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This Is An Introduction Page
For “Noel’s 5/7 Day Treatment”
Where He Will Fly To You To
Treat You In The USA Or AU,
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Bribie Island Near Brisbane.

The information on this page has the potential to give you a far better understanding of Parkinson’s disease, MS and other rigidity autoimmune disorders, than a medical doctor or naturopath can give you, unless they are already using my in-depth B.A.10 natural health approach. — If I come to you to treat you in your home, I will inspect and test every relevant aspect of your immune system, and one of my additional duties will be to inspect your entire environment, even going grocery shopping with you to help you establish the most suitable diet for “YOU”. — I will also set aside one-hour sessions in the afternoons, to treat your family members for anything from personality clashes and any stressful situations between you, and for any other circumstances from stress management, to food intolerances, fitness, and weight loss. — Your health is hormonally influenced every single day, by family interactions, life perceptions and environmental circumstances.

The Specialty Disorders I Offer Treatment For: – Parkinson’s disease and Multiple sclerosis.

Other Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders I Have Treated On My B.A.10 Reversal Program: – Irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, Food intolerances, MSA, Lupus, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s), Transverse myelitis, Emphysema, Bronchitis, Asthma, Respiratory sarcoidosis, Chronic fatigue, Depression, Colon cancer, Lung cancer, Breast cancer, and HIV. — In 2018, my natural health career will have spanned 48 years, and I am now 70 years of age (November 2017) I have no health problems, take no pharmaceuticals, am fit as a fiddle, and do regular workouts in the gym, often lifting weights that many 20 year old’s would have difficulty lifting. — This is all after having to overcome epilepsy, respiratory disorder, food intolerances and allergies and,,, MS symptoms on the right side of my body in my younger years.


Why Are These Disorders So Hard For Medical Doctors and Naturopaths To Conquer, That They Class Them Incurable? – After I myself achieved remission over symptoms of bronchitis, epilepsy and MS in my younger years, and after studying historic books and medical journals, as well as more modern medical books and journals (L/C To See My List Of Books and Journals Studied.) I conclude that all the curative treatment answers are available for us to use, but I also found there is no “one cure” for a disease, that suits all patients suffering from that disease. — Each patient has a different collection of causes which must “ALL” be found, to regain good health and it is this variation that causes so many practitioners to fail in helping patients achieve remission. — If you or a loved one is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, MS or any other rigidity disorder “I HAVE THE ANSWERS THAT CAN HELP YOU, SOMETIMES WITHIN 2 DAYS OF STARTING YOUR TREATMENT” and all that is required by you or your loved one, is an eagerness to put in some effort and follow my instructions as I do my tests to find your individual causal recipe.

This causal variation between all patients is why it is impossible for medical doctors and naturopaths to come up with a curative solution, as finding “all” the causes for each single patient is often a very difficult task, specially when practitioners don’t realize that every single immune function has been compromised in some shape or form, to create the symptoms of rigidity autoimmune disorders. — The actual cause of these diseases is “ENORMOUSLY” underestimated as every aspect of life can be a contributing factor.

Here Are 4 Examples Out Of “MANY”, Which Cause The Muscle Rigidity To Develop, That Is Synonymous With Rigidity Disorders, To Show You How Vastly Different Some Causes Can Be.
Practitioners of the future will actually need “to learn how” to search with a far more in-depth attitude, in order to find “every single causal aspect” of a disease, in order to effectively help their patients. — Here are only 4 of many vastly different causes which I found had contributed to my clients collection of symptoms. (Their Causal Recipe.): –

(1) SPINAL CURVATURE: A number of patients I treated developed a spinal curvature or a sharp spinal kink, which suppressed arteries, tendons or nerves to cause extreme Parkinson/MS type muscle rigidity, which are two very difficult problems for any practitioner to address without knowing the many influences that create spinal curvatures and kinks.

(2) SUPPRESSED GRIEF OVER LOSS, ANXIETY OR UNFORGIVENESS: A number of patients I treated were bottling up fear or anxiety, grief, and even unforgiveness, for many years, to cause the brain’s Amygdala to trigger an excess Locus Coeruleus release of the muscle tension hormone “noradrenaline”, which suppresses breathing, blood flow and nerve activity to symptom-affected body areas, to cause that severe muscular rigidity seen in advanced Parkinson patients when they shuffle along very slowly. — This is one of the most common causal factors that I have to find and overcome.

(3) A FORWARD HEAD POSITION OR AN ABNORMAL SKELETAL STRUCTURE: Many rigidity patients I treated, I found to have a forward head position, or a loss of lordosis or severe kyphosis causing or contributing to their symptoms. — One MS patient I treated, a medical doctor (Dr. Barbara Bisilli Endocrinologist) had one Ilium larger than the other which caused a mild spinal curve at her L4-L5 disc, which in turn, suppressed nerves going to her legs, to cause severe balance problems and difficulty standing up and walking. — This was a “VERY UNUSUAL” abnormality that I had to overcome, along with her many other contributing causal problems, which she and several medical colleagues had not found, during their diagnosis. — Please watch this 9 minute video below, to understand that it can sometimes be so difficult for practitioners to find “A MAIN SYMPTOM CAUSAL PROBLEM” involved in a PD-MS patient’s causal recipe, that even 3 medical doctors can miss it, as did Dr. Bisilli and her 2 colleagues: –

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(4) THICKENED OR POLLUTED BLOOD: A number of patients I treated had so much toxins and waste in their blood, it had thickened to provoke the muscle rigidity and muscle pains synonymous with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many other rigidity disorders and my observations and tests will reveal this, within minutes of my arrival to help you. — Others had breathed or consumed a minuscule amount of poisonous chemicals or gas, over time, which also eventually causes the abnormal Parkinson-MS type muscle stiffness, which provokes PD-MS type symptoms to develop. — One quite rare causal problem I have come across, which should always be considered, is that mild blood clotting can cause a muscle pain, a numbness, a tingling or a tremor type symptom on one side of the body only, in one arm or leg, to cause tremors, numbness, tingling or muscle pain on one side, in Parkinson and MS patients, yet the vast majority of practitioners are not aware of this unusual causal aspect. — My tests will also reveal such a cause, within minutes of my arrival and carrying out my assessment, and creating the solution is sometimes as simple as dietary changes.

There are 5 different stress signs that indicate thickening of the blood and 6 stress signs that indicate unhealthy blood clotting. — One of those signs, which was referred to by doctors and nurses in hospitals, up until it was superseded by blood tests, was a stress sign that shows up on the palms of the hands: –

Practitioners of the future must learn to know about blood abnormalities and how to look for every single causal problem imaginable, from emotional suppression to gas leaks in the patient’s house, when carrying out an assessment on every single patient.
— Using this “MULTI-CAUSAL IN-DEPTH” approach has enabled me to get many immobilized patients out of wheelchairs, and get many patients into remission often in only a matter of days, which you will see in my success videos on this website. — As there are several external body stress signs, including some in the iris of the eyes, which I refer to, in order to discover if blood is thicker than it should be, I have often found thickened and even clotted blood responsible for symptoms such as muscle pain, numbness, tingling and tremors, in patients I have treated. — Every part of the body requires clean blood for good health and joint flexibility, so if thickened or clotted blood is affecting any area of the body, there will be a number of external stress signs that will reveal the problem.

Many Practitioners Don’t Have Time To Carry Out These IN-DEPTH Assessments Because They Are Consumed With Running Their Businesses and Spending Time With Family.
What I have just explained, is what I believe to be “the missing link” that everybody is the health industry is overlooking because it is extremely difficult, sometimes even impossible, to treat every single patient with this individual in-depth search approach, specially when a practitioner is trying to set up a production line of patients to help pay their house mortgage and their office rent.

When I go to a patient’s home to give 7 days of treatment inside his/her environment, it is my greatest opportunity to help, because I can look at “EVERYTHING” you could possibly imagine that could contribute to the onset of symptoms. — I will even call for a gas leak test if I think it necessary, as gas leaking into a house has often caused muscle rigidity synonymous with Parkinson’s disease, MS and respiratory disorders. — There are “MANY” abnormalities THAT MOST PEOPLE NEVER THINK OF, lurking in the home that have the potential to trigger the onset of PD/MS and respiratory symptoms.

Before you enter my treatment webpage, remember that every single patient has what I call: – an individual “RECIPE” of causal factors that can vary dramatically, from one patient to the next, because there is no one cause for these diseases. — Some of the medical doctors and natural practitioners who have reviewed my cases, have been astounded at some of the causal circumstances I have found in the houses I have inspected, and the emotional and physiological causal problems I have corrected, to eventually create remission.

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Please L/C HERE to go to my main 5 Day Treatment page, and please don’t hesitate to email me any questions you may have, or ask me to send you my Causal Recipe Questionnaire. There are many more videos to watch on the following pages.

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