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AU 0413 317 789 / USA 845 701 6817
Open hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 2pm

I Have An Ambition
To Establish A Health,
Relaxation and Family
Education Retreat.

200 Year Old Book
Solves The Mystery Of
Parkinson’s Disease

I Believe Couples Should Be Offered A Marriage Education Course When They Book Their Wedding
I believe there is not enough support offered to couples entering into marriage and that there should be courses offered to couples when they book their wedding, to teach them how to communicate, how to forgive, and how to encourage each other even when a partner’s interest is not a popular subject with both persons. — I wish to establish a wedding reception and even a church to take bookings for weddings and wedding receptions and also run relationship seminars, child psychology and home health seminars. — Below is a video compilation of several of the seminars I have delivered in Australia and the USA, to show some of the information I teach, based on Christianity: –

(36 Minutes+)

I Believe Youth Should Be Given More Motivation and Support
I believe our youth should be given a chance to see all the different opportunities available out there in life, by attending talks by people who started out with nothing and climbed up the ladder of success as athletes, as business people, as entertainers and as creators of families.

The video below is an area on the north side of Brisbane where I wish to establish my health retreat. — If you have similar views and you have a qualification of some sort, in the natural health industry and would like to be involved, I would love to hear from you.


I Am Looking For An Investor To Establish Fitness, Stress-management, Autoimmune Treatment & Follow-up Assessment Clinics throughout The USA & AU. Many Millions Of People Are In Need Of These Services As Well As A Stress-management & Autoimmune Education Program For The General Public.

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