My Background

About Noel Batten

Noel Batten is a world renowned Guinness World Record holder, who is on a mission to show the world how self belief, determination, and balancing both sides of the body, can help you achieve great healing success.

The Start

From Sickness to World Records

From a sickly teenager with epilepsy & respiratory problems, to a nationally successful athlete and Guinness World Records holder for lung strength, in just 18 years, simply by mentally talking himself into believing he could beat epilepsy & respiratory disarray, to become a champion. With visualisation, self-belief & determination, you too can achieve miracles. I truly believe that healing is a joint venture between practitioner and patient, which is why all my natural healing method has helped cure symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Essential Tremors in just days.

We are all human. We all have our faults and misfortunes. Succumbing to life's inconveniences wreaks havoc on the mind, body and spirit. Illness feeds off negativity. But if you can think positively, put in the effort, stay focused, and have faith, you can become a healthier, superhuman version of yourself. Self-belief becomes your superpower.

My Story

Where it all began, this is my story.

My story began many years ago at the young age of 10. I began experiencing horrible stomach and neck cramps, respiratory issues, allergies to just about everything and ongoing stress that developed into an anxiety disorder. 

At age 13 – Where it all started

I started getting headaches in my right, Prefrontal Cortex, which led to a Grand Mal Seizure that put me into a coma for two days. During these two days, my instincts sharpened and I felt a great sense of “knowing”. I began to question certain beliefs and recovered differently to other children my age who also endured this type of seizure. It wasn’t until later in life that I discovered how extreme emotional stress affecting one side of the brain can cause epilepsy. During my time in hospital, doctors regularly checked my muscular system to see if there were any significant differences between both sides of my body. A practice that is now considered outdated and useless by medical doctors and even some naturopaths. This is why my method is considered controversial.

At age 14 – Where I started learning

I read a book on how oxygen affects the brain, which prompted me to start blowing up party balloons to try and alleviate the respiratory, stomach and allergy symptoms that I was experiencing, and it worked. I also started doing weight training under the guidance of experienced weightlifter, and stress management advisor, Rudy Droste, who was an excellent motivator. He also taught me to relax, visualise, and to use my mind to focus on different areas of my body to send healing powers to these specific parts.

The Power of Positive Thinking

A favourite personal development book of mine, is “The Power Of Positive Thinking” by the Christian author: Normal Vincent Peale. It was published back in 1953. Few of these ideals can be learned at any college and they are “VERY” necessary if a person wants to remain positive and overcome depression, fatigue and autoimmune disease.

After only 4 weeks of doing blood-flow exercises with Rudy, my allergies and epileptic feelings stopped, never to return, even to this day, 60+ years later: My feeling of well-being was so great, I was able to substitute my pharmaceuticals with a special self-help procedure using my mind and doing blood flow exercises in a specific way, and I was also able to stop taking medication for the allergies I experienced, as they also faded away.

power of positive thinking book

At age 17 – Gym Instructor Assistant

I began working as a gym instructor’s assistant, under the supervision of international bodybuilder and motivational speaker, Paul Newington, who reaffirmed all the diet and exercise principles that Rudy had taught me. Paul told me how important it is to instruct someone on ‘balanced, even movements’ so that muscles on the left side of the spine develop identical to the muscles on the right. Any imbalances can cause a hopeful, competing bodybuilder to lose. This was priceless advice and in my studies as a natural therapist, I learned how such imbalances can trigger the development of symptoms associated with Parkinsons, MS, Diabetes, COPD, and other diseases.

Highlights of my 20's

I established my own gymnasium with purpose-built equipment. With great enthusiasm, I established a large exercise room under my house and began teaching weight loss and fitness exercises while monitoring heart rate and conducting heart recovery tests.

I began studying more advanced nutrition and weight loss principles and learned the vast importance of magnesium, calcium, a good night’s sleep, vitamin E, muscle growth (which helped me with my bodybuilding and strength training), and hot flush management (taught by many therapists and nutritionists).

One of my most valued books is The Versatile Vitamin, Vitamin E, by Lady Dr. Cilento (M.B.B.S), who travelled to Germany, Singapore, Great Britain and North America to interview medical doctors and veterinarians about their success stories relating to vitamin E, hot flush, heart disease and blood clot management.

In my mid 20’s I unofficially broke a world Middleweight Bench Press record. At a body weight of 154 pounds (70 kilograms), with Owen Norris (President of The Bodybuilding Association of Queensland) watching on, I performed a 312 and-a-half pounds bench press.

In my late 20’s I purchased a commercial property and established a public fitness and natural therapy centre in Bald Hills. After several years, I added relaxation and personal development services to that business over a five year period.

Becoming an educator, motivator and promotor for natural health and fitness.

Many people who have been told they have a symptom or disorder that is considered incurable, have achieved victory over such disappointing circumstances, by following my self-motivating principals, blood cleansing diet, blood flow exercises, 5 steps for correcting spinal scoliosis and much more:

During Those Years I Was Interviewed By Several Television Hosts About My Victory Over Autoimmune Diseases and Rise To Athletic Success: As I had put a lot of effort into exercising my lungs to overcome bronchitis, I started blowing up hot water bottles and doing seminars on the benefits of lung efficiency for relaxation, stress management and improved health in mature age.

This led to me being invited to appear on a number of television shows such as “The Annette Allison Show”, The John Crook Show” The Michael Willesee Show, and “Sportscene”, to tell my story and promote natural health. (I offer my sincere condolences to the Willesee family after the passing of Michael Willesee in March 2019. He was a very unique and extremely amazing man who was a natural motivator and promoter of excellence.)

Highlights of my 30's

During my 30’s I Was Interviewed By Several Television Hosts About My Victory Over Autoimmune Diseases and Rise To Athletic Success: As I had put a lot of effort into exercising my lungs to overcome bronchitis, I started blowing up hot water bottles and doing seminars on the benefits of lung efficiency for relaxation, stress management and improved health in mature age.

Soon after performing this feat of fitness on television, I established Brisbane’s very first fitness and bodybuilding instructor’s certification course, due to the fact that there were no fitness instructor’s courses or gym instructor’s certification training courses yet available in Queensland.

In my mid 30’s I decided to attend a hospice care course at this very prominent cancer and HIV hospital in Brisbane. I badly wanted to learn about the medical approach to cancer, and, to spend time at the Royal Brisbane hospital medical library and the Queensland University medical libraries to research the causes of a variety of autoimmune disorders.

Mr Guymer, who owned the White City Sport Centre in Northgate, Brisbane, was advised to call on me to help lift his business as it was losing money at a fast rate. I immediately stepped in and introduced assessments and offered stress management advice, while explaining the psychosomatic aspect of various illnesses to people suffering autoimmune disorders. After this success I was called on to do the same thing for Mr Yung Ku Yun, a Korean Tae Kwan Do champion who owned “The Masters Sport Centre” in Albion, Brisbane.

I Purchased An Acreage Property To Re-establish My Business.

By this stage, I needed to relocate so I purchased an acreage property at Mango Hill in Brisbane, to establish a fitness centre with a difference. Once I got settled I built a soft surface jogging track, using sawdust to prevent impact on the knee and hip joints, and an abseiling tower so as to include abseiling in a confidence course that I wanted to establish.

I Began By Converting A Farm Shed Into Batten’s Gym.
When I purchased this property, all I had to start with was an old tractor shed, a small cottage and a run down fruit packing shed down the back of the property out of sight, which became my workshop. — As the tractor shed was far too close to the road for me to build a better building on the front of it, for additional floor space and for appearances sake, I decided to shift it. Below is a photo of that original tractor shed. Notice the position of the electricity pole at the back of it

Highlights of my 40's

After studying various medical journals on cancer, researching the role of the hormone “cortisol” in causing cancer, attending the hospice care course at Mt Olivet Hospital, learning about the healing power of a carotene-based blood cleansing diet and learning the anti-cancer properties of green barley and fish oil, and the benefits of enemas, I felt confident I understood enough to open a natural treatment clinic for cancer.

My first client was Mrs Quita Davis from Burpengary Brisbane and after teaching her to develop peace of mind, learn relaxation and meditation principals and putting her on blood flow exercises and a blood cleansing diet that included caffeine enemas (recommended by Dr. Max Gerson MD, and Paavo Airola ND,) Quita went into remission. (I am still to this day, November 2019, friends with Quita’s son who recently told me, his mother is still healthy & doing well.)

Before starting her treatment I had to converse with her medical doctor who wanted to know my treatment approach before Quita began. After Quita reached remission in only two weeks, her doctor phoned me to ask details about the blood cleansing diet I used, which came from Dr. Max Gerson’s book “50 Case Histories Of Cancer Cured”. To the right is an article compiled by the local Quest Newspaper which reported Quita’s victory and promoted my natural therapy services to others.

After Medical Doctors Had Given Up On Him, Because He Did Not Respond To Any Of Their Treatments: In 1994, I discovered a herbal mix that when combined with ozone therapy (a therapy I learned from the book “Oxygen Therapies” by Ed McCabe) and 3 other specific natural treatments, were capable of overcoming bladder infections and chlamydia in only a matter of days. As a result of this success, I decided to advertise for a HIV volunteer and Mr Phillip Radcliffe responded and attended my 14 day treatment program. He finally reached remission after 16 days.

After achieving success with my first cancer patient and my first HIV patient, I sold my Sport’s Adventure Centre and set up a natural therapy office in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, to specialize in treating rigidity autoimmune patients. — Over the years I could see a great need for therapists in the natural health industry learning about “Body Balancing Techniques” for overcoming rigidity autoimmune disorders, particularly Parkinson’s disease and MS.

I soon became aware that there was absolutely “NOTHING CURETIVELY SIGNIFICANT” taught in chiropractic colleges or natural therapy colleges about what causes these disorders and how to overcome them “naturally” and there are millions of patients suffering badly, with nowhere for them to go for help. — To this day, this is still the case. – Everybody has just seemed to learn to ignore these patients and leave them to their own fate.

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