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My Personal Guarantee
Of Improvement, Is THIS: –

Providing The Patient
Does Not Have Advanced
Spinal Degeneration &
Remains Well-focused
In Determination To
“Earn” Improvement,
I Can Stop Symptom
Progression, & Help
The Patient Improve,
Sometimes, Into
Full Remission In
Only 5 To 10 days.

It Is Easier To Overcome The Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Diabetes, Emphysema, COPD, IBS, and Several Other Rigidity Disorders, Than You Think, and The Treatment Is All Natural, and It Is Based On Scripture From The Bible.
The “ONLY” reason medical doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, and naturopaths are in the dark when it comes to being able to explain the causes of the symptoms of “Rigidity” disorders to patients, and cannot give “ANY” guarantee of helping Rigidity patients to reduce their symptoms, is because their accreditation training is so far off-track, their only option is to constantly inform patients that what they have, is incurable. — This is the “ONLY” way they can get themselves off the hook from admitting their ignorance, and, their inability to give “ANY” sort of guarantee or support, while they turn their back on these patients and leave them to suffer in silence.


Let’s face it, “when it comes to” the  22 Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders that my B.A.10 Reversal Treatment Program has been successful in overcoming, our health system, medical and natural, is absolutely shot to pieces, pathetically useless, an incredible insult to health practices common-sense, and an absolute shocking waste of time. — It offers “NOTHING” in the way of: “alleviation of suffering with a chance to regain normal health“, for these millions of suffering patients, and leaves them out in the cold, having to search in the dark, for their own solutions, while having to ask assistance from heretic-minded people who are completely blinded by the ridiculous delusion that if a person has a medical degree, “EVERYTHING” they say should never be questioned, and should always be considered gospel.

When it comes to “Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders” our health system is so pathetic, that some Government Health Leaders are busy teaching doctors to go out into the world and tell all newly diagnosed Parkinson patients, that the cause of Parkinson’s disease is atrophy of the dopamine-producing cells of the substantia nigra in the brain, whilst other Government Health Leaders are teaching doctors to tell patients that the cause of Parkinson’s disease is unknown, whilst at the same time, both these divisions are put to absolute shame with autopsy results documented by Dr. James Parkinson who found the true cause of Parkinson symptoms, way back in the early 18oo’s, which are accompanied by modern-day medical journals that explain the same causes, which, is reinforced further, by the fact that there are no actual medical tests that give “ANY” degree of proof whatsoever, that Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis, even exist as diseases. — If you don’t believe me, log on to a variety of Government-based Health Department websites and see for yourself, and read my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Don’t Actually Exist” and read the quotes from Dr. Parkinson’s 1817 book, via this link: –

Dr Parkinson’s 200 Year Old Book INTRO

Here is the cover of my eBook which is available in “Shop”: –

Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Don't Actually Exist eBook-56

Loss Of Focus-ability May Prevent Me From Achieving “QUICK” Success.
One of the reasons I have not been able to help Parkinson and MS patients reach remission in a matter of 5 to 10 days, is if they have lost their ability to focus mentally, or they have developed a deep-seeded lack of desire to put in any effort to regain their health. — Sometimes this includes an unrealized attitude of self-sabotage.

Advanced Spinal Scoliosis Also “SOMETIMES” Prevents Me From Achieving “QUICK” Success With Certain Patients.
Here is a spinal photo below, of Parkinson patient “Michael” who I treated for 7 days, who only experienced around 10% to 15% symptom reduction over that time, simply because reversing “HIS” advanced scoliosis, was very difficult. — Due to the fact that his scoliosis took many years to create, it may never be possible to reverse it, or if it is possible, it may take many years. — He will not know until he has worked on achieving a reversal, for several months, and the indicator will be if he feels his symptoms reducing.

Keep in mind, there are steps that can be taken to reverse a scoliosis such as this, but it would take dedication, focus and constant persistence on the patient’s part, over a considerable time: –

Here Is Another Patient Who Had Developed A Severe Spinal Scoliosis Who I “WAS” Able To Help Experience A Degree Of “QUICK” Significant Success.
This spinal scoliosis of “Nancy” is perhaps just as advanced as seen in the photo of Michael above, however, Nancy “DID” experience good improvement, so in the case of advanced spinal scoliosis, it is often difficult to tell if improvement can be encouraged quickly, or not. — Whilst Nancy experienced far more improvement than Michael in the above photo (Nancy’s success video can be seen at the end of the video below), I advised her to keep following my “What To Do At Home After Treatment“, list, for at least 2 years, so that her spine would continue getting the corrective encouragement needed, to completely rectify her scoliosis: –

Nancy was the host of my Group Treatment Workshop held in Oregon in the USA, and her testimony is at the end of this video taken of those sessions: –

(20 Minutes +)


These Rigidity Disorders
Are “ONLY” Incurable, If
You Rely On Doctors &
Neurologists, To Try
To Cure Them.

Head-forward Posture and Cervical Disc Degeneration “DID” Prevent Me From Achieving “QUICK” Success For A Parkinson Patient I Treated In London.
Here is an X-ray of a Parkinson patient I treated in London, who I could not help to experience any quick significant symptom reduction, due to the severe head-forward posture he had, and he could not seem to correct this problem through his own focus-ability and persistence. — I often tried to explain what he had to do, and he simply could not follow my instructions due to a lack of self-discipline, “AND” what he explained, as “a fuzzy sensation, or fogginess, in his brain”.

Compare his head-forward position shown by the red dotted line in the photo below, with where his head and cervical spine “SHOULD BE” according to the yellow dotted line, and imagine how the same angled bend and kink, in a garden hose, would suppress the flow of water, the same as this patients bend and kink in his spinal cord, is suppressing nerve signals going down to his legs, to cause his walking problems.

All Forms Of Advanced Bad Posture May Prevent Me From Achieving “QUICK” Success.
Here is another Parkinson patient spine that was inflicted by a severe “forward-hunch” bad posture that took several years to create, and in my opinion, it was the main reason he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, an autoimmune disorder he should never been labeled with. — I told this patient if he were to correct his bad posture fully (which I estimated would take around 8 to 12 weeks, with a constant focus and persistence), and he maintained that good posture at all times, while following the additional self-help advice I outlined in his “What To Do At Home After Treatment” list, he would reach remission in around 8 to 12 weeks: –

(4 Minutes +)

Whilst my B.A.10 Treatment Reversal Program, has helped many Parkinson and MS patients, as well as several patients diagnosed with a number of other Rigidity Autoimmune disorders, into remission in only 5 to 10 days, if a patient comes to me and does not achieve this quick significant success, it does not mean they are doomed, or that my treatment does not work. — It only means that they have abnormalities within their causal recipe, that will take longer than 5 to 10 days to correct.

A Severe Spinal Curve and C1 Hyper-mobility Are My Most Difficult Causal Problems.
The 2 most common causal abnormalities that I have come across that prevent remission being reached within 5 to 10 days, are, a severe spinal curvature, and or, a hyper-mobile Atlas (C1 vertebra), meaning a C1 vertebra that repeatedly comes back out of alignment soon after a chiropractor realigns it, which is very often, within 5 or 10 minutes. — This C1 hyper-mobility, is “THE” most common causal problem that prevents patients of any of the 22 Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders I have achieved success in treating, in reaching and holding remission. — It took me many years of experimenting and searching for the reason for this repeated “very mysterious” symptom-supporting phenomenon and I explain it in-depth, in my eBook and DVD: “The 5 Treatment Secrets” which is only available to selected practitioners: –

This video I made while I was treating a patient in Canada, is a video that I believe “EVERYONE” who has anything to do with Parkinson’s disease, should watch, before reading the quotes I have from Dr. James Parkinson’s autopsy reports and before researching all the medical journals I supply in my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease The Greatest Medical Blunder” and on my website: –

(25 Minutes +)

Please remember, all 10 steps of my B.A.10 Treatment Program are based on 10 groups of scripture from the King James Bible. — If you would like to read more, please L/C this link.

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