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Some Symptoms Of
Parkinson’s Disease
Are Quite Unusual

My Next Success Video Is Of Cheryl From New York
My next video is of a woman I traveled from Brisbane to New York to treat, on my Travel-to-treat Program, and when I arrived, I found that Cheryl Cohen had a few unusual symptoms, including loss of her sense of smell.

SYMPTOMS: – Dizziness, Fatigue, Incontinence, Pain in her neck, shoulders and left hip, Soreness under her feet the same as experienced by some patients suffering chronic diabetes, and Inability to jog. Cheryl had also lost her sense of smell 15 years prior to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

(11 Minutes+)

My Next Video Is Of Patric Burgos From Wisconsin In The USA
My next client, Patric suffered from a very unusual symptom in being compelled to look up towards the ceiling all the time and his medical doctor and neurologist told him it was a symptom of Parkinson’s disease, but when I inspected Patric’s X-rays, I saw that this head back compulsion was a result of calcification spurs.

SYMPTOMS:- Patric’s worst symptoms were tremors, constant clenching of his fists due to extreme muscle stiffness, incontinence and a constant head back tilt.

(11 Minutes+)

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Great Difficulty In Using A Pencil To Write Or Draw, Which Lost Him His Job As A Marine Architect.
My next “before” and “after” success video is of Regu Doraisamy, a marine craft architect who had great difficulty using his hands to write, being able to walk and moving around just to do basic daily tasks, however Regu achieved remission in only 4 days. — The transition from him having the appearance and slow movement of an old man, on the first day of treatment, to him being a vibrant young looking man with an abundance of vigor on DAY 4, is quite amazing.

SYMPTOMS: – Dizziness, Fatigue, Incontinence, Pain in his neck, shoulders and both hips, Great difficulty trying to write with a pen, Inability to jog.

(7 Minutes+)


If you have an unusual symptom or symptoms that cause you great discomfort or that cause you to lose your job, don’t allow your mind to accept any doom-and-gloom or allow yourself to become depressed and negative about your future. — WATCH SEVERAL OF MY GROUND-BREAKING SUCCESS VIDEOS AND CREATE YOUR OWN VISION OF SUCCESS!

The very first thing you need to do, is to email me and ask me to send you my Treatment Information File with my Causal Recipe Questionnaire in it, copy and paste the Questionnaire to an email, fill in all the answers about your symptoms and how they developed, and I will help you follow the right path to get you back on track.

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