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My Self-help Program Includes
Teaching Your Partner & Your
Massage Therapist How To
Check Your Spinal Supportive
Muscles & Your Spine, To
Keep You On Track. – 

My 10 Treatment
Steps Are Based On Dr. James
Parkinson 200 Year Old Book
“An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”

I Offer 3 Fee Options For
Unique Treatment.

The First Thing To Know About Parkinson’s, MS, COPD, Emphysema & The Other 18 Rigidity Disorders My Treatment Can Help, Is That All These Patients Have Spinal Curvature & A C1 Subluxation, Which “MUST” Be Corrected To Reach Remission.
It took me quite a few years of research to finally discover this important factor about C1 subluxation and spinal curvature, in my efforts to design a treatment that can firstly, halter progression of the 22 disorders I treat, and secondly, help patients willing to put in personal effort, to reach remission as quickly as is possible for each individual. — This video below, shows the importance of practitioners who are treating rigidity autoimmune patients, to search for the many causes of spinal curvature, and learn how to overcome them, and to correct the C1 subluxation common in all of the 22 disorders I cater for, to give patients quick relief, and head them towards earning their own remission.

One Assurance I Give, With PD,
MS, COPD & Emphysema, Is That

I Can Stop Symptom Progression
& Pain, Often In Only 1 To 4
Hours Of My Arrival.

A C1 Subluxation At The Top Of Your Neck, & A Curve In Your Spine, Are “PRIMARY” Causes In All 22 Disorders I Treat.
Never forget, if you want to reach remission, you need to find and reverse all your symptom causes “starting with your spinal curve and C1 subluxation”, and then remain well-focused and motivated to put in the effort required, to keep whatever improvement you gain, until you reach remission.

I Have Discovered Something
Other Practitioner Is Aware Of,
That Works Absolute Wonders
In Halting The Progression Of
Symptoms, Stopping Pain,
and Encouraging

I personally do not have a magic wand, or a miracle elixir that will fix you overnight but back in 2016, and again in August 2018, I discovered two “VERY SIGNIFICANT” facts about how to halter the progression of rigidity symptoms (PD, MS, MSA, COPD & Emphysema), and how to stop pain in the spinal supportive muscles in only 1 to 4 hours and these two new procedures have never failed to help me get quick results.

All Parkinson and MS Patients Have A Spinal Curve That “MUST” Be Rectified.
I need to explain the treatment approach I designed, to find and reverse all the abnormalities in your system “so we can work together”, and in so doing, lead you into remission. — The 3 most important problems I must overcome, are: your neck problems, your spinal curve and any excess muscle tensions pulling on your spine. — This video below is how Michael Frederic and myself “worked together”, to overcome these three abnormalities to get the amazing improvement he experienced “IN ONLY 3 DAYS” in that he overcame all his balance problems and regained his ability to jog, after not being able to jog for over 2 years: –

(11 Minutes +)

Whilst I Have Helped Some Patients Into Full Remission In 3 Days, Or Out Of Wheelchairs In 7 Days, I Can Only Achieve This Success By Patients Working With Me To “EARN” That Success,,, and As Not All Patients Have Exactly The Same Causal Problems, My Job Can Sometimes Vary Dramatically & Be Quite Difficult.
If you are considering having me treat you and you are not advanced in symptom severity (no symptoms below your waist), it is important for you to realize that every patient has a slightly different “recipe” of symptom causes, and non-advanced patients usually experience success quite quickly. — Alternatively, if a patient does not experience the quick significant success seen in my “before” and “after” videos, it does “NOT” mean, that patient will not experience success, over time, and,,, I have also seen advanced patients like Barry Black who was diagnosed 30 years prior to my treatment, also experience quick significant success, if they are willing to work at it.

Once We Begin, You “MUST” Put In The Effort and Stay Focused and Motivated. 
Degenerative discs, kyphosis, broken luschka joints, a kink in the spine, advanced sideways curvature and loss of lordosis for example, can take from 3 weeks to 3 years to correct and it requires a determined mind to stay focused for whatever time it takes to get that success. — Like I said previously, I do not have a magic wand, but I do have knowledge that has worked to help many, many patients, and it will work for you, if you are willing to put in the effort and stay focused and motivated.

True Healing Is A Joint Venture Between Practitioner and Patient.
If you are advanced in symptom severity, please don’t make a booking for me to treat you, if you are half-hearted about putting in your own effort to “earn” the success you want. — To slow down the uneasiness of your nerves and raise the vibration of your whole nervous system so as to encourage innate healing, takes effort on the part of the patient, as well as the practitioner. — To correct all your muscular-skeletal, nerve-hormonal abnormalities sufficiently to overcome an advanced rigidity autoimmune disorder, takes a particular focus on the part of the patient, as true “autoimmune” healing, is a definite joint venture between the practitioner and the patient, “BOTH” maintaining a continued focus on specific corrective goals. — Setting and seeking personal goals establishes hormonal values in the mind and body that can conquer the most sinister autoimmune diseases. — True healing is also a spiritual event that often requires the patient to be forgiving, or to seek forgiveness, or to develop humility, or,,, to let go of grief from the past, so as to be able to step forward in life, to set and enjoy new goals of achievement. — This sounds like a lot to have to deal with, but when I am treating patients, I encourage step-by-step treatment progression and patients only need to stay motivated, to move forward.

All Healing In Relation
To Rigidity Autoimmune
Disorders, Relies Just As

Much On The Efforts Of The
Practitioner, As The Patient
And The Practitioner Is Only
Present At The Beginning
Of The Healing Journey,
To Guide A Patients

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW DIFFERENT EACH PATIENT CAN BE, EVEN IF THEY HAVE THE SAME CAUSAL ABNORMALITY: – If exactly the same vertebra is subluxed in two different patients, this subluxation can cause different symptoms, and even a different “number” of symptoms in both patients, because the direction and angle of the subluxation causes different nerves to be suppressed. — Another example is how two patients can have a spinal curve in exactly the same area of the spine, yet each curve, which may look identical, can be pressing on a different variety of nerves in the spinal cord, or, on nerves exiting the intervertebral foramen of the spine, to suppress the brachial plexus, or nerves that service the face, ears, eyes, throat and organs inside the torso.

Several Medical Doctors Have Come To Me For Treatment and The One In The Video Below, Had An Unusual Problem Missed By All Medical Doctors Involved.
Please watch this 9 minute video below, of MS patient Dr. Barbara Bisilli from Brazil (medical endocrinologist), to understand that it can sometimes be so difficult, even for medical doctors to find even just the 3 “primary” causes of Parkinson and MS symptoms, let alone the, up to 30 different secondary causes, responsible for the onset of symptoms. — This medical doctor and several of her colleagues missed the fact that she had one larger Ilium showing in her X-ray, causing a spinal curve, which was one of several physiological abnormalities encouraging her walking problems, — Compensating for this Ilium variation, enabled me to help Dr. Bisilli regain her ability to walk, however, please understand, this success came about due to her putting in her own effort to complement my input: –

(9 Minutes +)

Rigidity Autoimmune Symptoms Are Caused By Stress-provoked Muscular-skeletal Abnormalities Lowering The Vibration Of The Entire Nervous System.
The average massage therapist, natural therapist, naturopath, and even many chiropractors are not aware of how stress-provoked muscular-skeletal abnormalities create individual symptoms, and, “how” patients need to be treated, to overcome the symptoms they develop. — This is why medical doctors and natural practitioners who wish to learn my assessment and treatment approach, need to go through a special training courses to learn these “very different” B.A.10 natural health principals that can help patients overcome their suffering. — L/C to Learn More About This Re-training.  


All Rigidity Autoimmune Patients Have A Spinal Curve Provoking Symptoms.
Dr. Antonio Pineda is another medical doctor who came to me for treatment because nothing the medical profession offered, helped him to overcome his suffering, and I also found that amongst his many causal problems, he too had a spinal curve encouraging his symptoms. — Most of these advanced patients like Dr. Pineda suffer so badly, they want to suicide. — Somebody needs to step in and make changes to the existing health system to help these patients who are suffering horrendously, and,,, to stop the drug companies from playing down this suffering and falsely claiming these disorders are incurable, just to, in my opinion, maximize drug sales.Read quotes from Dr. Parkinson’s 200 year old book, and listen to my interview about Dr. Parkinson’s book, on the “Robert Rogers Parkinson’s Recovery Radio Show to see how the curative answers to these disorders have been available for years. —

Now listen to Dr. Antonio Pineda in this video below, as he denounces the medical approach to Parkinson’s disease after he reached remission in only 4 days on the B.A.10 Program. — He describes Deep Brain Stimulator surgery as “INSANE”, and all patients “I” spoke to who had Deep Brain Stimulator surgery, did not experience any significant long-term results, and some, felt no symptom reduction at all: –

(15 Minutes +)

To Know More Email Me NOW!
Learn The Truth Through
My Treatment and The Truth
Will Set You FREE From Your
Stiffness & Your Symptoms.
(John 8:32)

During my very lengthy career as a natural practitioner, and then starting my research on Parkinson’s disease and MS in 2003, and establishing my treatment program in 2004, I discovered that “ALL” 22 of the Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders that my treatment has proven successful with, have the same “primary” causes, but different variations of “secondary” causes. — The symptoms of “ALL” 22 of these disorders, are most commonly caused by the 3 primary causes: (1) Ongoing Stress stimulating an excess release of the muscle rigidity hormone “noradrenaline” from the Locus Coeruleus in the Brain Stem, which causes excess tension in the spinal supportive muscles to create (2) A Twisted Pelvis and a Spinal Curvature, which in turn, causes (3) An “Upper Cervical Trauma Response which most commonly begins with a C1 (Atlas) subluxation twisting the brain stem (Medulla Spinalis) to cause all the symptoms experienced. — (Sometimes patients also experience a fall or an accident harming the spine which further encourages these 3 spinal abnormalities to develop.) — Please keep in mind, none of these 3 causes are impossible to correct or overcome unless they are left un-acknowledged to enable them to become worse and provoke other secondary causal problems to develop. — Some patients require a lot more effort and self-discipline to overcome all their causes, but until medical doctors are trained to tell patients about these stress-provoked muscular-skeletal causes of their symptoms, patients will just keep on declining to experience a long drawn out early demise.

The 4 Main Rigidity
Disorders I Cater For Are
(1) Parkinson’s Disease,
(2) MS, (3) Diabetes, (4)
Respiratory Disorders,
and (5) Irritable Bowel.

A time is coming when the natural health industry needs to introduce new ideals that have, through my work, based on Dr. Parkinson’s 200 year old book, proven to overcome the 7 most difficult autoimmune symptom causes listed above. — This is the “ONLY” way effective solutions can be offered to all patients suffering from these disorders, and the only way organized teachings can be passed on to all natural practitioners. — (If you have been diagnosed with any of the 22 autoimmune disorders that my B.A.10 Treatment has proven to be able to treat effectively, and you do not understand anatomical terms in the list of 7 symptom causes above, please email your X-rays to me for a FREE report, or,,, discuss your X-rays with a chiropractor and ask, if any of “your” symptoms could have been provoked by any of these 7 difficult-to-overcome causes.)

(8 Minutes+)

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Videos On The Following Pages.

Email Me NOW and Ask Me
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If you are a practitioner eager
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I Have Created A New Form Of Natural Assessment, and Natural Therapies.
I have discovered 5 very new and very unique ideals about the human body that have enabled me to establish a new form of natural assessment and natural therapies. — These new concepts are capable of taking the natural health industry to a far greater level of efficiency, in overcoming many symptoms considered incurable, and, in also helping badly suffering autoimmune patients out of their suffering. — In becoming a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner you will learn these exciting breakthrough ideals that can enable all practitioners to develop a far greater healing efficiency.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME via email, Skype me (“Noel Batten” or “youngnoel”), or phone me in Brisbane on: 0413317789.

Please remember, no matter how
many University degrees and diplomas
a practitioner has on their wall, they
can “ONLY” help you if they know
of “The Psychosomatic Carriage”,
how to correct spinal subluxations,
how to do nerve massage, & how
to treat the muscular problems
I have shown you on this page.
This lack of knowledge is why
so many practitioners believe
what you have, is incurable.
(Hosea 4:6)

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