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Parkinson’s Disease and
MSA (A Version Of PD)
Can Sometimes Be Put
Into Remission In
Only 5 To 7 Days

Even when Parkinson patients have had their symptoms for 30 years, it can still be possible for me to help them into remission in only a matter of 5 to 7 days. — This “before” and “after” video below, of real estate entrepreneur Barry Black from the Gold Coast in Queensland, shows how my B.A.10 Personal Treatment Program can still get very quick success, even after symptoms have been well established over 30 years.

BARRY’S SYMPTOMS: – Severe low back pain. – Pain in left hip. – A swollen left ankle with sores on the lower part of that leg which will not heal. – Intermittent itchiness on both ankles and periodic pain in left ankle. – Dizziness. – Loss of balance. – Inability to walk more than 10 steps without having to sit down. – A need to hold on to something to be able to walk those 10 steps. – In constant need of a walking frame or motorized scooter to get around.

(7 Minutes)


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Do You Have Low Back Pain and Swollen Ankles Like Barry Did?
Each Parkinson patient has a slightly different “recipe” of causes for the symptoms experienced and each single symptom can be caused by a different combination of muscular-skeletal abnormalities, and sometimes lack of oxygen, poor digestion and absorption of food and a weak pancreas are separately or collectively, contributing factor and sometimes not. — Sometimes suppressed depression or anger can be contributing factors and sometimes not. — Sometimes the kidneys can be under extreme stress to cause one or both ankles to swell up, or sometimes these can be a high quantity of toxins and waste in the blood to cause the ankles to swell up, and sometimes no ankle swelling is experienced at all. — Due to these varying causal circumstances, I need to carry out a very in-depth assessment on any advanced patients who come to me, who have had their symptoms longer than 2 years, so I am able to design a personal treatment program that achieves “quick” significant improvement.

On My Five-day Treatment Program
I Have Overcome Every Parkinson
and MS Symptom You Can Imagine
Including Severe Tremors, Optic
Neuritis and Loss Of Sense Of

The next “before” and “after” video I wish to show you, is of a 55 year old church elder “Sara Cunningham” from Texas, whose worst symptoms were to do with balance.

SYMPTOMS: Low back pain – Neck pain – Headache at times – Severe balance problems – Hips that seized up when she tried to turn around.

(14 Minutes)



You “Can” Overcome PD, MSA and MS, If You Believe,
You Remain Fully Focused, and You Follow My Ideals
Based On Autopsy Results Documented By Dr. Parkinson.

If you are able to see success today in your mind,
will cause success to grow tomorrow, in your life.

If you cannot see success, it will be because you are
underestimating yourself and stepping aside to allow
failure and insecurity, lead you by the hand.

 (Matthew 21:22) “if you believe, you will receive
whatever you ask for in prayer.”

A Chiropractor From Detroit.
Watch now how my unique form of massage which I specially designed for Parkinson and MS patients, helped chiropractor Dr. Jim Marcoux DC, from Detroit, regain his mobility after only one massage, at a time when he still had other hormonal and skeletal problems encouraging his symptoms. This supports my teaching that chiropractic “on its own” cannot overcome Parkinson, MS or MSA symptoms. (MSA is an “Atypical Parkinsonian Disorder” which means it is a version of Parkinson’s disease and will therefore respond positively to my B.A.10 Treatment Program.)

SYMPTOMS: – Neck and low back pain, Incontinence, Difficulty walking, Inability to jog, Problems with balance.

(14 Minutes+)



Due to information about extreme muscle stiffness being one of the precursors of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, put on the internet by personalities such as Montel Williams in his testimony of improvement over MS using marijuana, other MS as well as Parkinson patients are now taking marijuana. — Please keep in mind though, because long-term marijuana use does cause damage to brain cells and only relaxes muscles on a temporary basis, it is not the long-term answer. — I have a new “VERY EFFECTIVE” massage technique and other therapies that help to establish long-term relaxation in the symptom-affected muscles and tendons, and that help to overcome the nerve fatigue I find in all patients I treat on my Five-day Treatment Program.


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Email Me NOW and Ask
Me To Send You My Treatment
Information File, Complete With
Causal Recipe Questionnaire“.



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If you would like to inquire about coming to me in Australia, or you would like me to find out more about the possibility of me coming to you, anywhere in Australia or the USA, please let me know and I will inform you of my availability.

My History and Beliefs
I have been in the natural health industry since 1975,
have owned and managed two of the largest health
centers in Queensland Australia, employed up to 9
staff involved in teaching natural health concepts,
and have specialized in treating Parkinson and
MS patients since 2005. — I have been verified
by government health departments in 2 different
countries, have been interviewed on several
television and radio shows, and have always
dedicated myself to revealing the truth, and
doing my absolute best to help patients
regain their health and their lives.

I am a Christian and am highly
motivated to get the best results
in helping patients overcome
their symptoms and suffering.

I am willing to be interviewed
by any medico or
who wishes to challenge my
ideals, motives or knowledge,
in any public forum.

I am disappointed in the way
governments allow pharmaceutical
companies to manipulate the health
system, when it hinders our youth

in overcoming disorders like
asthma, autism and ADHD.

Would you like to be treated
FREE OF CHARGE? If you can find
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training cases.