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 Noel’s Personal Story

Founder Of The Australian Association Of Natural Practitioners
Noel is a natural therapy graduate of Hepburn’s College Of Natural Medicine in Brisbane and an ex-autoimmune patient who overcame several autoimmune disorders in his teenage years, to become a nationally successful weightlifter and fitness promoter. Since his personal health victory, he has taken a great interest in teaching about autoimmune disorders to other therapists. He founded an organization called The Australian Association Of Natural Practitioners (AANP) to promote the unique assessment and treatment ideals that have enabled him to achieve the success you can see in his “before” and “after” videos.

From A Sickly Teenager
To A Nationally Successful
Athlete In 8 Years

Noel’s Story In His Own Words
Several months after experiencing neck problems at age 13, which suppressed my breathing and provoked an intolerance to several foods, and allergies to bananas, animal hair, kapok and pollen, I suffering a major epileptic seizure which put me into a brief coma, I was told by a leading neurologists, I would never live a normal life again and must avoid all items I had an adverse reaction to, and take the drugs he prescribed, for the rest of my life, to minimize my seizures. — Lucky for me however, Dutch weightlifter and stress consultant Rudy Droste, taught me how to prove all that wrong and in the process, he helped me regain my health and become a nationally successfully athlete.

I was told that my seizures were caused by something going wrong in my brain, and that medical experts were not quite sure what the problem was, and “that”, is much the same reasoning told to most patients diagnosed with epilepsy, autism, Parkinson’s and MS, to this day. — Medical experts claim Parkinson’s disease in particular, “may” be caused by an inadequate quantity of the hormone dopamine available in the body but as you will read on this website from autopsy information documented by Dr. James Parkinson himself, way back in 1817, this is not so.

If you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, essential tremors, or a respiratory disorder that causes any degree of muscular rigidity, or you experience bladder incontinence, fatigue, swollen ankles, numbness, tingling, dizziness or loss of balance, problems with vision, sense of smell or hearing, the treatment ideals I explain in my products and that I use to treat patients on my Five-day Personal Treatment Program, can most definitely help you. — I grew up on the motivating teachings of Dale Carnegie followed by that of Zig Ziglar, but these days you have the teachings of Anthony Robbins to motivate you and all three of these famous speakers agree that “your” future, relies on your focus and your attitude. — DO NOT LISTEN to any negativity or doom-and-gloom and reprimand “anybody” who tries to de-motivate you and stop you from expecting to find your path to victory.

If You Were Diagnosed With
An Autoimmune Disorder, Apply
My Personal Story To Your Life,
Because Your Recovery
Begins With YOU!

A Natural-based Medical Doctor and A Dutch Weightlifter, Saved My Life
In 1961 after I came out of my coma, the doctors and neurologist who treated me at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, told me a whole lot of doom-and-gloom, and as a result, I never expected to live anything like, a normal life again. Due to the guidance of my family doctor however, Dr Elliott, who was a devout Christian and into the “natural” approach, as well as the motivating encouragement of an amazing Dutch weightlifter, Rudy Droste, my life improved beyond all expectation. — Due to what Dr Elliott and Rudy taught me, I not only regained my health and my life, I also became a successful athlete and learned how to really enjoy my life.

By Improving Our
Breathing, We Improve
Every Other Function

Encouragements By Dr. Elliott and Rudy Caused Me To Read Books On The Mind, Body, Breathing and Oxygen, Which Gave Me A Great Understanding Of Natural Health Issues
Due to never wanting my symptoms from those days to return, I have kept following the lifestyle habits that these two people taught me, ever since. —
In those days, instead of studying from school books, I was studying books on the brain, the immune system, autoimmune disorders and respiratory factors involved in autoimmune disorders, for my own survival. — The respiratory problems I experienced in those days compelled me to continue doing breathing exercises throughout my life and I soon discovered, by improving lung efficiency, we can improve every function in our mind and body. — I started with blowing party balloons up as a lung exercise, and eventually progressed to blowing hot water bottles up, and then went on further, to blowing a meteorological weather balloon up to earn an entry in the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Below is a video of my blowing a hot water bottle up, for the son of one of my clients, an MS patient I treated in Canada: Sherry Carson. — (You can watch Sherry’s success video on my MS Pack website.)

(3 Minutes 30 Seconds)

Due To Rudy’s Coaching I Gained An Entry In The Guinness Book Of Records At Age 31

Rudy pushed me so much in training that I eventually developed so much lung strength that I went on a television telethon to raise money for the Mater Children’s Hospital, blowing up a meteorological weather balloon to a diameter of eight feet. — I blew full breaths into the balloon non-stop for an hour at a time for six hours, with a ten minute break every hour, which I believe proved that any bronchial difficulties I had were now, nothing more than history. — In fact, this feat became history as it was entered into the 1981 edition of the Guinness Book Of World Records. — If you have asthma, bronchitis, emphysema or sarcoidosis, you too may overcome your disorder completely by following the ideals I write about in my eBook “Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema and sarcoidosis”. — Believe me, I am not all that clever and I am no different from the average human being so if I can do it, you can too. — Below is an article that appeared in People Magazine just before I accomplished this lung fitness feat and next to it is the cover of my eBook on how to stretch your rib cage to increase lung capacity, and how to improve your lung strength, for improving health and athletic efficiency. This eBook is available from this website on my “Review All Products” page.

This mental and physical exercising approach, lead me to a complete recovery and due to my continued training, I eventually developed enough lung strength to blow a hot water bottle up, until it burst, a feat that I can still do to this day, at 67 years of age. — Whatever you may be going through at any point in time, “always” be willing to work to maintain good health and see the world as a beautiful place no matter how much difficulty you have had to endure.

My personal victory offers the same success message that comes from the famous story about the Ruby Red Slippers in The Wizard Of Oz. — In most cases in life, with the right determination and focus, we can create miracles in our lives. — I teach my clients and people who attend my seminars these personal and spiritual ideals from my two eBooks below “14 Steps To The Fountain Of Youth” and “True Happiness Relies On The Trinity Within” which are available from this website.

Your Faith In God and Prayer Can Also Help You Regain Your Health and Well-being
Medical research has proven that regularly relying on prayer can give a patient a sense of faith and hope, which in turn, causes a reduction in the level of stress hormones “cortisol” (causes weakness and atrophy of muscles by using up protein from muscle cells), and “noradrenaline” (causes excess muscle stiffness), being released into the system, which enables improved muscle flexibility and strength, digestion, absorption, breathing and sleep, and this in turn, allows the body’s own innate healing to flourish. — (One medical journal that details this research is: –
(Annals of New York Academy of Sciences Volume 164 1969 P515)

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