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Your Second Step Is, You “MUST” Overcome Vertigo To Begin Your Path To Remission.
Every rigidity autoimmune patient experiences vertigo or loss of balance in due time, and there are a number of reasons for this, and they must all be checked. — My next video is of a vertigo patient (Seala), who regained her health & her life on the B.A.10 Program after having to put up with vertigo for 4 years. — Seala had seen a number of therapists without receiving any help, before she came to me. — She was 47 when she called on me to put her on the B.A.10 Program and she overcome her vertigo in only 3 days, and made the comment that she felt like she was 19 again.


Your first step is to purchase my pack of products for the disorder you have been diagnosed with, and follow the instructions explained in these products to do your best to overcome your symptoms yourself, at home. If you cannot get long-term victory through following the instructions outlined in my pack of products, it will be because your muscular system has developed negative muscle memory, your spine has developed advanced spinal curvature and abnormalities have developed around your brain stem and cerebellum to increase the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid in your spine and in your skull. Excessive CSF pressure buildup in your skull is what causes sleeplessness, anxiety, loss of balance, absence of emotion, disorientation and memory loss and even brain fogginess. (Don’t panic though, as these problems can be overcome but the more advanced they are, the more effort and persistence will be required over a longer period of time.)

To overcome these unrealized advanced causal problems, calls for a very unique assessment and multi-directional treatment approach which is why usual medical, chiropractic, naturopathic and physical therapy principals can’t even come close to offering significant symptom relief. — It took me many years of research and treatment experimentation to discover the “many” breakdown factors involved in these disorders, and to perfect the new treatment approach necessary, to get the success you see in my “before” and “after” patient videos.


My B.A.10 assessment finds causal problems that other practitioners cannot find as the tests involved are very different than a medical doctor, neurologist, physiotherapist, massage therapist or chiropractor will carry out on you, as their accreditation training “doesn’t even come close” to covering the 3 “main” causes, and up to 25 “secondary” causes of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, MS, MSA, COPD, Sarcoidosis, Diabetes and the other rigidity autoimmune disorders that I have succeeded in overcoming. 

My B.A.10 Treatment Program is a new and “VERY UNIQUE” approach to autoimmune disorders simply because I have discovered 5 Treatment Secrets that “EVERYONE” else from neurologists to natural therapists have missed completely. It is no wonder these disorders are so wrongly classed as being incurable because when it comes to Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders the training of medical doctors, neurologists, naturopaths, chiropractors and natural therapists is so far off track, they might as well have blocked their ears and kept their eyes closed during their accreditation lessons.

Dr. Parkinson nick-named the symptoms doctors are trained to use, to wrongfully claim people have “an incurable disease” called Parkinson’s disease: “a disease of the vertebra“ because during many autopsies he found all patients who passed away with Parkinson symptom complications had (1) a sore neck due to swelling of the brain stem medulla spinalis, Chiari Malformations & misalignment of the C1 (Atlas) & the C2 (Dizzy bone), (2) some degree of spinal curvature (which is why the head or the torso of Parkinson patients leans slightly to one side), and (3) excess muscle tension (which causes advanced Parkinson patients to have a slow, stiff, robotic walk), and causes a pulling on the spine to create that spinal curvature and stiff robotic walk that goes with it. — These problems are synonymous with all advanced Parkinson & MS patients.