Noels Health Retreat

Noel’s 5-TO-90-Day Retreat

Health, Fitness, Education & Treatment Retreat In Brisbane, for B.A.10 Rejuvenation & Autoimmune Prevention

What The Retreat Will Provide

The retreat will provide a place for teaching, motivation & education workshops for the general public &, for annual holiday accommodation for all personal working at B.A.10 Rejuvenation Clinics in Australia or the USA. (Read About Practitioners Wanted For Investment Opportunities In AU & The USA.)

I want all managers, B.A.10 Practitioners & staff at each of the B.A.10 Rejuvenation Clinics to have annual holiday access to at least one of the cabins, all year round, & for whenever they wish to attend any of the educational seminars & workshops. The retreat, along with it’s gymnasium & 6 kilometer outdoor gradient jogging track, is to be available all year, for educational seminars & health & fitness training for the average person, along with B.A.10 patient assessments and treatment, and practitioner training.

I also wish to offer education for young people, on finances, family relationships & developing personal potential, as this, I believe, is where the future of civilization lies, & right now, civilization does not appear to be doing so well, particularly in family harmony.


I wish to establish 1 & 2 Bedroom accommodation huts for patients being treated, practitioners attending for B.A.10 Autoimmune Training, &  clinic managers & practitioners, to have accommodation once a year to holiday in Queensland.

The photo adjacent is of a property I would like to purchase on Wamuran Mountain, near Mount Mee North of Brisbane, to use for the purpose of establishing this Health, Fitness, Education & Treatment Retreat. This is a photo of the lower level of the Mt. Wamuran property and this photo was taken from where I would be looking at building the reception/seminar room, therapy rooms, lecture room & gymnasium.

Any Person Wishing To Contribute To This Project PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.

wamuran mountain

All teachings that will be used at B.A 10 Treatment Clinics were founded on Dr. James Parkinson’s 200 year old book, as well as 10 groups of
health & mental harmony scripture from the bible.

Specialized B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner Training.

Teaching existing practitioners how to give advice on family harmony, confidence, personal development and goal-setting, & how these traits improve sleep, hormonal release patterns and autoimmune efficiency. Offering advanced education for already qualified chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, physical therapists, & personal trainers, based on medical journal research, studies on endocrinology, & a new way to perform chiropractic adjustments & nerve massage, specifically for overcoming tremors & rigidity autoimmune disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Teaching practitioners how to recognize skeletal faults in X-rays, that cause PD-MS-respiratory type symptoms, & to work in conjunction with chiropractors to give complementary therapies. This training will include new assessment tests that reveal, & natural treatments that overcome, CSF leak, excessive cerebrospinal fluid pressure (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) & Chiari Malformations, conditions I believe are “FAR” more prevalent than even medical specialists are aware of.

Introducing referrals to the natural health industry to bring nerve massage, chiropractic, blood flow exercise, and hormonal manipulation therapy together, to take the natural health industry to the next level of efficiency in overcoming autoimmune disorders. (Chiropractors & specially trained B.A.10 Autoimmune Practitioners working side-by-side, to make the incurable, curable.)

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The video below was filmed from the area at the top of the property where the photo above, was taken.

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From a sickly epileptic teenager to a successful athlete and Guinness world record holder, Noel Batten has overcome the odds himself and has helped thousands of people beat rigidity immune disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and essential tremors with his revolutionary treatment program. Read more here.

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