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Using My B.A.10 Natural Treatment Program I Have Overcome Many Other Autoimmune Disorders Apart From Parkinson’s Disease & MS.

The Rigidity Autoimmune Disorders I Have Overcome On The B.A.10 Program.
Since starting to offer my services as a natural therapist in the Paradisio Health Shop in Mooloolaba in 1997, I started out by using a very unrefined version of the B.A.10 Autoimmune Program which was based on scripture from the bible. — This early version was still effective in those beginning days, in overcoming many rigidity autoimmune disorders even though I still had a lot to learn. — As I refined that early version of this specialized approach, I discovered that it could effectively overcome a wide range of problems from food allergies, to the most advanced autoimmune disorders, simply because of a very unique, new approach to natural assessment that worked in a different realm than is taught in natural health colleges.

When I became aware of the vast importance of “innate healing”, I started to change my approach to doing a natural assessment, to include a number of new observations which opened up doors of understanding way ahead of anything I was expecting.

Below is a list of the many disorders I have overcome, as long as the patients themselves were willing to take my instructions and put in sufficient effort, in supervising their mental focus on each day of my treatment. — (I teach all my clients that without their input, my efforts are useless.): –

There Are 9 Primary Disorders That I Have Finished Researching, and Another 13 Secondary Disorders That I still Wish to Investigate.
(1) Parkinson’s disease (Essential Tremors). — (2) Multiple sclerosis. — (3) MSA (Multiple System Atrophy). — (4) Emphysema (COPD). — (5) IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). (6) Celiac Disease. — (7) Transverse Myelitis. — (8) Chung Strauss Syndrome. — (9) Sarcoidosis.

(10) Diabetes. — (11) Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). — (12) Lupus. — (13) Inflammatory bowel disease. — (14) Fibromyalgia. — (15) Lyme disease. — (16) Long QT Heart Syndrome. — (17) Hashimoto’s disease. — (18) Chronic fatigue. — (19) Limbic Epilepsy. — (20) Bowel cancer. — (21) Breast cancer. — (22) Annette’s mystery autoimmune disease. (Success video below.)

The B.A.10 Treatment Program has also been very effective in overcoming many symptoms that are not directly associated with “a disease” as such, for example: – (1) High blood pressure. — (2) Depression. — (3) Dizziness and loss of balance. (4) Nausea encouraged by bending over. — (4) Low blood pressure. — (5) Difficulty swallowing. — (6) Drop foot. — (7) Spastic foot. — (8) Tinnitus. — (9) Swollen ankles. — (10) Loss of the period cycle after a stressful event.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In overcoming these symptoms & disorders, I must check a huge array of abnormalities that may be contributing to each patient’s causal recipe. — L/C to read about these many abnormalities.

The First Video I Wish To Present, Is Of Lyme Disease. There is a lot of very helpful information in this video about how muscular-skeletal abnormalities are responsible for the symptoms of Lyme disease and what Lyme disease patients can do to help themselves regain their energy, their health and their lives.

(30 Minutes+)


Next Is “A Mystery Disease” That Medical Doctors Could Not Even Identify, Was Overcome By My B.A.10 Treatment Program
My client in this video is Annette Sharma from Canberra in Australia.

(10 Minutes+)

My Next Video Is Of A Sarcoidosis Lung Disease Patient Put Into Remission In Only 5 Days
Bart Stolworthy tried several treatments to try to overcome the symptoms he suffered from, in developing a lung disorder called Sarcoidosis, sometimes called “Sarcoid”.

(7 Minutes+)


In Some Cases, An Asthma Or Bronchitis Attack Can Be Avoided By Provoking A Release Of Dopamine, Using Thoughts Of Love
In this video I am explaining to a Parkinson patient I treated, Dr. Antonio Pineda, how I helped an asthma patient prevent an asthma attack from eventuating, at a time when his Ventolin spray could not be found. — Please pass this information on, to any asthma patient you know, as it could save a life, as it may have done the day I helped an asthma patient during a serious attack.

(3 Minutes+)


The 10 Steps Of My B.A.10 Treatment Program Actually Come From The Bible and I Explain This Spiritual Health Connection In This Small Excerpt Of My Seminar On “Perfect Health Through The Bible
The full video titled “Perfect Health Through The Bible” runs for 1 Hour and 8 Minutes and is packed full of helpful information.

(13 Minutes)


If you would like to inquire about coming to me in Australia, or you would like me to find out more about the possibility of me coming to you, anywhere in Australia or the USA, please: –

Email Me NOW and Ask Me To Send You My Treatment Information File, Complete With Causal Recipe Questionnaire.

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From a sickly epileptic teenager to a successful athlete and Guinness world record holder, Noel Batten has overcome the odds himself and has helped thousands of people beat rigidity immune disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and essential tremors with his revolutionary treatment program. Read more here.

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