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Alternative Therapies For Parkinson’s, MS, MSA, COPD, Sarcoidosis, IBS, Celiac, Epilepsy, Diabetes & Disorders Similar.


This website explains correct causes, and a unique and successful treatment for 22 rigidity disorders wrongly assumed incurable. I offer Unique Facts “From Medical Journals and Medical and Anatomy Books” for you to check on. You will also hear patient testimonies on video, and see MANY “before” and “after” success videos, even of medical doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths who came to me for help, and all this, supports those Unique Facts I present.

My B.A.10 Program achieves long-term success where other treatments do not, and one reason is because “I begin at the neck”, where your symptoms began. (Even feet, stomach, hip & lung symptoms can begin in the neck, however, this rule-of-thumb only applies to rigidity disorders.) I work on 10 immune functions, I treat patients for 5 to 14 days, and I do tests each morning to monitor healing response during sleep. (Healing only takes place during R.E.M. sleep so “morning” tests are the “ONLY” tests that show if yesterdays treatment was effective. – Improvement can happen but patients may not feel it for 3 days, until nerve swelling subsides.)

Autoimmune Practitioners Must Learn New Ideals

As Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders, from Chronic Fatigue right up to Parkinson’s disease, are “Stress-provoked Nerve-Hormonal, Muscular-Skeletal Disorders”, and as all problems in all 5 of these areas must be corrected “At The Same Time” for patients to feel significant improvement in 2 or 3 days, practitioners who wish to help these patients must learn a completely new assessment and treatment approach. These new ideals include nerves, hormones and cerebrospinal fluid pressure in the cranium and spinal cord. 

The main reason “NONE” of the medical or natural practitioners in healthcare, know how to help these many millions of rigidity patients, is because to help them, a practitioner must learn how to assess, and then treat, the 10 mind-body functions responsible, all at the same time, and this is not taught in “ANY” health college.

Practitioners "MUST" Succeed Quickly, In 4 Areas

To get the amazingly quick success you saw in the video above, I placed a priority on correcting 4 abnormalities “as quickly as possible”, and any practitioner wanting to get the same success, “MUST” use the same approach to achieve these 4 results: (1) Unbroken Sleep through helping patients develop Peace Of Mind. (2) Hormonal Balance by teaching patients how to control the release of specific hormones and pointing out which ones they lack, and, which ones are excessive, and why. (3) Skeletal Correctness by examining a full set of spinal X-rays and creating a plan to correct all abnormalities, particularly spinal curvature. (4) Nerve Freedom by assessing specific nerves that go to symptom-affected muscles and organs to find all blockages, and then doing whatever is necessary to set those blocked nerves free.

1 Practitioner Must Become 7 Practitioners, To Use The B.A.10 Program
To be capable of achieving these 4 steps effectively, I spent 25 years of study, over and above my accreditation training, to learn: (1) Psychology and psychosomatics and how to release grief and anxiety quickly. (2) Endocrinology and how to balance hormonal release patterns to overcome depression and anguish “all in a matter of 2 to 3 days”. (3) How to read spinal X-rays and discuss faults with chiropractors, and explain how my Unique Treatment will complement their adjustments. My Unique Treatment consists of eliminating excessive muscle imbalances, inflammation and tensions, rectifying loss of lordosis, kyphosis, degenerative discs, and spinal curvatures and kinks “as quickly as possible”. Even if chiropractors knew how to do all this, they wouldn’t have the time, as public demand is already very time-consuming. (4) I had to learn normal deep tissue massage and then invent a new type of “nerve” massage for PD, MS, IBS, COPD, Diabetes type symptoms because deep tissue massage was not effective enough on Rigidity Disorders. (5) I had to learn individual nerves that go to symptom-affected muscles and organs. (6) I had to learn blood flow exercises to be a personal trainer and a cardiac assessor to help patients improve blood flow to symptom-affected areas, in a safe manner. (7) I had to study nutrition (particularly electric potassium-sodium nerve nutrition) to advise patients in a way that gave them the nerve-hormonal nutrient they needed, and how to safely put them on a cleansing fast, to help them clean their blood when it is necessary.

I learned all this, in order to get the quick significant success you saw in the video above. These disorders “CAN” be overcome, but to get such results, existing qualified practitioners need to gain “A LOT MORE” knowledge than their accreditation training gave them. Patients also need to have a great determination to overcome the causal faults that hold them down. Several practitioners in the past have asked me how I could possibly achieve the quick success seen in my videos and the reason they don’t know how I do it, is because they are totally unaware of the many years of study and trial-and-error investigation I had to put in, to get that success. This next video shows patient “Michael” who had to rely on a walking frame for several years, regaining his ability to walk and to jog, in only 3 days, from my use of all this additional training:



It is well-recorded that we only repair during the deep, relaxed R.E.M. healing stage of sleep and that if we allow stress to remain with us, our mind becomes “uneasy”, or, what psychologists describe as: “Dis-eased” which will eventually progress to becoming “a disease”. When the mind is “uneasy” during sleep, the endocrine system will release abnormal amounts of the hormone “acetylcholine” to provoke bladder incontnience which causes interrupted sleep. There are many scripture describing how a stressed uneasy mind diminishes calcium from the bones (Proverbs 17:22), causes heart problems (Proverbs 13:12), and interferes with our ability to sleep deeply.


Medical doctors and neurologists are trained to believe, and inform newly diagnosed patients, that lack of dopamine contributes, or is directly responsible for, many Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders from Autism, to Parkinson’s disease. It has been proven “by medical research” however, that this is not the case, which is why dopamine drugs (L-dopa, Sinemet type drugs), do not help to stop autistic/Parkinson type symptoms. Whilst stress triggers an excess release of the hormone “noradrenaline” from the Locus Coeruleus in the Pons, of the Brain stem, and excess noradrenaline causes muscles to become stiff and personalities to become abusive (also stiff) it is far more accurate to blame this hormone for autism and Parkinson’s disease, but in my opinion, that won’t help drug companies sell more drugs.


You only need to log on to any chiropractic website and look for the testimonies page, to see how their clients felt a symptom, even down in the feet (“drop foot” or “toe spasm” causing a toe to curl under) go away in seconds, immediately after an adjustment. Whenever I treat patients, even though I use “Gentle Persuasion Therapy” (GPS Therapy) to realign the C1 and C2 vertebra and the pelvis, I still take my clients to a chiropractor 3 times, during 7 days of my treatment. The reason for this is that I only designed GPS Therapy to adjust these 3 areas of the spine, with a gentler-than-usual method, and besides, I always like to discuss my client cases with the patient’s chiropractor.

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Dr. Parkinson Said The PD Cause Is Brain Stem Swelling In Upper Neck


To be treated on the B.A.10 Program you must sign a confidentiality agreement and I will not allow other people present on DAYS 1 and 2, when I am using my “5 Treatment Secrets”. This is because a chiropractor in Colorado and a researcher at a chiropractic college in the US, tried to steal my unique ideals to copy the B.A.10 Program. (The B.A.10 Program is very complex so it cannot just be copied or created willy-nilly as each individual patient has a slightly different recipe of causes, and practitioners need to learn a number of new assessment and treatment principals to find and overcome those causes.) This advanced training will ensures they are able to find these individual differences and maintain treatment efficiency so the B.A.10 approach is not disrespected or degraded, and so practitioner focus is managed well, and practitioner enthusiasm is kept high.

“MANY” practitioners have lacked the enthusiasm “and” the knowledge that it takes to, firstly “find” all the causes of PD-MS-COPD-IBS-type symptoms, and secondly, to effectively rectify the 2 most difficult cause, which are: (1) mental lack of positivity and enthusiasm for life, in advanced patients, and, (2) spinal abnormalities, particularly disc degeneration, kinks, curvature and scoliosis. (Read this web page to see how the “VERY” poor training of 24 medical and natural practitioners caused them to miss a serious “life-threatening” spinal scoliosis in Betty Green’s spine, that, unrealized by “everyone”, was slowly suffocating her, to eventually cause a slow, debilitating death.) — Healthcare accreditation training “BADLY, BADLY” needs to be updated.

I will not begin treatment before reviewing a full set of spinal X-rays as “ALL” rigidity Autoimmune Patients have some degree of spinal disruption contributing to symptom onset, even with IBS, Celiac, COPD and Diabetes, and without knowing how to correct any-and-all spinal disruption, long-term improvement is impossible to achieve.

Long-term Success Can “ONLY” Be Gained By Correcting 10 Functions
There are 10 auto-immune functions that, when weakened, contribute to the onset of any of the 22 disorders I deal with. These 10 functions are: – (1) Conscious mind. (2) Subconscious mind. (3) Endocrine system. (4) Nervous system. (5) Muscular system. (6) Spine. (7) Circulatory system. (8) Lymph system. (9) Digestive system. (10) Eliminatory system.

This Treatment I have perfected (The B.A.10 Program.) is designed on autopsy results documented by Dr. James Parkinson in a book titled “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” which he published way back in 1817. He declared, all symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are caused by problems in the neck and quite surprisingly, I discovered, this also applies to symptoms of multiple sclerosis, MSA, IBS, ALS, COPD, Sarcoidosis, Diabetes and many other disorders similar. In this video adjacent: “The Cure For Parkinson’s & MS Has Been Found”, you will see the amazingly quick success I achieve, when I begin treating these disorders by correcting all neck abnormalities “first”:

To be successful, practitioners need to know which nerves come from the spine and go to symptom-affected areas, and, they need to know how to release all such suppressed nerves. This ability to release nerves to overcome rigidity autoimmune symptoms is not taught in massage  or naturopathic colleges, and my advanced nerve release techniques are not taught in chiropractic colleges.

GPS Therapy Is A New “GENTLE” Way To Align The C1, C2 & Pelvis.
I have also studied nutrition, blood flow exercises, endocrinology, psychology and psychosomatics, and I have designed a new massage for the nervous system and a way to adjust the C1 & C2 vertebra and the pelvis, that is very gentle, completely painless and totally risk free. “Gentle Persuasion Spinal Therapy” (GPS Therapy.) This is not chiropractic and it is no where near as rough as some styles of chiropractic.

Overcome Your Symptoms & Be Full Of Zest

Your first step is to purchase my pack of products for the disorder you have been diagnosed with, and follow the instructions explained in these products to do your best to overcome your symptoms yourself, at home. If you cannot get long-term victory through following the instructions outlined in my pack of products, it will be because your muscular system has developed negative muscle memory, your spine has developed advanced spinal curvature and abnormalities have developed around your brain stem and cerebellum to increase the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid in your spine and in your skull. Excessive CSF pressure buildup in your skull is what causes sleeplessness, anxiety, loss of balance, absence of emotion, disorientation and memory loss and even brain fogginess. (Don’t panic though, as these problems can be overcome but the more advanced they are, the more effort and persistence will be required over a longer period of time.)

To overcome these unrealized advanced causal problems, calls for a very unique assessment and multi-directional treatment approach which is why usual medical, chiropractic, naturopathic and physical therapy principals can’t even come close to offering significant symptom relief. — It took me many years of research and treatment experimentation to discover the “many” breakdown factors involved in these disorders, and to perfect the new treatment approach necessary, to get the success you see in my “before” and “after” patient videos.

How To Overcome Vertigo and Loss Of Balance.



My Approach

My B.A.10 assessment finds causal problems that other practitioners cannot find as the tests involved are very different than a medical doctor, neurologist, physiotherapist, massage therapist or chiropractor will carry out on you, as their accreditation training “doesn’t even come close” to covering the 3 “main” causes, and up to 25 “secondary” causes of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, COPD, Sarcoidosis, Diabetes and the other rigidity autoimmune disorders that I have succeeded in overcoming. 

My B.A.10 Treatment Program is a new and “VERY UNIQUE” approach to autoimmune disorders simply because I have discovered 5 Treatment Secrets that “EVERYONE” else from neurologists to natural therapists have missed completely. It is no wonder these disorders are so wrongly classed as being incurable because when it comes to Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders the training of medical doctors, neurologists, naturopaths, chiropractors and natural therapists is so far off track, they might as well have blocked their ears and kept their eyes closed during their accreditation lessons.

To Overcome Parkinson’s Disease etc, All Spinal Problems “Must” Be Found and Corrected.

Relief From Your Pains and Your Symptoms Within 2 To 3 Days.

During my visit to you, on my second day, from my Pack of products I will begin teaching you how to apply my advanced methods according to your personal circumstances, and by the morning of the 3rd, day, you should have experienced relief from pain and symptoms that could have been causing you discomfort for years. (Within 2 days, my new methods can reduce your symptom severity, reduce your neck discomfort and any back discomfort you have, and begin correcting your “hormonal-nerve-bladder-control, R.E.M. sleep difficulties” that have kept niggling at you to stop you from enjoying good sleep each night. These are “ALL” important causal factors that you and your practitioners need to be aware of, for you to be free of your symptoms and have your life back again.) Just remember, your efforts are required, to help me achieve these results. YOU MUST FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS & WE MUST WORK AS A TEAM, TO GET YOU BACK ON TRACK.

2 Facts On Parkinson’s Disease & MS You Should “NEVER” Forget.


All Parkinson patients often experience a huge variation in symptom severity after a good 30 minute to one-hour afternoon sleep, and if it were true that Parkinson symptoms were caused by “atrophy” (WHICH MEANS “DEATH”) of the dopamine producing cells of the substantia nigra, which is what drug company lecturers teach students is the cause of all PD symptoms, in medical school, it would be absolutely impossible for patients to experience this huge symptom variation after a little sleep. Once dopamine cells are dead (atrophied) they are dead, period, and it would be absolutely impossible for them to quickly regenerate and produce sufficient dopamine for patients to experience symptom reduction, then to die off again, when symptoms begin to return “after” a sleep, 30 minute to one-hour later???


All MS patients usually feel considerable symptom reduction after a good sleep, & some experience so much symptom reduction after only a short afternoon nap that medical leaders have given this common extreme symptom reduction a special name, which is: “Relapsing-Remitting MS”. This “Relapsing=Remitting” phenomenon is, on it’s own, absolute proof that myelin degeneration (atrophy, meaning death, of the myelin sheath), couldn’t possibly be the cause of MS symptoms because to experience this remission, the myelin sheath would need to suddenly grow back, then die off again when symptoms return.

This applies the same for the incident of female MS patients going through pregnancy and going into remission as a result of the pregnancy. The reason these women go into remission is not due to the mysterious reduction of an MS provoking enzyme “pyruvate kinase” but because a pregnant woman is usually a fully content woman, which causes abundant release of muscle relaxing endorphins, and, because as the pregnancy progresses, the spine is stretched which takes pressure off nerves that are being pressured to create the MS type symptoms in the first place. My “Stopping Tremors Instantly” video is absolute indisputable truth that MS, PD and Sarcoidosis etc, symptoms are a result of nerves being pressured (squashed) by excess muscle tension in the neck and-or lower back-hip area, spinal curvature, degenerative discs and vertebral subluxations, and removing that pressure offers the “ONLY” solution. ( My “Stopping Tremors Instantly” video is the first video on the next page: “My Main Treatment Page”.)

Summary on MS

It is “ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE” for demyelination (atrophy, “DEATH” of sections of the myelin sheath), to be the cause of symptoms of multiple sclerosis, which is what drug company lecturers are trained to teach doctors & neurologists at medical school, is the cause of all MS symptoms. — If death of certain sections of the myelin sheath “were” the cause of all MS symptoms, IT IS JUST PLAIN COMMON SENSE that patients diagnosed with MS would “NEVER” experience any variation in symptom severity, because to experience that symptom variation, the myelin sheath would have to quickly repair itself, and then atrophy again when symptom severity returned, which can sometimes happen in 30 minutes to an hour or so. — THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE IMPOSSIBILITY.

The “REAL” Cause Of Symptom Variation Is Due To Variations In Spinal Supportive Muscle Tension Pulling The Spine To A Variety Of Distorted Positions To Squash Different Nerves, Which Is What Creates Different Symptoms.

The actual cause for variations in symptom severity for Parkinson’s disease, MS, and other such rigidity disorders, is the variations in tension levels of the spinal supportive muscles pressing on nerves, caused by patients experiencing variations in stress levels, quality of sleep, good or bad breathing levels during sleep, and the amount of unhappiness or depression patients experience. — The more tension (rigidity) a patient develops in spinal supportive muscles, particularly in neck, hip and lower back muscles, the more the spine will be pulled off-centre to be distorted and squash nerves going to symptom-affected body areas. — This excess tension in the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles is the cause of neck pain, subluxations at the C1 & C2 vertebra, loss of cervical lordosis and degenerative cervical discs, which are “VERY COMMON” in Parkinson’s disease, MS, COPD, Diabetes and many more rigidity autoimmune disorders.

2 Books Represent The Foundation Of The B.A.10 Treatment Program

This program is a “self-help” program just as much as it is a qualified-practitioner-supervised program and I designed the 10 steps of this B.A.10 natural health Program on two very famous books:

(1) “The King James Bible“, in which I discovered the relative scriptures during a Bible Study Course with Pastor Robert Droste in Brisbane. — There are 10 groups of scripture that represent the 10 functions of the immune system which my self-help treatment caters for. — In God’s ideals presented in the bible, “ALL” these rigidity autoimmune disorders have a cure, but persuasive advertising and the strive by corporations for higher and higher profits, have greatly suppressed public belief in God’s curative ideals.

(2) The Second Book is: “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” in which I discovered 3 anatomical abnormalities documented by Dr. James Parkinson, the doctor who Parkinson’s disease was named after, as the “REAL” cause of Parkinson’s disease, as opposed to the incorrect cause of Parkinson’s disease: “atrophy of the dopamine-producing cells of the substantia nigra“, which is the belief drug company lecturers are trained to teach medical students at medical school, supported by the “medically-proven-to-be-incorrect-belief” that lesions showing on an MRI, is an indication of this atrophy, which is an impossibility. Dr. Parkinson was a practicing Christian who attended St, Leonard’s church in Shoreditch near London. He passed away from a stroke and his remains were buried in that churchyard after his death in 1824.


Parkinson Symptoms Are Caused By “Disease Of The Vertebra” NOT Substantia Nigra Atrophy!
My in-depth research on the history of Parkinson’s disease gave me the opinion that the substantia nigra was only blamed, sometime between 1895 and the early 1900’s, by medical leaders of the day, because it releases the hormone dopamine, which is a hormone that can be replicated in the laboratory as a saleable pharmaceutical product such as Levodopa – L-dopa – Sinemet. — There is so much “MEDICALLY DOCUMENTED” proof that Parkinson symptoms are not caused by lack of dopamine, it is criminal that nothing has been done to correct this drug-promoting cause, and,,, since social media has become very popular, this proof is being presented to “EVERYONE”. — This deception and the mild muscle-relaxing effect of dopamine drugs misleads patients into believing dopamine drugs will overcome their symptoms when the only thing that will do that, begins with “a NEW type” of chiropractic care to correct the spine, combined with the B.A.10 Program which is based on Dr. Parkinson’s triple cause “Disease Of The Vertebra” discovery.
Spinal Vertebra
Normal Chiropractic Adjustment Does Not Overcome Parkinson's Disease

Have you had normal chiropractic adjustments to try to overcome symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and you had little or no symptom reduction, or any reduction you did experience, didn’t last long? — Well there is a reason for this (& it took me several years to figure it out), and my new chiropractic adjustment and new massage approach, eliminates this problem but your practitioners need to know about this, and if I can teach this to a family member, that will also be of great benefit to you. — Normal massage will only give temporary symptom relief which is why I had to create a special type of massage to unblock the nerves going to symptom-affected muscles and organs. — Medical Doctors, Neurologists, Chiropractors, Physical therapists, Naturopaths and Massage therapists need to know about this “VERY” important aspect of the original cause of Parkinson-MS type symptoms. Vertigo is one of the worst symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease & MS.

The next video I wish to present, is of prominent Hollywood songwriter Marsha Malamet who overcame vertigo and regained her ability to walk normally, in only two days, on the B.A.10 Program.

Dr. Parkinson nick-named the symptoms doctors are trained to use, to wrongfully claim people have “an incurable disease” called Parkinson’s disease: “a disease of the vertebra“ because during many autopsies he found all patients who passed away with Parkinson symptom complications had (1) a sore neck due to swelling of the brain stem medulla spinalis, Chiari Malformations & misalignment of the C1 (Atlas) & the C2 (Dizzy bone), (2) some degree of spinal curvature (which is why the head or the torso of Parkinson patients leans slightly to one side), and (3) excess muscle tension (which causes advanced Parkinson patients to have a slow, stiff, robotic walk), and causes a pulling on the spine to create that spinal curvature and stiff robotic walk that goes with it. — These problems are synonymous with all advanced Parkinson & MS patients.

A “FACT” On How Neck Abnormalities Affect Consciousness, Balance & Walking:
Combat soldiers are trained that if they need to sneak up behind an enemy soldier and render them unconscious without making any noise, they must give them a “HARD” karate chop to the C1, C2 & C3 vertebra just under the occiput. This can render a person unconscious in a second or so, because it gives a sudden jolt to the Medulla Spinalis, a part of the brain stem to do with all muscle control, & often, soldiers given a karate chop wake up with tremors, feeling legless just like advanced Parkinson & MS patients.DUE TO INFORMATION IN DR. PARKINSON’S 200 YEAR OLD BOOK, “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” I AM ABLE TO PUT SOME PD & MS PATIENTS INTO REMISSION IN ONLY 3 DAYS. — THE CURE FOR PARKINSON’S DISEASE HAS BEEN WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED SINCE 1817.
Medical Endocrinologist Dr. Bisilli Overcame Severe Vertigo To Regain Her Ability To Walk, In “ONLY” 5 Days, & Treatment I Used Is Supported By Scripture From The Bible.

All 4 patients in this next video below, had abnormalities in Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure at the medulla spinalis (neck), which caused headaches, dizziness, mood swings and advanced problems with balance and walking, but they all experienced certain victory “in only days”, after I took that pressure off their brain and released the excess tension from their neck and shoulder muscles.

Another thing that this video will reveal, is that, just as all the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are exactly the same as all the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, these two rigidity diseases are,,, one and the same, but in my opinion, drug companies in the late 1800’s wanted everyone to believe they were two different diseases, so they could sell a lot more drugs.

“ALL” Rigidity Autoimmune Patients suffering from any of the 22 disorders I have had success with, respond to the 10 steps of the B.A.10 Program endorsed by 10 groups of scripture from the bible.  This suggests that “MANY” rigidity autoimmune diseases could just be exaggerated versions of Parkinson’s disease, triggered by the same 3 causal provocations described by Dr. Parkinson as “DISEASE OF THE VERTEBRA”, and documented by him for Parkinson’s disease, in 1817. — I am calling for investors to establish B.A.10 Rejuvenation Clinics, to give treatment to these many millions of patients who are getting no help at all, from the medical system, and to help investigate the possibility of what I described above.

CSFP Abnormalities Are Always Present

CSFP (Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure) Abnormalities Are Always Present In Parkinson’s Disease, MS, MSA, & Other Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders, & This Is A Provocation For Brain Fogginess, Mood Swings, Having A Feeling Of Separation From The World, Headache, Fatigue, Dizziness, Memory Loss, & Many Other Confusing Mental Disturbances.
Abnormal pressure in the fluid that cushions the brain inside the cranial vault, is caused to develop due to forward head posture, loss of lordosis, kyphosis, and subluxations in the cervical spine twisting the brain stem and the only way to put patients into remission is to fix all these cervical cerebrospinal abnormalities.


In his book, Dr. Parkinson comments on how “fear created by a stressful lifestyle” or “grief due to loss” are often associated with the development of tremors and other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and the bible also mentions this in a number of scriptures, particularly: (Job 4:14) “Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake.”

My B.A.10 Treatment Program Is Based On Scripture From The Bible.
Whilst I am a qualified natural therapist with 47 years experience specialising in rigidity autoimmune disorders like Parkinson’s disease, MS, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and, debilitating symptoms such as tremors, vertigo, drop foot, neck stiffness, loss of taste, swollen ankles and immobility, more importantly, I am a member of the Christian Church, and I have responsibilities. When I am home in Brisbane, I attend a local church and when I travel internationally, I log into Pastor Andy Stanley’s live sermons at “The Buckhead Church” in Peachtree Atlanta Georgia. I Can Help Some Parkinson & MS Patients Reach Remission, Or Close To It, In Only 3 Or 4 Days, Simply “Because” My Treatment Is Based On Dr. James Parkinson’s Autopsy Findings, As Well As, Scripture From The Bible.In this next video you will see how Parkinson patient Barry Black, encouraged a continuous twisted pelvis, a C1 subluxation and a severe T1 spinal kink, which all combined to cause him to lose his ability to jog, 25 years before coming to me, & lose his ability to walk, 15 years before seeing me, but he gained it all back again “IN ONLY 3 DAYS”. In this next video, towards the end, you will also hear medical surgeon: Dr. Antonio Pineda denounce the medical treatment of Parkinson’s disease, after he reached remission in only 3 days, on my B.A.10 Program. — Dr. Pineda describes Deep Brain Stimulator surgery as “INSANE”, and all patients “I” spoke to who had Deep Brain Stimulator surgery, did not experience any significant “long-term” results, and many, felt no symptom reduction at all. There is also no specific medical test to show that a Parkinson, MS, or Hashimoto’s patient has either of these 3 disorders, when all of them actually experience the same symptoms, in part or in full, and they actually all have versions of the same back muscle swellings and spinal distortions.

In This Next Video You Will See Back Muscle Comparisons Of 10 Different Rigidity Patients With The Same Symptoms, Show That “THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME DISORDER” Yet They Are Diagnosed With 6 Different Disorders, & Neither, Have A Medical Test To Prove They Even Exist, Let Alone If A Person Has One Of Them. — In My Opinion, This Is A Pharmaceutical Con To Maximize Drug Sales.

In this next video below, you will see me compare back muscle distortions that caused spinal abnormalities in a Parkinson & an MS, patient, an MS patient & a Sarcoidosis lung disease patient, a Parkinson & an Irritable Bowel syndrome patient, a Parkinson & a Hashimoto’s disease patient, and an MS patient & a Chung Strauss patient, and the moment I began to correct these muscular-skeletal abnormalities, is the moment the symptoms began to go away in all 10 patients.

This video is an extension of Dr. James Parkinson’s claim that Parkinson’s disease is “A Disease Of The Vertebra“, and I claim that all 10 of these diseases listed above, are “Diseases Of The Vertebra” requiring a new form of chiropractic care and a unique nerve massage, combined with my specialised B.A.10 Program. — These comparison back photos have “NEVER” been seen before anywhere in the world & are a tremendous breakthrough for these patients & a real advancement for chiropractic care and the Natural Health Industry.

“5 RULES TO GAIN & MAINTAIN” That Help Patients Develop Mental & Physical Awareness.

In 2 trips I made to the USA in 2018, I made several new observations that have enabled me to improve my own understanding of the causes of the 9 rigidity autoimmune disorders I cater for (which are discussed in the next video below), & to help my clients remain focused on 5 very important factors that will encourage “LONG-TERM SUCCESS” more than ever before. — If you are interested in having me treat you, or you have already attended my B.A.10 Treatment Program & you have not reached remission “& maintained it”, please contact me so I can pass on new mental & physical awareness information that will help you get back on track “& stay there”. Most of my past clients maintain improvement as long as I can help them get all their stress under control &, they continue to follow my instructions designed to help them maintain their improvement. Patients Need Effective Follow-on Treatment &, A Massage Therapist Who Can Monitor The Spine & Help Them Stay Motivated, Or, A Spouse Willing To Learn To Do These Things. A problem I have with some of the patients I treat on my Travel-to-treat program, is that before I return home I need to teach a local chiropractor & massage therapist (or a spouse), how to do “my B.A.10 style” follow-on assessment (regularly doing this unique assessment is VERY important). — I also need to teach a spouse, or a local massage therapist how to do my style of B.A.10 hip adjustment to rectify a twisted pelvis (my method is “VERY EASY” & “VERY RISK FREE”) &, how to do my new nerve massage. Ask Your Chiropractor: “Is Your C1 Vertebra Out Of Alignment On Every Visit?” – If It Is, You Are Missing Something & If You Don’t Figure It Out, Your Chiropractic Adjustments Are A Waste Of Money As Normal Chiropractic Is Often Insufficient. In 2018 I discovered that if a patient has a spinal curve, any improvement gained through any type of natural treatment will only be temporary. — It is therefore essential that each patient has somebody who knows how to check the spine on a daily basis. — This backup support ensures that if a patient reaches remission while I am doing the 7 days of treatment, that remission will remain, or, if a patient only has partial improvement while I am doing the 7 days of treatment (due to scoliosis or disc degeneration, which take time to overcome), that improvement will continue until remission is reached & maintained.

I Need Investors To Establish Clinics To Offer Specialized B.A.10 Treatment To Overcome Autoimmune Disorders By Bringing Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists & B.A.10 Specialists Together, Using A “NEW” Treatment That Includes New Chiropractic & Massage Ideals.

How motivated a patient remains after I finish treatment, is a big part of the need for follow-on specialized support, & this follow-on support should be available for as long as spinal curvature remains and the C1 vertebra keeps coming back out of alignment. — If you decide to have me treat you, it is important for you to find a chiropractor & a massage therapist willing to learn my new & very unique chiropractic and nerve massage methods, specially if you are advanced in symptom severity. — In most cases advanced or otherwise, remission is impossible without your practitioners using my unique new B.A.10 reversal methods. — Normal chiropractic adjustment and normal massage, is simply not good enough to put patients who have had symptoms for longer than 2 years, into remission in a way that they can maintain that remission. — New discoveries I made in 2018, about nerves, muscles & negative muscle memory, which influences the symptom-affected body areas, need specific treatment, to create a re-programming in order for long-term remission to be maintained.

The 9 “Main” Disorders I Cater For On The B.A.10 Program, All Respond To The B.A.10 Program Based On Scripture From The Bible.
I mainly specialize in treating patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease & multiple sclerosis, however, my unique B.A.10 Reversal Program has also gained success in overcoming 7 other rigidity autoimmune disorders & I am also researching diabetes & Hashimoto’s disease before adding them to my list. — The other 7 disorders which I have already added, are: – Multiple system atrophy (MSA), Emphysema (COPD), Sarcoidosis lung disease, Fibromyalgia, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Transverse myelitis, & Chung Strauss syndrome. An “AMAZING” ComparisonBetween 10 Patients “With TheSame Symptoms”, DiagnosedWith 6 Different Rigidity Disorders, Showing They “ALL” Have The Same Muscular-skeletal Abnormalities Causing Those Symptoms.
multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease treatment



multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease treatment

Michael - MS


multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease treatment

Abby - Hashimoto's




My Self-help Program Includes Teaching Your Partner & Your Massage Therapist How To Check Your Spinal Supportive Muscles & Your Spine, To Keep You On Track.

My 10 Treatment Steps Are Based On Dr. James Parkinson 200 Year Old Book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy”.

I Offer 3 Fee Options For My Unique Treatment.


What You MUST Know

The First Thing To Know About Parkinson’s, MS, COPD, & The Other Rigidity Disorders My Treatment Can Help, Is That All These Patients “ALL” Have A Twisted Pelvis, A Spinal Curvature & A C1 Subluxation, Which “MUST” All Be Corrected For The Patient To Reach Remission.

It took me quite a few years of research to finally discover this important factor about a twisted pelvis, spinal curvature & C1 subluxation present in “ALL” rigidity patients, & in my efforts to design a treatment that can firstly, halter progression of the disorders I treat, and secondly, help patients willing to put in personal effort, to reach remission as quickly as is possible I had to create new treatments that would do the job properly. 

This video below, shows the importance of practitioners who are treating rigidity autoimmune patients, to search for the many causes of spinal curvature, and learn how to overcome them, and to correct the C1 subluxation common in all 9 OF the disorders I cater for, to give patients quick relief, and head them towards earning their own remission.

Creating A New Way To Use Chiropractic

I Had To Create A New Way To Use Chiropractic, To Get Immediate Results, & To Put Some Patients Into Remission In Only 3 Days and I Believe, This Success Came About Because I Pray Over Every Patient I Treat. I personally do not have a magic wand, or a miracle elixir that will fix patients overnight but back in 2016 when I created my new “Nerve Massage”, and again in August 2018 when I designed a new way to use chiropractic (Skeletal Vibration Pulsation Therapy), I realised I had discovered two “VERY SIGNIFICANT” facts about how to halter the progression of rigidity symptoms (PD, MS, MSA, COPD, Emphysema, Diabetes etc), and how to stop pain in the spinal supportive muscles in only 1 to 4 hours and these two new procedures have helped everyone I have used them on, unless they had irreversible tissue or spinal damage. — If you have a partner willing to learn my new ways, I can teach your partner my new ways, to help minimise your trips to a chiropractor & to a massage therapist, or, I can teach them to your chiropractor & your massage therapist to make sure chiropractic works far more efficiently for you, in helping you reach remission & maintain it.


I Have Given A Number Of Parkinson, MS & Other Rigidity Autoimmune Patients “QUICK RESULTS” & My Client Below, Is One Of Them, & The Treatment I Used, Is Backed Up By Scripture From The Bible.

Quick Results

This video demonstrates how Michael Frederic and myself “worked together”, to overcome his vertigo and all his symptom causal abnormalities to get the amazing improvement he experienced “IN ONLY 3 DAYS”. — Our joint efforts and our prayers, enabled us to overcame all Michael’s balance & walking problems and regain his ability to jog, after not being able to jog for over 2 years, & this all took place “IN ONLY 3 DAYS“. Present teachings in medical, chiropractic, naturopathic and massage colleges all around the world, are not aware of the ideals I use to get this quick significant success and they are definitely not aware that these ideals are supported by scripture from the bible

What I Require From You

Whilst I Have Helped Some Patients Into Full Remission In Only 3 Days, Or Out Of Wheelchairs In 7 Days, I Can Only Achieve This Success By Patients Working With Me To “EARN” Their Success and As Not All Patients Have Exactly The Same Causal Problems, My Job Can Sometimes Vary Dramatically & Be Quite Difficult.

If you are considering having me treat you and you are not advanced in symptom severity (no tremors & no symptoms below your waist), it is important for you to realize that every patient has a slightly different “recipe” of symptom causes, and to overcome them all, you need to be well-focused and determined to “earn” your success.

If a patient does not experience the quick significant success seen in many of my “before” and “after” videos, it does “NOT” mean, that patient will not experience success, over time, and,,, I have seen a number of “advanced” patients like Barry Black who was diagnosed 30 years prior to my treatment, & Dr. Antonio Pineda (seen in the first video above), experience quick significant success “IN ONLY 3 DAYS“, due to their willingness to work for that success.

True Healing Is A Joint Venture Between Practitioner and Patient & Staying Motivated After I Leave, Is “THE” Most Important Aspect Of Your Self-help Venture.
If you are advanced in symptom severity, I realise being motivated will be a problem so I will be helping you with that while I am with you, but don’t forget, you “MUST” stay focused & learn my self-motivation ideals while I am there, & follow my “5 Rules To Gain & Maintain” after I leave.

Every patient “MUST” be willing to work at stepping forward in life again, to set and enjoy new personal goals of achievement.  This may all sound like a lot to deal with, but when I am treating patients, I encourage step-by-step treatment progression and patients only need to follow my instructions with an eagerness to win.

Even Sarcoidosis Patients Suffer Vertigo.

Using my new assessment approach, & my new way of chiropractic & nerve massage also enabled me to overcome sarcoidosis lung disease for patient Bart Stolworthy “IN ONLY 3 DAYS” on the B.A.10 Reversal Program. Do you feel like you have a rigid worn-out body, a disillusioned mind & a broken spirit? — Well my B.A.10 Natural Treatment Reversal Program will help you reverse all that & give you back your hope, your faith, and your life, as it is based on the autopsy findings Dr. James Parkinson documented in his book: “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” over 200 years ago.

Emotions and Thoughts

During my very lengthy career as a natural practitioner, and then starting my research on Parkinson’s disease and MS in 2003, and establishing my treatment program in 2004, I discovered that “ALL” 22 of the Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders that my treatment has proven successful with, have the same “primary” causes, but different variations of “secondary” causes.

Supervise Your Thinking “EVERY DAY” Particularly When You First Wake Up, & As You Fall Asleep.

Whilst the most difficult symptom to overcome is tremors (which I call “The Suicide Symptom” because patients who have it bad, want to suicide), it “CAN” be overcome, & to have a realisation that these disorders are more a spiritual event than a human event, is a big help.  Medical research has proven, patients who pray regularly, release less stress hormones &, relax more & enjoy a deeper sleep.  True healing is a spiritual event that often requires the patient to stay focused on my “Grief Release” principals, & to focus well on being forgiving, or to seek forgiveness, or to develop humility & sensitivity, particularly with matters of the heart, & with family.

All Our Emotional Feelings Are Caused By The Quantity Of Hormones Released Into Our System.

We are all individuals who develop desire & motivation according to what we “allow”, or what we “force”, our mind to be focused on every day.  If we allow our mind to stay focused on missing a financial fortune that we lost, or a loved one who passed, or who left, we will release excessive amounts of the sadness hormone “cortisol” which will cause us to be depressed & develop a depression-based disease.  Alternatively, if we force our mind to remain focused on a positive goal, we will release abundant amounts of dopamine which encourages good digestion & absorption of the amino acid “phenylalanine” for our immune system to manufacture more dopamine.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUR CYCLE OF LIFE CAN PERPETUATE.  Dopamine also acts as a signalling hormone to release testosterone (the strength of character hormone) & growth hormone (the hormone that assists mitosis and glycogen usage) which keep us energetic & motivated. God designed us to function automatically & if we encourage this natural positive metabolism within us, we can easily overcome the obstacles of life, that may appear to be impossible to overcome.

I Have Created A New Form Of Natural Assessment, and Natural Therapies.

A time is coming when the natural health industry will need to introduce new ideals based on Dr. Parkinson’s 200 year old book, which, through my success videos, have been proven to overcome all 9 rigidity autoimmune disorders on my list, & all symptoms associated. — This is the “ONLY” way effective solutions can be offered to all patients suffering from these disorders, and the only way organised teachings can be passed on to existing natural practitioners.

I have discovered 5 very new and very unique ideals about the human body that have enabled me to establish a new form of natural assessment and natural therapies. — These new concepts are capable of taking the natural health industry to a far greater level of efficiency, in overcoming many symptoms considered incurable, and, in also helping badly suffering autoimmune patients out of their suffering. — In becoming a B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner you will learn these exciting breakthrough ideals that can enable all practitioners to develop a far greater healing efficiency.

Please remember, no matter how many University degrees and diplomas a practitioner has on the office wall, they can “ONLY” help you if they know of “The Psychosomatic Response”, how to identify a twisted pelvis & correct spinal
subluxations, how to do nerve massage, & how to treat the muscular problems I presented in the first video on this page.
This lack of knowledge is why so many practitioners will so wrongly inform you, that what you have is incurable.
(Hosea 4:6)

A “FACT” On How Neck Abnormalities Affect Consciousness, Balance & Walking:

Combat soldiers are trained that if they need to sneak up behind an enemy soldierand render them unconscious without making any noise, they must give them a“HARD” karate chop to the C1, C2 & C3 vertebra just under the occiput. This canrender a person unconscious in a second or so, because it gives a sudden joltto the Medulla Spinalis, a part of the brain stem to do with all muscle control,& often, soldiers given a karate chop wake up with tremors, feelinglegless just like advanced Parkinson & MS patients.

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