr. James Parkinson’s findings on the 3 true causes of these disorders, is abundantly available in medical journals that are, just like Dr. Parkinson’s autopsy findings, being ignored by medical leaders. — It is time for this information to be distributed within the chiropractic and natural therapy industries for the sake of suffering patients everywhere.

Learn About The Medical
Journals That Support Dr.
James Parkinson’s Autopsy
Findings and More, IN MY 8
and At

Diets and Supplements Will
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Or MS 
Symptoms Due To Poor
Absorption! Click Here
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THE DEEP BRAIN STIMULATOR, AND THALAMUS OPERATION, Are Hopeless In Overcoming Tremors and Other PD-MS Symptoms! — THE DATSCAN AND MRI For Gauging Dopamine Levels and Lesions, Are Hopeless In Overcoming Symptoms Of Parkinson’s and MS Because They
Can’t Overcome The Muscular – skeletal Abnormalities Seen In The Photos I Have Presented On This Website!


To watch my “before” and “after” patient success videos for Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, use either of the 2 links below.

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Web Pages NOW!

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Web Pages NOW!

This next success video is of Mr Curt Kirkley, diagnosed with cervical neuro-degenerative disc disease (D.D.D.), which caused him to experience Parkinson symptoms as well as intermittent spinal pain. – Due to the B.A.10 Treatment Program, Curt overcame his symptoms and his pain and improved his energy and well-being in only days: –

 (13 Minutes+)



Now I Would Like You To
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Clients Who I Treated:

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 To watch success videos of other autoimmune disorders treated on the B.A.10 Program, including Lyme Disease, use this link below: –


If you would like to inquire about coming to me in Australia, or you would like me to find out more about the possibility of me coming to you, anywhere in Australia or the USA, please: –

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My History and Beliefs
I have been in the natural health industry
since 1975,
 have owned and managed two of the
largest health centers in Queensland Australia,
employed up to 9 staff to teach my natural health
concepts, and have specialized in treating MS and
Parkinson patients since 2005. — I have been
verified by government health departments in 2
countries, have been interviewed on several
television and radio shows, and have always
dedicated myself to revealing the truth, and
doing my absolute best to help patients
regain their health and their lives.

I am a Christian and am highly motivated
to get the best results in helping patients
overcome their symptoms and suffering.

I am willing to be interviewed by
any medico or 
journalist who wishes
to challenge my 
ideals, motives or
, in any public forum.

I am disappointed in the way
governments allow pharmaceutical
companies to manipulate the health
system, when it hinders our youth in
overcoming disorders like 
autism and ADHD.

Would you like to be
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