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If you are considering coming to me for treatment, or bringing me to you to treat you, please read my eBook on the disorder you have been diagnosed with, so you understand my approach before we begin the treatment. — If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder for which I have not written a book, please email me and ask me to send you my Causal Recipe Questionnaire so I can review your situation, to enable me to work out a natural treatment program personal to your particular symptoms and collection of causal circumstances.

During my very lengthy career as a natural practitioner, and then starting my research on Parkinson’s disease and MS in 2003, and establishing my treatment program in 2005, I discovered that “ALL” the Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders listed above, have virtually the same causes, but slightly different versions. — The symptoms of “ALL” these disorders listed above, are most commonly caused by: (1) ongoing stress stimulating an excess release of the muscle rigidity hormone “noradrenaline” from the Locus Coeruleus of the Pons in the Brain Stem, which causes excessive muscle tensions to pull the cervical spine out of shape “first“, soon followed by, (2) a spinal curvature (usually in the Thoracic Spine), and or, (3) a twisted pelvis. — (Sometimes patients also experiencing a fall or an accident harming the spine which further encourages these 3 spinal abnormalities to develop.)

Falsified Causes For Parkinson’s Disease & MS Were, In My Opinion, Invented In The Late 1800’s and Early 1900’s, To Heighten Pharmaceutical Drug Sales, & It May Be Possible, Medical Leaders Now, Are Not Even Aware.
These 3 causal abnormalities place harmful pressure on different areas of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and various nerves exiting the spine at the Intervertebral Foreman, which is responsible for EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM of all 9 of these rigidity disorders I have listed above. — In my opinion, medical leaders from as far back as the late 1800’s, have ignored, even the “medical” research documentations that prove my claims to be true, as, in my opinion, they have never liked the thought that chiropractic could be an essential element in “the potential cure” for these rigidity disorders. — It appears to me that medical leaders back in the late 1800’s would do “ANYTHING” to suppress this curative information in order to help establish the large drug companies we have today. 

All these patients are “REALLY” suffering here, however, in my opinion, medical leaders do not give a darn, because they simply do not want chiropractic to be recognized as an essential part of any type or degree of a cure.

If You Are A Patient Of Any Of
These Disorders, Email Me NOW
and Ask Me To Send You My
Treatment Information File,
Complete With Causal
Recipe Questionnaire.

Please remember, my natural treatment approach is quite different than that of other natural therapists and naturopathic doctors in that I search for every possible anatomical and physiological breakdown factor that can contribute to symptom development and then do my best to correct them all. — This is the only way to achieve “long-term” remission, and it is what I call the B.A.10 Reversal Approach.

This means, I do not sell you an armful of supplements and tinctures and send you home to consume them to gain improvement, only to have symptom severity return when you run out of your supplements and tinctures. — Unlike the vast majority of other natural practitioners, I carry out a series of “NEW” assessment tests, some of which other natural practitioners are not even aware of, to enable me to find body abnormalities that other practitioners do not even know they need to look for. — Review My 5 & 7 Day Treatment FEES and REQUIREMENTS

For A Practitioner To Find All
Causal Problems Of Rigidity
Autoimmune Disorders Like
PD, MS, MSA, Emphysema
ALS, IBS, and others, He/She
MUST” Search For Every
Causal Possibility.

While specializing in treating mostly, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis since 2005, on the Five-day Program, I have found that every patient has “a minimum” of six body abnormalities causing symptom development, and some advanced PD/MS patients with severe tremors, can have up to 30 abnormalities. — Some, like Dr. Bisilli in the video below, have several very rare symptom causal abnormalities provoking symptom progression, such as a larger Ilium on her right side and a longer right leg, creating a one-half inch difference in hip height. — This gave Dr. Bisilli a lumbar spinal curve that added to many other causal problems which created severe problems with balance and walking.

3 Medical Doctors Missed Dr. Bisilli’s Lumbar Curve & Larger Right Ilium. — Many PD/MS Patients Have Unusual Causal Problems That Can Be Easily Missed By Orthodox Health Practitioners, Because Their Medical Training Prevents Them From Seeing The True Causes:

Learn The Truth and The
Truth Will Give You
Back Your Life.

Please watch this 9 minute video below, to understand that it can sometimes be so difficult for practitioners to find one or two of a patient’s primary causal problems responsible for the onset of symptoms experienced, that even 3 medical doctors can miss them, as did Dr. Bisilli and her colleagues: –

I Cannot Overcome “ALL” Parkinson and MS Symptoms In 7 Days,,, and Not All Patients Have The Same Causal Problems, Yet Some Do, But Even Then, They Can Be Different, In A Different Way, Which Means, Practitioners Need To Be “REALLY Well Trained, and REALLY” Observant.
If you are considering having me treat you, it is “VERY” important for you to realize that every patient has a slightly different recipe, or collection, of symptom causal problems responsible for the onset of symptoms, which means, if one patient does not experience the quick significant success seen in my “before” and “after” videos, it does “NOT” mean that all patients will not experience success.

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW DIFFERENT EACH PATIENT CAN BE, EVEN IF THEY HAVE THE SAME CAUSAL ABNORMALITY: – If exactly the same vertebra is subluxed in two different patients, this subluxation can cause different symptoms, and even a different “number” of symptoms in both patients, because the direction and angle of the subluxation causes different nerves in the spinal cord to be suppressed. — Another example is how two patients can have a spinal curve in exactly the same area of the spine, yet each curve, which may look identical, can be pressing on a different variety of nerves in the spinal cord, or on nerves coming through the intervertebral foramen which service the face, the limbs or even organs inside the torso.

The average massage therapist, natural therapist, naturopath, and even some chiropractors are not aware of how these abnormalities create individual symptoms, and how they need to be treated in order to overcome symptoms experienced. — This is why existing natural practitioners everywhere, need to go through advanced training courses on autoimmune assessment and treatment, in order to learn these “very different” natural health principals. — L/C to Learn More.  

Among the 30+ symptom causes I have come across while treating PD and MS patients, I have discovered 4 common symptom causes that “NOBODY” can correct in 7 days, no matter how hard they may try. — These are: (1) A Severe Spinal Curvature Or Kink. — (2) Severe Spinal Disc Degeneration. — (3) A Broken Spine. — (4) Lifestyle Stress That A Patient Cannot, Or Will Not Face Up To and Overcome, Capable Of Hindering The Ability To Relax Well Enough To Experience R.E.M. Sleep Regularly.

When It Comes To PD/MS and Others Similar, Practitioners Are Lacking The Right Education.
This video below of Parkinson patient Betty Green, shows how easily, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and even chiropractors can miss the primary causal abnormalities responsible for advanced Parkinson and MS type symptoms. — The case of negligence seen in this video is a common occurrence in both the medical and natural health industries when it comes to the assessment and the treatment of a huge variety of rigidity autoimmune disorders like Parkinson’s disease and something really needs to be done about it.

(15 Minutes+)

I am looking for an investor to help me establish an assessment, treatment and training clinic in Middletown, Upstate New York, to offer treatment for patients and advanced training for existing practitioners, to help suffering patients overcome their suffering, and to pass my new knowledge on to others. (Hosea 4:6).

Your Best Tools Of Remission Are Knowledge, Determination and Perseverance.
Every time I see these 4 particular problems in a patient’s X-rays and in their answers to my Patient Application Questionnaire, I know I will most likely not be able to put this particular patient into remission “within the 7 days”, but one thing I do know, is that even if a patient “does” have these 4 problems, within 7 days of treatment I “CAN” stop symptoms from progressing and “OVER TIME” I may well be able to help these patients reach remission as long as they are persistent in following my instructions. — One MS patient I treated in New York, contacted me 4 years after I treated him, and told me he finally reached remission. — Out of these 4 problems I have listed, his main hurdle was an enormous amount of emotional stress that kept him on the move shifting from town to town every few months. — Once this ended, he began to relax well and sleep deep, and while following the original videos of each day of treatment I gave him, he reached remission. — Please do not call on me unless you are determined, or you are willing to let me motivate you, to help you become determined.

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