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Open hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 2pm

I Plan On Establishing
A Health Education
& Treatment Retreat
In Brisbane, As A
Headquarters For
B.A.10 Rejuvenation
Clinics I Wish To
Create In The

All Teachings Used At Any
B.A.10 Treatment Clinic
Were Originally Founded
On Dr. James Parkinson’s
200 Year Old Book, & 10
Groups Of Scripture
From The Bible.

I Believe Young Adults Need To Learn The Basics Of How The Autoimmune System works & The Importance Of Exercise, A Good Diet & Not Overeating, How To Apply Their Mind To Set & Achieve Goals, How To Stay Motivated & How To Maintain Good Relationships In Career & In The Family, & How To Keep Post-marriage Romance Alive.
I believe there is not enough support offered to couples entering into marriage and that there should be courses offered to couples when they book their wedding, so as to teach them how to communicate, the importance of “Communication-through-explanation” as many couples don’t know how to explain themselves when a disagreement begins, how to forgive, and how to encourage each other to support each other’s interests even when a partner’s interest is not a popular subject with both persons. — As a part of this retreat, I wish to establish a wedding reception and even a church to take bookings for weddings and wedding receptions & also run relationship counseling & seminars on communication, mental awareness & goal planning delivered by psychologists, and seminars to teach child psychology, as well as teaching home health and inviting couples and even managers and practitioners from all B.A.10 Clinics to attend. — The world needs educated mentors, specially male mentors who can help teenage boys to understand their role as head of his family & the protector & provider for his wife & their children. — Below is a video compilation of several of the seminars I have delivered in Australia and the USA, to share some of the information I teach, based on Family Values that come from Christianity: –

(36 Minutes+)

I Wish To Establish 1 & 2 Bedroom Accommodation Huts In This Retreat For Patients Being Treated, Practitioners Attending For B.A.10 Autoimmune Training, & For Clinic Managers & Practitioners To Have Accommodation Once A Year, To Holiday In Queensland.
I will be purchasing a number of one & two bedroom accommodation cabins to place on the property I wish to purchase for this retreat, so as to have accommodation for persons attending the retreat, for treatment, training & educational workshops open to the general public, & for annual holiday accommodation for all personal working at any B.A.10 Rejuvenation Clinic anywhere in the world. (I want all managers, B.A.10 Practitioners & staff at each of the B.A.10 Rejuvenation Clinics to have annual holiday access to at least one of these cabins, all year round, & for them to also have accommodation whenever they wish to attend any of the educational seminars & workshops I plan on making available, all year round.) — (In particular, I wish to cater for the advance education of young people as this is where the future of civilization lies, & right now, in my opinion civilization is not doing so well.)

I Believe Youth Should Be Given More Motivation & Support By Men & Women Of Substance & Success.
I believe our youth should be given a chance to see all the different opportunities available out there in life, by attending talks by people who started out with nothing and climbed up the ladder of success as athletes, as business people, as entertainers and even as creators of families.

Here is one photo of one of the properties I would like to purchase on Wamuran Mountain, near Mount Mee North of Brisbane, to use for the purpose of establishing this health Treatment & Education Retreat. — This is a photo of the lower level of the Mt. Wamuran property and this photo was taken from where I would be looking at building the reception/seminar room, therapy rooms, lecture room & gymnasium: –

The video below was filmed from the area at the top of the property where the photo above, was taken.


I Am Looking For An Investor To Establish Fitness, Stress-management, Autoimmune Treatment & Follow-up Assessment Clinics throughout The USA & AU. Many Millions Of People Are In Need Of These Services As Well As A Stress-management & Autoimmune Education Program For The General Public.

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