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Read Noel's story & see how self-belief, determination & balancing both sides of the body, can enable you to achieve great healing success.

From a sickly teenager with epilepsy & respiratory problems, to a nationally successful athlete and Guinness World Records holder for lung strength, in just 18 years, simply by mentally talking himself into believing he could beat epilepsy & respiratory disarray, to become a champion. - With visualisation, self-belief & determination, you too can achieve miracles.

Noel's Message To All.
The main message I offer to people reading this page, is that, “I am nobody special“ but I always like to believe, I "CAN" be, if I stay focused on the prize. - So many people wrongly assume they are "a failure", simply because they keep focusing on a weakness, rather than focusing
on a positive, they can replace that weakness with. Many love

relationships are ruined by a person focusing on the
negative traits of a loved-one, instead of cherishing
their positive character traits.

multiple sclerosis cure
There Is Great Power In Self-belief, No Matter What The Goal.

Providing you maintain a full-focus and you remain determined, you too can achieve whatever you want to achieve, but it will be far easier during the difficult times, if you have chosen to do what you feel in your spirit, comes naturally. Oprah Winfrey once said, QUOTE: “God owns all the love and all the money, so if you want some, get in good with Him”. UNQUOTE.

The success you will learn about on this page, came about because I chose to do what I “Really” love doing, which comes to me naturally, (hence feels like it is my destiny), I always remained determined and always held my positive focus through all stressful circumstances, negativity or adversity.

I have also experienced terrible depression on 3 occasions, once at a very young age, and I guess that is partly why I now have helpful knowledge to pass on to others, about depression and depression-provoked illnesses like cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, MS & chronic fatigue etc. – There is nothing as educational as first-hand experience.

Even in the Bible it tells us, never to spread negativity as it can destroy people. (Ephesians 4:29) “Never spread doom-and-gloom and hopelessness”.

Christopher Columbus’ Story Is A Good Example Of Extreme Negativity. Christopher Columbus was told by kings and noblemen, he was a fool to think the world was round, yet when he worked on ships as a cabin boy he would have regularly been sent up the mast to repair the rigging and would have seen the curve in the earth as he looked at the ocean’s horizon.

Any time you are against seemingly impossible odds and you think you can never win, DO NOT LISTEN TO NEGATIVITY. What you need to do is to watch motivation videos. (I highly recommend the TV show: “It’s A Miracle”.) – There are “MANY” motivation videos & books like “Why Die” by Percy Cerutty who overcame illness against all odds, or, “You Are The Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza DC, who was run over by a motor vehicle, which broke his spine in several places yet he refused surgery opting to go home and use his mind to heal his spine, and that is exactly what he did. – Now to me, that right there is somebody who is very special.

All Health functions rely on The Left Side Of The Body Being "Balanced" With The Right, Yet Present-day Practitioners (naturopathic & medical), Call This Outdated, Or, They don't Even know of It. - I've even been critised by other practitioners for using this ancient Ayurvedic principal, Even though it has helped me get immobilised patients walking again, in just 4 days.

This Is My Story

At Age 10 My First Health Problems Began.
 I developed stomach and neck cramps on the right side of my body, which provoked respiratory difficulties and allergies to foods, plants and animals. These problems became worse due to the arguments I heard between my parents. There were times when just hearing my father’s truck coming home, from several streets away, caused me to develop anxiety, which followed soon after, with stomach cramps at the junction of my ascending & transverse colon.

At Age 13, I Began Experiencing Headaches In The Area Of My Right Prefrontal Cortex, Which Lead To A Grand Mel Epileptic Seizure That Put Me Into A Coma For 2 Days, & I Believe, God Taught Me Several Health Ideals, During Those 2 Days, Because Afterwards, I Understood Things I Didn’t Understand Before.
After I suffered this seizure & went into a coma for 2 days, when I awoke, interestingly, my Instinct had improved and I understood things that I had not previously known. – It took me quite a while to realise that the sharpened instinct I developed from my seizure, and my sense of “knowing”, were very different than what other kids experienced. – These improvements often prompted me to be on guard, in certain situations, and to question certain beliefs that caused my instinct to give me an uneasy feeling, and they were always helpful. – What I learned from all this, was that two of my family doctors (Dr. Charles Dines & Dr. Charles Eliott), were constantly checking my muscular system to see if I had any significant differences between both sides of my body, a concept that our MD’s, and even our modern-day naturopaths consider an outdated diagnostic principal, now considered useless. – This is why my treatment of Parkinson’s disease, MS, Diabetes and several other rigidity disorders, is considered by some medical “and natural practitioners”, as archiac and useless, even though it often helps patients into remission, in only days, without the patients needing medications or supplements “AT ALL”.

Several Years Later.

At Age 14
While studying for school exams, I also felt compelled to read books on the effect of oxygen on the brain, how to develop motivation and use visualization, to help myself, which were subjects my family doctor, Dr. Charles Elliott mentioned. Dr. Elliott actually gave me a book on how oxygen affects the brain, which was what prompted me to start blowing party balloons up, to overcome by breathing problems and to help eliminate my other stomach and allergy issues, and it worked. I also started doing weight training under the supervision of a successful weightlifter, and a great stress management advisor Rudy Droste, who so easily seemed to be able to motivate me. He also taught me relaxation, visualization and how to put my mind to work to heal my body through targeting specific areas with my mind. (This is exactly the same approach used by Dr. Joe Dispenza DC, to heal his spine after being run over by a vehicle during a cycling race, breaking his pine in several places. — Doctors recommended surgery to put a steel rod in his spine but he refused and chose to use his mind to bring his spine back to normal, and he succeeded.)

With Focus & Persistence
Our mind is capable of many more things than the average person realizes. Due to learning these amazing principal at such a young age, I was soon very thankful that I became so sick, at a young age. My educational experiences have been exceptional.

The Power of Positive Thinking

A favourite personal development book of mine, is “The Power Of Positive Thinking” by the Christian author: Normal Vincent Peale. It was published back in 1953.

Few of these ideals can be learned at any college and they are “VERY” necessary if a person wants to remain positive and overcome depression, fatigue and autoimmune disease.

After only 4 weeks of doing blood-flow exercises with Rudy, my allergies and epileptic feelings stopped, never to return, even to this day, 60+ years later: My feeling of well-being was so great, I was able to substitute my pharmaceuticals with a special self-help procedure using my mind and doing blood flow exercises in a specific way, and I was also able to stop taking medication for the allergies I experienced, as they also faded away. (What you have just read, is a simplified version of the focus, drive and determination I had to apply, to succeed, while the doctors at the hospital I attended, kept telling me I would never live a normal life again.)

I am now teaching this same knowledge to other people going through difficult times in life, and in health, after suffering family disharmony, divorce or a serious loss, or being medically diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disorder.

At Age 17 I Began Working As A Gym Instructors Assistant
I gained this employment under the supervision of an international bodybuilder and motivation speaker Mr Paul Newington (Runnerup to Mr Universe in 1952), who had a tremendous positive impact on my future and my success as an athlete. – He reaffirmed all the diet, exercise, anatomy and exercise principals that Rudy had started teaching me, to prepare me to be able to acquire this job. – Paul also pointed out to me, how important it was for a gym instructor to always make sure a person training in the gym does “balanced, even movements” so that muscles on the left side of the spine, develop identical to the muscles on the right side of the spine, as such imbalances can cause an otherwise winning bodybuilding contestant, to lose. – In my studies to become a natural therapist, I eventually learned that such an imbalance, can actually trigger the development of symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, MS, diabetes, COPD, and many others similar. L/C TO READ ABOUT MY BODYBUILDING CAREER AND MY ROLE AS A COMPETITION JUDGE

As I was exceptionally motivated to learn as much as I could, I also read any articles I could find on the famous Australian coach Percy Cerutty and two of his Australian pupils: Herb Elliott (first runner to break the 4 minute mile), and John Landy (second runner to break the 4 minute mile).

These 2 men became very famous athletes due to Percy Cerutty’s unique “overload training” coaching method. I related to Percy Cerutty because at age 44 he was given only 2 years to live due to serious health problems but after overcoming his health problems through exercise, visualization and a deep determination, he became one of my heroes who helped me strive for the same success.

Instead of bowing down to his diseased state, Percy Cerutty fought it tooth-and-nail and ended up writing a book titled “Why Die?” to motivate others in the same situation. Any person faced with such a terrible crisis, would do well by taking after Percy Cerutty.

I now also take great delight in teaching others how to face their worst nightmares with a full positive focus, great determination, and a deep expectation of success.

Success Requires Total Devotion To The Goal At Hand and Many People Have Great Difficulty With This

There Are 2 Secrets Of The Mind-Body Connection That Successful People Know How To Use, To Become Highly Successful and You Won’t Learn Them From Therapists.

For people like Percy Cerutty to be able to train, not one, but two athletes one after the other, to be the first two athletes to break a world record, when there were hundreds of other coaches and athletes all over the world, trying to do the same thing, he had to know these two secrets. I know this is the case because I learned these two things from Rudy Droste and Paul Newington, who were both world-beaters, in order for me to overcome epilepsy and bronchitis and continue on to become a Guinness World Record holder.

These same secrets that enabled me to beat two autoimmune disorders and set a world fitness record in blowing full breaths into a weather balloon for just over 6 hours, to blow it up to 8 feet in diameter, “without hyperventilating”, have also enabled me to help many immobilized Parkinson and MS patients walk away from their wheelchairs sometimes in a matter of days.

Ian Gawler (victory over bone cancer), Norman Cousins (victory over a collagen disease “Anatomy Of An Illness”), Ari Meisel (victory over Crohn’s disease –, Dr. Joe Dispenza DC, (victory over a broken spine “You Are The Placebo”), and many celebrities such as Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Harrison Ford, and many others who are highly successful, know how to apply these two mind-to-body success factors.

Those who try to degrade the success of these people, and some who even try to defame them, usually do so because they have no idea about these two mind body interactions or how to use their own mind to improve their character, their health and vitality, and their attitude, and to develop their full potential. Sometimes I have to sit back and chuckle at these people who judge others who succeed over enormous adversity, when they themselves have absolutely no idea how to achieve greatness.

At Age 24 I Established My Own Health, Fitness & Strenght Training Gymnasium With “Purpose-built” Equipment
With great enthusiasm, I established a large exercise room under my house and began teaching weight loss and fitness exercises while monitoring heart rate and doing heart recovery tests. At the same time, after several of my customers asked me questions I could not answer, I began studying more advanced nutrition and weight loss principals than I had already learned from Rudy and Paul Newington. This is when I learned the vast importance of magnesium and calcium in combating stress and encouraging good sleep, and vitamin E for encouraging cell healing, muscle growth (which helped me with my bodybuilding and strength training), and overcoming hot flashes a fact taught by many therapists and nutritionists.

Tocopherols In Vitamin E Keep Blood Platelet Healthy.
One of my most valued books is “The Versatile Vitamin, Vitamin E” by Lady Dr. Cilento M.B.B.S. who traveled to Germany, Singapore, Great Britain and North America to interview medical doctors and veterinarians about their success stories relating to vitamin E, hot flashes, overcoming heart disease and combating blood clotting. Lady Cilento also called vitamin E “the magic vitamin” and advocated that the tocopherols in it regulated blood platelets and worked to overcome blood clotting.

I also began taking an interest in hormonal aspects of health and how stress causes the Locus Coeruleus to release excess amounts of the muscle rigidity hormone noradrenaline. This is the hormone that causes the robotic stiffness in advanced Parkinson and MS patients, and how stress often affects the release of leptin, insulin and thyroxine to influence body weight. Apart from the medical journals that helped me with this knowledge, I discovered an amazing book titled “Life Extensions” written by two scientists: Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, which was invaluable. I think this is where my interest in Parkinson’s disease first began. (At that stage, I myself was still doing very demanding respiratory exercises to make sure my breathing problems and epileptic seizures did not return.)

At Age 26 I Unofficially Broke A World Middleweight Bench Press Record
At a body weight of 154 pounds (70 kilograms), with Owen Norris (President of The Bodybuilding Association Of Queensland) watching on, I performed a 312 and-a-half pounds bench press.

At Age 28 I Purchased A Commercial Property and Established A Public Natural Health & Fitness Centre:
I finally established a public fitness and natural therapy centre in Bald Hills and after several years, I added relaxation and personal development services to that business over a 5 year period.

Much of the relaxation and personal development ideals I used, I learned from Mr Bert Weir from ‘The Relaxation Centre” in the Fortitude Valley Brisbane. Bert was a real inspiration for many people in those days, including my mother. During these days I also started learning how to overcome autoimmune symptoms and diseases by adding other natural health principals to the relaxation ideals I taught in my natural therapy sessions.

Many people who have been told they have a symptom or disorder that is considered incurable, have achieved victory over such disappointing circumstances, by following my self-motivating principals, blood cleansing diet, blood flow exercises, 5 steps for correcting spinal scoliosis and much more: – L/C TO READ TESTIMONIES FROM MY FELLOW PRACTITIONERS AND PAST CLIENTS

My Purpose-built Gym Equipment Gave Me Great Strength Without Me Ever Being Tempted To Use Anabolic Muscle Growth Steroids.
By this time (1975) I had become one of Australia’s strongest weightlifters so in order to attract as much clientele as possible, to my now bank mortgaged business, I arranged to perform feats of fitness and strength, carry out heart recovery tests, take blood pressure readings and offer health advice, at local shopping centres and on a local Channel 7 television sporting show called “Sportscene”. One of the feats of strength I performed to youth groups and to athletes to teach them about the power of focus and persistence, for achievement, was to tie a half-inch steel bar into a knot. This photo below was taken when I performed this feat at the launch of my very first book “Athletes, Triathletes and Healthy Bodies” at the Elite Fitness Sporting Goods shop in Maroochydore managed by Mr Brendon Creighton.

During these years I became very interested in doing promotions and seminars to help motivate and educate youth, and to promote other businesses in the natural health industry. L/C to learn more about my enjoyment of promotions and youth assistance.

During Those Years I Was Interviewed By Several Television Hosts About My Victory Over Autoimmune Diseases and Rise To Athletic Success: As I had put a lot of effort into exercising my lungs to overcome bronchitis, I started blowing up hot water bottles and doing seminars on the benefits of lung efficiency for relaxation, stress management and improved health in mature age. This led to me being invited to appear on a number of television shows such as “The Annette Allison Show”, The John Crook Show” The Michael Willesee Show, and “Sportscene”, to tell my story and promote natural health. (I offer my sincere condolences to the Willesee family after the passing of Michael Willesee in March 2019. He was a very unique and extremely amazing man who was a natural motivator and promoter of excellence.)

This photo (left) was taken at the Noosa Triathlon where I gave a talk to the athletes before they began the race, on visualization, seeing themselves successful before the event, which releases extra muscular efficiency hormones so as to further encourage their success. (Mark 11:24 “believe that you have received it and it will be yours”), The influence of lung efficiency on endurance, and how lung exercises can make the difference between winning or not winning is a subject all athletes should know about.

As I was totally dedicated to overcoming every single problem I had with my lungs and with oxygen deprivation, I didn’t stop at the hot water bottle. — I soon set a goal to blow up a meteorological weather balloon to a diameter of 8 feet, which I did over 6 hours and 6 minutes, on a Children’s Hospital Appeal telethon at 31 year of age, and this event was published in the “People” magazine and accepted by the Guinness Book Of World Records and published in their 1981 book.

At age 33 I Created Brisbane’s First Fitness and Gym Instructor’s Accreditation Course
Soon after performing this feat of fitness on television, I established Brisbane’s very first fitness and bodybuilding instructor’s certification course, due to the fact that there were no fitness instructor’s courses or gym instructor’s certification training courses yet available in Queensland. I taught attendees how to take a heart recovery rate using the Harvard Step Test, and do blood pressure readings, and the difference between a fitness exercise program, a bodybuilding exercise program and a woman’s muscle toning program for women who only wanted to tone, without gaining any increased muscle size. I also invited a local ambulance attendant to run a first aid course which was, as far as I know, the very first, first aid course ever held for gym and fitness instructors in Brisbane. (The person who topped the class out of 12 attendees, was Mr Paul Kutasovic from Albany Creek.)

I was very motivated to run this course because the fitness centres and gyms that existed in those days had no officially trained instructors who knew how to take blood pressure or do a heart recovery test, and some didn’t really know how to write an exercise routine that was “safe” according to each person’s health circumstances. This lacking in the industry eventually led to Mr Bob Boyd of the Heart Beat Centre in Milton Brisbane (Human Movements graduate from Queensland University) starting a health and fitness centre owners association with myself and several other gym owners attending his first meetings to support his efforts. He also eventually started an official fitness instructor’s accreditation course, which meant, for the first time ever, the health and fitness industry in Queensland started to become organized under association leadership.

At Age 34 I Attended A Hospice Care Course At Mt Olivet Hospital To Learn The Medical Approach To Cancer and To Research Medical Journals On Cancer and Other Autoimmune Disorders.
As my mother has suffered cervical cancer in my teenage years and overcame it, and as I was taking a stronger interest in natural therapies in my 30’s, I decided to attend a hospice care course at this very prominent cancer and HIV hospital in Brisbane. I badly wanted to learn about the medical approach to cancer, and, to spend time at the Royal Brisbane hospital medical library and the Queensland University medical libraries on my weekly trips to Mt Olivet to research the causes of a variety of autoimmune disorders. As I absolutely loved research I had an endless hunger for knowledge about these subjects, and I quickly gained an enormous enjoyment of my weekly trips to Brisbane and started a collection of numerous medical journals that I still have to this day, some 30 years later.

At Age 35 I Started A Natural Therapy Cancer Program Which Brought About Many Victories Over Cancer Using Dr. Max Gerson’s Blood Cleansing Diet, Spinal Correction, Blood Flow Exercises & Meditation.
During those years, my clientele increased to such an extent, that the building was inadequate, so I added an additional building and then purchased the building next door when that one building also became insufficient. — I eventually employed 7 staff to help me run the business in it’s entirety.

At Age 35 “Mr Darryl Guymer” Hired Me To Help His Fitness Centre Turn A Profit.
Mr Guymer, who owned the White City Sport Centre in Northgate, Brisbane, was advised to call on me to help lift his business as it was losing money at a fast rate. I immediately stepped in and introduced assessments and specific exercises routines designed to help clients gain the personal fitness or muscle toning results they were trying to achieve. I wrote diets for people trying to lose weight and monitored their blood pressure and heart recovery rate, so they had a way of seeing if their efforts were actually gaining results. For people with health problems I recommended the herbs and vitamins that I knew would help, and I offered stress management advice, while explaining the psychosomatic aspect of various illnesses to people suffering autoimmune disorders. Many golfers were attending due to there being a golf course very close so I designed a special golfers training program and advertised it as such, and in no time at all, clientele increased dramatically. L/C TO READ MR GUYMER’S COMMENTS ON OUR TIME WORKING TOGETHER

After this success I was called on to do the same thing for Mr Yung Ku Yun, a Korean Tae Kwan Do champion who owned “The Masters Sport Centre” in Albion, Brisbane, after he too, fell victim to poor management due to instructors not having the knowledge to carry out health tests and write exercise routines that actually helped patrons achieve the results they wanted. (During these times, I was deeply indebted to Rudy Droste and Paul Newington for teaching me all this invaluable information.) 

At age 36 I Purchased An Acreage Property To Re-establish My Business.
 By this stage, I needed to relocate so I purchased an acreage property at Mango Hill in Brisbane, to establish a fitness centre with a difference. Once I got settled I built a soft surface jogging track, using sawdust to prevent impact on the knee and hip joints, and an abseiling tower so as to include abseiling in a confidence course that I wanted to establish.

I Began By Converting A Farm Shed Into Batten’s Gym.
When I purchased this property, all I had to start with was an old tractor shed, a small cottage and a run down fruit packing shed down the back of the property out of sight, which became my workshop. — As the tractor shed was far too close to the road for me to build a better building on the front of it, for additional floor space and for appearances sake, I decided to shift it. Below is a photo of that original tractor shed. Notice the position of the electricity pole at the back of it

First I had to shift the shed sideways, to move it around the electricity pole and fortunately I had many helpers to assist me, as we used a number of levers to slide it in that direction. To prepare the shed so it would not collapse during the shift, I had two friends Blain Stafford and Herb Reid, help me to weld several strengthening braces across the inside and then cut the 12 support poles off at ground level to put little steel ski feet on each of those poles, to make the shift possible. After finding it very difficult to slide the shed sideways with levers ourselves, I decided to hire a 12 tonne truck to pull the shed holus-bolus, backwards into it’s final position, which allowed me to build a brick building on the front. Photo #2 of the shed after the shift sideways and backwards, was completed.

This next photo, shows the 6 inch wide planks on the ground that we placed the shed on, to enable us to slide it in order to make room to build a brick building on the front, for additional floor space and to improve appearances. Notice where the electricity pole is now.

Right, is a photo of my very helpful friends Herb and Blain, the day we completed the shift. We were all very proud of our great accomplishment.

Once we got the shed into position, we painted it and I carried out the sign-writing by copying the exercise figures from a pamphlet promoting the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games. I then built the covered walkway and fence, and had a bitumen (blacktop) car park added while we renovated the inside of the shed. I then manufactured all the gym equipment in my workshop.

This final photo is of that business in it’s entirety, taken from the road, which I called “The Sports Adventure Centre”. Batten’s Gym, Batten’s Gymnasium supplies, Batten’s Gym Confidence & relaxation Course, and Batten’s Fit Hire (the hire of home exercise equipment) were the 4 businesses comprising this Centre.

Progression of Batten's Gym

I also learned from a local chiropractor Dr. Ces Franks DC, how to assess the skeletal frame so I could check all people joining my health centre, so nobody would exercise in my business with a twisted pelvis or subluxations in the neck and subsequently pinch nerves and hurt themselves. He was happy to teach me as it enabled me to refer people on to him for adjustments.  This soon became a family business as two of my daughters eventually assisted me in running this business and when my youngest daughter (Melissa) was managing it, it was presented with an “Outstanding Business Achiever” award. I was proud as punch of my amazing daughter and the pride she took in helping our customers achieve the results they were there to achieve

At Age 43 I Helped My First Cancer Patient (Mrs Quita Davis) Into Remission
After studying various medical journals on cancer, researching the role of the hormone “cortisol” in causing cancer, attending the hospice care course at Mt Olivet Hospital, learning about the healing power of a carotene-based blood cleansing diet and learning the anti-cancer properties of green barley and fish oil, and the benefits of enemas, I felt confident I understood enough to open a natural treatment clinic for cancer.

My first client was Mrs Quita Davis from Burpengary Brisbane and after teaching her to develop peace of mind, learn relaxation and meditation principals and putting her on blood flow exercises and a blood cleansing diet that included caffeine enemas (recommended by Dr. Max Gerson MD, and Paavo Airola ND,) Quita went into remission. (I am still to this day, November 2019, friends with Quita’s son who recently told me, his mother is still healthy & doing well.)

Before starting her treatment I had to converse with her medical doctor who wanted to know my treatment approach before Quita began. After Quita reached remission in only two weeks, her doctor phoned me to ask details about the blood cleansing diet I used, which came from Dr. Max Gerson’s book “50 Case Histories Of Cancer Cured”. To the right is an article compiled by the local Quest Newspaper which reported Quita’s victory and promoted my natural therapy services to others.

At Age 47 I Helped My First HIV Patient Into Remission In Only 16 Days 
After Medical Doctors Had Given Up On Him, Because He Did Not Respond To Any Of Their Treatments: In 1994, I discovered a herbal mix that when combined with ozone therapy (a therapy I learned from the book “Oxygen Therapies” by Ed McCabe) and 3 other specific natural treatments, were capable of overcoming bladder infections and chlamydia in only a matter of days. As a result of this success, I decided to advertise for a HIV volunteer and Mr Phillip Radcliffe responded and attended my 14 day treatment program. He finally reached remission after 16 days.

At Age 48 I Sold Out Of This Health, Fitness and Personal Development Centre To Focus Fully On Treating Autoimmune Patients
After achieving success with my first cancer patient and my first HIV patient, I sold my Sport’s Adventure Centre and set up a natural therapy office in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, to specialize in treating rigidity autoimmune patients. — Over the years I could see a great need for therapists in the natural health industry learning about “Body Balancing Techniques” for overcoming rigidity autoimmune disorders, particularly Parkinson’s disease and MS.

I soon became aware that there was absolutely “NOTHING CURETIVELY SIGNIFICANT” taught in chiropractic colleges or natural therapy colleges about what causes these disorders and how to overcome them “naturally” and there are millions of patients suffering badly, with nowhere for them to go for help. — To this day, this is still the case. – Everybody has just seemed to learn to ignore these patients and leave them to their own fate.

At Age 50 I Created A New Map Showing The Stress Zones On The Tongue, For Therapists To Use In Naturopathic Diagnosis
After attending Hepburn’s College Of Natural Medicine in Brisbane to become qualified as a natural therapist, I took a great interest in naturopathic diagnosis as my childhood doctor Dr. Charles Dines often used natural signs of the body to help him solve our health problems. Both Dr. Dines and the doctor I used after my epileptic experience, Dr. Elliott in Nundah, used natural signs of the hands, eyes, tongue and ankles, as health indicators. In those days, many doctors had this knowledge but the knowledge of these stress indicators is slowly being forgotten.

There has actually been a tongue map that signifies the condition of a variety of areas of the torso, for centuries, but after much investigation, I found this existing Chinese Tongue Map a little inaccurate after taking many tongue photos of people medically diagnosed with specific disorders. This prompted me to create this new map adjacent.

Seven years after I included this new tongue map in my latest book at the time, other practitioners took an interest.
In my latest book at the time: “Miraculous Treatments, Testimonies and Cures”, I supplied the research I carried out, that prompted me to make these changes, and as a result, one of the world’s most prominent Oriental Medicine Specialists, who is also a Medical Doctor and Ayurvedic Practitioner: Dr. Holmes Keikobad asked my permission if he could use my new tongue map in an acupuncturists course he was writing. This was such an honour for me as I had always been an admirer of Ayurvedic medicine. L/C TO READ DR. HOLMES’ DOCUMENTS.

The Book I Recommend From My Library, That Best Teaches My Goal Ideals.
The best book that I recommend from my “SHOP” page, that teaches the goal-focus ideals that I followed to help me succeed in my many achievements, is: – “Exceptional Success and Self-confidence”. If you purchase this eBook at a cost of $34-00, email me and let me know you have made the purchase and I will give you a Dropbox link to any one of the $8-00 products on the “SHOP” page, cost FREE, as a bonus.

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