Noel’s Promotions and Fundraising

Noel’s Promotions Fundraising and Seminars

Quite early in my career as a fitness instructor, I decided to start delivering motivation seminars to youth, to inspire them to set goals to develop their full potential. Within several seminars that I delivered for a company called “Drug Arm” whose staff help children affected by drugs, I delivered a motivation seminar at “Tuchekoi Outdoor Youth Centre” and within a number of such activities, I performed a fitness feat of carrying a 50 pound rock 2 miles up Buderim Mountain on the Sunshine Coast. I absolutely love motivating youth, as well as elderly people, and to this day, I am still hoping to plan many more feats of fitness, which I am sure is why I never seem to run out of energy.

You “MUST” Formulate A Good Vision For Your Future and Remain Fully Focused On It At All Times: (Proverbs 29:18) “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, essential tremors, or a respiratory disorder that causes any degree of muscular rigidity, or you experience bladder incontinence, fatigue, swollen ankles, numbness, tingling, dizziness or loss of balance, problems with vision, sense of smell or hearing, the treatment ideals I explain in my products and that I use to treat patients on my Five-day Personal Treatment Program, can most definitely help you.

I grew up on the motivating teachings of Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale and Zig Ziglar, but these days you have the teachings of Anthony Robbins to motivate you and all 4 of these famous speakers agree that “your future”, relies “on your focus, determination and attitude”.

DO NOT LISTEN to any negativity or doom-and-gloom spoken to deter you from trying to succeed, and don’t hesitate to step forward and reprimand “anybody” who tries to de-motivate you and stop you from expecting to find your path to victory.

My messages of truly believing in yourself, striving to succeed with full expectation of success, and always ignoring all negativity, are three essential steps that many motivation speakers promote. When I promoted these message at a Brisbane Boys Grammar College motivation seminar I delivered, I enjoyed a standing ovation at the end. Whenever people are doing things that are good for all concerned, they want AND NEED to be “encouraged” not “discouraged”: –

Below are several promotional pamphlets distributed to attract people to attend my seminars, workshops and talks. The first was sponsored by Elite Fitness Gym Equipment sales: –

This second is for one of five seminars I delivered, and educational workshops I managed at the Paradisio Health Food Shop facility at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland: –

This next seminar on Stress, was exceptionally well received: –

As was this seminar on nutrition and how sodium based foods and potassium based foods combined, help to create the energy of the nervous system: –

Know someone struggling with Rigidity Disorder Symptoms?

Hi, I’m Noel Batten. I’m determined to help you overcome your symptoms!

About Noel Batten

From a sickly epileptic teenager to a successful athlete and Guinness world record holder, Noel Batten has overcome the odds himself and has helped thousands of people beat rigidity immune disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and essential tremors with his revolutionary treatment program. Read more here.

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