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 Noel’s Personal Story

From A Sickly Teenager To A
Nationally Successful Athlete
In 8 Years, and A Guinness
World Record Holder For
Lung Fitness In 18 Years.
With Determination,
You Too Can Achieve
This Success!

At Age 10 My First Health Problems Began: – Stomach and neck cramps that provoked respiratory difficulties and allergies to foods, plants and animals. These problems became worse due to disharmony between my parents. There were times when just hearing my father’s truck coming home, from several streets away, caused me to develop stomach cramps.

At age 13 I suffered a Grand Mal Epileptic Seizure: – I was put on prescription drugs that turned me into an emotionless zombie. (I weighed approximately 95 pounds.) — L/C TO READ MORE ABOUT EPILEPSY

At Age 14 I Started Doing Daily Relaxation and Visualization Sessions: – On the advice of my family doctor, Dr. Charles Elliott, I started blowing party balloons up, to overcome by breathing problems and help to eliminate my other health issues. I also started doing weight training under the supervision of a successful weightlifter, and a great stress management advisor Rudy Droste, who so easily seemed to be able to motivate me.

After Only 4 Weeks Of These Activities My Allergies and Epileptic Feelings Stopped, Never To Return: – My feeling of well-being was so great, I was able to substitute my pharmaceuticals with a special self-help procedure, and I was able to stop taking medication for the allergies I experienced, as they also disappeared. (What you have just read, is a simplified version of the focus, drive and determination I had to apply, to get these results, and I am still now teaching others to overcome similar devastating circumstances after suffering divorce or a serious loss, or are medically diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disorder.

At Age 17 I Began Working As A Gym Instructors Assistant: – I gained this employment under the supervision of an international bodybuilder and motivation speaker Mr Paul Newington who had a tremendous positive impact on my future.

As I was exceptionally motivated to learn as much as I could, I also read any articles I could find on the famous Australian coach Percy Cerutty and two of his Australian pupils: – Herb Elliott (first runner to break the 4 minute mile), and John Landy (second runner to break the 4 minute mile).

These 2 men became very famous athletes due to Percy Cerutty’s coaching. I related to Percy Cerutty because at age 44 he was given only 2 years to live due to serious health problems but after overcoming his health problems through exercise, visualization and a deep determination, he became one of my heroes who helped me strive for the same success. Instead of bowing down to his diseased state, he fought it tooth-and-nail and ended up writing a book titled “Why Die?” to motivate others in the same situation. Any person faced with such a terrible situation, would do well by taking after Percy Cerutty.

I now also take great delight in teaching others how to face their worst nightmares with a full positive focus, great determination, and a deep expectation of success.

At Age 24 I Established My Own Fitness Gymnasium: – With great enthusiasm, I established a large exercise room under my house and began teaching fitness exercises to athletes while doing heart recovery tests. At the same time, after several of my customers asked me questions I could not answer, I began studying more advanced nutrition and weight loss principals than I had already learned from Paul Newington. This is when I began to take an interest in hormonal aspects of health and how stress affects the release of leptin, insulin and thyroxine to control body weight. (At that stage, I was still doing very demanding respiratory exercises to make sure my breathing problems and epileptic seizures did not return.)

At Age 26 I Unofficially Broke A World Middleweight Bench Press Record: – At a body weight of 190 pounds, with Owen Norris (President of The Bodybuilding Association Of Queensland) watching on, I did a 312 and-a-half pounds bench press.

At Age 28 I Purchased A Commercial Property and Created A Public Health Centre: – I finally established a public fitness and natural therapy center in Bald Hills and after several years, I added relaxation and personal development services to that business over a 5 year period. Much of the ideals I used, I learned from Mr Bert Weir from ‘The Relaxation Centre” in the Fortitude Valley. Bert was a real inspiration for many people in those days.

By this time I had become one of Australia’s strongest weightlifters so in order to attract as much clientele as possible, to my now bank mortgaged business, I arranged to perform fitness feats and offer health advice, at local shopping centers and on a local Channel 7 television sporting show called “Sportscene”. This is when I became very interested in doing promotions and seminars to help our youth, and other businesses in the natural health industry. L/C to learn more about my enjoyment of promotions and youth assistance.

As I had put a lot of effort into exercising my lungs, I started blowing up hot water bottles and doing seminars on the benefits of lung efficiency for relaxation, stress management and improved health in mature age. This photo below was taken at the Noosa Triathlon where I gave a talk to the athletes on visualization, seeing themselves successful before the event (Mark 11:24 “believe that you have received it and it will be yours”), and the influence of lung efficiency in endurance, before they began, and how lung exercises can make the difference between winning or not winning: –

As I was totally dedicated to overcoming every single problem I had with my lungs and with oxygen deprivation, I didn’t stop at the hot water bottle. I soon set a goal to blow up a meteorological weather balloon to a diameter of 8 feet, which I did over 6 hours and 6 minutes, on a Children’s Hospital Appeal telethon at 31 year of age, and this event was published in the “People” magazine and accepted by the Guinness Book Of World Records and published in their 1981 book: –

At age 33 I Created Brisbane’s First Fitness and Gym Instructor’s Accreditation Course: –
Soon after performing this feat of fitness on television, I established Brisbane’s very first fitness and bodybuilding instructor’s certification course, due to the fact that there were no fitness instructor’s courses or gym instructor’s certification training courses yet available in Queensland.

I was also motivated by the fact that the fitness centers and gyms that existed in those days had no officially trained instructors who knew how to take blood pressure or do a heart recovery test, and some didn’t really know how to write an exercise routine that was “safe” according each person’s health circumstances. This lacking in the industry eventually led to Mr Bob Boyd of the Heart Beat Centre (Human Movements graduate from Queensland University) starting a health and fitness center owners association with myself and several other gym owners attending his first meetings to support his efforts. He also eventually started an official fitness instructors accreditation course, which meant, for the first time ever, the health and fitness industry in Queensland started to become organized under association leadership.

At Age 35 I Started A Natural Therapy Cancer Program: During those years, my clientele increased to such an extent, that the building was inadequate, so I added an additional building and then purchased the building next door when that one building also became insufficient. I eventually employed 7 staff to help me run the business in it’s entirety. Below is a video compilation of several seminars I have delivered in Australia and in the USA: –

At Age 35 “Mr Jack Whiting” Hired Me To Help His Fitness Centre Turn A Profit: – Mr Whiting, who owned the White City Sport Centre in Northgate, Brisbane,  was advised to call on me to help lift his business as it was losing money at a fast rate. I immediately stepped in and introduced assessments and specific exercises routines designed to help clients gain the personal results they were trying to achieve. I wrote diets for people trying to lose weight and monitored their blood pressure and heart recovery rate, so they had a way of seeing if their efforts were gaining results. For people with health problems I recommended the herbs and vitamins that I knew would help, and offered stress management advice while explaining the psychosomatic aspect of various illnesses. Many golfers were attending due to there being a golf course very close so I designed a golfers training program and advertised it as such, and in no time at all, clientele increased dramatically.

After this success I was called on to do the same thing for Mr Yung Ku Yun, a Korean Tae Kwan Do champion who owned “The Masters Sport Centre” in Albion, Brisbane, after he too, fell victim to poor management and subsequent loss of public interest.


At age 36 I Purchased An Acreage Property To Expand Even More: – By this stage, I had increased my clientele to such an extent that I had to purchase an acreage property at Mango Hill in Brisbane, to expand even more. Once I got settled I built a soft surface jogging track and an abseiling tower so as to include abseiling to my already existing self-confidence course. I also learned from a local chiropractor how to assess the skeletal frame so I could check all people joining my health centre, so nobody would exercise in my business with a twisted pelvis or subluxations in the neck and subsequently hurt themselves. He was happy to teach me as I referred people on to him for adjustments. This photo below is of that business which I called “The Sports Adventure Centre”: –

At Age 43 I Helped My First Cancer Patient (Mrs Quita Davis) Into Remission: – After studying various medical journals on cancer, at the Queensland University Medical Libraries and the Royal Brisbane Hospital Medical Library, and attending Hospice Care Workshops at the Mt Olivet Cancer-HIV Hospital I felt confident I understood enough to open a natural treatment clinic for cancer. My first client was Mrs Quita Davis and after teaching her to develop peace of mind, relaxation and meditation principals and putting her on blood flow exercises and a blood cleansing diet that included caffeine enemas, Quita went into remission. Before starting her treatment I had to converse with her medical doctor who wanted to know my treatment approach before Quita began. After Quita reached remission in only two weeks, her doctor phoned me to ask details about the blood cleansing diet I used, which came from Dr. Max Gerson’s book “50 Case Histories Of Cancer Cured”. Below is an article compiled by the local Quest Newspaper which reported Quita’s victory and promoted my natural therapy services to others: –

At age 45 I sold out of this health, fitness and personal development centre and set up a natural therapy office in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, to specialize in treating rigidity autoimmune disorders. Over the years I could see a great need for therapists in the natural health industry learning about rigidity autoimmune disorders. Over the years, I became aware that there was absolutely “NOTHING” taught in chiropractic colleges or natural therapy colleges about what causes these disorders and how to overcome them “naturally” and there were millions of patients suffering badly, with nowhere for them to go for help. To this day, this is still the case. Everybody has just seemed to learn to ignore these patients and leave them to their own fate.

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