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Keep in mind, the impressive positive effect my massage and stress management talk had on Dr. Marcoux in helping him regain his balance and walking ability, so quickly, as seen in the video above, did not give him long-term improvement until I overcame several other causal problems that provoked this excess tension to interfere with other physiological functions, particularly the middle ear for balance. — During the next five days of treatment I had to carry out morning tests on Dr. Marcoux to find out how his body was responding each day, to the additional massage sessions and the other treatments I found necessary to give him, to help him experience “long-term” sucess.

Doing all the necessary treatments combined is the key to my success. — What is the use if improvement experienced, doesn’t last more than a couple of hours, or a day or so, and if you are working for your recovery on your own, at home, you need to record how long your improvement lasts as well as if anything in particular provokes your improvement to go away again.

Monitoring how each symptom responds to the effort you put in from following the instructions I give in my pack of products is very important for your own education on what is ultimately going to get you on the road to recovery. — Monitoring your improvement levels, how long your improvement lasts and how stress or sleep problems affect how long you hold your improvement, will also help me to help you into remission should you decide to attend my Five-day Treatment Program if you feel you need my additional supervision.

Every Symptom Of Parkinson’s Disease Is Caused By
Excess Muscle Tension Remaining With You Day and Night
The “Primary” cause of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other similar muscular rigidity disorders is that excess muscle tensions become so “set-in” due to ongoing stress remaining constant, that a patients resulting muscle stiffness eventually remains constant, right through the night as well as through the day. — The first symptom created by this stress response is usually lower torso tension causing bladder incontinence, followed by broken sleep. — Average healthy people on the other hand, have an immune response that releases adequate levels of melatonin (the hormone of relaxation and sleep) as soon as they sit down to relax at the end of the day, which causes an immediate release of all excess muscle tension followed through by efficient bladder release, unbroken sleep and full mitotic rejuvenation during the night. — These “set-in” excess tensions can cause any number of ancillary problems such as stiffness around respiratory components causing some patients to lack oxygen, stiffness around the heart causing some patients to experience blood pressure dizziness and anxiety, stiffness around the liver to cause some patients to feel lethargic and stiffness in different areas of the spine to pull vertebra out of alignment and so on. — This excess stiffness around certain areas of the spine can eventually reduce blood flow enough to prevent spinal discs from regenerating, and degenerative discs is the end result. — This reduction of blood flow to the spine must be found and rectified or degenerative discs cannot regenerate which means degeneration will just keep getting worse. — On my Five-day Treatment Program, I have a specific planned cariculum for my clients to follow to help stimulate regeneration of degenerated discs and it works well providing my clients stick to the cariculum for 3 months or more.

If Your X-rays Show Degenerative Problems In Your Spine,
Do Not Listen To Doctors Who Tell You Degenerative
Problems and The Back and Neck Pain They Cause, Are Incurable!

If you are one of those patients who has had your symptoms longer than two years and you do see degenerative problems in your spine on your X-rays don’t allow this to discourage you. Overcoming degenerative spinal problems and the back and neck pain they cause, has been my specialty since 2002.

I have seen patients with severe degeneration showing in their X-rays, overcome the pain it causes, after having these pains for years, in 3 to 5 days, and I have also seen patients regain their walking in a matter of 3 days, after I overcome negative muscle memory and reinstate nerve activity to the lower torso. — One Part of this quick repair process I work on, is in the body, and the other part is in the mind and both these problems are created by hormonal abnormalities and fatigued nerves.

“Concretor” Cileste Zampieri

The Terrible Disc Degeneration In Cileste’s
Lumbar X-ray Suggested He Would Never Walk
Well Again, But He Did, Because I Learned
How To Regenerate Degenerative Discs

SYMPTOMS:- Dizziness and loss of balance, severe lower back and hip pain suffered for more than 15 years of concreting in his own business, which caused my client to have to keep his feet together when he walked. — Pain in the legs and under the left foot, and fatigue when trying to walk further than 15 to 20 meters. — Difficulty standing up from a sofa, pain and loss of use of the left hip when trying to turn around, numbness and tingling in both arms, poor sleep, incontinence, loss of apetite, and depression. — You don’t need to know how to read X-rays to see how bad Cileste’s lower spine is, in the X-ray you will see in this amazing “Before” and “After” video below. — When Cileste’s doctors saw the 3 degenerated discs one-after-the-other, in his lower lumbar spine, along with a slight lumbar kyphosis, they told him he would never walk properly again and they also informed him he needed to “learn to live with it”, but he did walk again in only 5 days. — There “ARE” things you can do to encourage discs to regenerate back to normal thickness, if that is one of the rare causal problems you have, but this treatment is a part of 5 Treatment Secrets that I only share with the patients who attend my Five-day Treatment Program.

  (Length of this video:- 5 Minutes 38 Seconds)

 (Sydney Concretor Cileste, Regains Balance and Walking In Only 5 Days)

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“X-ray Comparison Video”
Please keep in mind, not all patients have skeletal problems.

My “Good” and “Bad” X-ray Comparison Videoclip
As a general rule, not all my clients who have had their symptoms for longer than 2 years, had spinal curvature, kink or degeneration but some do, which is why I always insist on seeing X-rays. — In the famous book “An Essay On The Shaking Palsy” written by Dr. James Parkinson in 1817, he documented cases where, on occasion, he found a spinal curvature was the cause of tremors and other Parkinson’s disease symptoms however, to this day health practitioners claim that a spinal curvature is impossible to overcome. — If you are aware that you have a spinal curvature and somebody has told you, a curvature in incurable, I have designed a treatment that has proven many times over, to rectify a spinal curvature, on many occasions during my Five-day Treatment sessions.

 (Length of this video:- 5 Minutes 40 Seconds)

 (A comparison of 4 X-rays that show PD symptom cause and progression)

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Proof That Emotions Affect The Severity Of Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms
On the first page, I touched on how emotional stress is one of the causes of the excess muscle tension that provokes symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and how it has only been possible for me to help patients achieve remission in a matter of 5 to 10 days or so, by helping those patients overcome their internalized stress experiences during my Five-day Treatment Program. — This is by far, the most difficult causal problem to deal with and it is even difficult for an experienced practitioner to overcome, let alone a patient doing a self-help program.

MY EIGHTH VIDEO — (This case shows the true damaging reaction of psychosomatics)
“Security Specialist” Ross Collins

SYMPTOMS:- Severe dizziness and loss of balance, lower back and hip pain, hips that would seize up and stop him from being able to turn around, intermittent muscular spasm throughout the whole body, sleep problems and incontinence, fatigue and depression.

  Ross Reached Remission In Only 4 Days

(Length of this video:- 11 minutes)

(Ross reached remission in 5 days after I overcame all his excess muscle tension)


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 Another Remission Over Parkinson’s
Disease “IN ONLY 4 DAYS” While
Attending My Five-day Treatment Program.

“Marine Architect” Regu Doraisamy

tremors, freezing of hips, dizziness, sore neck, shoulders, lower back and right hip, incontinence, numbness and pain in the right leg, and fatigue.

Another Parkinson’s disease patient who reached remission over all his symptoms in only 4 days, is Regu Doraisamy. Regu was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 11 years before attending my BA10 Treatment Program on Bribie Island near Brisbane.

(Length of this video:- 11 minutes)
(Regu reached remission as soon as I overcame
all his personal causal problems

Parkinson’s Disease Is Caused By Excess
Muscle Tension and Fatigued Nerves and
You Must Find What Is Causing Those
Two Problems, To Reach Remission


Due to information about extreme muscle stiffness being one of the precursors of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, put on the internet by personalities such as Montel Williams in his testimony of improvement over MS using marijuana, other MS as well as Parkinson patients are now taking marijuana. — Please keep in mind though, because long-term marijuana use does cause damage to brain cells and only relaxes muscles on a temporary basis, it is not the long-term answer. — I have a new “VERY EFFECTIVE” massage technique and other therapies that help to establish long-term relaxation in the symptom-affected muscles and tendons, and that help to overcome the nerve fatigue I find in all patients I treat on my Five-day Treatment Program.

Watch now how my unique form of massage which I specially designed for Parkinson and MS patients, helped chiropractor Dr. Jim Marcoux DC, from Detroit, regain his mobility after only one massage, at a time when he still had other hormonal and skeletal problems encouraging his symptoms.

“Chiropractor” Dr. Jim Marcoux DC.

SYMPTOMS:- Dizziness and loss of balance, inability to walk normally and leg pain and fatigue when trying to walk further than 15 to 20 meters, pain and loss of use of the left hip when trying to turn around, numbness and tingling in the right arm and leg, extreme fatigue, poor sleep, incontinence, loss of apetite, and depression.

 (Length of this video:- 13 Minutes)

 (Detroit Chiropractor Dr. Jim Marcoux Regains Balance and Walking Ability)

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 These products below can help you if you feel muscle
stiffness is advanced and difficult to cope with.



5 Symptoms You Will Have Difficulty
Overcoming At Home.

If You Have Not Had Your Symptoms Longer Than 2 Years The
8 Products In My “Pack” Can Help You Get Improvement At Home

Do You Have Low Back Pain and Swollen Ankles?
Each Parkinson patient has a slightly different recipe of causes for the symptoms experienced and each single symptom can be caused by different muscular-skeletal abnormalities, and sometimes lack of oxygen is a contributing factor, sometimes poor digestion and absorption of certain nutrient can also be a contributing factor, and sometimes depression can also be a factor. — This is why I need to carry out a very in-depth assessment for patients who have had their symptoms longer than 2 years so that I don’t miss any of the primary causes.

If you have “not” had your symptoms for longer than 2 years, the information I supply in the 8 products in my Pack of products will help you get significant improvement and possibly remission yourself, at home. — If you “have” had your symptoms longer than 2 years, the information I supply may not be enough to help you reach remission because most advanced patients need daily tests to monitor how nerves are responding to each day of treatment. — In this instance you will need to consider having me come to you if travelling is difficult, or if you can travel you can come to me for treatment in Brisbane AU, Monticello Upstate NY, or Marietta Georgia in the USA.

Once the original causal tension and hormonal problems are rectified by my new approach to hormonal/nerve influences, it will be easier for you to get your life back on track. — Advanced Parkinson’s disease symptoms such as (1) not being able to sleep properly every night, or (2) having the sensation of sleeping all day and being wide awake all night, or, (3) feeling your whole muscular system is strangling you and your stiffness is no longer confined to just one area, or (4) feeling balance problems all the time, or (5) having a tremor that you can’t stop, are all advanced symptoms that you will need help with.

The basic information you need to know to overcome 2 year symptoms, you can learn from my eBook “Parkinson’s Disease, The Greatest Medical Blunder” and the other 7 products I offer with it, in the self-help “Pack” available for purchase from this website. — All 8 of these products are on display in the right hand column of this page. > > >

Another Remission Over Parkinson’s Disease
While Attending My
Five-day Personal Treatment Program.

“Real Estate Developer” Barry Black
The Deep Brain Stimulator Did Not Help Barry At All

Arm tremors, sore neck, shoulders, lower back and hips, incontinence, numbness and pain in the right arm and leg, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, and bouts of sadness provoked by his medical doctor and neurologist telling him Parkinson’s disease is incurable and he should expect never to walk properly again or regain his health.

 (Length of this video:- 7 Min)



I advise you to come to me, or have me come to you, for personalized assessment and treatment. — My main message to you as you strive to regain your good health is: – DO NOT LISTEN TO MEDICAL DOOM-AND-GLOOM AND ALLOW IT TO ADD DEEP DEPRESSION TO THE PROBLEMS YOU ALREADY SUFFER FROM”.